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The submission of Beth - Chapter 2 E2 (Bethhotwite) continuation of Chapter - 1


After the threat of blackmail from the stranger, I was determined to meet them, face them and resolve this issue that had returned to my life, although things were about to go wrong and my nightmare was about to start ...

My first date with Raul

I spent the morning not knowing what to do, and I didn't even go down to the pool or go shopping as usual. The hours passed very slowly, and I couldn't focus, so at 7:00pm I dressed in a white shirt and jeans, and nervously went to the Baritimo Club where the blackmailer had said to meet him. At that time there were still few people, so I could choose a discreet table in a corner.

I ordered a coffee, and I waited nervously. At 8:10 no one had yet appeared, and I was becoming increasingly nervous. What did it mean if no one showed up? I had to get to the bottom of this, and I urgently needed to resolve it as quickly as possible.

While I was absent-minded and still immersed in these thoughts, a man sat in front of me, and I looked up and there he was. I couldn't believe it; who it was in front of me was my own neighbour, Raúl!

Raúl lives in my own neighbourhood and is a man of about 46 years. It is not that we are friends or anything, but the times we have met we treated each other politely and kindly, and he certainly never had the appearance of a blackmailer.

Money he did not need, as he is dedicated to managing a small fortune that his family left him. So, he does not have what you would call a job, but he certainly has money to support himself.

I knew that he is married to a woman named Beatriz, who is a member of a law firm, and whom I see little of, and have barely dealt with, since he is almost always on the road. Raul is also somewhat cold, well, like me. I try to keep my distance, precisely to avoid situations like the one I am in now.

I really didn't understand what Raúl could want from me. There was the possibility that he had nothing to do with this, that he simply saw me here alone, and since we are neighbours, just came over to greet me; but as soon as he opened his mouth, I knew that it was not the case.

Raul said, "Hello Beth ... I see that you have received my package." I replied contemptuously, "So it's you! Yes, of course I received it ... What are you trying to do, blackmail me?"

"Easy Beth," he replied. "Let's have a drink and talk like the good neighbours we are", while calling a waiter.

"Let's get quickly to what you want," I replied in disgust. "I do not plan to stay or have anything to do with you," I said, making a move to get up from my chair.

"No, no, Beth," he said. "... we started badly. But hey, since you are so anxious to know what I want, I am going to make you wait!"

"You son of a bitch!" I said, forgetting my manners. "Let's get to it now and finish this ... I suppose you want money for your silence," I asked.

"Money! How vulgar!" Raul said. "No Beth, money is no issue. But since you insist on knowing what I want, it is actually very easy. You know that a simple phone call to the police will end your wonderful life. What I want is for you to get up quietly and join me. When we reach our destination, who will know what I want!"

"Let's go then!" I said, getting up angrily. "The sooner we get this over with the better!"

Without losing his composure, Raúl left money on the table to pay for the drinks, got up and motioned for me to follow him. He was calm, very calm; he knew he was master of the situation and he did not let my arrogant attitude make him nervous.

We went outside and headed to his car, a BMW with less than a year. Raúl liked luxury and always had good cars, which he changed frequently.

"I came in my car," I said. "Tell me where we are going and I will follow you wherever ..."

"No, leave your car here; you will come with me ..." Raúl said bluntly. "Then I will bring you back to go home with your car."

I did not want to upset him and worsen the situation between him and me, so I followed him and got in his car. Raúl started it in a hurry and took off.

Soon, he turned onto a narrow street, in a not very recommended area in town, and I started imaging the seedy place Raul was taking me to. I developed a knot in my stomach, because I'd never been in the area before, and because his intentions did not seem good at all.

In a few minutes, we arrived at an ugly, old beige building with very discrete parking. It looked like it had been a respectful establishment many years ago, but now just had the appearance of renting rooms by the hours. I had no doubt we had just arrived at a Love Hotel where you just go to fuck.

At first, I thought he must be joking or trying to scare me. But as we entered, his demeanour was clear and I knew he was serious.

My face must have been puzzling, because Raúl looked at me and with a cynical smile and said, "I see you know the place ... Have you been brought here before?" like the pig he was.

"Only by hearsay," I said. I had never been here. "But if you want sex in exchange for your silence, you better find yourself a *****. I will never sleep with you!"

"Oh, but that's what I did..." he said looking at me cheekily, and I caught his hint.

The Love Hotel ... and My Violation

We entered the parking lot. I looked everywhere, scared in case someone I knew recognized me in that compromising hotel.

Raúl took a small black briefcase from the trunk of his car that intrigued me. Would they be the originals of the evidence he had against me, to make the exchange with me, after getting what he wanted in return?

"Don't worry," Raúl said. "This place is very discreet. We are not going to see anyone here!"

Effectively, the hotel seemed prepared for total discretion. A receptionist privately attended us and took us to the 'suite' that Raúl had booked. In the corridors, we did not meet anyone.

