Things were going slow in Brandon's strip club. Uncharacteristically slow. And this was no surprise. Brandon had always been able to get the best dancers on the stage due to this weird technology he... acquired. But ever since he had opened an "****** service" as his second business, most of the women had been moved there. He had no choice, as the women became too sex crazed to even strip in public after prolonged ******** to his technology. He needed to find new blood for the strip club, something fresh that would attract more customers.

"Hey, neighbor!" a chipper voice pulled him out of his own head. His eyes locked with Rebeca's and in a moment he realized that he might just have found his next talent. He stares just one second to long at her before answering.

"Good morning, Rebeca." He watches on as she moves to her mailbox and back to the house. Brandon had to admit that she wasn't the perfect figure you usually see on stage. Her belly wasn't as tight as any of his show girls, quite the opposite actually. And her ass was simply huge, but that usually worked out fine. More and more guys preferred big butts. With a couple of sessions on his machine, she might become a great way to pull in customers. "Hey, Beca," he called behind her. She looked up from her mail with a questioning look in her eyes. "I can't help but notice that you look a bit pale. If you want you can use my tanning bed."


Rebeca considers her neighbor's offer. One look at the sky reminds her how dreary the last couple of days have been and how a bit of sunshine would really do her good. If nothing else, she was sure Adrian would enjoy a bit more color on her skin.

"I'd really appreciate that," she answered. "I got some chores to do, but can I come around this afternoon?"

Brandon gave her a big smile and a thumbs up. "Perfect, I'll see you then."

As Rebeca walks into her house, she wonders where this offer all of the sudden came from. It was no secret what kind of business Brandon was running, but that never bothered her or Adrian. Clearly there was good money in it and it looked like Brandon was willing to share the wealth. With a big smile she started her house chores, already looking forward to the warm rays caressing her skin again.


The moment he was back inside, Brandon went to check the settings on his "tanning bed". Sure, it would give you a tan, but he had taken the liberty to add some extra features. Now this is where things got tricky. He couldn't just bombard her with the "bimbo-particles" like he did a lot of the wannabe models that came to him and volunteered for this. He'd need to be more subtle.

Carefully, he started giving in values on a small touch screen. Skin tone: +10%. Breasts: +5%. Ass: -0%. Erogene Sensitivity: +15%. Mind: -2.5%.

Now the last one was the most sensitive one. Most girls that came here had no problem with being dumbed down a lot. But even though Brandon was sure that Adrian would enjoy the physical modifications, he kinda doubted that Adrian would want to be married to a blank sex robot. He'd need to lower her mental capacities just enough so that she'd be susceptible to his second device. And slowly, as to not damage her personality too much. Finally, he closed the panel containing the touch screen, hiding all evidence that this machine was more than just a tanning bed.


Rebeca had finished everything she really needed to do, and it was only early afternoon. With a smile she grabbed a bag and threw in a bikini before walking over to Brandon's place.

As Brandon guided her to the tanning bed, Rebeca realized that she had never really been inside of this place. Everyone could see it was a big place, but seeing it on the inside seemed to dwarf the outside. Everything she saw seemed to be more worth than her husband's yearly income. Everything was shiny and new and somehow covered in gold. This was the first time she realized how much the stripper industry must actually pay.

Brandon guided her in a side room and if she wasn't gawking already, her mouth would drop open now. This room seemed to be Brandon's very own mini spa. There was a jacuzzi, a steam room, a big ass tanning bed, multiple massage tables and all of it seemed to be state of the art.

"This is the tanning bed." Brandon said, his voice echoing off of the clean ceramic walls. Rebeca snapped out of her awe and focused as Brandon gave her a quick tutorial. Apparently she'd be seeing results after one session. The moment Brandon had left, Rebeca slipped into her bikini and lay herself down in the bed, letting it close around her. As soon as the locks clicked in place, a blueish light enveloped her body and she could feel the warmth spreading deep in her body, warming her to the bone. Somehow, the whole experience made her feel very comfortable. Slowly, her eyes closed and within seconds she had dozed off.

Rebeca had no idea how much time had passed before a sharp beeping sound, indicating the end of her tanning cycle, woke her up. She slowly opened
her eyes, feeling strangely relaxed and at ease. Almost as if her whole mind had calmed down. When she got out of the machine, she turned to the body mirror standing against the wall next to it. To her amazement, Brandon had been right, she was already more tan than before. Her finger slipped under her bikini top to pull it slightly to the side, checking out her tan lines. Somehow the top was more tight than it had been before. Had this thing shrunk? She hadn't noticed how much the edges dug into her boobs until now. "Well, time to go shopping." she shrugged as she got changed again.

Rebeca was really glad that Brandon had offered this and that night, it was very clear Adrian enjoyed as well. Somehow sex that night was even better than it had ever been. Every touch of Adrian sent that extra spark through Rebeca's body, especially coming from her boobs. Hell, she almost came from him licking her nipples alone.


It had been two weeks now and Brandon smiled as Rebeca walked out of the room after her fifth session. She was still topless as she approached him, clearly not caring about the fact that her tits were on display here. By now, her boobs had more than doubled in size. He was sure Adrian must've noticed by now, but apparently, he didn't really mind. And Rebeca's mind was altered enough so that she was completely oblivious to the whole transformation. This did result in her wearing the exact same size shirts she had always been wearing, leaving the top of her shirts bursting at the seems and her belly mostly *******. It still annoyed Brandon that he couldn't work on her belly, but maybe a fat bimbo would get some attention.

It was time for him to test the app, though. "You know," Brandon started as he casually tapped away on his phone. "Things would be easier for you if you had one of these in your own home."

