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New direction

Discussion in 'Cuckold Talk' started by sherules, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. sherules

    sherules Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    I’ve been lurking here for about six months and finally decided to join.
    My wife and I are 30 (me) and 28 (her). When we met and I asked her out about five years ago she was already dating an older married guy. We dated for about four months before she told me. She kind of expected me to bail on her. My previous three girlfriends had all cheated on me. The first two, I kind of freaked out like I was supposed to and we split up but I also felt kind of aroused by it. The third one was tough and I felt pretty confused. I told her that it was OK, that we could work on it and at first she sort of tried but then she told me that she felt terrible, and didn’t think she could be faithful to me and that she had found someone else etc. I wasn’t able to convince her that I wanted her to be with me and to have her freedom and we split up and she moved in with the guy she cheated on me with.
    After Amber (my now wife) and I had gone out for about 4 months her then lover took her to Paris for a long dirty weekend. I had kind of suspected she was seeing other guys but had never confirmed it. She told me about a week before that she had been invited to Paris, I asked who she was going with and she said “a friend”. I just sort of said “Oh, cool, which one?” Not really thinking about who it might be. She got kind of a half smile and then told me. Later she told me she fully expected me to bail on her and was actually surprised and a little let down when I said “Oh”.
    A few days later we were having dinner together and I asked her about her trip. She looked at me and said “I told you who I’m going with right?” At this point I had had three days to think about it and it honestly was turning me on. I had suspected she was seeing someone else when we were dating and this confirmed it and it was kind of a relief. Especially since we were out together that night too. So anyhow, I said yes, you did. She got this kind of funny look and said “You do know we are intimate, right?” And my heart started racing and I wanted to be funny and smooth and all I could think to say was “God, I hope so, it would be a waste to fly a beautiful girl to Paris and not be.” She smiled but was a still a little confused and said “You don’t care?” So I decided to be honest and told her that actually I cared a lot and then quietly said that it turned me on. She got that look women get when they are sizing up a guy and then she said “I’ve heard about guys like you. You’re weird.” So I asked her if I could see her when she got back and she just giggled and said “Really?” I smiled and said of course and she just said “We’ll see.”

    So she went, and apparently had a great time. Later when we talked she told me the last night there they had gone out to dinner and she was all dressed up and she started thinking about how I was back in the US and she was going to fuck this guy and that she had a boyfriend waiting at home for her who knew and she wouldn’t have to make up a lie about what she did and she started to get into the idea.
    When she landed she called me from the airport. Her lover had arranged a car service so I asked her if I could meet her at her place. She said OK and so I was waiting when the she got there. I carried her bag inside ;) and asked her how her trip was. When we got inside I gave her a big kiss. She pulled away a little and looked at me and said “I fucked him you know.” I couldn’t really say anything and so she kissed me again and said “I fucked him” and finally I said “I know” and then I kind of led her to her bedroom and we made love.
    It took her one more night with him and a quick fling on a business trip to get her mind fully around my cuckoldry, but finally she did and eventually we got engaged and married. So now, five years and nine other guys later we are at an interesting point. She is definitely a loving alpha to my adoring beta. Through my work I got offered an 18 month project in Chicago. It is a great opportunity for me but the only problem is she has a great job that would be tough to replicate there and we don’t want to be there forever. The company will also put me up and fly me home or her there every six weeks for three days. So when I got offered the position we went out to dinner and talked about it, she was incredibly supportive and looked at all the good points for me and us: salary, connections, career advancement etc. As we were walking back to the car she takes my hand and as we are walking goes “OK, I don’t want you to go, but I think it is great for you…. And I guess I can be single for a little while again.” Huge grin.
    So Feb 1 we will “separate” and I will move to Chicago while my gorgeous and now unattached wife will remain at home. I can’t wait for her to tell me about the first guy who asks her out or to have her tell me she has to go now since her date is about to arrive or to call home and know she is entertaining someone.
    We both know there are big risks ahead, but we have made it this far with being honest with each other and so far I think we can do it.
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  2. suksall

    suksall New around here... Beloved Member :)

    Sounds good to me

    I lived this lifestyle and it can be exciting. Tell us more as things develop.
  3. Saraha

    Saraha SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Yes, please tell us everything that happens. Take a couple of pairs of your wife's panties with you, so you can hold them in your hands while masturbating in bed on your own. You could also wrap one around your phone so as to hold your wife in your heart more erotically as she tells you over the phone EXACTLY what has got up to with her Bulls.

