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Jun 27, 2007
Thought it was time for a new thread and finally may have time to write....
Things have been busy here family-wise so that's been occupying things on the home-front over the weekend.
And it seems that we are paying for the relative quiet during the July 4th week with a never ending workload this week, which is why I'm still up and online right now. But before logging off, I thought I should update things, so here goes.

I guess to sum it us, much has been discussed and we have come to a bit of an agreement. It began with Sue saying that she told Paul more of what we are/were doing. The context is a bit unclear but from how she explained it, he said something during sex about "...is this how Steve does it..." and she said that she told him about our denial-play and how he's been the only one in her for most of this year. I was a bit upset at first as I wasn't sure I really wanted him to know all of this but she said his honest reply was "I thought he was kind of kinky". I asked her more and as she explained it, he didn't think much of it at all and at one point said "lucky me".

So, last Thursday a part of me was hoping that we might have perhaps had sex or been a little involved when she came home but another part of me also expected her to have enjoyed herself and I knew that her wanting to enjoy the afterglow without my intrusion might also be what she wanted. After hearing what she and he had talked about, I admit that my arousal had faded. I wasn't (and still am not) totally sure about how I felt about it but she said that when she told him about our condom use in the past and our expanded denial-play this year, after his lucky-me response, she said that he told her that it was pretty cool (or however she said it) that we play like this together. She said that even she was surprised at his response but he said something about me having been okay with everything that they'd and we'd done together, that this didn't really surprise him at all. He joked that had he not seen me in person and with her that he'd have assumed that I was impotent or something like that and again, she said he said it with a note of sincerity.

My honest response to her was that I believed her/him and I remember complimenting her on continuing to pick "nice" guys as lovers. That made her blush and she hugged me. To be honest, in a way, I'd forgotten she was with him. But a short time later I had my boxers down and was stroking away at her telling me that she is learning to enjoy my "beta thing" and her saying that she's not questioning it any more. As I stroked away I know she got me really hard telling me that she wanted me to come with her to Pauls next week (now this week) and when she came out and said to me that "it's been a long time since you watched baby" - just how sexy she said it, I just about came right then.

So, while there was no real news at that point, when Saturday night came around and we again had the house to ourselves, she came to me early on in the evening and made it clear that she was horny and wanted me. So sure enough, maybe 9pm or so we are up in our bedroom and she's changed into some very sexy lingerie and is asking me again about my "beta thing" and whether I'm really serious about it. I tell her yes and she smiles. Now, we had some Penthouse Letters magazines out and we were doing our thing where I'd read a little of a story to her and she'd get me all worked up with her hand and even sucking on my cock at times but not letting me cum. When it was time to reverse roles - she read a story about a naughty wife (obviously) as I licked and sucked at her pussy. She looked down at me and asked me to tell her again how it turns me on to know she fucks Paul so much and I did as told as she thumbed through the magazine looking for a story she wanted to read more of.

What surprised me was when she said "here's another one" and she pointed to a story where the wife has several lovers and the husband always uses a condom with her. She moaned and said "that turns me on....." and then she said it "and I know it really turns you on too". I moaned but kept licking at her pussy and I can say that as she talked, she got wetter and wetter. She even teased me if I could still taste Paul in her which really got me horny!!!! As she lay there and let me lick at her she continued to talk and tease - and she started to say that there are a lot of stories like that one and that with her hearing Paul's reaction, that maybe it's more common than she knew. She again mentioned her sister (who other than when they had their kids has never had any cum in her ever) as well as a co-worker or two I believe who also only use condoms. She got up on her elbows and said "I think we should start doing that with you" and then said something that really turned me on - she said "until you want to give up your beta-thing, I don't think you should cum in me at all". She proceeded to explain that we should just make that our "new norm".

To say I was surprised is an understatement with me lying there with my face in her pussy - and I can say that it was quite obvious that she was enjoying what she was saying and thinking. I was speechless and she continued to talk. She teased me that "it'll just be our thing and I know it'll turn you on". She did admit that she liked that she could let herself really cum with me like she did when we went away "even without you cumming in me". That was a lot to hear and I remember not really knowing what to say in response. She must have seen the look on my face that she'd gone too far (we talked more and she apologized for surprising me like that) and I remember she put her hand on my face and said she loved me and that "we can talk more" and her hand kind of guided me back towards her pussy.