"Have a good stay!" the receptionist said, imagining that we were lovers. "If you need anything, call me."

We entered the room. The truth is that Raúl had spared no expense. The suite was huge, with a large, round bed in the center and surrounded by luxuries. Although the room looked like something out of the 70s, all in white, black and red, it was luxurious; just in poor taste. There was also an open bathing area with a huge Jacuzzi.

"Well ..." Raúl said without waiting any longer. "The thing is very simple. You act like a ***** and a cocksucker, and now you will be a real, complete ***** as you have been wishing! You have exhibited yourself to everyone in the neighbourhood like a bitch, and since that seems to be what you want, you are now going to be fucked like the ***** inside you.

"I won't allow you to talk to me like that!" I said almost screaming, very angry as I released my arm and my hand to give him a loud slap.

Raúl stopped my blow grabbing my wrist with his strong hand. He bent my arm behind my back, holding me very tightly, and put himself behind me. He squeezed my arm so high up that I was afraid it would break!

Then he said, sticking his mouth to my ear, "Let's see bitch, I will talk to you however I want! I have you at my mercy; if I speak to the police, your beautiful life is going to go to hell, and you know it! So, you are going to cooperate ... right?"

I nodded, but my anger and outrage increased second by second. However, as I was unable to defend myself at that time, I felt more pain in my arm at the mercy of his hands than anger.

"I want to hear you say it, ***** ... Say that you are going to be a good girl and obey anything I say!"

I was not willing to give him that satisfaction, and I did not answer him, while clenching my teeth furiously ...

That pig, in my silence, folded my arm more, until I was afraid that it would break, so I had to swallow my pride and beg him, "Yes ... Yes, fine, I will obey you, just please don't hurt me!"

"Perfect!" Raúl said. "Now I'm going to let you go and you're going to listen to me."

He sat on the bed and looked at me with lustful eyes that scared me. Raúl made his proposal.

"As I was saying, you are just a ***** ... a fucking *****, and I don't care if you don't like me calling you that or not! You spend your time in the neighborhood showing off, and flitting around the pool with those tiny bikinis that do not cover anything. And I also know that you dedicate yourself to sunbathing naked in your backyard, but then you treat everyone in a cold and distant way. I do not know if you know what is said about you in the neighborhood, but I assure you that what I have said is very smooth in comparison!"

"I'm sorry if any of that bothered you," I said trying not to piss him off anymore. I'm very sorry, but what do you want from me?

Raúl released me by surprise, and gave me a serious slap that I did not expect at all, and that almost knocked me down on the bed! I felt the pain and heat on my face when his hand crashed against me. "Aaahhh! I screamed in pain.

"For now, to start with ... don't talk if I don't tell you to, okay... Bitch?

"Yes, yes!" I said sobbing.

"Perfect... Well, I think that in view of your situation and what I think of you, it is clear what I want ... I have seen you exhibit in the pool, and now you are going to exhibit for me! You are going to do what I order you, and I am going to fuck you until I get tired of doing it ... It is that simple!

I answered lowering the tone of my voice, "Under no circumstances do I intend to sleep with you ...!" I got up angrily but was afraid that he would slap me again, so I put my forearms between the two of us, to protect myself.

With a push, Raúl threw me on the bed again. He turned me on my stomach, straddled me, and grabbed me tightly with one hand on my wrists and pinned them to my back. With the other hand, he pulled my hair back to lift my head, he said intimidatingly into my ear, "I didn't say that I'm going to sleep with you ... I said I'm going to fuck you, which is very different! You're not in a position to choose, so right now I'm going to let you go and I want you to take off all your clothes ... I want you to do it slowly, in the sexiest way you know how, bitch ... I'm sure you're good at being a stripper!"

He released me, and I gathered all the courage (and little dignity) that I could. I got up drying my face and thinking inside that if I had to go through this terrible situation, the faster everything ended, the better for me! So, I started to take off my clothes.

"This will help you to take off your clothes with more sensuality," the disgusting pig told me with pleasure. While I started to strip, he played the famous song by Joe Cocker, 'You can live your hat on'.

"! Like to do things in a sexy way bitch! Raúl told me. "I want you to excite me. It is a pity that you have not put on a sexier outfit, but I did not want to mention it in the note and give you clues of what was coming.

I started to undress in an improvised striptease as sensual as I could and that the music made easier for me remembering the scene from the film. I took off my clothes one by one until I was left with only my underwear, and I did not think I would be ****** to remove them. They consisted of a white bra that covered my breasts, just up to the height of my nipples., and a very transparent white thong, under which my well-groomed pubic hair could clearly be seen.

I stood there waiting, but with a scream Raúl said, "Why do you keep fucking with me! All out, I want you to take it all off ... Let's go! What are you waiting for, Bitch!! ... Ha, since you are not wearing a hat, you can leave your high-heeled shoes on instead, bitch ..."

