Things were going slow in Brandon's strip club. Uncharacteristically slow. And this was no surprise. Brandon had always been able to get the best dancers on the stage due to this weird technology he... acquired. But ever since he had opened an "****** service" as his second business, most of the women had been moved there. He had no choice, as the women became too sex crazed to even strip in public after prolonged exposure to his technology. He needed to find new blood for the strip club, something fresh that would attract more customers.

"Hey, neighbor!" a chipper voice pulled him out of his own head. His eyes locked with Rebeca's and in a moment he realized that he might just have found his next talent. He stares just one second to long at her before answering.

"Good morning, Rebeca." He watches on as she moves to her mailbox and back to the house. Brandon had to admit that she wasn't the perfect figure you usually see on stage. Her belly wasn't as tight as any of his show girls, quite the opposite actually. And her ass was simply huge, but that usually worked out fine. More and more guys preferred big butts. With a couple of sessions on his machine, she might become a great way to pull in customers. "Hey, Beca," he called behind her. She looked up from her mail with a questioning look in her eyes. "I can't help but notice that you look a bit pale. If you want you can use my tanning bed."


Rebeca considers her neighbor's offer. One look at the sky reminds her how dreary the last couple of days have been and how a bit of sunshine would really do her good. If nothing else, she was sure Adrian would enjoy a bit more color on her skin.

"I'd really appreciate that," she answered. "I got some chores to do, but can I come around this afternoon?"

Brandon gave her a big smile and a thumbs up. "Perfect, I'll see you then."

As Rebeca walks into her house, she wonders where this offer all of the sudden came from. It was no secret what kind of business Brandon was running, but that never bothered her or Adrian. Clearly there was good money in it and it looked like Brandon was willing to share the wealth. With a big smile she started her house chores, already looking forward to the warm rays caressing her skin again.


The moment he was back inside, Brandon went to check the settings on his "tanning bed". Sure, it would give you a tan, but he had taken the liberty to add some extra features. Now this is where things got tricky. He couldn't just bombard her with the "bimbo-particles" like he did a lot of the wannabe models that came to him and volunteered for this. He'd need to be more subtle.

Carefully, he started giving in values on a small touch screen. Skin tone: +10%. Breasts: +5%. Ass: -0%. Erogene Sensitivity: +15%. Mind: -2.5%.

Now the last one was the most sensitive one. Most girls that came here had no problem with being dumbed down a lot. But even though Brandon was sure that Adrian would enjoy the physical modifications, he kinda doubted that Adrian would want to be married to a blank sex robot. He'd need to lower her mental capacities just enough so that she'd be susceptible to his second device. And slowly, as to not damage her personality too much. Finally, he closed the panel containing the touch screen, hiding all evidence that this machine was more than just a tanning bed.


Rebeca had finished everything she really needed to do, and it was only early afternoon. With a smile she grabbed a bag and threw in a bikini before walking over to Brandon's place.

As Brandon guided her to the tanning bed, Rebeca realized that she had never really been inside of this place. Everyone could see it was a big place, but seeing it on the inside seemed to dwarf the outside. Everything she saw seemed to be more worth than her husband's yearly income. Everything was shiny and new and somehow covered in gold. This was the first time she realized how much the stripper industry must actually pay.

Brandon guided her in a side room and if she wasn't gawking already, her mouth would drop open now. This room seemed to be Brandon's very own mini spa. There was a jacuzzi, a steam room, a big ass tanning bed, multiple massage tables and all of it seemed to be state of the art.

"This is the tanning bed." Brandon said, his voice echoing off of the clean ceramic walls. Rebeca snapped out of her awe and focused as Brandon gave her a quick tutorial. Apparently she'd be seeing results after one session. The moment Brandon had left, Rebeca slipped into her bikini and lay herself down in the bed, letting it close around her. As soon as the locks clicked in place, a blueish light enveloped her body and she could feel the warmth spreading deep in her body, warming her to the bone. Somehow, the whole experience made her feel very comfortable. Slowly, her eyes closed and within seconds she had dozed off.

Rebeca had no idea how much time had passed before a sharp beeping sound, indicating the end of her tanning cycle, woke her up. She slowly opened
her eyes, feeling strangely relaxed and at ease. Almost as if her whole mind had calmed down. When she got out of the machine, she turned to the body mirror standing against the wall next to it. To her amazement, Brandon had been right, she was already more tan than before. Her finger slipped under her bikini top to pull it slightly to the side, checking out her tan lines. Somehow the top was more tight than it had been before. Had this thing shrunk? She hadn't noticed how much the edges dug into her boobs until now. "Well, time to go shopping." she shrugged as she got changed again.

