After you read my letter, ask your wife to call me and put me on speaker. Then show her the letter. I want to savor every delicious emotion that follows. And just remember - you wanted this.

It all started as a game, didn't it? You wanted to watch her with another man. I answered your ad, and we met. The second we all came face to face I knew. I could tell in her nervous, bashful eyes that she knew as well. But you were off on an endorphin high, completely oblivious. Cuckolding is like a drug, and you just had your first hit.

After the small talk and a few drinks, we were all ready to give YOU your fantasy. Again, this was all your idea. You wanted this. She resisted, but she loves you so much that she relented to trying.

We went and got a hotel room. The clerk knew. They've seen it before. That made your rush all the more powerful. And you know the rest, how I had given your wife the best, most mindblowing sex of her life. How she started off slow and timid but by the end, she was hooked. It was ME that took the shackles off of her. It was ME that made her feel like a true woman.

You were right there when we all exchanged phone numbers. And all the while, I respected your wish to only text you or both of you together. Your cuck was high in full control of your actions, you had no idea the Pandora's Box you were opening.

And it was YOU that arranged another meeting, then another, again and again.

And you failed to notice each time she got ready faster, dressed sluttier, and was more excited. You probably didn't even realize the full impact of what was happening that last time - when SHE asked you to arrange a meeting.

Did you even notice you were having sex with her less and less? I doubt it. You were too busy beating yourself off over the pics and videos we let you take.

And then your fatal mistake - you wanted to up the rush. You asked me what would make this hotter, more erotic. I suggested letting me take her on a small date, just the two of us. After that date, we would go back to your house for sexual stuff. And like a fool - you agreed.

Do you remember her dressing for that date? I remember every stitch of clothing (as little as there was) she wore. I remember the perfume she lightly spritzed on her gorgeous body. I remember the peck she gave you when she walked out the door, and I remember to deep, long, passionate kiss she gave me.

What you don't know is what we talked about in that quiet, dimly lit bar. She opened up to me like a trauma victim finally opening up to their therapist. She let it all out. Your ED problems, your video game, and porn addiction, how tired you always are after work, your inattentiveness. Of course, she would catch herself now and then, and try to focus on your positive attributes, but she always went back to the things she has been begging for you to change. She just wanted more attention, but video games and porn were all you cared about. She begged you to go to a men's clinic for testosterone treatment and ED pills, but you never found that important enough. A few more drinks in, she opens up more. How she thinks about me often, daydreams, and fantasizes. How when you're fast asleep once again, her hand finds its way between her legs and thinks about me. I leaned in, took her face in my hands, and gave her the most passionate kiss. One that lasted for an eternity. I could feel her passion was as hot as the sun.

And that, my dear cuck, is how I hooked your wife.

You were beside yourself. Do you remember? The nonstop texts? Eventually, I told her not to answer right away, to make you wait. I knew that would increase your rush. For the last 30 minutes, I told her not to answer you at all. We laughed reading your frantic texts. When we got in the car, we made out more. She couldn't get enough. When we were both primed, I told her to text you that we were on our way back. Of course, I took the long, scenic route. Our hands still exploring each other. She was giddy without evil and cruel this was for you, all the while very pleasurable and exciting for her. It was then I decided to let her in on a plan. I told her that she should set a boundary with you. If you want to watch, you would have to allow us to text each other without you. Of course, you'd be able to read the texts whenever you wanted. At least THOSE texts. Then I told her about a site I used to use for discrete messaging. We'd have our texts for your eyes, and our texts for just us.

Let me tell you, cuck - she didn't hesitate.

You remember the rest of that night. Her telling you that to watch you had to let us text each other, but you could see them whenever you wanted. We both saw how that drove your cuck addition into overdrive as you wholeheartedly agreed. Do you remember the rest of that night? How I took it a step further, started to make fun of you for jerking off in a corner as I took your wife to even further sexual peaks? How she giggled at some of my jokes, which only made you beat off harder? You poor fool, you had no idea did you?

In the months that followed we had our flirty texts and our private messages. She needed someone to talk to, to confide in, to listen to her. She so desperately wanted that to be you. But you were absent. It became me. And as that talk went on, she got worried. She saw how deep she was getting with me, but she still loved you. And I didn't like seeing her hurt. I told her, time and again, she could have it all. She didn't even have to leave you, you could get your addiction fed, and she could have me the way she always wanted you. I became her safe space, cuck. I became her man. All that was left was to become her primary.