Finally, I got rid of the bra, trying to do it sensually. Then I removed the thong, after raising and lowering it slightly several times, like the strippers did, leaving me completely naked for him. A reflexive gesture of modesty, almost instinctively, ended up covering my breasts and pubis with my hands as best I could ...

"Get those hands off, bitch!" Raúl shouted threateningly. "I want to see all the merchandise!"

I lowered my arms and Raúl got up and began to examine me as if I were a horse to buy. Instead of looking at a woman, it seemed that she was looking at a mare, and those eyes of vice and evil began to scare me.

"Well, well ..." he said after watching me slowly for a few long minutes in front and behind.

"I really like what I see ... You have a formidable ass, as I already knew from watching it in the pool, and those tits, although they are not very big, are very well placed; in fact, I like a woman's tits a little small. My wife is too big for my taste ..."

I remained motionless without knowing what to say or do. I knew instinctively that it was better not to move and keep my mouth shut.

"The first thing you are going to do is go to the bathroom, and bring everything you need to shave, although you already have it shaved a little, I can see. But I like my sluts with a pussy without a single hair, so let's solve that right now!"

When I heard what he had in mind, I said pleadingly, "Not that please Raúl, I beg you ... You know that I am married and when my husband sees me completely shaved, he will be totally surprised, and I don't think he likes it shaved, so he will be angry. He is very old-fashioned and he may even interpret it as a perversion, and I don't know how I can explain it to him!"

Without seeing it coming, a new slap fell across my cheek, followed by a shout from Raúl, which ****** me to shut up and stop protesting and beg nothing more.

"Come on, bitch, always do what I tell you to quickly! Also, I do not think that a smart girl like you cannot invent a good enough excuse for shaving your pussy to convince your cuckhold husband."

His slap showed me that it was going to be difficult to handle this situation, and that I was going to have to follow Raúl's orders promptly.

I got up offended and with a sore cheek, knowing that I had no choice but to follow his rules. But I couldn't help mumbling in a low voice, "My husband is no cuckold ..."

Even so, Raúl heard me muttering and as he passed by, he grabbed my hair hard, hurting me, and quietly but forcefully he whispered in my ear, "Look pretty, your husband will be what I decide ... Just like you! So, get it through your head that your husband is a good cuckold and you are a very great ***** ... Comprende'?

"Owww ...!" I moaned from the pain after the hair pull. I then said "Yes, Raúl!"

"Well, I don't want to have to repeat it again, bitch, so it's better for you that you start catching things the first time!"

Loosening my hair and giving me a push towards the bathroom he said, "Come on, come on ... do what I've ordered ... and don't be long either, or I'll give you some more, and that's going to hurt, bitch!"

I rushed through the bathroom drawers and indeed, there was a bag with disposable razors and shaving cream that I was expected to bring to Raúl.

I went back to him with the shaving utensils and I handed it to him. He didn't open his mouth. But, outlining a cynical smile, he said in his authoritative voice as if I were a child, "Let's see bitch, ..., lie on the bed on your back, but with your feet on the floor. Spread your legs wide so I can shave that pussy that is now mine. And do not move while I shave that wasted pussy that you have. Now come on, open those fucking legs good, so that I don't have to cut you!"

Feeling humiliated like a simple slut, I lay on my back as ordered and spread my legs to have my pussy shaved.

Without saying anything, Raúl began to spread the shaving cream all over my pubis, with surprising softness and skill, like I wasn't the first one to have her pussy shaved by him.

First, he shaved the triangle of curly hair that I had on my pussy. He cleaned it with the foam and looked satisfied with the result. He passed his hand over my pussy lips and vulva, checking if it was smooth, muttering to himself, and adding, "Well, this is beginning to be more like it! The whores must always have their pussy perfectly shaved and ready to be used."

Putting his hands behind my buttocks, he pulled me towards him, until my pussy began to protrude from the edge of the bed.

The contact of his hands on my ass and how it attracted me to him, despite the fact that it was a ****** situation and he disgusted me, made my hair stand on end, naked and in the hands of a man who was not my husband. I could not avoid or understand that feeling of a certain excitement that was beginning to invade me, product of my hormones that were beginning to react.

With my pussy protruding from the edge of the round bed, and with his strong hands, Raul spread my knees further, to keep me fully open and ******* to continue his pleasant work ... But why this desire that I be totally shaved? ... I couldn't understand why or what he was trying to do with it ... maybe it was just one more way to humiliate me?

While I remained motionless, letting myself be done, to avoid his bad temper, he again began to soak three of his fingers with the shaving cream. With total calm and delicacy, he began to spread the foam, sliding his fingers along the sides of my pussy. I began loving the feeling of how his foam-covered fingers caressed the outside of my pussy.

After picking up more foam, he continued to gently spread it with two fingers running every inch of my skin, down my pussy lips and down to my anus.