We didn't talk much more and we did fuck and no, I didn't use a condom with her. It never came up and it wasn't something either of us even thought about till afterwards and we were laying there and she "recognized" that I'd cum in her. She rolled over on her side and said "I was serious before".

We talked more and have a bit more since then and she asked me if this wasn't more of what I really wanted? To "still have me but not have all of me?" She talked more and she said that she wanted this to be easier and more fun between us and now that she's feeling good about everything (my conclusion, not her statement) - she asked me if this was what I wanted? I told her I wasn't sure and she went on and said that as long as she knows she can feel comfortable and sexy without necessarily having to give in or have sex with me or anything, that she likes knowing she can share and even flaunt what she's doing with Paul and she told me that she enjoyed it when she was able to do that in the past. She cooed and teased me that "you love knowing he cums in me so much don't you?".

As we talked she said it wouldn't be every week or anything regular but that she did want, like Saturday night, that when she wanted it to go further - that she knows I will always be there and be horny and ready for her She said she liked that and wanted to honestly know if it was maybe more of what I was looking for? I was thinking about my answer and she reminded me that Paul thought it was pretty cool that this kind of play turned me on and she held my hand and said again how she thinks it's okay if it's what I want and that we should just make it a part of things - our "new norm" as she said again - that I would simply always use condoms with her.

I know that it's something we'd said and done in the past but honestly, at that moment it had a bit more seriousness and focus. And at that moment it truly was and still is something that I wanted. I was silent for a moment and she repeated again what she'd said, that when I wanted to give up my beta-thing, that we could go back to bare. There was a sincerity to how she said it. How else could it have been meant, we were both lying there naked still a bit sweaty from our fuck. I started to nod and she again said "it's okay if this turns you on baby, it really is" and I said it - "yes.... okay...... lets do it".

She immediately rolled over towards me and pressed her breasts against my chest and kissed me passionately and then she rolled back onto her back taking me with her as we kissed again. This time it was me up on my elbow on one side with her on her back next to me. She spread her legs a bit and when she saw me looking she spread them even more and then she giggled and said "are you going to need one last time with me?" I nodded yes and she said "okay, we'll make that one special, is that what you want?" and I nodded again.

So that was Saturday night. Since then I have to say, it's been very light and relaxed between us but nothing sexual until earlier tonight when she said "I'm seeing him tomorrow afternoon you know" and I just said "I know".

I guess, after typing all that - that there's really not much new in some ways - but I can say that for me, maybe she's right, that this IS what I want. And while I'm probably not conveying it well enough, I think there's a difference in how she is feeling about things now.

Well, it's 12:30am and that's all for me.
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Welcome back. I think your new norm may be easier on you than your previous norm. It's interesting that Sue has given you control of the end point. I wonder how long you really want to go on for? A nicer position to be in though.
Steve it is good to read your most recent post and the start of a new thread and norm per say. :)
In continuing her apparent change in approach with me, yesterday when she came home a little later than me I already knew she'd spent the afternoon with Paul, just from the look on her face. We had agreed on steaks for dinner and I had the grill already heating up when she arrived. I followed her up to the bedroom and I asked "enjoy your afternoon?". She smiled and giggled and said "yeah" and she told me how the rain had really gotten heavy as they were getting into it and she said that "it made me really horny". And with that she came over to me and said "you can feel if you want to". My god, it'd been so long since she'd let me do something like this. I unbuttoned and unzipped her pants and then slid my hand in beneath her panties. I think my hands were shaking it had been so long since I'd felt her like this - with her seeming to want to "show me" what she'd been doing - something I now realize has been missing for a long time.