Rebeca was really glad that Brandon had offered this and that night, it was very clear Adrian enjoyed as well. Somehow sex that night was even better than it had ever been. Every touch of Adrian sent that extra spark through Rebeca's body, especially coming from her boobs. Hell, she almost came from him licking her nipples alone.


It had been two weeks now and Brandon smiled as Rebeca walked out of the room after her fifth session. She was still topless as she approached him, clearly not caring about the fact that her tits were on display here. By now, her boobs had more than doubled in size. He was sure Adrian must've noticed by now, but apparently, he didn't really mind. And Rebeca's mind was altered enough so that she was completely oblivious to the whole transformation. This did result in her wearing the exact same size shirts she had always been wearing, leaving the top of her shirts bursting at the seems and her belly mostly exposed. It still annoyed Brandon that he couldn't work on her belly, but maybe a fat bimbo would get some attention.

It was time for him to test the app, though. "You know," Brandon started as he casually tapped away on his phone. "Things would be easier for you if you had one of these in your own home."

Rebeca seemed to consider this for a second as she pulled a top over her head and squeezed her massive cans in it. "I could've sworn this fit better last time," she mumbled before answering. "Yeah, you're right. But it really isn't in our budget right now."

Brandon glanced up from his phone. "What if I helped you with that," he offered with a shrug. "I could offer you a well paying job."

Rebeca raised an eyebrow and Brandon could see two sliders marked suspicion and curiosity go up on his phone. "What kind of job?" She asked, slightly squinting at him.

"Well," Brandon answered, slowly and carefully pulling the suspicion slider down. "Things have been a bit slow in the club lately, and I could use a new exotic dancer." As he waits for an answer he looks at Rebeca's inhibition meter. It's at about 75%.

Rebeca is shocked at first. "Me? I'm not dancer material."

He slides inhibition to 60%.

"Then again, if you say I am. But I do think I'm too fat."


"But we could really use the money. Still I'm not sure Adrian would like me getting naked in front of strangers."


"What am I saying, Adrian loves the idea of sharing me. I guess I just don't feel good to be naked in front of strangers."


"Meh, I'll get over it. Okay I'll do it. I'll dance at your club."

Brandon grins widely, closing the app and extending his hand. "It's a deal, then." As she shook his hand, he continued, "there's a slot open tomorrow night. Around closing time at 3AM. There won't be much people left, so we can test how you'll do then."


It's 2:45 am and some of the pros are helping Rebeca to get ready. She's not really sure why she's so calm and even a little excited to do this. She is, of course, completely ******* of the fact that Brandon has been messing with her anxiety and horniness from his booth, overlooking the club. So when she finally hits the stage dressed in a sexy nurses outfit, she is just one ball of confidence.

She takes her first steady strides and even though she realizes that she has no idea of what she's doing, she starts swaying her body to the beat of the techno music blasting from the speakers. She can feel the eyes of several men focused on her, burning her skin with their gaze, but this inexplicably turns her on even more. She can hear murmurs coming from her audience as she starts unbuttoning the top of her uniform, turning her back to the crowd as she throws it to the side.

There are some whistles and woohoos from the more ***** part of the crowd, but the real reactions come when she turns back to face them. She had hoped that her massive boobs, propped up by a white bra with red crosses over the nipples would be the eye catcher, but she was wrong. There is still whistling, but these cheers were joined by some guys yelling. It took her a moment to understand but quickly it became clear that they were more focused on her belly than her tits. She could hear stuff like "What a fat cow!" and "Look at that huge belly!"

For the first time Rebeca froze, not so sure this was a good idea anymore. But as soon as her feet stopped moving, another thought came to her mind. With every insult she heard, her stomach was filled with butterflies that seemed to reach all the way down to her pussy. She was actually getting more and more turned on, knowing how these men saw her and she somehow enjoyed feeling inferior to them.

With big swinging motions, the already way too short skirt of her costume was flying to the side and Rebeca revealed her giant ass to the audience. To her delight they kept calling her fat, but there were also dollar bills flying on the stage. She bent over presenting her ass to the guys now closest to the stage and after shaking it a couple of times, she lowered herself to her knees, allowing them free access. She could feel firm strong fingers dig into her flesh as words like "gigantic" and "fat" were muttered behind her. Every touch and every word just sent pleasure coursing through her body, and before she knew it, she was facing the audience again, still on her knees within reach of anyone stepping forward.