I decided to close my eyes and relax. With my eyes closed I evaded the humiliating situation, and only felt those skilled fingers as they spread the shaving cream around my pussy with the skill of a masseur. The spontaneous reactions of my body began to excite me and I couldn't control it.

After finishing with the left side, he began to spread the cream between the crease of my crotch and the lips of my pussy, which I was afraid would increase in size and reveal that it was giving me pleasure. He did not stop until he soaped my asshole well. The pig was entertaining himself by caressing my asshole with his fingertips in little circles, which made me have to bite my lips to endure the humiliating but at the same time sensual touch.

Once he had perfectly spread the foam, while his left hand tensed the lips of my pussy that began to feel wet, with the other hand, he slowly shaved me sliding the razor along the soft sheet of cream, which went from my groin, to the edge of my pussy lips, and thus descending until reaching my anus, around which the razor also slid, to eliminate any small hair that might be around it.

I imagined that there was only the other groin left to shave; and indeed, he performed the same operation in absolute silence.

While he finished shaving it, I imagined in my mind for a moment, that the one who was shaving it was Daniel. If my loved one did that to me, it would make me very hot! But he did not do such things, having never been educated in those sensual, erotic games.

I opened my eyes when I felt a hot and wet towel, with which that pig was cleaning the remains of soap and hair that he had removed.

When he realized I was looking at him, the very dirty man said to me, "What do you think, bitch? ... Can't deny that now your young female pussy is more desirable and sensual than ever! So totally shaved and ready to be eaten and fucked like you really want, slut!"

"And don't try to hide it, because how wet you are and how swollen your pussy is, is because the ***** that you carry inside you begs to be fucked like a pig! ... Hahaha."

Hearing his brazen and dirty words made me blush with embarrassment, and he continued to laugh, realizing it.

"Do not be ashamed, because surely you enjoyed the shaving, right bitch? Do not try to deceive me, because your pussy does not know how to lie! Look how wet it is and how your cunt dilates wishing for a hard cock! Ha ha ..."

"I am going to give you one last look at you, to make sure your pussy is as I want it. And like all my whores, so you must take it ... Always ... From now on, bitch!"

I preferred not to answer, and bit my tongue, because if I had spoken, I wouldn't have said anything nice, quite the contrary.

He ran his hand all over my vulva, pussy and groin, in addition to my anus, to check where there was any imperfection of shaving and conclude his inspection.

After locating a few parts that he wanted to shave better, he put a little more foam on those points. He proceeded to hurry them well and after cleaning it again, he again verified with his fingertips, that now everything was perfectly shaved. All that wicked but transgressive preparation, despite me not wanting it, was exciting me a lot! It had been a long time since anyone had inspected me like this, and my hormones were all over wanting sex.

The pig took advantage of me in that situation, and while I smiled and walked slowly and enjoying my soft pussy, that very pig slipped one of his fingers between my pussy lips, checking how hot the inside of my cunt and the inner lips were.

Smiling because he knew that I was holding back, while I was biting my lips because I had already noticed the reaction of my pussy, with two fingers he took the rather swollen clitoris and rubbed it to see my reaction. Although if I had been with Daniel, I would have given myself up and let him fuck me, I wasn't going to give Raul the pleasure of admitting that he had warmed me up like a vulgar bitch.

The truth is that I was even starting to relax a little, thinking that maybe it was not going to be so bad, that he would fuck me carefully, and once he had his lust to fuck me, everything would come to a fairly pleasant end. And being ready, I might even try to enjoy it; after all, since I had had to change my life and identity, and I had met that sweet man who was my husband. A husband who, like no one else, is perfect. He showered me with attentions, whims and I lived like a princess; but sexually, I had adapted to a boring person, for whom sex was not something important ... it was just something we did as part of the routine and being married.

For a moment, I imagined unconsciously, almost without realizing it, that I had progressively left behind those fun and exciting years, which all the girls of the University had experienced: the first blowjob, the first one that fucked me, and those parties where on some occasions, we went wild, happy and carefree, sharing fun and sex with some boy we liked, letting ourselves be driven simply by desire, just for fun and the sex that our bodies, filled with sex hormones, were asking us to perform with no other goal than to enjoy the moment ...

But everything changed in 2012 for me, and perhaps these past five years, I had been missing important things from of my youth. As these thoughts passed through my mind Raúl made me return to reality, suddenly ...

A strong slap on my pussy with his hand, broke that moment of calm and peace!

"Oww!" I exclaimed more for the unexpectedness of his slap than because it hurt, since he just caught me off guard with my mind somewhere far away. And again, he treated me with rudeness and bad manners, telling me knowing that he was not wrong. "What did you think, bitch?" he asked me, "You cannot deny that you enjoyed it ... Because the wetness of your pussy and the hardness of your nipples while I was shaving you; they did not lie!"

I couldn't deny it, he had noticed, so I had to tell him, "Yes, I thought it was going to be worse!

"So you are thankless, when you obviously thoroughly enjoyed the moment?" Raul replied.