I felt the lower part of her stomach and as I moved lower I couldn't help but get turned on at still feeling her bare pussy. When my hand reached her pussy she shrugged herself a bit and spread her legs for me to move lower. Her pussy was so so warm and even though I couldn't see it - I could tell her lips were a little swollen. And as I moved lower to feel her wetness even more, I found her pussy lips spread apart almost welcoming and guiding my fingers. She didn't feel tight at all, my index finger slid right in and she moaned softly as I moved it around inside her used pussy.

A moment later she grabbed my wrist and said "that's enough for now" and she pulled my hand out. My index and middle finger were wet and she somehow pulled me down for a kiss with my fingers between our lips. As we kissed I could taste the obvious taste of semen. She saw the look on my face when the kiss ended and she said "we'll talk more later..... right now I"m hungry!"....
She told me when we were alone after dinner that I "shouldn't expect anything tonight" and later last night when we were getting ready for and in bed, she was asking me if I would come to Pauls tonight and "... you know.... be there with us....." and as we talked she said that they had talked about me joining them tonight. She told me that he again had said how it was "cool what you guys are doing" and he complimented me on "relaxing enough to let you (meaning her) enjoy it". And she proceeded to tell me that she'd told him about what I'd said a long time ago about another couple on the next block over where the wife was messing around with another guy. We knew them, not well, but well enough. He was traveling and away a lot and I said something to Sue about that I would have overlooked it or not been that upset and not broken up a family because she was horny when he was away. I remember we talked about intent too - that obviously this wife hadn't intended to hurt or even deny her husband anything, she just wanted some cock when he was away.

When I said I would join them tonight she turned to look at me in bed last night and she asked if I was thinking I was going to have sex with her or not? I told her honestly that I didn't know but that I did miss seeing her. She blushed at how I'd said that but she knew how I meant it too. I felt her hand grab onto mine hard but she didnt' say anything. I turned to look at her and asked what she wanted and she said honestly she wasn't sure and asked if we could play it by ear. I told her I understood and agreed and then I told that I wasn't sure how I was going to be either and wasn't sure how I was going to feel using a condom with her. She smiled at me and said "he thinks that's kinky you know, that you get turned on by that". and it was my turn to blush.

This morning she showed me the undies she was putting on. A pair of leopard-print "boy shorts" and a matching bra that had the same lace trim as around the panties around the top of her bra. She saw me smiling the whole time she walked around in just that. I was really hard thinking about her walking around like that tonight in front of both of us. Our kids think we are going out on a date tonight - dinner and a movie.

It does feel different, much more relaxed. I can almost feel it in her. Just that she let me get my fingers in her and then she felt comfortable about not doing anything more with me even when she saw my hard-cock in bed last night. She asked me if I was "going to do anything about it" meaning my hardon. I told her the honest answer was that I was going to enjoy being so horny for her till later tonight and then I would see about doing something about it. She giggled at that but it was a really honest close intimate moment for us when I know that we both felt this was good for us. Maybe a little denial is more effective than a lot?
Steve -- As always another great post, enjoy your evening. Have a good night.
I know its sounds like you still are unsure about Paul knowing your kink but know that he does it might be even better for you and Sue. Even if you are only in condoms from now on, its out in the open so if she wants to have you after Paul, no need for explaining just suit up! Quick question though, i know that Sue values her alone time with Paul since it is uninhibited but if you were more involved do you think you would feel the need to have sex with her especially if your sex with them included jerking off and maybe a little cleaning from time to time? Just curious?
Far2/Squirm/Peak - only have a moment now as I need to be heading into work very soon.

In a nutshell - my god it was really awesome being there. It hit me that it's been a long time since I'd seen them together. They both admitted they felt a slight bit awkward with me there after them being alone together for so long now so I left them alone for a few minutes and only returned when I heard the obvious sounds from the next room. Paul was very comforting to me - he was very complimentary and told me several times how hot it was that I could be so relaxed about sex with Sue and he said he actually thought it was great that we could do this sort of stuff. He even said, in a nice way, that he could see how it'd be exciting to "do some different kind of stuff after you've been together for so long".