Her bra was already flying to the side and with her fingers wrapped around her breasts, she started licking her own nipples. Every touch still send shivers down her spine, and she could swear she was going to have an orgasm right here on stage. She looked down at the men, gawking at her. Even the ones that were still yelling how fat she was, making jokes about her falling through the stage and such, couldn't hide the raging boners in their pants. And a desire came up in Rebeca. She wanted those cocks. All of those cocks. She wanted to get fucked by these guys that looked down upon her for her weight. And even as she fantasized, one of her hands had slipped into her panties.

The guys went crazy, throwing money on the stage and encouraging her to "finger that fat cunt." Oh, how badly she wanted those humiliating bastards to fuck her raw. But she was pretty sure there was a rule against that. She couldn't get fired on her first day. So for now she just bent back and enjoyed locking eyes with these greedy and perverted men until her fingers drove her to an orgasm that sent juices flying straight into her panties. Even as she came, her body squirming and convulsing under her own touch, she kept going, encouraged by the words "see that fat jiggle." Her whole body kept shaking and screams of pleasure escaped her mouth for several minutes on end, until her body finally gave out and she nearly collapsed on the stage.

When the rush of orgasms cleared from her head, Rebeca seemed to realize where she was and what she had just done. Her face turned red as she looked back down at the guys cheering and pumping their fists in the air. Swallowing hard, she got up, gave a short and awkward bow and hurried off the stage. Once she was back in her dressing room, Rebeca wasn't sure if she should cry or laugh. She remembered feeling so amazing on there, but she was pretty sure she broke all kinds of rules. Plus being called fat didn't really make a solid case for her. There was no way she would ever be asked back to dance and so she could kiss that tanning bed goodbye.

The door swung open and Rebeca buried her face in her hands when Brandon walked in. She was already making a speech in her head, pleading him for a second chance. All she wanted was to feel like that again. But to her surprise, there came no angry voice, no furious tirade, not even a grunt of disappointment. All she could hear, was a pop. She freed her face, looking confused at the bottle of champagne in Brandon's hand. "You... were amazing," Brandon exclaimed as he poured out two glasses. "Your exit needs some work, but other than that..." he handed Rebeca her glass and lifted his own, "welcome to the team."


Brandon's smile was genuine as he toasted Rebeca and saw her surprise and joy. Still, this was nothing compared to the joy he was feeling. Rebeca was a natural on stage. Especially considering that he had barely touched the slider to increase her horniness all night. It had been all her. Things were looking up.

Chapter 02

It's been a week since Rebeca had her first performance. Even though she had said that she really enjoyed it, Brandon now noticed that something was holding her back. She had been reluctant to return to the stage, no matter how much he played with her horniness and inhibition levels. And he really wanted her back. None of his other girls ever grew that free on stage and the couple of nights after Rebeca had performed, the club had been packed to the rim. He guessed there was only one solution.

He smiles at her as she comes back in. "You do know you could've afforded your own tanning bed within the month if you kept dancing for me," he tries again closing the door behind her.

By now, Rebeca can find her way towards the mini-spa herself. "I'm not sure it's the right thing. I really did enjoy it, but I feel like I enjoyed it a bit too much," she answers as she walks towards the room. "Maybe I'm just overthinking things, but I really need to figure things out first."

Brandon nods at her back. He had already realized that Rebeca was an overthinker. He had been careful with her mind up until now, lowering it with about 5%, which was just enough for her to become more susceptible to suggestions, but clearly it hadn't been enough. So now, the machine is set to remove another 5%. This should by far be enough to dumb her down a little and keep her from overthinking things too much, but there would still be enough left to keep her personality intact. Something some of his more recent dancers didn't need.


Rebeca is getting quite skilled at making herself comfortable inside the tanning bed. By now, she doesn't even feel the need to wear her bikini anymore. As the blue lights hum to life, she feels the heat penetrate her skin and warm up her muscles, allowing them to fully relax.

By now the humming of the machine and the slight buzzing of the lamps seem to work relaxing on her mind as well. Without even being very aware of it, she allows it to wander back to that night last week. She's still perplexed at what she had done in the heat of the moment. But as she thinks about it, her cheeks get flushed again, and there is a warmth building between her legs that's most definitely not coming from the lamps.

Her hand instinctively moves between her legs, feeling that she's becoming pretty wet already. And as her fingertips start sliding over the length of her pussy, she is back on stage in her mind. She can hear the men yelling their insults and in this very moment she knows she wants more, no, she NEEDS more. A small voice in the back of her head starts, "but... but... but...." But there are no buts. None of the reasons she seemed to have only moments ago for turning down Brandon's offer come to mind now. She has absolutely no reason not to dance again.