Fuck, I couldn't deny him ... I didn't want to admit it ... I hesitated a moment to try to save a little pride, but I couldn't give him any answer other than, "Gracias ... thanks ..." I said it posturing so as not to face him.

"Now that's how I like it bitch! ... You have to learn to be grateful to me, you know that you play a lot ... Your freedom is in my hands and that you please me ... Always be clear about that, bitch!"

Raúl knew that he had me in his hands with what he had against me. For nothing in the world was I willing to be arrested and go to jail, for something I had not done, but for which I was made guilty.

As long as he didn't tire of humiliating me and playing with me, or I could somehow recover what he had against me ... I knew it was in his hands.

Everything had changed very quickly since the arrival of that damned envelope, but I'd rather have to humble myself before him, without being able to deny him anything, and be able to continue with my life, than to lose everything, even my freedom.

Suddenly Raúl told me, "Get up ... come on, you still have many things to learn this afternoon ... You are going to be my *****, whether you want to or not!"

Taking me by the forearm with a strong pull, he lifted me from the bed and pulled me to a sofa also of white cover in that luxurious but tacky fuck room. We sat on it, and he ****** me, pulling my hair downwards, to kneel before him.

In an authoritative voice he told me, "Now you're going to give me a blowjob! ... I want to see how you eat my dick ... I'm sure you must have eaten a lot of them!"

I looked at him with hatred, that did not enter my plans, I did not imagine that he was going to ask me to suck his cock ...

Given my indecision, he asked me, "Don't tell me that you do not like to suck cock, because all women and especially major sluts like you, are driven crazy to eat a good cock, ha ha!"

For me, sucking a dick was something I had almost forgotten, because Daniel did not like it. We simply fucked or I jerked him, and that was how simple our sex life was.

I could only be honest with him, so he might try to believe me, so I confessed to him, "I swear to you Raúl, that my husband has never been sucked, he is very old-fashioned in sex! They brought him up like that and we simply fuck in a traditional way, as one more rite of marriage!"

My answer made that pig laugh. Looking at me in surprise and disbelief, which I imagine was unusual for him, it became like a joke, he said, laughingly, "So your husband doesn't fuck you properly? Now I'm sure you're just a cocksucker, exhibiting yourself in front of the neighbours and why you are so stretched! Hahaha ..."

"This really is good ... Hahaha! ... a bitch like you so lacking in cock! If you had a real man, as he should be, fucking you at all hours, surely you would be happier and more relaxed. But hey, don't worry 'pretty', that we are going to fix this very afternoon ... that is what we are neighbours for! Ha ha ..."

"Anyway, I am sorry that your husband has not fucked you properly, but surely you have sucked many boys there in London, a beautiful twenty-year-old slut like you ... Surely at University, you got tired of sucking the cock of so many colleagues and fucking them!"

"Do not tell me that you are the good girl and only studied, because at that time, you were all sluts wanting cock and sex!

I got very red because of what the total pig said to me. No one has ever spoken to me like this before. Humiliated and indignant I told him, "Yes, I cannot deny it, but that was more than five or six years ago and since then I have not done it again!"

Raúl looked at me, raising his eyebrows and said, "Well, nothing ... don't worry, this is going to end. You can no longer complain that you do not have the opportunity to try new males, with cocks of all types and colours, ha! I'll take care that you don't lack cocks to suck slut ... Well, come on, suck it bitch ..."

And without warning, taking hold of the nape of my neck, he pulled my mouth to his cock that was completely cut, introducing it into my mouth without giving me time to react! I could only open my mouth and see myself ****** to swallow his filthy cock.

That pig unceremoniously pushed his cock into my mouth, until his pubic hair hit my lips.

Raul said, "Breathe through your nose... Relax that throat and breathe through your nose if you don't want to drown, you clumsy bitch... Have you already forgotten how you should swallow a good cock?

I kept gagging as I felt his cock pressing on my sensitive uvula and filling my mouth with drool.

When Raúl considered that I should take a breather, he stopped pressing on the nape of my neck, and that made it possible to me remove his cock from my mouth.

The total pig rejoiced in watching me cough from the saliva that had entered my trachea, and how my lips spilled abundant drool that fell on my breasts.

He also looked at my face with smiling vice, because with my mascara smeared and mixed with my choking tears, it had given an unfortunate and dirty look to my formerly pretty face. What a pig!

It was only a few seconds until I stopped coughing and drooling, when he ordered me again, "Come on ... suck it! Suck on me ... come on ... keep going!" He added, "You have already seen that fucking your mouth is very easy ... But what I want to see is how you suck it by yourself, very deep and nasty!"

While the tears ran down my cheeks from the feeling of suffocation that I had felt, with real disgust and without him taking the initiative (because he had already shown me that was worse), I was courageous and overcoming enough to start sucking that strange cock on my own. I put his member in my mouth, feeling with disgust how slimy it was, releasing that pre-seminal liquid that I no longer remembered the taste, which although it was very sweet, seemed disgusting to me because of its sticky texture.