    Do you think you could do this "role play?"
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  4. ChiDog

    ChiDog Guest

    very hot lifestyle ahead of you dude. where in chicago?
  5. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    If you & your wife think you can do it, you can do it. It sounds very cool...


    Thanks for your interesting account of how you, in effect, persuaded the woman who became your wife to accept you as her cuckold husband, and the process she went through to verify you would be OK with that (without ever asking you directly).

    Cool... that's very nice.

    Ah, yes... the notoriously difficult-to-solve "two body problem."

    That's easy to appreciate.

    Jeez... every six weeks? I would have negotiated for every other week. But, it sounds like it's settled now.

    Hm... it's hard to resist concluding that the opportunities this will provide your wife to date and fuck whomever she wishes for 18 months, with your full acquiescence and acceptance of the desirability of her doing so, was among the "good points" she considered.

    Well, if you and your wife think you can do it then, almost certainly, you can do it, so all this sounds very cool. Clearly you have the right attitude, Sherules. BTW, is it understood between you and your wife that you will remain faithful to her during your 18-month Chicago project...?

    Or alternatively, has your wife agreed that you (analogous to her) will be free to date and fuck other women while the two of you are separated?

  6. sherules

    sherules Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Thanks for all of your support. It is definitely a work in progress and since the deadline is nearly four months away I'm sure we will have other conversations about it.
    The project is a large concept development project of which I am a part of the initial "scope of development" team. The office is in or near downtown (I don't know the city well, but everyone keeps talking about being close to the "Loop"). Evidently the place they would put me up is walking distance.
    Custer, as for ground rules, no I would not be free to date. Our relationship is not based on that, and honestly I wouldn't really want to. As I said, she is my alpha, a loving gentle one, but still, alpha, and I am her beta (although with this project I'll still make more money than she does :) )
    One of the things we have discussed is family. We are definitely going to have kids, but since she is 28, and doing well at her job, and with this project, our first pregnancy is probably at least two years away. She also has an approximately two year horizon to step from a retail sales position (where she does very well) to a distribution role so the timing of our separation will allow her to focus on work in a way that she may not have if I were still home. So all in all, aside from the sexual aspect of this there are some definite professional benefits for both of us.
    That being said, we both love the idea that she will be single. The other day she gave me a loving slow hand job while I described how I would feel when she tells me about the guy who asked her out, and asked if she was married and my wife truthfully tells him "Well, we're separated, he lives in Chicago now." Or when she comes to visit and tells me about her BF back home, and what their plans are for the coming week. Or I go home to visit and she tells him a "friend" is coming to town or I find his one of his suits hanging in our closet. And frankly, I get off on the idea of her having a BF who does not know I know but I suppose that is a little unfair to him.
    As I mentioned before, she has been "unfaithful" our entire relationship and so while the distance makes me a little nervous, and I will definitely miss seeing her daily, on a professional level it makes so much sense. And we have had friends in the Navy who have had to leave for extended periods of time. Like I said, we know there are huge risks, but she has pointed out that married to me "I can have all the men I want, whereas if I leave you I can only have that one"
    I'm sure I will get scared and have cold feet the closer it gets but so far I have said yes and we have about two weeks to get the logistics sorted out and confirm the position.
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  7. Saraha

    Saraha SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Yes Sir, a wife who is married to a cuckold is very, very lucky (and can "have it all"), whilst being married to a macho (jealous) man can actually clip a horny wife's wings and cause her to secretly choose adultery to get her itches scratched.
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  8. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)


    You're welcome.