The moment she realizes that, she smiles and with her mind on the stage, she fingers herself to an orgasm almost as good as the one she had last week. Almost...


"I'm so glad you decided to join us again." Brandon and Rebeca are in the dressing room where Rebeca is busy deciding what her outfit for the evening would be. Brandon had made sure that all outfits in here just barely contain her huge breasts but would also accentuate her large ass and belly. Her tits carelessly sway back and forth as she shamelessly walks naked past the outfits.

"It's good to be back," she answers, picking out a very white set that would barely cover her nipples. "I guess I just realized how much I enjoyed last time and wanted that rush again."

Brandon nods as he watches Rebeca squeeze herself into the tiny bikini and grab the sexy school girl uniform he had prepared. "Well, it looks like you've got things under control. Don't forget that this isn't like last time. There will be much more people and I expect you to work the floor after your stage show is done."

There is nothing left of the nervousness Rebeca had last time. It's clear from the way she carries herself that being dumbed down was really the decision. "I'd be happy to," she answered with pouted lips as she applied her make-up. Brandon claps his hands together. "Great. I'll let you prepare. You're on in 10 minutes." With these words he walks out of the changing room, almost bumping into some of his other bimbos in the hallway. "Clarice, Candy," he quickly stops the two girls and waits until their overly chipper and joyful faces focus on him. "Have you girls met our new girl, Becky?"

Bother girls are jumping up and down with excitement, their big boobs almost bouncing out of their outfits. Brandon might've gone a little far with the brainwork on these two. "Oooh, we're so excited. A new friend." Brandon raises his hands to calm them down, slowly lowering them on one of each girl's boobs to stop them from bouncing around. "I know you're excited, but I need a special favor," he says, slowly and deliberately, not taking his hands away from their tits. "She's a bit special in her needs. She is a bit heavy and in her first show she got really excited when men pointed that out and humiliated her about it," he pauses, looking both girls in their big blue eyes to make sure they're listening. "This time, the guys won't be nearly as ***** and not nearly as insulting. Could you guys warm her up for the stage a little?" Both girls cock their head with a questioning look on their face. "Go in there and call her fat. Make sure she thinks she's too fat to be liked. She'll perform better." The girls move in unison as they slowly raise their heads. "Ooooooooh. Gotcha," they both answer as they turn towards the door.

"Oh, and girls," Brandon quickly adds, looking the both of them up and down. "Both of you come to my office when you're done," he instinctively rubs a hand over his obvious boner and both girls just giggle before knocking on the door. ---

Rebeca doesn't really feel nervous about going on stage. She is, however, slightly worried about what happened last time. She had gotten so turned on, that she had let completely loose. Now she's worried that she won't get turned on like that again. What if that was a one time thing? What if she won't be able to cum like that again?

Knock, knock

The sound of her door opening after a short knock, pulls her out of her own head. Two gorgeous looking blondes walk in and start gazing around the dressing room, seemingly ignoring her. "See, Clarice," the tallest one says through her pouty fat lips. "I told you the fatty would get the crappy dressing room."

Rebeca blinks a couple of times before clearing her throat. "Ahem. Can I help you, ladies."

Both of them look down their nose at her as if they just noticed her. "Oh, it's the new freak," is Clarice's only response. Rebeca is speechless and can only watch on as both women start circling her like a couple of felines stalking their prey. "You do know that Brandon only hired you to make us look better, right? Tell her, Candy."

Rebeca turns to face Candy as she feels a finger poke her belly. "This," Candy starts, twisting her finger a little as it sinks into Rebeca's fat rolls. "Might have been a hit at closing hour. But now that you're up between women like us..." she motions to her own and Clarice's tight bodies, "they'll eat you alive out there."

The moment Candy's finger had touched her, an explosion of butterflies had been let loose in Rebeca's belly. Every word and every insult had sent the same electrical currents down her spine as it had that first night on stage. Even as she looks for an answer, but her mind pulls blanks but her mouth can only grin. It's only now that she realizes that this feeling she had that first night isn't gone. With a smile she moves to the stage and her new confidence seems to exude into the audience. This time she doesn't go as far as last time, but her eyes are on the audience, her as is shaking close to the edge and she moans with every guy that reaches up and slaps her ass to send ripples through her fat body.

Somehow, the cheers build as she gets more and more naked, until the music switches and she's cheered off the stage. Her excitement has only grown since last time. And now she's allowed to work the floor. Perfect. ---

Brandon's office looks down on the club through one way glass. As Candy is bouncing on his cock and Clarice's fat bimbo lips suck his balls, he smiles, enjoying the show Rebeca is putting on.