Knowing that I would have to suck it whether good or bad, no longer I started to run my tongue over his swollen organ, and then I slowly swallowed his cock, taking care not to gag again.

I started to put his cock in and out of my mouth, pressing the base with my lips, hoping to give him pleasure, and making this end as soon as possible. I sped up the pace to try to make him cum and leave me alone, but Raúl was more demanding and wanted more than a rookie blowjob; so again, he pushed my head to swallow his cock deeper, and now if I felt it going under my uvula, I was going to have to live with it.

I started breathing through my nose, and trying to get used to the touch of his filthy cock wanting to enter my throat.

I tried to isolate myself from this disgusting situation, leaving my mind blank as much as possible, like a robot. I started to get his dick deeper in my throat, and I felt his hand loosen on my neck, leaving me the initiative.

Little by little my uvula got used to the contact with his slimy cock, and I could alternate the half thrusts with the deep ones, as he tried to negotiate his cockhead down my throat.

Raúl patted me on the cheek and told me, "You are improving bitch little by little ... keep it up! It's not bad at all for a start, but you will have to improve a lot to be a good cocksucker ... Just relax, and I will teach you how to do it as a good bitch like you should!"

"Now I want you to suck my balls slow, and make them fill with creamy semen. Come on bitch!"

At last I was able to get his cock out of my mouth, but when he offered me his balls, I saw with disgust, that he did not have them shaved! My God, I thought to myself, now I had to suck those furry balls, but I had gotten through worse situations (like when I had to escape from Great Britain); so closing my eyes, and trying with my hands to take them away from my lips, I began to suck his balls alternately, knowing instinctively that men liked it we put them in our mouths. I plucked up courage and started to lick and suck those filthy balls full of hair, noticing how one of them was bigger than the other and how they were getting hard.

When I imagined that he was already satisfied because they had hardened, I returned to sucking his cock, which was still releasing the sticky pre-cum. But I felt like I had hair whirling in my mouth, so I took it out and shook it off my fingers.

My pig neighbour laughed heartily when he saw me take them out of my mouth and said to me, "You realize now, bitch, why I shaved your pussy? Isn't it nice to have your mouth full of hair? Well, it's the same when a male eats your juicy fucking cunt! That's why, from today, you are going to keep it perfectly shaved and smooth, so that whoever eats it can do it with much more pleasure ..."

Hearing that "you must always wear it shaved, for whoever eats it" gave me chills, just thinking and fearing that this humiliation would not end this same afternoon.

Again, I started running my tongue over his cockhead, before putting it in my mouth, while he kept looking at me satisfied. Finally, seeing me at his feet, humiliated, his depraved voice he told me, "When you are sucking a cock, you should regularly look, as time and circumstances allow, in the eyes of the male. We all like that, to see your nasty bitch face while you suck it! Now look me in the eyes now while you suck my cock ... I want to see that face and those dirty, nasty eyes ... Come on!"

Tired and wishing it to end and for him to be satisfied, I looked into his eyes, which reflected the pleasure and control of seeing me subdued. But he could only see intense hatred in mine ...

"Wow, it seems from your look that you do not like what you are doing; but in a short time, I will teach you to enjoy the privilege of sucking cocks, and that look of anger will become a vicious ***** look, that you can be sure of!, ha ha."

"Come on, suck it now better than before, or we will repeat this over and over again all afternoon, until I like how you suck it, you bitch! ... Use your tongue, putting it under my cock, to make it easier for you to do the job you were born for."

His contempt increased my hatred and disgust for Raúl, but there was nothing I could do but go through with it and wish it to end soon.

A little more accustomed to sucking it than before, I started the same ritual, swallowing to the base of his very hard cock until I got to the part where it made me feel nauseous from the contact of his cock brushing and sliding down my uvula. I found that if I could hold my breath and catch some air through my nose, while I was sucking it whole, and if I used my tongue to feed me it like a conveyor belt, I found it somewhat easier to take it.

Watching me using my tongue to suck on it more easily, Raul gloated. He enjoyed watching my foamy slobber drip and slide down my tits when he pulled his cock halfway out of my mouth, along with his gooey pre-cum.

I looked at his face and saw that he liked it and was beginning to moan with pleasure like a pig. So, taking it out halfway, I started to suck it much faster, all I could, to finish at once.

When I felt him tense, I knew I had done it; so, I started to take it out of my mouth, so that he could cum while he jerked off. But he grunted like a pig, and he realized that I was taking him out of my mouth, the son of a bitch! He again grabbed me by the nape of the neck and plunged it all the way into my mouth, and said, "No bitch, No! You are my bitch, and I want you to swallow all my warm milk, so prepare to start swallowing ... or to choke on my semen! ... You choose bitch!" He laughed at me with the satisfaction that emptying into my mouth produced!