    Sounds interesting... and yes, "The Loop" is downtown Chicago. Having an apartment near there will be convenient for all sorts of things.

    Very good. That's as it should be.

    Hm... since you and your wife agree she is the alpha (i.e., head of your household), perhaps you could rectify the "you making more money" situation by also agreeing she, not you, will manage your household funds. This could include your paychecks being deposited in her checking account (i.e., a checking account in her name only). Your wife could then manage you by giving you an allowance each week, with a small increase to reward you for good behavior or a small decrease if your behavior during the week displeases her.

    Paying the bills could be handled by your wife assigning you to write a check for each bill... then, before you put the checks in envelopes and mail them, she could review the bills and sign each check (since they would be on her account, she being head of your household).

    Presumably this would not be practical while you're working in Chicago, but it could become an aspect of your "she rules" household during the months before the two of you separate, and again after you return.

    Very good. When to have children should, of course, be decided by your wife (although, as with other matters, she will no doubt wish to accept and consider input from you).

    All this sounds very erotic. Does your wife intend to continue wearing her wedding rings while you're away? If she does, that will probably increase her attractiveness to other men, since fucking another man's wife with no obligations or commitments is hard for many men to resist. Also, continuing to wear her wedding rings would no doubt eliminate any perception she's trying to "pull the wool" over the eyes of the other men she fucks.

    Well yes, of course... as a married woman, that is your wife's privilege and prerogative...

    ...and obviously she understands perfectly, on both a personal and professional level, the advantages of you being her cuckold husband.

    No doubt...

    As is entirely appropriate, in your supporting role as your wife's cuckold. It sounds like your Chicago project is already getting off to a good start.

  9. sherules

    sherules Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    It is funny you mention the finances issue. We actually have two accounts, one in our names, and one in hers. Her account she uses for work things. When we set up the dual account she was the first one to log onto the website so all of the internet based stuff is in her name so I always have to log in with her information. With this I see all of our credit card purchases and so it will be very erotic to watch her charge lingerie or heels or drinks or dinners while I am away.
    As for her rings, she keeps them on now and as far as I know isn't planning on taking them off when I leave. I'm sure that knowing she is married with no chance of being "caught" will make her very attractive indeed (if it is even possible to make her more so). I have thought about taking her to dinner before I leave and offering to take her rings with me, to officially let her be single. She had one lover who thought that her infidelity was a sign she didn't want to be married and he got way too intense and neither of us want that again so I'm not sure if I will do it.
    I'm finding now that I have these vivid fantasies that suddenly pop up in my brain during the day which make this idea so very erotic. Last night she went out with a girlfriend of hers who is trying to shake off her blues over the end of a relationship. Nothing happened, they just went out, had some wine and chatted but all day I have been thinking about when she is single, her going out with her friend. Or on a date. How will I feel if we are talking and she giggles and says "Oh, gosh, it is late, X is going to be here in an hour and I need to get all pretty for him!"
    So with that in mind I accepted the position yesterday. I hope that I am not thinking only of the possible eroticism of a sexual separation. Of course today the project manager sent me an e-mail asking if they made it worthwhile could I start December 1. Part of that would be a guaranteed two weeks off from 12-23 thru 1-9 and he hinted that salary might be more open to negotiation than it was before. I instantly had a vision of Amber wearing a naughty elf costume, 5 inch red heels and a little hat being some guy's slutty Christmas present, but I resisted the urge to immediately say yes. His e-mail said no pressure but I don't want to jeopardize this opportunity and I also want to make sure I am thinking clearly. A huge part of me thinks "If I am in I might as well be all in" but we have not yet had a chance to talk it over and I really don't want her to think I am abandoning her or pushing her toward this but holy crap the thought of coming home for Christmas knowing she has just been getting her brains fucked out for a month is very erotic. I just want to make sure that isn't the only reason I chose to go if I do.
    Sucsall, you said you lived this lifestyle, how did it work for you?
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  10. suksall

    suksall New around here... Beloved Member :)

    You ask "How did it work out for you?"