"You did good girls," he assures them, moving his lips around Candy's bouncing nipple.

Both girls moan and groan in pleasure, but just manage to answer that they're glad to help and happy that they weren't too mean.

Bringing one hand to both girls clits, Brandon answers, "you did just right." His voice is drowned out by the orgasmic screens of both bimbos, though. Brandon could only smile, thinking how much he loved his job.


Rebeca, known to the customers as Becky, walks the floor, dressed in her skimpy bikini again. As she strides between the patrons, she tries making eye contact, looking for men interested in her services.

"Hey, fatso." A rough voice reaches her and sends electrical tingles down her spine and straight through her pussy. She turns around, looking all innocent as she points at herself. "Yeah, you," a middle aged man standing in front of one of the private lounges answers. "You see any other fat dancers in here? Now get your jigglebutt in here and give me a private show."

Rebeca feels herself doubt for a second, not sure if she can trust this guy. But her feet are already moving as his words sent those same sparks of pleasure through her body that she was looking for. Once inside the private room, the guy drops back in a couch, big grin on his face as he holds up some bills. "This should be enough. Now show me how you use that blubber ass and jiggly belly."

Instinctively, Rebeca bites her lip and walks up to him, slowly bending over his slumped form and letting her voluptuous boobs sway back and forth in front of his face. Even though this guy had been insulting her only moments earlier, the raw lust in his eyes just drives Rebeca wild. She wraps a finger in his black, slightly graying hair and pulls his face deep between her tits. The guy is taken aback a moment and as he pulls back, he stammers, "wait, is that allowed."

Rebeca looks him in the eyes as she lowers herself on his lap, gently grinding against him. "We're alone here," she whispers with hot breath in his ear. Peeling off her top she leans back to present her tits better. "For the right price, everything is allowed."

This puts a grin on her client's face and eagerly he reaches for her massive tits, only to squeeze them and start licking her nipples. Rebeca is in seventh heaven right away. Her tits are already so sensitive, but the knowledge that this degrading man is playing with them sends her in a pleasure frenzy. Her pussy is already soaking and her hands slide down and into his pants. She feels his moans vibrate through her boobs with every kiss he's planting on them. Her fingers quickly find her way around his shaft. Enjoying his touches, his lips around her nipples and now his firm, rough hands grabbing her love handles, she starts undoing his pants. His cock is already hard and even though he's not as big as what she's used to at home, Rebeca feels the unnatural urge to have him inside her.

With all her willpower, she holds off, only rubbing his cock with her pussy, keeping his and her flesh divided with the now soaking wet fabric of her thong. The guy is almost writhing with pleasure beneath her and just manages to groan, "let me just fuck that fat cunt."

Rebeca could cum then and there from those words, but instead she just smiles. "That'll cost extra." As he's breathing heavy, the guy fumbles in the breast pocket of his shirt and throws another couples of bills her way. She can't help a devious grin as she plucks the money from the air and starts lowering herself to her knees. The fact that this bitter and insulting guy just paid her for her attention makes her feel more alive than she had in a long time. Her lips wrap around his cock and eagerly she starts sucking him so deep in her throat that she can feel her chin pressing on his balls. Now that she's sure he is rock hard and even almost bringing him to the verge of an orgasm by twisting and swirling her tongue around his cock, she lets go, getting to her feet and towering over him again and this time slowly peeling off her thong, her wide hips swaying to the background music.

She can see the guy lick his lips and reach out for her. His hands exploring her belly and squeezing her fat while she lowers herself on his cock. The moment he fills her, she can feel an orgasm building. It only takes her a couple of grinding movements to completely let go and send her pussy pulsing around his cock. This seems to be enough for him as well. Quickly pulling out, he gets up on his feet, lowering Rebeca's body in front of him and with his fingers wrapped in his hair he forces his cock back into her mouth, giving a couple of thrusts before shooting his load deep in her throat.

Rebeca eagerly keeps sucking, taking in all of his cum and actually enjoying the taste of it. Even this sensation, this weird situation of a rude stranger fucking her throat somehow sends pleasure through Rebeca's body. It somehow feels like he's still in her pussy and this time another orgasm seems to pulse out from her throat. As she's still convulsing and shaking in orgasm after orgasm, the guy is already putting on his pants again. "Fat bitches are always so easy." He mumbles, sending another shameful wave of pleasure tingling over Rebeca's spine. At least now she's sure, this is what she wants to do.