That horrified me, since never in my life had I swallowed the semen of any man ...

But Raúl did not care, and he said while moaning as the first wave of cum crashed against the wall of my mouth, "Come on, swallow, swallow! Why else does a fox like you have that sweet mouth, if not to suck many cocks, and swallow the cum until you feel full of hot milk!"

After receiving his first wave of cum, the next one that I received came as he pressed my face against his pubic hair while twisting and moaning. I felt the disgustingly hot discharge in my throat, and like that hot and thick liquid, it descended down my throat, although I was trying to swallow so that it wouldn't go down my windpipe. I had a hard time swallowing the remaining spurts of cum the damned pig unloaded in my mouth.

When he finished emptying into my mouth, he took his cock out, satisfied after getting that dirty image of me that he had months ago when he looked at me in the pool.

Unable to avoid retching and coughing again, due to the cum that had seeped into my windpipe, and drooling like a sow, that filthy mixture of semen and slime, the flash of his mobile phone alerted me that he was taking photos of me, with my dirty face and my half open mouth, still drooling and spilling his cum.

"Nooo!" I shouted while trying to cover the camera of his phone with both hands. "Don't take pictures of me, noooo!"

He continued to laugh, humiliating me more as he kept shooting the camera of his phone ...

"Do not move away bitch, because anyway, I already have a couple of magnificent photos of you and you are fucking in them ... ha ha!"

He showed me on the screen of his phone a photo where I am spitting semen. "Look" he said to me, "You are beautiful and sexy with your smeared mascara and with my semen falling from your mouth ... you look exciting with my cum overflowing from your lips! Everyone who sees you in these photos will want you to suck their cock dirty!"

Seeing myself in this dirty way, I got very embarrassed by the image. Also, a lot of anger that I had deferred in my own defence began returning.

Instinctively, after seeing my dirty bitch look, I reached up to clean my face. But, he stopped me, grabbing my wrist as he said to me, "No ... don't even think about cleaning yourself! ... I like to see you as you are now, turned into the sow that you really are ... Now you are yourself, not what you pretend to be."

That was becoming unbearable for me; I would never have imagined how degenerate my neighbour Raúl was. In my head I was already desperately searching for some way to make him pay for what he had just done to me.

As he had already come and we had been in that room for more than an hour and a half, I thought that by now he would be satisfied, so I asked him, "Can we go now? ... It's seven o'clock and I have to go back before my husband misses me. Today I has been good for you, don't you think? It's enough for the first time?

For me it was a great effort to ask him that, trying to appear natural, because really what I wanted was to take revenge on the pig.

"What did you say?" Raúl said with a surprised face. "Do you think that blowjob shit is enough for me not to report you? ... you cocky bitch!"

His quick response fell on me like a jug of cold water. I asked him, "What more do you want from my Raúl? We can meet again another time."

"Don't even think about it bitch! You think you're smart, right? I already told you when we got here to the hotel, I brought you here to fuck you as you deserve as a ***** ... I'm not going to sleep with you cute at all ... I'm going to fuck you hard, fuck you like never before!

An evil smile appeared in Raúl's mouth, which together with his eyes that looked at me with lust, made me shudder. His response almost dashed my hopes that this would come to an end soon.

Without giving me a rest, or showing me the slightest bit of hope that he would feel sorry for me at some point and would be satisfied, he ordered me, "Now bitch, go get the Jacuzzi ready ... since I have paid for it, I plan to use it! I also need a little time to recover, ha ha!"

Although I did not think it would do any good, I chose to humble myself before him, and begged him, "Please Raúl!" - I gjot down on my knees in front of him. "Let me go ... My husband will be back soon and he will be surprised if he doesn't find me at home. Please I beg you!"

But apparently the pig Raúl had no feelings, because he answered me with contempt, "That is not my problem bitch! ... Send him a message with any excuse you want; but from here, you will leave only when I have finished with you!"

"So, if you want this to end soon, do what I say and stop making me repeat myself ... Also, I warn you in advance that every time you complain or reply against me, or do something that I do not like, I will punish you! and you know that my hand is not going to shake, nor am I going to take pity on you! You should know me by now, and know that if you do, you will regret it bitch! ... And it's going to hurt!"

I was furious and regretful because humiliating myself and begging him had been no use, and I couldn't think how I could get rid of the pig, without him denouncing me.

"Regarding your husband, a bitch like you will always think of an excuse not to surprise him, when the cuckold comes home, being the scheming bitch that you are ... And at this rate, it seems to me that you are still going to be here, if you don't think of one soon ..."

"And another thing, before going to prepare the jacuzzi, bring me my black briefcase ... Come on, come on...!"

I brought him the briefcase that had I wondered about when I arrived, which I imagined contained the evidence of my arrest warrant. I handed it to him and he told me, "Wait, I have something for you." He opened it, but the lid hid what it contained. He took out a large object and threw it at my feet. Instinctively I backed away to see what it was.