And you remember how our sex sessions went? How I kept pushing those boundaries, her right along with me? How we kept making more and more fun of you, laughing at you? How your cuck hunger ate it all up? Remember that chastity cage she bought? Yes, my idea. Remember how she would try to have sex with you but you still couldn't get it up unless she talked about me?

Remember when I took you out for beers? You thought it was to keep the respect up, be friends, to remind us both that she was YOUR wife? Remember when I mentioned she was worried because you wouldn't go to the men's clinic? Remember that I convinced you to go? To get those shots? I even got you to the gym a few times to work off some of that flab.

And of course, we were right - it all worked. Your ED was almost completely gone. More time in the gym meant less time in front of a computer. She noticed you would try to initiate sex more. She was worried about how *I* would feel about that. I knew it would happen, but it was just part of the plan. I told her to start denying you, to tease you more but not go all the way. To use me as her excuse. This would feed your cuck needs to a whole new level.

Of course, I was right wasn't I?

And then, of course, we kept pushing further. In the weeks and months that followed, we kept raising the bar. I got "too *****" to drive home, so it was suggested I stay the night. You didn't even notice that I didn't drink a drop of alcohol. All those drinks you made me, when you weren't looking, went straight into the sink. You were so lost in your cuck world. After that, staying the night became more frequent. It wasn't long before she would come in, with you knowing, to the guest room for a romp. And it fed you more and more. Then one night I said I was sleeping in your marital bed with her and you were in the guest room. And it fed you more and more. Then one night we made you keep the chastity cage on while we fucked. And again, it provided you with more.

Every carefully planned step fell right into place each time. You were so predictable.

And then I hatched the part of my plan that would change everything. I decided I no longer wanted to be her primary, I wanted to be her only. It was so easy to convince her. Hell, I think she wanted it before I did. You were asking for sex more often. She was conflicted. She preferred me in every way, though. So when I told her to deny you sex altogether, she balked. She wasn't sure. She knew you wouldn't go with being completely cut off. That's when those handjobs came into play. Do you remember when that started? I do. I remember she told me how well it worked. One night, you wanted sex so badly. You were already all worked up. She started to stroke you off as she whispered your cuck needs into your ear. You tried to get her to stop, but I told her to never stop. She beat you off until you spurted every drop. I even heard some hit you in your face, LOL!

And that became your sex life. Every time you were in the mood, she'd get her hand on your little cuck weenie and stroke you off while talking about her and me. She said you never lasted more than five minutes. And you never complained. Again, how arrogant of you. You got yours. You never tried to stop it or alter it.

But don't worry. She got hers. Over and over and over again. Just from me.

Do you remember the last time you got to be in the same room with us? We were on your bed. When the foreplay was done, and I was about to penetrate her, I asked her "Whose pussy is this?" and she didn't hesitate to say it was all mine. Your little weenie straining in your cage, your face lit up like a Christmas tree. You were finally torn. Half of you was shocked and even disappointed to hear that, but the other half - that cuck half, was in overdrive.

I know you remember what happened when I pulled out that condom. How she took it from me and flipped it at you, kissed me so deeply, then told me I didn't have to wear a condom to fuck MY pussy. You even dared to speak up against it. That resistance didn't last long when I said "Fine, I guess we're done for the night." Wow. You backtracked from that so fast.

Do you remember that I didn't fuck your wife that night? When I slide my cock into her, bare and unprotected, I made love to her. Slow, sensual, deep. Do you remember playing with your cage for over an hour as our bodies combined in every form? You were so overtaken by your cuck addiction, I even asked you where I should cum and you gulped. She asked you where I should cum, and you were defeated. You answered, and I came. I came deep inside your wife. And her orgasm was out of this world.

That is when you should have known.

But you still think it's a game.

Cuck - it's no longer a game.

She's mine.

I have replaced you as the man in her life. I have replaced you between her legs. I have replaced you in her soul.

You will never feel that pussy again so long as I am her boyfriend. You will never touch her again.

I am taking her on a cruise to celebrate our one year anniversary. She will not wear her wedding rings. You will not get texts or emails. But we WILL have the key, and you will wear that cage while we are gone. I promise you, I'll take one video of us for you. You have your cuck needs, and we will keep them well fed.

It's no longer a game. It's your life. And I thank you for it. Truly, sincerely. I love your wife. She loves me. She still loves you as well. I promise to take the best care of her on our cruise. She will have the most wonderful time. How can she not? She's with a real man now. All thanks to you.

You wanted this, and I am so glad we can give it to you.

PS: One of your coworkers was at a bar she and I went to. He saw her with me. He knows.
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