Chapter 03

Rebeca had never been happier. In the couple of months that she had been working for Brandon, she had saved up more than enough money to get her own tanning bed. The exact same one as Brandon, in fact. He had been so very kind as to help her with the ordering and installing. And aside from the money, her sex drive had never been higher. Every single night she danced on stage until she was soaking wet. After that, working the floor with her soaking panties rubbing against her pussy always made sure she got fucked by as many guys as possible. But no matter how many cocks and fingers and tongues she took, every night when she got home, she was only satisfied after her hubby made sure to fuck her brains out. Adrian seemed to be aware that there was something going on with Rebeca, especially since she was gone most nights. But with her sex drive as high as it was, he didn't seem to be complaining. And due to the fact that he had mentioned the idea of him sharing her with other men, she figured she was just fulfilling his fantasy.

But today she had to put all her horniness and nightly activities to the side for a while. Today she had to be social with her friends, Lizzy, Vania and Vania's two daughters, Tina and Belle. The women were chit-chatting as they sat around Rebeca's coffee table, sipping at cups of tea or, in the case of Tina and Belle, gulping down soft drinks. But even now, with two of her closest friends around her, telling her about their lives and troubles, Rebeca's mind was on the stage of the stripclub.

Rebeca blinked as the sharp tones of Lizzy's voice yanked her back into the here and now. "You can be sure I wrote them the worst Yelp review ever. Giving me Pepsi when I asked for Coke and the audacity of the waiter to not give me a discount.." Rebeca tuned out again. Even though Lizzy was only 23 years old, she was already more entitled than most people. She always tried to be the best at whatever she does, but unfortunately she also always believes that she is.

As Lizzy kept raging about her latest restaurant "nightmare", Rebeca couldn't help but take a closer look at her friend's well toned body. It was clear that her vain had driven her to take very good care of her assets. Her already darker Latina skin had become even darker from regular tanning, and to make sure everyone knew this, she had very clear tan lines sticking out from under her clothes. With a body like that, Rebeca thought, she would make for a great show on the stage.

As the thought of Lizzy, dancing in front of a group of horny men, dressed in nothing but her tan lines, passed through Rebeca's mind, her eyes locked with Vania's. She couldn't help but smile when she saw Vania subtly roll her eyes in a sign of annoyance. The image in Rebeca's head quickly changed from Lizzy's well toned body and perky medium tits, to that of the slightly older, tall and curvy milf, swaying her huge DD naturally saggy tits in front of an audience. Even as she watched Vania tend to her two overly spoiled daughters, she could only see all of them on a stage, doing all the things she herself had enjoyed so much. Even the daughters were there. She could imagine them growing a bit more and just dance for the much older men in the audience.

"Excuse me." Rebeca stammered, the images in her head becoming a bit too much. "I'll be right back." She hurried up towards her bathroom, barely out of sight of the women before her hand was already in her panties and furiously rubbing her clit. She covered her mouth and with muffled moans she came with 3 orgasms in a row to the idea of her best friends performing unspeakable acts for strangers. It took her a minute to compose herself again and walk back in the room where the conversation had shifted to beauty tips.

"By the way, Beca." Lizzy said as Rebeca went to sit down. "Where do you go to tan? My tan is good, but you look positively glowing."

Vania nodded. "Yes, I would love to know as well. I've been looking to get some color as well." Her girls cheered, "we too. We too."

Rebeca held back a moment, scared that telling them about Brandon's tanning bed would alert her friends to her extra, late night activities. But the vision of all of them on the stage together took back over and she realized that this was actually her chance to make that happen. "I have a tanning bed of my own," she started, "but until I saved up, Brandon was kind enough to lend me his."

The women knew of Brandon and his occupation, as he never made much of a secret about his activities, and their doubt about his reputation was clearly visible on their faces. Still, their eyes seemed to be fixed on Rebeca's perfect tanning job and Vania finally responded. "Do you think we could use your bed to work on our own tan?"

Rebeca swallowed hard. "Well, mine is new and I'm still figuring it out. Plus we would lose quite some time if we all stand in line for my bed." She paused, trying to calculate the time that would take. But no matter how hard she frowned, the numbers just didn’t seem to come together in her head. This had been happening for a while now, in fact. She shrugged it off. "I do believe Brandon has a couple of beds, so maybe you and the girls could use his," she pointed at Vania. "And you," her body swiveled to point at Lizzy, "could use my bed,"

"Sounds perfect," Lizzy answered.

Vania still looked a bit doubtful, but both her daughters were practically jumping up and down as they each held an arm, clearly ******* of the reason their mother was so held back towards the idea. "Mommy, mommy, please. We really wanna look pretty and tan. Can we please use the tanning beds." With a deep sigh Vania rolled her eyes and gave in. "Okay, sure. We'll see if Brandon is okay with us using his facilities."

