My first time was not long after we gotten engaged and moved in together just after graduation. A friend of ours, Billy, who failed high school a couple years ago due to legal issues had his prom coming up and didn't have a date. She told me she was going to go with him since he was still trying to put everything back together. I didn't think a lot of it at first for she enjoys dancing and parties. He came by the trailer to pick her up. A few neighbors looked oddly as they were dressed leaving our trailer and getting into his car. I felt a bit of embarrassment hit me for some reason and went inside.

When I woke up she still was not home. About an hour later they pulled up to the trailer and as I looked out she leaned over and kissed him. Jolts of jealousy jumped thru my head. I began trembling with unusual feelings and rage. She came out holding her hoop from under her dress in hand.

Meeting her at the door I asked what was up with the kiss. She put her things down and told me not to worry it was just a normal thing after the prom. My head spinning,I asked her about the night and what all went on. She told me to calm down and once she changed we could talk.

With my head slightly calmer she finally came out and sat next to me on the sofa and gave me a kiss. I noticed some hickeys on her chest inside her shirt, as it slipped down. I jumped and asked her what the hell! She acted nonchalantly replying it was from her prom date. I inquired what all went on, not understanding what had just happened.

She looked me in the eye and told me it was a completely normal date for the prom and I asked what that meant. She leaned into me and started rubbing my arm. 'Well he picked me up here as you know, and we went out to eat with a few of his other friends'. She told me who was there, two guys we graduated with were with their girlfriends that were in that class. She said they asked about me and she talked about the wedding plans. Then they all proceeded to the prom. She told me how it was decorated and about catching up with a few friends. the band was nice and she spent the time dancing. They all took off to an after party as normal. More dancing and a lot of drinking. She had to lose the hoop from under her dress then, like at ours. She said they all had a really good time. Then they went back to a friend of ours house for a breakfast party around 3 am.

I noted it was after 8, almost 9, when she got home and she has hickeys on her chest. She abruptly stopped me and informed me 'Not just there!' She was Billy's date. When they all got some food and went down to the basement to relax everyone was pairing off and getting under a blanket. snuggling and carrying on. She was going to do the same for Billy, being his date. My shorts began to tighten a little as I adjusted, she reached down grabbing me saying "See I knew you wouldn't mind your little guy is excited!' She told me she was going to take a nap and when she woke she would tell me about the rest of the night if I wished.

A few hours later I heard her stirring in the bedroom. I went to check and she was awake. She told me she was going to take a quick shower and be right back. She walked out 10 minutes later, drying her hair then putting her towel around her waist. I began to feel flushed all over again as I saw her chest. Pointing at the hickeys on her chest, down her boobs and around her nipples, I exclaimed what the hell! She sat next to me and told me to settle down, very calmly and matter of factly.

She took my hand and looked at me telling me she was Billy's date last night and I had agreed and said it was ok. Just as I was your date to the prom before, you understand how a prom is supposed to go and you agreed. You said it was fine with you, you understood. Almost feeling that I was in the wrong, confused, I began to protest again. She stopped me. "Do you want to know anything or just complain about everything?"

Feeling again I was in the wrong for some reason, I asked "Don't you still love me?"

"Of course I do!" was her response. "You should be proud of how good of a date I am and the considerate guy you are. Don't you think?" Stuttering somewhat, I had a loss of words, no idea what to say or anything.

She began again. When they all started just relaxing and hanging out, everyone was pairing off with blankets somewhere. She and Billy found a corner and he was a little out of place maybe so she had leaned over and kiss him again like she had on the dance floor. It was really exciting. She told me as they laid down she had to take her dress off so not to make a mess of it. As she explained things she was rubbing my arms and shoulders, her nipples kept touching me, I had more going on then I could actually compute, coming in at one time. She went on as things progressed they began shedding more clothes from each other and for the next few hours it was just a fantastic moment for them. She explained how he was kissing and licking her chest and the marks were just playful. As she is telling me everything her hands had moved down my body, she kissed me and said see you like it too, look at your little guy standing up!

My body betraying me as my mind is in a state of confusion. She pulled me out and began massaging me with her hands and kissing my neck, telling me how great she felt when he was running his fingers around her body and how wet she became from the attention. She described how her body was on fire as he entered her with his fingers and made her moan, much as she was doing to me. She reminded me how much bigger Billy was down there and once she grabbed a hold of it she could not resist sucking him with the great time they have been having. She had me agree that it all made sense just as she was working me towards her mouth repeatedly asking me until I agreed. Them she told me how he went down on her. Removing her towel. showing me the hickeys she had on her hip, around her trimmed pussy and inside her legs. As I was about to say something else she moved up and slid right down on me, taking me in without caution. Leaning down kissing me, she said to me "Now aren't you glad we had a good time? You haven't even asked me that yet."

I apologized to her for some reason and asked her if she enjoyed herself. As she gyrated on top of me she told me she had a great time and was happy to help. I was about to climax myself now, it was clouding my head and excitement ran thru my body. I unloaded harder than usual and she kissed me, giggling, and said "See? Nothing to worry about!"

When she leaned down to kiss me again my little guy popped out of her and she laid on top of me for a few minutes as it all leaked down on me. When she got up she said we needed to clean up, her mother was coming by for dinner. "She likes you so much honey, she told me you would be a good pick for me."

I had to hear about more details of the prom at dinner, her mother excited to hear all about it. Her little t-shirt showing off the visible hickeys. She mentioned to her mother that Billy took her garter and put it on his rear view mirror for a trophy, they were laughing about it in the kitchen.

A few weeks later the prom picture came in and she framed it putting it on the wall right next to ours.
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