I'll try to post some more details but in short - yes, I wouldn't miss watching them fuck. And yes, with Paul having made me feel comfortable, I did get undressed and was with them as they were fucking. Sue looked over at me several times - and yes - I was jerking off as I watched. I am sure Paul glanced over and saw and it made me feel good when he seemed to not think anything of it (of course he was fucking her at the time). I don't know if I will ever tire of seeing her with another man though. I sometimes wonder if I've just become so used to it or desensitized to it that it really doesn't bother me to see him fucking her - balls-deep in her. If anything, it really excites me (and I'm sure the occasional loving/glazed-eye look from Sue helped me feel better). I did not crawl around behind them when he came in her even though I knew it was happening. I was jerking off while watching and I didn't cum when he came in her but I did shortly afterwards after they'd both caught their breath and he took a few more strokes in/out of her. Just seeing his wet-cock pushed me over the edge. I was quiet but I did grunt out loud when I came. They'd made a mess of his bed already, he didn't say or seem to care that I'd left my puddle next to where they were. She smiled really broadly at me after she heard me - didn't say anything - but really smiled at me. That was interrupted by him leaning down to kiss her as he kept on fucking her a bit more.

Anyway - more later - gotta run into the office now.

I was hard already and seeing her naked on the bed with him and even more so, seeing just how comfortable they were together - jeez, it really gets to me sometimes. One vision that just came into my head again was seeing his hand on her pussy and seeing him deftly spread her labia with one hand - but even more was seeing how dark-pinkish and wet she was. Neither of them were looking at me.
Great updates, Steve. Now that you two have reached your latest plateau (new norm as you say), I can see many positive things coming from Paul knowing more about what is really going on, despite you still being a bit uncomfortable with him knowing. There were many things you and Sue hoped to accomplish with Robert that were unachievable due to the dynamics of their set up. The dynamic remained that way with Paul until now. You and Sue both have discussed many times about someone who could be more like Don was. Maybe with Paul now knowing he is the only one getting all of her, it will lead to him requesting to see Sue more. He might be more comfortable and less inhibited in his actions when you are around now.

Sue, in catching Paul up to the way things really are between you and Sue, had to have given him some explanations as to what you each are getting from this arrangement. Paul appeared a little too well knowing and understanding for Sue to not have gone in depth in talking to him. The depth of communication she and you have would easily lead one to conclude that communication is also something they share as well. I would say the odds are better than 50/50 that Paul is more knowing than you are being led to believe, either through researching to satisfy his own questions or with some very "detailed" communications with Sue. The guy has to have had questions that needed answers during this time. I see nothing but positives in Paul getting the whole story. Doing so positions him in a better place to help you both meet, maybe even exceed, your expectations and desires with what is happening. Based on his performance and actions with you both, so far, he seems to be a solid choice if you two want to go even farther with things.

I don't see things changing much for you until after the kids return to college. Once that happens, and if it what you both are wanting, I think it is reasonable to expect another escalation in Sue and Paul's relationship once autumn arrives. Currently, it is obvious to me that Sue is the alpha of the trio. I am not saying that in a demeaning way towards you, Steve. After all, that is what you are enjoying right now. Sue has found a medium that is meeting the greatest number of both your needs. Though her way did not always make sense to me, she has, without being harsh, gotten you to accept sex only when Paul is not available and/or when she needs it. She has elevated her sexual satisfaction above your own while at the same time, given you the supreme power to continue or end your denial. At the same time, she has elevated Paul to a position above you by giving herself to him, and it being his seed her body accepts, anytime her sexual thirst needs quenching.

Steve, I do have a couple of questions that concern something that I could see likely happening. Sue has always really enjoyed the feeling of her partners really wanting her. Maybe I am giving Paul too much credit here, but now that he knows ( and how much might be debatable), how would you feel about him actually trying to fill a more alpha role with Sue? I am not speaking of him becoming an asshole like Don was, but just little things like wanting more time with her, being less inhibited about physical affection in front of you and not only when they are in bed. You have enjoyed Sue flaunting her sexual romps with Paul to you, how about Paul showing some signs he knows he is getting what you aren't? Examples of this would be, Paul looking at you and smiling on occasion as he is filling Sue with his seed, Paul smiling at you as Sue is sucking his cock with a knowing look, or maybe Paul pointing out how many times he is fucking her by thanking you for being such a good sport. I guess what I would be describing is Paul maybe displaying some passive/aggressive behavior. How would you handle that? We know Sue did get some enjoyment from Don's aggressiveness and possessiveness with her towards you, how do you think she would enjoy a lighter version of that if it were to happening with Paul?

