The couple have tickets to attend symphony concert. The wife wonders what it would be like to stop for drinks and flirt with an older businessman. This is the first episode of that adventure.
This takes place in the era before cell phones, the internet, etc.


Friday evening rolls around. Mike is wondering about the surprise his wife promised. For different reasons, the married couple have each been looking forward to this day. They have a light dinner and prepare for the evening.

Lynn has already had her shower. Mike takes his shower and dresses in a suit and tie.

His wife is sitting at her vanity in front of a mirror putting on her make-up. She’s wearing thin black bikini panties. Her firm breasts are reflected in the mirror. The aureoles are pronounced with nipples beginning to harden. She looks delicious. He’s overcome by lust imaging what will happen after the symphony. Maybe the surprise is another Chuck story.

He walks over and places a hand on her shoulder. His thumb caresses the nape of her neck, while he looks over her shoulder at her naked, rounded breasts, “You look hot tonight. If we didn’t have tickets I could fuck you right now.”

“You look pretty hot yourself. But we’ll both have to wait. Don’t forget about your surprise.”

He relaxes in their family room waiting for her to finish getting dressed. He does a double take when she enters the room. She’s dressed in a stunning two-piece lightweight blue outfit. It looks just like a similar winter weight outfit she has worn before. It consists of dress slacks with a matching low-cut button up top that shows, to a maximum, her luscious mounds. She’s also wearing a new bra that emphasizes her deep cleavage.

She turns around and says, “What do you think?”

He embraces her, feeling the fullness of her breasts against his chest. His cock swells against her abdomen. He strokes the tops of her breasts letting one finger wander in her cleavage. "You really look sexy. It reminds me of the outfit you wore last winter. It really displays your boobs. I bet some other men will like the view.”

She answers with a coy expression, “That’s the idea, isn’t it?”

During the ride downtown, Mike keeps glancing at her ******* cleavage. He’s looking forward to other men looking at her breasts.

Lynn catches her husband’s voyeurism and playfully asks him, "Do you like the view? What about other men? Do you think they’ll like the view.”

“You know I do, and I’m pretty sure other men will too.”

What if Chuck is right about being to tell if she wants to fuck other men? He did say this is the first sign, but she has shown off like this before.’

Her exhibitionism commences as soon as they exit the elevator onto the main foyer. She walks a confident expression. She catches men looking at her breasts. She feels a twinge in her loins when they make eye contact and scan from breasts to pubic region.

They enjoy the concert. Itzhak Perlman is the featured artist. They have seats in one of the side tiers. Mike has a good view of the stage as well has his wife’s cleavage. A couple of times Lynn catches him and just smiles.

During the intermission, and leaving the concert hall, Mike catches more than one man taking furtive glances at his wife’s breasts. Lynn continues her exhibitionism. She senses other men’s gaze on her chest. More than once, she catches their eye, and with a confident expression, gives a discrete smile. She drops her eyes to check out their crotches.

Lynn settles in her seat as Mike pulls out of the garage to head back home. She says, “That was a great concert. I just love Itzhak.”

“I know. He’s so gracious. Not like a lot of top performers who act like they’re doing the audience a favor just by showing up.”

She says in a sultry voice, “I also love the private game.”

“The private game? But Chuck’s left.”

“Silly, we don’t need Chuck to play the private game. We can think of new things.”

“Like what?”

“In the public game the married couple go to the symphony. The wife wears a low-cut outfit displaying her boobs so other men can check her out.”

“Sure. The husband likes the wife to show her boobs. Other men were definitely checking the wife out.”

“But in the private game, the wife lets other men know she likes them checking her out. She makes eye contact and gives them naughty discrete smiles. The wife also checks them out.”

“What does she check out?”

“She takes in their appearance. The wife likes distinguished men in a nicely tailored suits. She also checks their cocks. When she does, she has more erotic thoughts. Instead of mere curiosity, the wife thinks about actually fucking them.”

“You’re right. We don’t need Chuck for the private game.”

