Part 2 of the story "Wanna Get in Her Pants"

Quiet Tom lies on his back, gloriously naked Vee is upon him, her big butt in the air. I see my friend Tom fumbling with his half erect cock and then tickling her fleshy pussy. Vee is very passive, must be the GHB her husband put in her tea. The drug is quite harmless but gets V in the right position and mood for fucking. The tall man that let us in their house is lurking in the shadows, his cock is rock hard while enjoying the show.

"I’d love to have this view of my wife on top of another guy.” he says to me.

Well it will be two men doing her really. I get on the bed and position myself between the legs of Tom. I admire V’s behind from up close, sniff her musky scent and knead her buttocks. Then I part the gluteus maximus and start to lick her crack, my tongue darts deep in her brown hole, making it wet and ready for my cock. Tom is putting the head of his rod in the slimy slit of Vee. We’re ready to rock. And fuck!

I put lube on my cock and rest the head against Vee’s puckered anus. With both hands I push her buttocks wide and ease my 7 inch rod slowly inside her rectum. I feel Vee stiffen under the first thrust. She is clearly not used to being invaded anally. Tom is moving too, the full length of his member is now buried deep inside Vee. He is thrusting, pushing and pulling in and out her cunt. Vee is grunting and panting because of this double assault. Two of her wet holes are filled to capacity. Maybe I’ll ask the tall guy to put his cock in her mouth, but that has to wait a bit. I see him stroking his cock at some distance of the bed. His dream of being cuckolded is finally coming true, and in what a splendid way. Not one, but two bulls are servicing his wife.

I thrust my rod as deep as I can in Vee’s asshole. She is amazingly tight for such a big woman. I pull her dark hair and she arches her back. "Uhhhhhh!” Vee gasps.

Tom is grunting under the weight of Vee, his cock is thrusting in her cunt. I can feel his shaft moving through the perineum skin that is separating the two intimate holes. What is usually an exit is now a horny entryway for my schlong. It feels snug and warm as I push and pull between her bountiful asscheeks. With my hands on her wide hips I have total control over the part of this woman’s body where our fucking is concentrated. Then a thought: I wanna see her getting fucked by Tom.

Pulling my hard one out of Vee, I notice her wide open sphincter closing rapidly. I watch in awe the glistening cock of Tom going in and out her moist big slit. Hubby Tall stands next to the bed now, offering his dick for the third hole. Vee is stirring awake, opening her eyes for the first time really.

"This feels good,”, she mumbles, there is definitely something changed in this Bbw. Humble hubby hears "I want to suck your cock you cuck!”

"So she is aware she is cuckolding me?” Tall asks in a way that suggests he finds it hard to believe. Is his ten year old dream finally coming true?

The sight of Vee being thoroughly fucked by Quiet Tom and Tall offering his cock for the deep throat of his wife makes me want to jerk off. I tug on my rockhard cock. Vee is the center of a real gangbang now. All her holes will be filled today with thick, throbbing man meat. They will squirt hot cum inside her, that will dribble and ooze out of her three orifices. Some of that DNA will stay forever in her, a hot thought too. All the juice that comes out is for the cuck to eat;, but that will come later.

Vee is getting loud now, she is clearly gonna cum first. The sound and fury of a BBW unleashed, gets me wild. I feel sperm rising in my shaft and point the fountainhead to her face. Vee’s features are cramped in ecstasy, her mouth is wide open, tongue out. I aim for that spot and grunt ‘Aaaaaaahhhhh’, while shooting a wad of sperm with force in her face.

The rope of seed streaks over her mouth and nose and ends in strands of hair. Hubby looks on in sheer disbelief. "What a load! I want to taste that cum when it’s still hot.”

He wastes no time and bends over to lick the still warm semen of his wife’s face.

"Tastes good!” Tall compliments the bull.

Meanwhile Tom is coming too. He grabs the asscheeks of Vee and shoots his seed deep inside her. His feet are thrashing while Tom drains every last drop of his heavy balls in the sloppy cunt. Vee rolls off Tom and spreads her legs wide for hubby to taste the cum that is slowly dripping out of her rosy slit. On his knees between her thighs Tall is doing his best to lap it all up.

"Mmmmm,” we hear as he slobbers away. After eating the semen of two bulls it’s time for hubby to reclaim his ravaged wife. He told me beforehand what that means. Cucks state that the sex with their wife just after she had fucked another guy was the best, as he was totally aroused by what he had seen and heard, that his wife was already aroused so took him less to get her to orgasm and that an animal instinct meant that the fuck was harder and deeper to reclaim the wife from the guy who had just fucked her. An animal fucking a female after another male has to push more seed deeper into the female to give his sperm more chance of winning the race to the egg.

Before we let Tall do his marital duty, Vee gives us a wink and says "When are you bulls cumming around again? My cuck has to take third place now.”

PS: All the persons in this tale are real. Vee is living in southwest England and ******* of what her man will want us bulls to do to her. Now that is hot.
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