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A rare guy involved in shady businesses, a neighbor in a group of houses in Barcelona with houses and a community pool. It is a high level community.

Some of the neighbors are Beatriz and Raúl, a presumptuous and perverted guy who has long been strongly obsessed with his neighbor Beth, a beautiful and elegant wife, very seductive because of how precious she is but who in no case seeks anything other than common happiness. The obsession of the strange Raúl for Beth does not stop increasing, despite the fact that Beth has never given him reasons. I'll tell you what happened as a result of that obsession ...

Chapter 01

Introduction of Beth with the collaboration of my friend Daniel

Hello, my name is Beth and I want to tell you this very personal story about an event that altered my life. I was faultless in the circumstances I found myself in, but my life situation was very much altered by them, beyond my control. Sometimes life is just so surprising and unfair!

I am a young 35 year old girl, born in Glasgow Canada. I am educated, and have a degree in Business Administration and Management. I have been married for the past seven years to Daniel, who I met in Barcelona. He is a businessman in the chemical industry, 45 years old, handsome and attentive to my needs. I do not need to work but do so because I enjoy it. We have no children. I am a young, attractive wife and take very good care of my physical appearance. In Barcelona they would call me 'swanky', meaning I am elegant, yet a little distant and aloof.

I work very hard to maintain my physical appearance and am a very sexual desirable woman. I have a petite body, barely 5 foot tall and 110 pounds, with thin hands, arms and wrists. My breasts are a 95 B cup; I wish they were bigger but I'm satisfied with them, because they are all natural and firm. What draws men's attention the most is my nice ass and legs. My ass if very round and marks my figure. To enhance my legs, I always wear high heeled shoes or sandals (at least 15 cm), which makes my body and ass move more sensually.

I am not a knock-out, natural beauty in the face, but still very pretty. I keep my body very tanned, using tanning beds in the winter. I do not use makeup, just subtle highlights that outline my dark, Mediterranean eyes and eyelashes. My expression is like my mother's, betraying a little restlessness and impatience. I only apply shine to my lips, leaving them in their natural pink color. I am very particular with my reddish brown hair, wearing it at half length, resting on my shoulders or just on my back. Because I am currently married to Daniel, I repress my natural character of being open, naughty and flirty. I do not allow myself to be the daring and dirty girl that I really am, or had been before I met Daniel.

I like to dress well so I buy a lot of clothes, but not the daring, revealing style I prefer. Instead I opt for elegant and formal, which Daniel likes. He does not care for the transparent, short and sensual garments that I do. When we go to parties, I like to show off a little, wearing suggestive necklines and showing a fair amount of skin, which kindles the men's desires. When I'm about the community, I like to show off my body to the neighbors around the shared swimming pool or the little neighborhood streets.

I love turning men on with my bikinis. I have no tan lines because I sunbathe nude, and love having lascivious thoughts as I walk around in my thong bottoms that only have a small strip covering my ass crack and a tiny triangle of nearly transparent material covering my pussy. My bikini top is also very small, covering only half my breasts with a thin strip. When I lay face up, I do not tie the back, which pleases the male neighbors. I love their lascivious stares. My bikini gives free rein to my true exhibitionist tendencies, but I am careful not to wear them around Daniel, so as not to upset him. I only wear them alone.

This does not please the wives however. They give me very envious and discouraging looks!

When I sunbathe alone in the backyard of our duplex, which is fairly private, only have a few high placed windows I have to be careful of, I like to be completely naked in my hammock. But this does not completely please me, because I'd rather just be seen naked, if it does not offend anyone. I just love showing off to willing people! It excites me greatly, but I do not get to do it much, given my current marriage.


The Situation

Unfortunately, my life has not always been so carefree and with such little problems. I have a dark phase of my life too, which made me change my name from Beth Kirkpatrick to Beth McAuli, start a new life in a new country (from London to Barcelona) and try to put my past behind me.

Prior to turning 28, when I was very happy and optimistic about the future, I kept only only one tattoo that I had done when I was in college, located on my left shoulder. It is a half moon with a sun inside of it, which reminds me of my fun and mischievous adolescence.

One morning I entered the gate leading to our duplex door, and stopped at the mailboxes. In ours, I found a brown envelope with my name on it, with no return address. It seemed full of papers. I did not give it much thought but was surprised that it was not stamped or marked. I picked up the rest of the mail and entered the duplex. I kicked off my high heeled sandals and removed the rest of my clothes, as I like to walk around naked when I'm alone. I started looking at the mail.

