My wife and I were on vacation. We were driving to Florida from Illinois and stopped at a Hilton in Georgia to spend the night. We went to the pool and hot tub after getting settled in. When were in the hot tub when another couple struck up a conversation with us?

Paul and Jenn were a nice couple a lot like us mid 30’s. As the conversation grew Jenn got closer to my wife. They were getting along great laughing and making jokes about us. My wife started to get up to get a drink and her boob hit Jenn right in the nose, they both laughed it off. When my wife got back in Jenn said, "Sit here the jet feels good."

Eve sat down and immediately her eyes opened wide, "I guess so!"

After a minute or two I could see Eve's face making weird looks at me so I slid over, "Do you need another drink?" She whispered in my ear while Jenn said something to Paul putting her hands on my thigh. I asked, "Does it bother you?"

"No, it kinda feels nice, and the alcohol takes the edge off." So I slid back over and talked to Paul some more about football. When I looked back at Eve she was blushing. I looked down and I could see Jenn’s hand between her legs!

I said, "Looks like you two are having fun!"

Jenn said, "Yes we are but can I ask you a question?"

"Yes, sure?"

"Can I kiss your wife?"

"I don’t have a problem with it how about you Eve?"

"No," They kissed for a second or two and stopped and then Jenn pulled her closer and made out with her! Paul and I were stunned. When they stopped kissing Jenn suggested that we go to their room, and we all agreed.

We walked in and the women went to town kissing and rubbing each other’s tits. Jenn said, "Paul you should feel how soft Eve's pussy is." I was like whoa what! She pulled off my wife’s bikini and said, "Look, Eve has a landing strip and a great looking pussy. Her inner lips just barely stuck out of her outer lips. I couldn’t believe this was happening.
Eve, asked if I was OK? I said, "Yes I’m ok!" The girls got completely naked and Jenn started licking her pussy. It was so hot watching my wife with another woman. Jenn started fingering her while Paul and I stood there watching not wanting to say anything to mess this up.

Jenn said, "Paul come here."

Paul walked over and said wow what a nice sight."

"Put your finger in here and feel her tight pussy." When he did she walked over to me and asked Eve, "Can I play with your hubby?"

Eve enjoying her fingering said, "Yes, it’s ok with me." She pulled my shorts off, I was as hard as a rock.

"Mmm nice," and dropped to her knees as she took my 7” cock in her mouth.

I looked over as Eve saw what was happening and put her hand on Paul’s bulge. Eve said, "WOW you are packing some heat, sir!" He stood up and dropped his shorts, and his 10” cock fell out. Eve said to Jenn, "You lucky girl!"

Jenn said, "You like Paul’s dick?"

"How could you not it’s so thick, he has a wide head and the shaft gets thicker in the middle." Eve started to stroke it. I was so turned on watching my wife stroke a stranger's huge dick right in front of me that I came in Jenn’s mouth and she swallowed all of it. I started to say I’m sorry but she stopped me.

By now Eve has Paul’s huge member in her mouth she couldn’t get past the widest part. Jenn said, "Sit here and watch the show." Jenn then got up and laid down under Eve who was on all fours. Jenn started licking Eve's pussy and commented on how wet she was. Eve's pussy looked great as she licked her up and down in and out. Paul got up and went to Eve's ass and Jenn quickly put his cock in her mouth. Eve was rocking back and forth. "You want to feel the best cock of your life?!"
"Please, I want it so bad, please fuck me." I instantly started getting hard again. I couldn't believe she was saying that. Paul put his cock at her pussy and gently parted her sticky wet lips pushing his cock in causing Eve to gasp as the head entered her, her eyes rolled and her back arched.

Jenn giggled and said, "That was just the head honey you have a lot more to go."

"Yeah," as she rocked back and forth trying to inch more in. "My pussy is on fire right now." Paul pulled out completely and then put it back in down to the widest part causing Eve to let out a gasp and gripped the sheets. "Oh fuck that is good!!"

He was now fucking my wife with all 10” of his dick. Eve has her 1st orgasm as her toes curled. Jenn said, "You gotta see this!" She got up, "Put your head under there, between her legs."

Eve's pussy was so wide with his cock in her. Her clit was so *******. I instantly clamped on her clit. This drove her wild, "Fuck me!!" Paul pulled his cock out for a second as I tongued her gaping pussy. I went back down and saw a white ring of her cum. I was so turned on to see this massive cock doing work to my wife’s tight pussy. He put it back in and grabbed her by the waist and slid down to the hilt. I swear, I could see the outline of his cock inside of her.

She gasped again, "Oh, my God your whole cock is inside me, isn’t it?!"

"Yeah, baby hold on tight." he started fucking her with full strokes. After about 39 seconds she squealed and squirted! She never did that before, Paul’s dick now had the cum ring at the base of his cock. He put it back in and pounded her pussy. Eve's head dropped to my legs as she took the pounding with orgasm after orgasm. Finally, after what seemed like an hour, he said, "I’m going to cum where do you want it?"

"Cum deep in my pussy, I want you to give me what I deserve." He held his cock deep in her pussy as his balls emptied inside of her. The cum started leaking out as he withdrew. Leaning forward Paul took a picture of her red and gaping pussy. She got up with his cum leaking out and I was inches away under her. She rubbed her cum soaked pussy on my face as she stroked my cock, and I came again. After that, we all fell asleep.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to Paul and Jenn fucking, I took my cock and put it in Eve while she was sleeping. Her pussy felt different and it turned me on as I came deep in her swollen pussy and that is how I became a cuckold.

The End
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