Rebeca seemed to consider this for a second as she pulled a top over her head and squeezed her massive cans in it. "I could've sworn this fit better last time," she mumbled before answering. "Yeah, you're right. But it really isn't in our budget right now."

Brandon glanced up from his phone. "What if I helped you with that," he offered with a shrug. "I could offer you a well paying job."

Rebeca raised an eyebrow and Brandon could see two sliders marked suspicion and curiosity go up on his phone. "What kind of job?" She asked, slightly squinting at him.

"Well," Brandon answered, slowly and carefully pulling the suspicion slider down. "Things have been a bit slow in the club lately, and I could use a new exotic dancer." As he waits for an answer he looks at Rebeca's inhibition meter. It's at about 75%.

Rebeca is shocked at first. "Me? I'm not dancer material."

He slides inhibition to 60%.

"Then again, if you say I am. But I do think I'm too fat."


"But we could really use the money. Still I'm not sure Adrian would like me getting naked in front of strangers."


"What am I saying, Adrian loves the idea of sharing me. I guess I just don't feel good to be naked in front of strangers."


"Meh, I'll get over it. Okay I'll do it. I'll dance at your club."

Brandon grins widely, closing the app and extending his hand. "It's a deal, then." As she shook his hand, he continued, "there's a slot open tomorrow night. Around closing time at 3AM. There won't be much people left, so we can test how you'll do then."


It's 2:45 am and some of the pros are helping Rebeca to get ready. She's not really sure why she's so calm and even a little excited to do this. She is, of course, completely ******* of the fact that Brandon has been messing with her anxiety and horniness from his booth, overlooking the club. So when she finally hits the stage dressed in a sexy nurses outfit, she is just one ball of confidence.

She takes her first steady strides and even though she realizes that she has no idea of what she's doing, she starts swaying her body to the beat of the techno music blasting from the speakers. She can feel the eyes of several men focused on her, burning her skin with their gaze, but this inexplicably turns her on even more. She can hear murmurs coming from her audience as she starts unbuttoning the top of her uniform, turning her back to the crowd as she throws it to the side.

There are some whistles and woohoos from the more ***** part of the crowd, but the real reactions come when she turns back to face them. She had hoped that her massive boobs, propped up by a white bra with red crosses over the nipples would be the eye catcher, but she was wrong. There is still whistling, but these cheers were joined by some guys yelling. It took her a moment to understand but quickly it became clear that they were more focused on her belly than her tits. She could hear stuff like "What a fat cow!" and "Look at that huge belly!"

For the first time Rebeca froze, not so sure this was a good idea anymore. But as soon as her feet stopped moving, another thought came to her mind. With every insult she heard, her stomach was filled with butterflies that seemed to reach all the way down to her pussy. She was actually getting more and more turned on, knowing how these men saw her and she somehow enjoyed feeling inferior to them.

With big swinging motions, the already way too short skirt of her costume was flying to the side and Rebeca revealed her giant ass to the audience. To her delight they kept calling her fat, but there were also dollar bills flying on the stage. She bent over presenting her ass to the guys now closest to the stage and after shaking it a couple of times, she lowered herself to her knees, allowing them free access. She could feel firm strong fingers dig into her flesh as words like "gigantic" and "fat" were muttered behind her. Every touch and every word just sent pleasure coursing through her body, and before she knew it, she was facing the audience again, still on her knees within reach of anyone stepping forward.

Her bra was already flying to the side and with her fingers wrapped around her breasts, she started licking her own nipples. Every touch still send shivers down her spine, and she could swear she was going to have an orgasm right here on stage. She looked down at the men, gawking at her. Even the ones that were still yelling how fat she was, making jokes about her falling through the stage and such, couldn't hide the raging boners in their pants. And a desire came up in Rebeca. She wanted those cocks. All of those cocks. She wanted to get fucked by these guys that looked down upon her for her weight. And even as she fantasized, one of her hands had slipped into her panties.

The guys went crazy, throwing money on the stage and encouraging her to "finger that fat cunt." Oh, how badly she wanted those humiliating bastards to fuck her raw. But she was pretty sure there was a rule against that. She couldn't get fired on her first day. So for now she just bent back and enjoyed locking eyes with these greedy and perverted men until her fingers drove her to an orgasm that sent juices flying straight into her panties. Even as she came, her body squirming and convulsing under her own touch, she kept going, encouraged by the words "see that fat jiggle." Her whole body kept shaking and screams of pleasure escaped her mouth for several minutes on end, until her body finally gave out and she nearly collapsed on the stage.

When the rush of orgasms cleared from her head, Rebeca seemed to realize where she was and what she had just done. Her face turned red as she looked back down at the guys cheering and pumping their fists in the air. Swallowing hard, she got up, gave a short and awkward bow and hurried off the stage. Once she was back in her dressing room, Rebeca wasn't sure if she should cry or laugh. She remembered feeling so amazing on there, but she was pretty sure she broke all kinds of rules. Plus being called fat didn't really make a solid case for her. There was no way she would ever be asked back to dance and so she could kiss that tanning bed goodbye.

The door swung open and Rebeca buried her face in her hands when Brandon walked in. She was already making a speech in her head, pleading him for a second chance. All she wanted was to feel like that again. But to her surprise, there came no angry voice, no furious tirade, not even a grunt of disappointment. All she could hear, was a pop. She freed her face, looking confused at the bottle of champagne in Brandon's hand. "You... were amazing," Brandon exclaimed as he poured out two glasses. "Your exit needs some work, but other than that..." he handed Rebeca her glass and lifted his own, "welcome to the team."


Brandon's smile was genuine as he toasted Rebeca and saw her surprise and joy. Still, this was nothing compared to the joy he was feeling. Rebeca was a natural on stage. Especially considering that he had barely touched the slider to increase her horniness all night. It had been all her. Things were looking up.
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