Have a great week-end and I hope for another update soon.

Jax, yes, some of what you'd asked is apparently where Sue was heading when she'd talked about bringing things more out in the open between us and yes, her teasing/taunting me when we are having sex.

Only have a few minutes to post now but last night it was apparent that she wanted to have sex with me and indeed, she was quite feisty. During foreplay as I spent copious amounts of time between her legs licking and sucking at her as she moaned in response, she started to more openly tease me - asking if I could still "taste Paul in me"? And at other times she took great pleasures to tell me of how his cock feels when he's in her and how, in some positions, he makes her feel "very full inside.... if you know what I mean". But it really was when we were going to move to me penetrating her that as I knelt there with her spread and waiting for me she put her hand up and said "uh huh - you know what comes first" and with that she handed me the foil packet. As I tore it open I heard her giggle and when I looked towards her she smiled and said "this really turns you on, doesn't it?" when I said "yeah, what makes you say that" she pointed to my cock and said "it's been bobbing away like that since you saw it in my hand" (meaning the condom package). As I opened it she looked up at me and said "that's good baby" and then as I gave it a stroke or two and got some saliva on it she smiled and said "this is how you're going to have me from now on baby". I swear my cock felt like it was going to burst and I actually had a thought at one point of "jeez, I need a bigger condom size" - as I pushed into her and heard her squeal. She pulled her legs back and apart and began to rub her clit and as I continued pushing into her and a moment later I was in her fully.

I could feel how hot her pussy was and I also knew what I couldn't feel - that wet slickness and the gentle feel of her pussy sucking at my cock. But it was replaced by the intense arousal at the thought of plunging into her and yet, not cumming inside her. She even got up on her elbows at one point to watch and tell me how sexy it was and also how romantic it is "knowing what you are giving me and Paul". She said other things but that one really made me start to throb and later on when she told me to cum and "think about what you won't be feeling, baby....". I can't explain it but it just did something to me and a moment later I grunted with an intensely fierce orgasm that surprised even me. I lost track after the 4th deep huge spurt I felt but I know that at least 2 more followed before I slowed down.

I collapsed against her and when she felt me softening up she reached between us and held the condom tight around the base of my cock and she slid me out. I heard and felt her moan and quiver as she slid the condom off of my cock and brought it out in the open. Even I had to be a little proud of the size of the puddle in the end as I watched her play with it and squeeze it between her 2 fingers.

It's its always this intense, it's well worth it. Yeah, I love to cum in her bare, but having her tease and taunt me like she did building me up - and yes - the knowledge in my head that it won't be for her - my god, when I did finally let go, it was far more intense than I expected.

Anyway - my nuts feel like they have been run through a wringer after last night and having masturbated in the days before so I am quite placid today.

More later - it's time to join the family in the pool.
I realized that I'd not finished the end of last Thursday. After Paul kept going with Sue and he leaned down to kiss her, I really felt the angst of the moment. There aren't that many but that was one when I would have liked to have looked at her or held her hand and instead she stayed focused on him. I know I just stared for a moment at her, and him, but mainly her. I could see her right breast from the side and it just turned me on that he was pressed against her so all of her was in contact with him while he was still inside her. In the past I thought that feeling aroused about that was something wrong to feel, but I have to say that I loved it and loved how she moved beneath him.