    It worked great for a number of years but she slowly fell in love with a black lover and she finally left me for him. Yes, we were married, the kids were all gone and she then divorced me. I knew the man and he sometimes came to the house and fucked her while I was there. I never saw it comming. I had a good life back in the day but have a better life now. Hope it works better for you.
  11. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    Ouch :eek:...

    Sounds erotic :p...

    Sounds like a lesson in the school of hard knocks. :( But, all's well that ends well, I guess :)...
  12. sherules

    sherules Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Dude, that is a bummer.
    I know I'm heading down a risky road, but plenty of couples make long distance work and we're committed to each other.
    And plenty of "vanilla" couples break up because someone found someone else.
  13. Saraha

    Saraha SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)

    All my best wishes go with your dreams, and always remember that a wife needs plenty of quality sex to balance her body hormones - to enhance her happiness.

    By being truthful about your hopes and dreams (and listening carefully to what she wants out of life) the whole marriage can be enhanced in beautiful ways.
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  14. sherules

    sherules Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    Saraha, thanks, that is pretty good advice. Especially in a female led marriage!
    I think we've done a pretty good job of evaluating the situation on the professional merits and keeping the sexual side of things (somewhat) secondary. The project would be a good thing to have on my resume, and it puts me in contact with some people worth knowing. For her, staying behind allows her to demonstrate a commitment to her company, and gives her the chance to boost her profile to make a significant move in about two years.
    The fact that she has a supportive husband who wants her to enjoy her "single" status is a bonus.
    We stil haven't decided on the December 1 start. There are plusses and minuses to leaving earlier. It is a little more nebulous, but BIG bonus points with project management. And a better salary.
    Amber isn't being really vocal, but she has gently teased that "with the two weeks off, it really is only six weeks early. And, besides, I'm sure I can find someone to keep me company for the holiday parties." Big grin.
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  15. Saraha:
    OK Yes, "a wife needs plenty of quality sex to balance her body hormones - to enhance her happiness" is at least better than "Chakras" LOL
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  16. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)


    Sounds like the earlier Dec. 1 start date is the one to go for.

    Can't get any more specific than that. Amber is telling you that from the point of view of her romantic interests, you should accept your co.'s offer of a Dec. 1 start date (with higher salary and other advantages to you, as well as professional AND sexual advantages to her).

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  17. becontree2001uk

    becontree2001uk Slut Lover! Beloved Member :)

    Keep us updated with how it goes
  18. sherules

    sherules Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    I have to let them know on Tuesday. Will definitely keep posted. Still haven't decided, but Custer, you're probably right about December 1. Although I'll definitely miss seeing Amber wearing her cute little sparkly dresses and high heels for the holiday season.
  19. Custer Laststand

    Custer Laststand SLUTWIVES VIP! Beloved Member :)


    Tuesday Oct. 19 has come and gone. What did you decide?

  20. sherules

    sherules Not quite a lurker Beloved Member :)

    So, Custer was right. December 1 was the right choice. I had decided but hadn't fully told Amber. She had a date Monday night with a guy she has been seeing for a little while. He knows she is married, but doesn't know how much I know. As she was pulling on her thigh high stockings, and her clingy little dress and her sexy heels I was watching. It made me so hard thinking about her doing that while I was away. About how she would be dating. About how he would pick her up. As she was leaving she saw my erection and gave me a loving smile. She took my cock in her hand and kissed me while gently stroking me and then said "MMMMM I'm so glad you're my husband" and then she goes "Ooh, I'm late! I'm meeting M at 7:00 and I can't really tell him I was late because I was giving my husband a handjob can I?" and then she was out the door.
    She came home around 2:00 and as she straddled my lap and lowered her cum filled pussy onto my erection I told her that I had decided on December 1. She giggled and said "MMMM so I'll get more of that but you will give up this" And I came soon after. I even got her to cum too.
    So I called them the next day and accepted December 1. Scoring huge points. As it turned out the project manager had to admit they were not quite ready and so instead I am going to start Jan 3.
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