The first thing I did was open up the brown envelope, because it was so unusual, as if someone had directly placed it in my mailbox. I imagined that if must be a flyer or advertisement, but I was still curious.

Nothing could be further from the truth! As I opened it and took a first glance, I got a cold sweat that made my hands start trembling. I could not see my own face, but I must have been white as a ghost as I took out the first newspaper clipping and a search warrant that the Metropolitan Police had issued in the past, that I thought was long forgotten, some six years ago under my former name Beth. I dropped the envelope in disbelief, full of anxiety, and sat quickly in a chair. I could not believe my eyes! This had to be some kind of nightmare! My past could not have caught up with me!

I recklessly picked up a glass, trying to regain my composure, took out a bottle of vodka, and poured myself a long drink. I rested my bare ass on the marble kitchen countertop and took a long gulp from the glass, which restored my color and breath. I felt the strong warmth in my stomach.

Now more relaxed, but still with an accelerated heartbeat, I returned to the table and after a few more sips, started scrutinizing the envelopes contents, and returning to my past. With a lump in my throat, I looked over all those newspaper clippings, which I did not need to read because I'd already done it a hundred times before. I remembered the lies and unsubstantiated charges detailed under my picture, in which I was labeled the main suspect of a scam to financially bilk the company I then worked in.

That scam had made me change cities, names and life to escape conviction. My boss at the time, a Mr. Richards, made me sign documents confessing my supposed guilt to escape court proceedings. He was very dirty and mean, that Mr. Richards. The scam made the business close, but he was the one responsible for it. But I was the suspect!

In addition to the press clippings, there was a note that said, "You don't have to worry about the contents of this envelope. Nobody but me knows who you are. If you do what I tell you, you will not need to fear anything. I do not intend to report anything to the police, unless you force me to do so. Come to the Baritimo Lounge Club tomorrow at 6:00pm. Sit at a table and order a drink. When I arrive, I will sit in front of you and explain what I want in exchange for my silence. It's that simple. A Friend."

Suddenly and cruelly, my dark past was threatening my current life. Seeing these old clippings and the subtly disguised threat contained in the note from my 'friend', I was in anguish and could not eat anything. I sat on the couch and lit a cigarette. Smoking, I stared out as if in a trance and recalled my days at Attwood Financial Consulting, where I was the co-director with Mr. Richards, and tried to imagine what this stranger could want from me.

Surely, with my current good life path, he must just want money, I thought. But would this continue to follow me, with multiple demands in exchange for ongoing silence? Would the blackmail ever end?

I tried to think through the issues. Luckily, I had a little money if he did not ask too much. But if he did, how could I get the funds without my husband knowing? I had to resolve this ugly situation alone, with Daniel on the sidelines.

Since I was alone and knew my husband would not return until days end, I lay down on the bed and could not help crying with rage, releasing my tension.

When I managed to calm down I washed my face, and as I wanted and needed to be alone, I put on my bathrobe and went to the backyard. After taking another long drink I removed my robe and lay naked in the hammock with my sunglasses and my eyes closed, while the rays of the sun warmed my body. I began to feel better, and after turning around on several occasions, I ended up sleeping for a couple of hours, until I woke up with the sun going down. Then I returned to the real world and my current problems, but that afternoon in the sun naked comforted me a lot.

I took a shower and put on a patterned beach shirt and a clean thong.

Daniel told me that he would arrive a little late that night, around 10, and not to prepare anything because he would bring Japanese food and we would have dinner together with a good bottle of wine.

I did not have any appetite, so when he arrived with the Japanese food I ate lightly, trying not to let on that anything was wrong. I took advantage of the wine, though. It helped a lot.

Daniel went to bed, and fell right asleep after a long day of work and meetings.

I had a hard time falling asleep but I lay in bed naked, to keep up appearances. Daniel is a deep sleeper; nothing wakes him up.

The night seemed eternal, but in the morning I pretended I had slept well.

We got up and I prepared breakfast as usual, even joking a little, and Daniel left for work after kissing me and wishing me a relaxed day of sun and pool.

When he left, I felt relieved. I preferred to be alone to try to think.

Chapter - 02 ... coming soon
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Pros: Engaging right from the start.
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I was hooked from the beginning. I love a story that contains related pictures. At the end of the chapter I was desperate to know more, I hope it wont be long before the next chapter is out.


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