We had not had any fun for a while. We were active till 2014 after we took a pause since she has had so many gangbangs that it was hardly to imagine anything else what have not done yet.

Recently when travelling resumed after all the lockdowns we started to talk that we both would like to make some dirty fun again. Now we are in early 50's however she is still fit and sexy.

Berlin is the city where we had most of the gangbangs and also there is one of our favourite swinger bars.

We arrived in Berlin in the beginning of July (2022) visited some bars for drinks and about 11pm arrived in the swinger bar. Due to long pause we were bit nervous and confused by a lot of attention from many men. We were approached in the bar by some guys saying compliments to her and about her. We were sitting at the table and were surrounded by men staring at her. Before coming to the bar we agreed that she will do only blowjobs since she had periods. We also agreed that she will go to glory holes and suck cocks and every load she gets she will spit in my mouth so I can eat all the loads she gets in her mouth or on her face.

In reality all things went little bit different. As soon as we got up from the table and went to fun part of the bar we were followed by at least 10 guys. We approached glory hole place but she didn't reach the holes since she was pushed down on her knees right in the door arch and the guy took out his cock pushed it in her mouth. She was enjoying process so much and was blowing cock like crazy as soon she had first load on her face I licked and ate all the cum from her lips and mouth, kissed and pushed my tongue deep in her mouth to collect all cum. The action continued non-stop for about 1.5 hours. Guys lined up and fucked her slutty mouth one by one. I sked her several if she needs break but only what I heard was moaning and answering me that no. She sucked everyone big and small thick and not so thick eventually I didn't count how many cocks she served but I believe that almost every men in the bar dis manage to shoot load on her face or in mouth. After every man she gave me a kiss and I licked her face her lips and her breast. I was next to her down on my knees seeing cocks penetrating her mouth right in front of my face. Some of cumshots were huge and thick and I had to swallow two or three times to clean all the spunk completely from her. I felt like a cum bucket and suppose that I swallowed not less than 200ml of cum that night cleaning her face, lips and mouth. When she finished last cock her face her hairs were complete mess. My and her mouth was full of cum from multiple men. Both of our faces were cum coated. We returned to the bar took glass of sparkling wine to flush our mouths. Many guys came to us to show their excitement. I saw that some guys are jealous that I have such bitch on the other hand I had feeling that they were surprised what a cuck I am. One of guys my wife even blowed right at the table in the bar as he did not manage to cum in the playrooms. I was sitting next to my wife sipping sparkling wine while she was sucking cock and people passing us were smiling at me. After we finished sparling wine we left the bar smelling like two dirty whores.

It was my first experience I eat cum in front of bunch of guys and it turns me on so much. I felt humiliated but it was bloody hot. When we were leaving the bar I was approached by some of guys who wanted say compliments about my wife and her so much skilled mouth.

We are already planning our next trip to repeat this so dirty and sticky fun.

(pictures are from other parties we had till 2014)
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