Now, I knew all-to-well the poster of the Metropolitan Police, where under the usual "Wanted" my face appeared as a younger Beth Kirkpatrick Martin, and the reason why I was wanted since June 2012 for "economic and corporate crime" ...

And while I was dwelling on that bad dream, Raul brought me out of it, throwing me some black sandals with ****** rhinestones, with a 5.5 inch stiletto heel, adding a brief, "Put them on!"

I sat totally naked on the edge of the sofa and put on my high-heeled sandals. I got up again and without him having to tell me, I stood in front of him so he could see how they looked.

With a satisfied smile, he looked at me and said, "They are your size; I bought them for you bitch ... I like how they fit you, you look sexier and taller, and also sluttier, which is what it is about!"

I was beginning to learn my lesson, as I said, containing my anger, "Gracias ... Thank you, they are very beautiful ..." while inside me the blood boiled with rage.

"This is how I like you ... to be grateful, like a good bitch!" He added, "Wait, I have something else for you ... ha ha!"

Taking another object from the briefcase stealthfully, so I could not see, he got up and came close to me, so much so that our naked bodies almost touched. He showed me a black BDSM necklace with rivets and an engraved plate, which read, "Property of RM"

When I saw that he was going to put that necklace on me like a bitch, I backed away; but a loud slap hit my face and made me stumble on my high heels. If he hadn't grabbed my arm, I might have fallen to the ground.

The bitch collar and the strong slap left me petrified!

He did not say a work, imagining the slap said it all. I fastened the necklace and taking a couple of steps back, he looked me up and down with satisfaction.

I saw him pick up his phone. I already guessed that he liked seeing me like this, and would take photos of me, so I didn't move.

The pig took four or five photos of me from various angles, and then he told me, "Your appearance is improving a lot! Now you look like what you really are, a bitch ... well, better said MY bitch ... as it can be read on your necklace ... Now move and go prepare the jacuzzi, bitch!"

When I realized what time it was, and that Raúl was going to keep me there with no time to return home before Daniel arrived, I said him, "Raúl, please let me call my husband to tell him I'm going to be late! I have thought of an excuse to tell him so he won't suspect that something strange has happened to me! Please, let me make that call?

Looking at me with a false face of understanding, he said, "Okay, call your cuckold, but be careful what you say to him ... Use the speakerphone so that I can hear what you are saying!

I took the cell phone and dialled Daniel, using the hands free and signalled to Raúl with my index finger over my lips so that he would not speak.

He nodded, while smiling with pleasure, seeing how I, as an unfaithful wife, was about to lie to my husband, so I could stay and fuck with him.

"What do you have to tell me darling?" Daniel said as he answered my call.

What I was going to do was horrible, lying to Daniel for the first time, but it would be worse for him to be suspicious of my delay.

"Hello, honey... While shopping I have met Sara and Maria and they are trying to convince me to have dinner out with them tonight, since we are already here at the mall. I told them I'd have to clear it with you, leaving you alone at home. Will that bother you?"

"How can you think that? Of course not darling." Daniel replied. "Stay for dinner with them and give them a kiss from me! When I get home, I'll fix my own dinner, really. Just stay with them and talk about your things and have fun. Do not worry Beth, but be good, ha, that you three beautiful women alone don't attract too many looks from strangers, ha! ... Beware of men!"

Relieved, I replied, "How can you think that silly, with how I love you! Besides, Maria is married! They have just insisted on spending a pleasant time together having dinner! Thank you darling for letting me stay with them; by the way, they send you greetings!"

"Tell them thank you and have fun dear!" Relieved to know that he would no longer be suspicious if I was late, I hung up.

Raúl, the pig, was laughing as he listened to me lying to my husband, and he was covering his mouth so that a tell-tale outburst of laughter did not escape him. When he finished laughing, he looked at me and said, "Nice job bitch! What skill you have in getting rid of the cuckold, ha ha! Well, that nonsense is over, but it really was fun to hear you shake off your husband to make him a good cuckold for me!"

"Come on," he urged me, "Move that bitch ass and go finish preparing the jacuzzi ... ha ... it was good to see you do that!"

Going to the jacuzzi, I felt terrible that I had lied to the good Daniel. OMG, what a dirty way to lie to him!

As I approached the jacuzzi, he took the opportunity to take some more photos of me walking. He was satisfied to see how my ass swayed on the high heels. No doubt that pig was crazy and enjoyed humiliating me! He said, "You are very sensual, like a luxury *****! I think I should send one to your cuckold, to see how beautiful you are and what he has been missing all these years, not fucking you properly, ha," ending with sarcasm.

I started to prepare the jacuzzi ... the situation was beginning to be unbearable ... but I had no other choice.

Inwardly, I hoped the terrible humiliation would end soon and he would be satisfied; but it was not going to be like that.

End of the second Chapter

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