When their kiss turned a bit more passionate I grabbed up my clothes and left them alone. I don't know if they felt me move off the bed or not but I walked half-naked into his living room and then I started to reassemble myself. I heard some noise from his bedroom and as I was getting put back together Sue came out with one of his dress-shirts on with just one button in place. I didn't hear her at first and I remember being just taken by how she looked literally having just been fucked a few minutes before and it so brought back memories of her when we were skiing coming into my room. She asked me if I was okay and I just sighed and said that I was. She smiled and said that she liked that I'd cum "with us" and asked me if I was okay with everything. I told her yes and we talked for a moment before she came closer and said "want to feel?" and with that she took a step to the right with her right foot spreading her legs for me. She leaned towards me and kissed me, quite passionately as I ran my hand up her leg and my god - her whole pussy felt like it was on fire, the closer I got, the hotter it seemed. It was her turn to sigh and breath in sharply as my fingers made their way up to her wet pussy. She seemed to spread her legs even further which seemed obvious to me that she wanted me to finger her. My god she was so wet and almost "soupy" inside that she giggled and pulled her legs together trapping my finger in her pussy and she was looking into my eyes as I felt her tense her muscles and clench down on my finger.

I was about to unzip my pants and start on a second-round - that's how horny she'd gotten me - before she giggled and smiled and said that I should wait for her. I remember she kissed me softly and then turned away but I won't forget how she turned back and said "it's okay if you want to come back here and watch".

I don't remember how long I waited before I went back, but the noise level got louder and louder so I had no choice. I peered into the room and saw her kneeling at the edge of the bed with her ass pushed far back towards him - and spread wide as he stood behind her and held her by her hips. I don't know if she saw me or not but she sure didn't seem to hold back with him including me watching him fuck her till she screamed into his pillow in that position. The few times he pulled out of her, somehow from the door, the head on his cock seemed even larger and it was intense to watch him try to work it back into her only to hear her let out this moaning scream when he did finally get it to pop into her.

At some point after a prolonged period of her moaning intensely, she seemed to collapse forward onto his bed. It was then that I think I saw this more physical side she's told me about. He seemed to enjoy pulling her towards him and flipping her over without much effort. She was virtually limp for the start of this change but even from the door I can still see her pussy beginning to glisten and then sound more and more squishy and squelchy the more and harder he fucked her. She pulled her knees back and wide but tried to hold her calves against her thighs - and I know now that is a position he likes with her a lot (she explained that it puts her in a different angle and that "his big head feels so good") and I watched him push deeply into her.

I even mentally cheered him on at the end when I thought I noticed the movements that I remembered signaled he was getting close. He has this motion where he moves in a circle in her and then pushes deep and then does it again and again, that I know means he's close (she giggled and said that she'd wondered how he looked doing that to her). And yes, I stayed put and watched as he seemed to almost struggle at the end to cum in her only to, several minutes later, let out with a deepseated "oh oh oh yeah" and even I could almost feel it as he pushed hard into her several times.

Had I not cum an hour or so earlier, I'd have liked to have been in there with them, but I remember feeling self-conscious about it so when I saw that they'd calmed down from what had obviously been seconds for Paul and like 30th for Sue (he'd made her sing at some points) I moved away from the doorway.

It was like another 25 minutes before Sue came back to see me and this time she had already pulled her panties and bra on and was carrying the rest of her clothes. I asked where Paul was and she said he was in the shower and that he'd said we could get going without seeing him. I admitted to her that I was more comfortable with that and she said that he'd said to tell me "thank you" which did seem to ease things for me.

We talked a lot on the way home and have since then. More on those conversations later this afternoon, hopefully.
Our conversations have mainly focused around her and I better defining what turns me on and both of us simply accepting that this is what we both want to do for right now. She is clearly smitten with the lust she feels for Paul and now, admits to a desire to tweak my beta arousal even more. She came out and asked me if it turned me on to simply not cum in her any more, as she said, taking what we decided and making it something that neither of us questions moving forward. I admitted being aroused but at the same time very hesitant and she again reiterated that ".... it's only as long as you want to be the beta...". That did make me feel better and we talked a bit more openly after that with her seeming to really empathize with me and saying that she is seeing that denial is something that really turns me on and she admitted that it's turning her on to think about it.