“I thought you would like it.” She pauses, “Instead of rushing home, why don’t we stop and have a couple of drinks? We can celebrate my new job.”

‘Chuck’s right. The second sign. She doesn’t want to stop.’ “Sure honey. That sounds like a good idea. Do you have any place in mind?”

‘I can’t believe it. Chuck knew what her husband wants. Mike doesn’t want her to stop. What a relief.. We both want the same thing.’

“I was thinking about the Ritz-Carlton. Have you ever been there?”

“The Ritz is great. I’ve been there a few times for business. What about you?”

“The same. It’s Friday night so it should be less crowded. We can relax.”

Mike escorts his wife from the hotel parking garage to the elevator. He slides his hand from her waist to the soft yet firm globes of her ass. Fondling her he says, “I meant to tell you earlier, but I think this shows your ass better than the other outfit.”

“It does feel nice and snug. Do you think anyone else noticed?’

“I am sure they did.”

They change elevators to get to the lounge. At the lobby level there is a sign advertising a business meeting. In spite being a weekend night the lounge is more crowded than they expect. They make their way to the bar, and Mike orders chardonnay. They each take a sip taking in the surroundings.

He toasts his wife, “Here’s to your new job.”

“Thank you. I’m pretty excited.” Lynn pauses and asks. “Are you ready for more of the private game?”

“Sure tell me about it.”

“After the symphony, the wife is horny after having other men check out her body.”

“Wouldn’t the couple go back home for sex?”

“They would in the public game, but in the private game, the wife wants other men to keep checking her out.”

“They still are. Then what happens?”

“She will let one of them know she’s interested.”

“You mean like that guy over there?”

“Maybe. But there are other possibilities.” She teases her husband, “The wife will flirt with the other man in front of the husband. He will buy the wife a drink. The husband will leave them alone.” She whispers, “The wife will project her availability.”

“Her availability?”

“You know. Her pussy. The wife will let him know her pussy is available. Are you in?”

“Sure. You know I love the private game. Let’s see what the wife will do.”

They drink their wine and take in the conversation around them. Lynn makes eye contact with a man she noticed as soon as they entered the lounge. He’s older than they are, probably in his mid-fifties, with a confident expression, projecting authority. The type of man who likes being in charge. She makes eye contact and smiles over her wine glass. Is this projecting her availability?

She keeps eye contact as he heads toward the bar. He acknowledges her with a confident smile. He’s dressed very classy in casual jacket, slacks, and matching shirt. He changes direction until he is standing next Lynn. ‘God is she hot. What tits and that ass. I would like to get some of that.’

“I hope you don’t find me forward, but you are a stunning young woman.”

“Not at all. Thank you for the compliment.”

“Are you staying in the hotel?”

“No. We live in the area. My husband and I were attending the symphony at the Kennedy Center.”

“That explains the sexy outfit.”

“Thank you. I’m not overdressed for a nightcap am I?”

“Not at all. I would say your outfit is just right. Especially for the Ritz-Carlton.”

“What about you? Do you live in the area?”

“I’m here for a business meeting. I have a room.”

Mike can’t believe the guy is moving this fast. He’s hitting on my wife right in front of me. She’s not doing anything to dissuade him. What kind of signals did she send? Is this what she means by projecting her availability?’

“Let me introduce myself. I’m Derek.”

“I’m Lynn and this is my husband Mike.”

He gives Lynn a light handshake and a more forceful one for Mike. “I’m pleased to meet you both. I was headed to the bar for a refresher and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet you. Can I get you and your husband another drink?”

“Thank you. We’d love one.”

Derek steps to the bar and orders Chardonnay for the couple, and a scotch for himself. Lynn is standing between the two men. Her breast brushes the older man’s arm. She doesn’t move away.

Derek hands Lynn a glass of wine. Mike retrieves his from the bar.

“What brings you and your husband to the Ritz tonight?”

“I got a job offer this week and we’re out celebrating.”

