The first time I saw Vee, she was shopping with a friend. I first noticed her wide hips in her summer dress. I followed the two women up an escalator in the department store. As I often do in these situations, I stood as close to Vee’s ample behind as possible. My nose nearly touched the fabric of her skirt. Inhaling her musky scent, I kneaded my stiffening prick through my jeans pocket. The beast was aroused, rearing it’s purple head in the confines of my tight trousers.

I lift up her skirt and watch in awe. Two thick, meaty thighs rise up to majestic buns covered with white fabric. Peering at the crotch I can almost smell the sweaty odor of Vee’s private parts. In the semi-darkness of the skirt the impression of her labia are visible. The hard rod wants to go there…

My fevered reverie is broken when the two women, cheerily chatting, step off the escalator. Was it a dream, or reality that I had inspected Vee’s most secret parts? Following at some distance I don’t let the friends get out of my sight.

The girls are browsing underwear while I pretend to look for some lady gifts. Vee pulls a red brasserie from the rack and says: "How do you like this? I want to try it on.” Waiting for her to pick a fitting room, i silently approach. Her friend is busy looking elsewhere and I slip in the stall next to Vee.

I hear Vee puttering about behind the thin wall that separates us. She must be undressing to put the brassiere on. I scan the wall and notice a little peephole. Yesss. My cock grows again: the big boobs of a mature BBW are clearly visible; a prominent mole shows under the right knocker. Her belly is flabby and soft, just as I like it. Unzipping my jeans, the beast comes free and rears his ugly head. Pulling on the rock hard shaft I imagine fucking Vee from behind; feeling her soft behind as a cushion for my furious thrusts. Mmmmm horny as hell. She is muttering that the bra is tight, turning to look in the mirror, her bottom is now straight in my face. I see the big buttocks and imagine 7 inches of cock buried in her brown hole. Pulling as a man possessed, the seed is suddenly rising from my balls, through the shaft and spurting out in hot gulps. Aaaarghhh… I shoot my juice deep in her bowels! My DNA forever implanted in Vee’s body. The semen splashes alas against the plywood while I pant heavily. Wow!

"Hello?” comes a voice from behind the wall. "Is there something wrong?”

Startled by her question, I fumble with my cock, putting it back in its cage, while mumbling some reassuring words to Vee. Thankfully she leaves the fitting room without another word. When the ladies depart I come out of the stall and go looking in her booth. A faint perfume is lingering, it makes me hot all over again. What’s that on the ground? It looks like a customer loyalty card. Must have fallen out of her coat pocket. I see a name that begins with a V. and an address in Devon.

Arties (medium sized) and the hubby of V. (tall) meet in a pub near his home. They exchange views. Artie is bullish, hubby leans toward being a cuck, but is not sure. He has not seen his wife of 12 years fucked by a bull. Not yet, because he really wants to see it happen. Arties states his case: "I wanna fuck your wife real hard, got the hots for her 3 holes.” Hubby replies: "What is not to like about helping a guy get hard to fuck your wife and then licking his cum from her cunt?”

Arties is fine with that scenario: "Be my guest, I’d love to see you slobber my juice. Being a cuck for Vee would make our fucking extra hot.” Hubby hedges his bets, maybe it’s really just Vee that wants to be pleasured? "I want to watch my wife with other guys, and yes, maybe get cuckolded, but that is because I want my wife to have fun. Shame she won’t consider it. If she did though and said I should suck his cock or lick her clean then I would.” Tall explains.

Tall told me about his secret fantasy of seeing Vee fucked by another man. "After that I would like her to open her legs wide for me, revealing her pussy with cum on its lips and on her thighs.” In graphic, fevered detail Tall told about his arousal seeing a bulls seed in Vee’s moist pussy. "That’s too much, I will push my hard cock into her and fuck her very hard before my balls empty into her.” I said I love the scenario. But how do I get in her bed and ravish all her delicious holes?

The second time I met Tall to talk about our plan, he pulled a white undie from his pocket. It was airtight contained in a zip bag. "Here, I got this out of the hamper. You like to sniff it?” The underwear was fairly large, the crotch showed discharge. I put the cotton knickers under my nose and inhaled. A horny scent filled my head with dirty thoughts. "Now I really want to fuck the shit out of your wife!” I say, "and I want you there watching!” Tall is enthusiastic. "Let's make it a gangbang then!”

End of part 1
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