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My Wife Janey

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Would you force fuck her mouth or bend her over and take her big ass?

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Jul 6, 2004
She started out as a teen and lose her virginity to a black guy. Sometimes I think she still gets some on the side.
Her Ass

Big enough?


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Her Cunt

Think it gets stuffed at the office?


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Replies and Comments

Let me know what you think? Would you fuck her? Do you recognize her? Think she might be the office slut?
so close

I am still hoping to see here in town one day
so close

I am still hoping to see here in town one day
so close

I am still hoping to see here in town one day
i would like to suck the pussy juice out of her :twisted: :oops:

It seems like you have to register to see the pics. Registration is free.
of course she wants BLACK

I would luv to drill that mature white pussy......lets continue to make contact on the board.
To: Tall and Dark

Where are you? Tell me more of what you want to do to my wife.

And I wish some of you others looking at her cunt and ass would post some comments. Thanks
Looks good to me!!

I's like to stretch that thick pusy of hers, would like to see more full body shots. Where are you located? If u have yahoo my id is darknight226.
She looks familiar

She looks like a woman who interviewed me recently for a job.
To: Dirk

The possibility that you might actually recognize her really arouses me. She is an executive and does hiring for her department. If she did interview you, think of how different you would have acted talking to her and knowing what her cunt looks like
Your wife Janey

I have never seen her, but would sure like to. She is definitely my type. Professional looking, executive, probably quiet....but a definite freak in bed. I would love to bring out the freak in her. Send me her email, may I can drop her a line or two. I liked the pics....
Look what someone did

All over her face.


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Ass and mouth

I would love to fuck all her holes. The have you clean out her cunt and ass as well as my cock.

As I fuck her up the ass you could have you tounge up mine or licking my cock as it goes in and out of her ass.

I would have some of my friends over and we could all use her. Give he more fucking than she has ever had. We may want to use you to, if that is what she would like to see.
Fuck her hard

Sounds like you know how to treat her. Id love seeing your cum oozing from her holes
Guy sent me this

Local guy offered to fill her holes


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