“Congratulations! I’m certainly glad you picked the Ritz. Here’s to your new beginning. Tell me about it.”

They drink a toast to Lynn. Mike remembers the private game. “Excuse me. I have to hit the men’s room.”

“OK, honey. Take your time.”

Derek takes a sip of his drink. “I hope I’m not interrupting your celebration?”

She keeps her breast against his forearm. “Not at all.” She smiles over her drink. “How do you like my outfit?”

“I like it. I noticed you as soon as you walked into the room. I must say you have a lot of self-confidence and poise.”

“You mean for a young woman?” She catches his discomfort and gives a light laugh, “I know what you mean. I take it as a compliment.”

“What about your husband? He doesn’t mind?”

“Do you mean if he’s jealous? Not at all. He’s not possessive. He lets me be myself.”

“I was wondering. Not every husband would mind a strange man buying his wife a drink.”

“My husband is very understanding. As far as this outfit is concerned, he encourages me to dress like this.”

“Since we don’t have to worry about a jealous husband making a scene let’s have a seat over there in the corner.”

Mike is watching the couple from outside the entrance. If one of them wasn’t his wife he would think they’re here for a hotel rendezvous. He feels a stirring in his groin. He knows he’s no longer in control, if he ever was. He retrieves his drink from the bar where he left it.

Lynn relaxes after she and Derek sit down. She’s already comfortable around him. Some older men condescend and talk down to younger women. But he is treating her like a fellow professional. She sees Mike at the bar engaged in conversation. She’s glad he can give her some space without feeling awkward.

“What did you do before?”

Lynn tells him about a previous sales job.

“What happened?”

She likes his smooth conversational tone. She tells him about getting fired.

“It’s unfortunate that too many men have a hard time accepting competent confident women.”

“It was unfortunate for my manager because he put it in writing. All I had to do was contact a lawyer. From there it was just negotiation.”

“Sometimes in the corporate world you need to develop thicker skin.”

“I think you’re right. Being one of the company’s top performers took some of the wind out of my sails when I was fired.”

They continue to talk about her new job. She knows she’s being seduced, and she’s letting him know she likes it. Their chairs are at ninety-degree angles. She sits partially facing him with one of her elbows on the armrest, displaying her cleavage without being overt. During conversation she touches his arm for emphasis.

As the conversation progresses, she speaks in a more seductive tone. She toys with an earring and brushes the tops of her breasts. She compares Derek and Chuck. There were no preliminaries with Chuck. As soon as they arrived at her and Mike’s house, Chuck was talking about her body and feeling her. Of course she can’t absolve herself of any responsibility, as she was a willing participant. She didn’t do anything to dissuade him. She liked fucking Chuck and sucking his big dick.

She admires Derek’s sophistication. Sophistication is not one of Chuck’s strong suites. She likes the way Derek is taking time to get to know her. They continue their conversation and Lynn fantasizes going to his room and fucking him. Is he hung? She wonders about his next move.

“I think with your self-confidence and poise you’re going to be very successful. I would really like to see you again.”

“I’d like that. How often are you in town?”

“Our firm is working on a Federal contract so I am in town pretty frequently. Why don’t we together for lunch?”

“That would be great. I’m looking forward to that.”

“We can eat here at the hotel. I’ll make sure we have enough time so we’re not rushed.”

“That’s even better. Let me give you my number. I don’t have any business cards yet. Do you have something I can write on?”

“Take one of my business cards.” He hands her his card and a pen.

She bends over to write her number. Her top separates giving him a better look at her full breasts. She smiles and hands him his card.

“What time is best to call you?”


Mike has been occupied talking with other people working for Derek. Most of the time he has been talking to a vivacious brunette. She appears to be in her early forties, about 5’3”, a curvy body and a low-cut dress with big boobs. She is definitely advertising her availability.

“We’re going to take this party to one of the suites. Why don’t you join us?”

“Thank you for the invite. But I’m here with my wife.”

“Your wife? Where is she?”