She brought up things that she'd teased me about and asked me, somewhat already knowing the answers, about how I felt about things and whether it turned me on for her to tease me. I was blushing a bit as I nodded yes to many things including feeling very aroused when she teased me about only cumming in her 5 or so times this year compared to 40-50 times with Paul and I think I surprised her when I told her that I got really turned on thinking about it and how she's been absorbing his cum since not all of it drips out - and yes, I even told her that I got horny thinking that his cum was making her want him more. She giggled and said "when he's all I feel, then yeah baby, I want it more". And at other times I think I surprised her by answering some of her very pointed questions including telling her eventually that it drove me crazy with desire when she'd tease me about not getting to cum in her again.

We talked about Paul and she continued to tell me how he thinks this is all really cool that we play like this and that he doesn't think less of me. She tried to build me up and said that in some ways he's said he thinks even more of me because I am okay with letting her play with him like she does. I told her that I still thought I would need a while and likely a few more times to be around him - since coming out and telling him - for me to really feel more at ease. She agreed and said that once the kids go back to school, that she hopes he can come by more often and again, that things can be a bit more open.

I'm sure I didn't answer everyone's questions - I'll try to see what I overlooked. But the short of it is, we tried something more extreme and without either of us really knowing it, we both felt it was better to pull back from the extreme. It's not for everyone but I have to say, it feels awesome to me to feel continually aroused sexually about her.
Great update, one thing has Sue talked about, now that it looks. like she and Paul will keep going. for awhile have they talked about going away togather. anytime soon, like for a weekend after the kids are. back in school.
keep us posted.
I know you write volumes, but I have a special request. Can u write up a conversation-level retelling of how she teased you by asking u stuff u've already discussed, but she wanted to hear u say it again. That whole scene sounded so damn hot? I especially love the part about the more he exclusively cums in her, the more attached to him she becomes. You're talking about that is F-in wild!!
I'm curious, do u think she and Paul will ever jointly tease u?
I can just picture the two of them standing in front of you (with u on ur knees), talking about u, asking each other teasing questions about you, asking u questions that make u blush to answer. Sounds like a way to step up the game without going back to total denial.
Another different way to step up the game is something u could try in the fall. Have Paul come live with u guys for several weeks (taking ur place in the master bedroom of course), then they go live at his place for several weeks (try full denial for that time). While living at his place, she can visit u, but will not stay the night.

Just a suggestion. If u get another idea out of it, then worth the read.
Sue is staying in charge but dropping clear hints about the future. Paul remains the human dildo. As time goes he clearly knows more about how to please Sue but it stays entirely on her terms with no apparent emotional involvement. That may even be the reason she can let go so well with him. No risk.
Sue tried total denial because you said you wanted it late last year. It didn't work for her or you and she recognised it and stopped it. Her hints now are not about how to get deeper into denial but how it must end. Eventually. Twice now she has said it ends whenever you say it does. Not that she will consider it or after some other condition but immediately you say so. It could not be clearer that she wants you to do just that. When you are ready and she knows it's not just yet. But. She wants you to get there. My only question is, Can you see yourself doing so at some point?
I caught that in his post as well peak. I did not get the impression Sue is in a real big hurry to end things, but she has given Steve the recipe when or if things get to be too much for him. At the same time, I think she is also giving Steve some hints of what to expect until he reaches the point of giving up his beta status. Possibly an escalation of things with Paul and an increase in the intensity of their relationship.

My only question would be, if and when Steve decides to end his beta status, will that just bring about an end to the relationship with Paul or the end of play completely? Sue has stated repeatedly of her desire to always have a lover on the side. Kind of difficult to imagine Sue retreating from that desire, especially now that she seems to have hit her stride when it comes to managing her own sexuality.
She just left for work a little bit ago but before she left after she kissed me she said that "... we'll have some fun later when I get home ...". Fuck I'm hard.
As if I wasn't already as she again took time to look at herself in the mirror - in front of me of course - as she held different sets of bras and panties against her. When she stopped on a lacy light blue bra I did take a deep breath because the matching panties for that bra are all lace on the front and she pulled them on and then turned to me and said "like?" I could see her bare pussy beneath the lace and when she saw my eyes staring intently she giggled and said "okay, that's a yes!!". She pulled a skirt and top for work over it and teased me that "I'll be damp all day".