— — —

Brandon was in a good mood today. Rebeca's show last night had been very impressive and her willingness while working the floor was perfect as always. He had been happy to put up a tanning bed, equipped with all the bells and whistles of his own model, in her home. The only thing he was still waiting for was the remote control. Soon he'd be able to adjust the bimbo settings on her machine from his own mobile device. With the success of a normal housewife on the stage, Brandon was seeing the possibilities now. He had used his machine to plant a need in Rebeca. The need to guide more of her potentially hot friends to his or her machine. Soon he would have a lot more every day women, turning into bimbos and making him more money.

Even as he was running these plans through his mind, the doorbell rang. The visual from the security cam on the front door made Brandon smile even more widely. The group of five women standing in front of his door proved that his plan was working. And faster than he could ever have expected.

With his genuine smile still on his face, he opened the door. "Rebeca, what brings you here? And you brought friends. Come in, come in."

Rebeca stepped in without hesitation, the other women were a bit more slowly and in awe as they were taking in the extravagant interior of Brandon's place. "Well," Rebeca broke the silence once the door closed behind them. "These lovely ladies were admiring my tan and wanted to know where I got it. I would love to let them use my machine, but I only have one and need to learn how to work it first. Could some of them possibly use your room?" Her voice went up a little as she looked at Brandon with big eyes and popped her chest forward a little to make her breasts stick out even more.

"Well," Brandon started, scanning the women in front of him, immediately sure he could work with them. "I have three machines in my room." "Ooh, ooh, ooh," Tina jumped up and down, grabbing her sister's and her mom's arms. "We're three people."

Brandon raised an eyebrow as he measured the three women up in his mind. They were clearly family. The oldest one, clearly the mother, would need little to no physical adaptation, just some dumbing down and hormonal increase should do. The daughters however, needed some work. Their minds could possibly stay untouched. Brandon was actually very curious where the bratty characters of these girls would lead them. But their bodies were still young and ready for development. Neither of them had inherited their mom’s amazing looking natural tits. The older one was already feeling the consequences of too many sugars and had turned out rather pudgy. Still her skin color, combined with a bit of tan would give her a nice exotic look next to her mother. Now the younger one was more interesting. The sugar hadn’t quite set in yet and even though she had barely any tits or ass, just like her sister, her dark blonde hair and smaller stature made an interesting contrast against the other two. All these thoughts came natural to Brandon and had passed in a mere fraction of a glance.

As his smile widened he opened his arms. “But of course, you ladies are welcome to use my machines. Who am I to turn down charming young women like you all.”

Vania blushed a little at the compliment, but didn’t react any further as Brandon started guiding them down the hallway. “Let’s all meet up back at my place when we’re done,” Rebeca yelled before she and Lizzy went back to her own tanning bed.

Brandon took his time guiding the women to the three beds and gave some basic instructions to the machine and the timers. He also made very sure to stress that a good tan takes time and that they were all free to come back later in the week for further sessions. With a warm smile he assigned each woman their to their machine and started making sure the ‘special settings’ were all in order. With some quick swipes on a hidden touch panel he made sure the intelligence on Vania’s machine was turned down a couple of percents and her submissive nature was turned up. Both the girls were given immediate physical changes. Not too much yet but their boobs should at least be half their mom’s size and their asses could use some work too. Satisfied that the changes would be subtle enough, Brandon made one last adaptation. He planted the desire to come back here into their minds. This was where they needed to tan again. Soon, he would have one natural bimbo and two alpha bitches at his command.

— — —

A couple of weeks had passed by and Rebeca was pleased to see Vania and her daughters return several times for more tanning sessions. All three women looked positively glowing every time they left the house. And she felt more connected to Vania than ever before. Vania had never seemed this calm and even the girls seemed to have matured. Maybe they finally had that growth spurt, but they seemed almost less bratty. They were still demanding, of course, but in a much more controlled manner. A manner that sent shivers down Rebeca’s spine. The same kind of shivers she got on stage somehow. It was only one night, later in the month that Rebeca realized just how much these shivers were real.