“She’s over there talking to Derek.”

“You mean the young blond? I thought she was here to meet him.” She gives him a knowing expression. “He has quite the reputation with young married women.”

“She’ll just be a few more minutes, then we’re leaving.”

“Just in case you don’t, we’re in 802. If you find yourself alone, we can go to my room in 806.”

‘What’s that supposed to mean? I’m not going be alone. We will be leaving soon.’

Derek makes his move. “You’re sure your husband isn’t jealous? He’s still at the bar. I would have expected him to come over here.”

“It’s part of the private game. He’s leaving us alone.”

“The private game?”

“Yes, it’s a game we play.”

She describes the private game.

“Wait. In the public game you wear a sexy outfit, and you and your husband attend a symphony and stop for a nightcap. But in the private game, you let me know you’re interested. I buy you a drink and you flirt with me in front of your husband. You even lean your breasts into me. And your husband doesn’t mind?”

“That’s right. He doesn’t mind. I told him what I was going to do. I noticed you right away.”

“I like to think I’m experienced with couples, but I’ve never heard of that one. Did you and husband make up this game?”

“A friend of his taught us. We really like it. Tonight we are trying some new things.”

“Giving me your number is part of the private game?”

“That’s one of the new things I thought up. I want you to call me you the next time you’re in town.”

“And when I call, you’re going to tell your husband you’re meeting me here at the Ritz?”

“That’s what I hope will happen.”

“That’s definitely going to happen. What will you tell him?”

“We will meet for lunch and then go back to your room.” She pauses, “And I’ll him I’m going to fuck you.”

“You’ll really going to tell him we’re going to fuck?”

“That and other things. The private game can be very explicit.”

“And he won’t mind?”

“He’s become very accommodating about my sex life,” She smiles, “When we get home tonight we’ll share our fantasies about what you and I will do together. It will turn us both on. My husband will tell me he can’t wait for you to fuck me.”

“Do you want to wait that long?”

“No. Thinking about going to your room is making me horny.”

“I know a part of the private game I doubt you and your husband discussed.”

“What is it?”

“You come to my room tonight.”

Her pussy is wet. “No we didn’t discuss that part.”

“But you’ve been thinking about it.”

She leans forward displaying more of her breasts. She speaks in a more seductive tone, “Yes, I’ve been thinking about it.”

“I bet after watching you exhibit yourself in your outfit, your husband has been waiting all night to go home and make love. I also bet he’s been fantasizing about watching you leave with me. He’s been sitting at the bar picturing you in my bed. I’m going to be the one who undresses and fucks you.”

She smiles, “I would like that and I think he would also.”

“Let’s see what your husband says. I think you can be a very persuasive young woman.”

Mike watches Lynn and the older man approach him at the bar. She is leaning her breasts in his arm. ‘I wonder what he’ll say. I just hope he doesn’t make a scene. Watching her flirt is one thing, going to another man’s room for sex is another. But then that’s what I thought about Chuck.’

Mike smiles as they approach. “Hi sweetie. Derek, it looks like you and Lynn are getting to know on another.”

“We are. I’m enjoying the experience. You wife is positively delightful, and I might add, very sexy.”

“Well hon, are you ready to leave?”

There’s an awkward silence.

She stands close to her husband. He feels the softness of her breasts. He can’t wait to get home. He knows she must be horny after putting herself on display and flirting with Derek.

She speaks softly so only he can hear, “I’ve been showing him my breasts and he likes them. I gave him our phone number and told him to call me.”

He answers in the same tone, “It’s obvious you’ve been showing him your breasts. I could see you bending over writing something. I thought it might have been our number. I guessed you would want to see him again. We both fantasize about you playing the private game with a successful businessman.”

“I told him about the private game. And he told me a part of the private game we never talked about.”

“This sounds hot. What is it?”

She whispers in her husband’s ear, “The part where the wife goes to his room tonight and fucks him.”

“And what does the husband do?”

“He goes home and waits for the wife.”

(to be continued)
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