Gotta run to work now and hope my cock calms down by the time I get in.
It's hard to keep calm :)
Well, she continues to surprise me with her playfulness and also her control. I had the bbq going last night when she got home, again a little later than I'd expected. The kids were strewn about the house and merely yelled "when's dinner" when they heard her come through the door. I could tell she'd "been busy" but when she started to talk quietly to me I could tell that there was more. I just turned to her and said "you didn't want to leave, did you? ...... you can tell me.....". She sort of smiled and said "god do you know me...." she gave me a little kiss and then just said in a seething sexy voice "no, I didn't".

I followed her upstairs and watched her get undressed. How can it be that I still love watching her undress after so long, but I do. She got down to those sexy undies and she stood there for a moment and I told her how hot she looked and she giggled and said "I can tell" and she pointed to the bulge in my pants. I could see the tops of her nipples, just the darkened pink area, through the lace on the bra and lower, even I could see how she looked. I went up to her and I hugged her and kissed her and as I did I reached behind her to unclip her bra. She giggled that sometimes I can't seem to get it but not last night.

I loved it as I stepped back and she slid it off her arms and all I could think about was that Paul had his hands and mouth on them just an hour earlier. When she didn't step away I knew she wanted me to slip her panties off. And this was another moment where I could really feel the change in her. I can't explain it in anything specific but just how she held herself and acted. I stepped closer and put my hand on her stomach and, again, relaxedly, as I slid my hand towards her panties she took one step and spread her legs just a bit for me. Fuck her pussy felt so warm and soft and a little swollen. As I slid downward she told me "... I didn't really get to cum.... just a little....." and as I felt lower and could feel how wet she was she giggled "but he did..." and just as my middle finger parted her pussy lips and spread the slippery stuff up her slit up to her clit - she put her hand on my wrist and pulled my hand out. She looked at me and said "I don't think you'll be upset if I tell you that I want him to finish tomorrow".

I just stood there and told her "oh you little..... tease....." and she had turned to go into the bathroom and she looked back over her shoulder, wiggled her butt at me and said "yeah". She came out a second later and walked over to her dresser and let me watch as she took off the lacy panties and then pulled on a pair of plain white cotton ones. When she turned to me she teased and said "I'm hungry and you can wait till tomorrow if I have to too".

I thought she would be more playful later on last night but she turned and looked at me and said that I could go in the other room if I "needed to" but that she hoped I'd wait till tomorrow (tonight) and that she wanted to have some fun with me later tonight when she/we get home. No, I'm not going with her again tonight, actually tonight I'm going over a buddy's house instead.

More later, gotta get some work done.
Jax, Sue has now said for a long time (several years) that she wants/hopes to have a lover or boyfriend for the foreseeable future. That was one of the things I look back at and really recognize as how she's changed. I have been thinking about things escalating with Paul and in a way, it excites me, but I am certainly feeling a change in her playfulness and apparent feelings of being in control with me now. It's amazing to see and it is a big part of what turns me on about her, that she is horny and that she wants to be with Paul. Peak, I don't know that she's pushing or in her own way asking/suggesting that I accelerate my decision to back away from wanting to be the beta with her. If anything, I think she is feeling more comfortable with it now and to the question of escalating things, I do expect that come September when we are empty-nesters again, that things will change again and I suppose it will include some kind of escalation.

Wing - I can try to share the conversations with more specifics, the challenge there is that I need to get online sooner while it remains fresh in my mind. I can usually remember the bigger points, but there's a lot of other things that we talk about that I don't always remember and they are what keeps the conversation whole. I don't know if Paul would really tease me, but he has said things to me about "how good" she is and "how good she feels" and he has talked to me at other times after he's fucked her but other than last week, it was all before he became aware of what we are doing. And - I'll admit to getting hard at your crazy thoughts of him living here and vice-versa - that part is crazy but the thought of her seeing me but not staying the night and going back to his place is a very hot thought. I am quite sure that come September the overnights will resume, but week(s) at a time is a bit extreme.
Great update can't wait, to hear what happen's after. Sue get's home tonight.
keep us posted.