It was a pretty normal night at the club, with only one exception. Rumors were spreading amongst the girls that another new act was going to be introduced tonight. Still, no one seemed to be in the known about the details. Rebeca had no idea, but something about the situation, excited her. That night her panties were already soaking wet before she even got on stage and her show was one of the hottest yet. She came, squirting her juices to the insults of the patrons and spontaneously came a second time to the couple of guys moving to where her juices would hit them. Once she was changed into her floor clothes, she made it a point to meet those men up close and personal. They were very pleased to meet and touch her. Just as she was lounging between two of them, both of their hands tucked into her panties, a voice boomed out of the speakers. “And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a special treat for you tonight. For the first time taking the stage, we have an entire family of a mother and her daughters here to please you all. Give a warm hand to Vania, Tina and Belle.” Rebeca gasped and straightened her back. And this time, it wasn’t due to the fingers sliding in and out of her pussy or the thumb of another hand rubbing her clit.

She watched in a strange mix of terror, awe and excitement as one of her close friends walked on the stage. Well, she didn’t really walk, per se. Her eyes went a little wider and her pussy became a little wetter when Vania came crawling forward from behind the curtains. She was wearing a skintight black and white maid’s outfit. Her long dark hair was pulled back in a bun and her eyes looked eager, almost hungry, over the crowd. Both women locked eyes for a second and somehow they both smiled, completely unashamed because they recognized their own primal desires reflected in the eyes of the other. Rebeca’s eyes broke away, focusing on the collar around her friend’s neck and she slowly followed the two leashes hooked on it. Her body went into a small orgasm at the mere sight of the two women holding the leashes. Dressed in tight leather and latex, Rebeca could clearly see Tina and Belle. Even behind the leather masks they were wearing, there was no mistaking those greedy eyes looking down on her.

Rebeca was practically ******* of the two men now fully fondling her body and removing her clothes as her eyes stayed glued to the stage and the show unfolding in front of her. As they dropped the leashes, both Tina and Belle started circling Vania, each of them brushing a riding crop over their mother’s body and slapping it on her exposed ass and face. Within a couple of minutes, they had Vania doing tricks like a trained dog until she finally ended up on her back. Both girls stood over their mother’s body slowly removing small strips of the latex outfits they were wearing, revealing nothing but their nipples and their pussies. They spontaneously started lowering over their mother, Tina sitting on her face and Belle taking Vania’s hand to start rubbing her pussy with it. Even from across the room, Rebeca could see the glistening juices drip out of the small openings in the latex suits to cover up Vania, and all she could do was lick her lips, wishing to taste those for herself. For lack of anything better, however, she turned to one of the guys, eagerly taking his cock in her mouth as she kept her eyes on the show.

Screams from both girls filled the room and their juices squirted all over their mother as they came by their own mother’s hand and tongue. They didn’t lose any time recuperating, though. Even as their pussies were still visibly pulsing in pleasure, the girls got up, pulling their mother to her feet with them. Vania stood there in the middle of the stage breathing heavy, but grinning as her eyes locked with Rebeca’s and didn’t let go until Rebeca pulled back from this stranger’s cock, swallowing the big load he had just shot in her mouth. Tina and Belle clearly weren’t done with their mother yet.

With rough movements and aggressive pulling they started ripping the now soaking wet maid’s uniform from Vania’s body, revealing the mature woman’s well toned and tanned body. Her breasts were as gorgeous as ever, not looking bigger than usual but definitely a bit more perky as her hard nipples poked out like towers on the top of golden brown hills. Both girls latched on to the nipples faster than when they had been fresh born babies, sucking, biting and squeezing them to their mother’s pleasure. By now Rebeca had shifted her seat. As she looked on how the fingers of Tina and Bella eagerly worked Vania’s pussy, she had moved to the lap of the second guy that had been pleasing her. By now, her juices were dripping all over his cock as she had already reached two orgasms bouncing on it. Her body trembled and shook anther time when she saw Vania’s knees buckle under her own daughters touches. The pleasured screams of both women filled the room as they both came at the same instance. Breathing heavy, Rebeca stumbled towards the stage now, completely ignoring the guy’s cum, dripping out of her pussy and down her leg, focused on getting a closer view of the final part of the show. The three women had now lowered themselves to a sitting position, their legs spread wide to give the whole audience a prime look at their pussies. All Rebeca could think was how delicious they all looked as they started roughly fingering each other. Vania reaching to her left and right, sliding two fingers in each of her daughter’s juicy cunts as each of them reached to her pussy to fingerfuck it hard. Rebeca reached the edge of The Stage just in time for the screams of the three women to reach a crescendo as they all came, pulling their fingers back to squirt all over Rebeca, who greeted the juices with open mouth.

All four women nearly collapsed, breathing heavy from the multiple orgasms that had just coursed through all of their bodies. Slowly, the whole situation came back to them and they could hear the men cheering and whistling. Rebeca’s eyes locked with the three women on stage and their smiles told her that this was not the last time they’d all be in here.
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