Fantasy Becoming Reality

I am not sure I am comfortable with what is happening but I guess I only have myself to blame. You see, I have had a fantasy for many years about watching other men fuck my wife. This originally started as other white men fucking her in a MMW threesome with me. Then it became the gangbang fantasy of taking her to a swingers club and watching her pull a train of men one after the other also with me participating. As the fantasy developed a black man entered the mix as one of the men in the train. More recently my fantasy has developed to only black men fucking her while I watch. I love the visual of her being fucked hard by a well endowed black man while I watch.

Due to a medical condition, I have been unable to get an erection for many years. This left my wife, a very attractive and sexy olive-skinned Italian beauty, sexually frustrated. I do my best to satisfy her with my tongue and various dildos and vibrators, but I knew she missed a good fucking and a stiff cock in her pussy. She even said as much. I suggested she might discretely take a lover, but she absolutely said NO to that, and I am not sure I could live with it either. I would be prepared to try if she wanted. Or would I.

You may have read another true story of mine “A New Toy” where I introduce her surreptitiously to a new black dildo. This was likely the start of my present dilemma.

There is no shortage of short cuckold clips on the internet and I troll the porno websites for those with women who resemble my wife in age, build and looks. I have found many and download them to a secret file on my computer. I enjoy them frequently, casting them to the bedroom TV while she sleeps beside me and with the help of a tight cock ring, I masturbate with the fantasy visual. A woman who resembles my wife being fucked in all manner of ways by one or multiple black men with extraordinary large cocks and loving every minute of it. Often, they describe the sensations to their husbands who are watching and filming. Encouraging them at the same time. This incredibly erotic fantasy, fueled by the videos on the blue flickering screen in the bedroom with my beautiful sleeping wife next to me who might awaken at any moment and discover my perversion, never fails to bring on an incredible orgasm with jets of cum. I also put my true stories in the file.

Last week while away on business and in the privacy of my hotel room I was looking at my file of videos to find one to suit the mood that night. I was flicking through the videos quickly. They are titled similarly with the name Cathy with a number. Cathy 1, Cathy 2 and so on. Anyone looking at the videos would immediately see the resemblance of the women to my wife and naming each video with her name fueled my fantasy. Most times I land on one, watch it and fantasize with a quick orgasm and that’s it. Tonight, I couldn’t choose and was thinking I must be burning out and made it all the way to Cathy 17.

As I opened Cathy 17 and pressed play, I saw my beautiful wife’s face in the screen. She was laying on the bed in our bedroom as I recognized the headboard. This is the transcript.

Jay, I found an interesting file named ‘Cathy’ on the Cloud which we share. Since it was in my name I opened it and I was pretty shocked at what I found. I can only assume you had left it there that I would find it and discover your secret.

This was a disaster. I forgot that everything on our computers was also on the Cloud. She knew all about me now. what would she say. What would she do? What a disaster. She went on.

You are a pervert and a wannabe cuckold. She laughed. It so obvious with each video named after me and all those women looking like me. It’s obvious you want to watch ME, your wife, mother of your children, fucking a black man with a big cock. My God, how long has that been a fantasy? When you were able to fuck me, was that what you were thinking?

(Yes, I admitted to myself)

When you offered that I could take a lover was that what you were really hoping would happen?

(Yes I admitted to myself),

That was as much about you as it was me. What about that picture of a big black cock that was texted to me a while ago? Was that you or even worse someone you put up to it?

(No that wasn’t anything to do with me, but it got me really horny).

I have a lot to think about and we must talk about this. It’s not right.

So that was her video left in my secret file for me to find. I thought about it and was very nervous. She must have read my writings also and knew all bout my perverted fantasies. Then I noticed the date it had been uploaded was over a month ago. That was weird, I have been home all the time since then. I checked my schedule and sure enough it had been added the same day I was out of town over a month ago. I had been at home since until today and nothing had been said. Whoa! She probably thought I was too embarrassed to talk about it and I am. She obviously was too. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. Now I was looking forward to getting back home because I knew she knew my perversion and fantasy and was accepting it. Cool. So, another couple of days here and home. I thought about calling her and discussing it but thought, No, it would seem weird after such a long time.

I watched her video again and knowing that she knew that I wanted to watch her being fucked by a big black cock, a BBC they call it, was a huge turn on. I quickly found the video with the girl that could have been her twin with two big black cocks, and I was soon stroking to a huge jet of cum over my stomach and chest.

The next night I worked late and collapsed when I got back to my hotel room. It wasn’t until the morning I noticed there was now a Cathy 18. I was at work when I glanced at the file and saw it. Before I could stop myself, I clicked on it and saw her face again on the bed at home. I stopped short. So far all anyone who may have seen the screen had only seen her face and nothing more. What if it was a video of her using the black dildo! It would be so embarrassing. I quickly closed down that file. I could not wait until I could get back to my hotel room to see that video. I hoped I would not be disappointed. I recalled how I had hoped in my story of “the New Toy” that she would Facetime me when she used the toy. Perhaps she had videotaped it. I could not wait but first I have a business dinner to go to as we were leaving in the morning for home.

It wasn’t until after midnight I was able to open my secret file. This is the transcript of Cathy 18.

Hi Jay, I guess you were too embarrassed to talk to me about your perversion or fantasy as you call it. I wasn’t going to bring it up, but I thought about it a lot. I thought about helping you with the video I took after reading your New Toy story but decided not to.

I found a chat room about cuckolding and went online to see what it was all about. I spoke to some interesting people and had some interesting experiences. That’s what I was doing in my office when you were watching TV or asleep on the couch all last month. I discovered that many men online have the same cuckold fantasy as you. Almost all were unrequited in that they never spoke to their wives about it and, like me, their wives had no idea about it. There were women in the chat room too. They all had fantasies about fucking other men and many about fucking black men with big black cocks secretly. Most of them were unrequited too. Then there were many black men trolling for women, preferably married, to dirty talk too while their husbands were watching TV or asleep on the couch late at night. I imagine these women, after all the dirty talk jumping on their husbands and fantasizing that they are being fucked by a big black cock. She laughed. Some nights I came to bed soaking wet from these chats but you were dead asleep, so I took out the big black dildo and satisfied myself. Sorry, she laughed. Feeling that big black cock inside me is always amazing. You are right, you can’t hear the thrusting mechanism when its deep inside me. I am surprised I didn’t wake you though with the shuddering orgasms I had with you sleeping right beside me. She laughed again.

All of the men I spoke to on line wanted pictures. My tits, pussy, ass. You name it. I didn’t send any to them. There was one guy who seemed more of a conversationalist, and I spent a lot of time chatting with him. He said he was in NY and was a lawyer. He eventually got around to asking for pictures but by then I sort of knew him and felt comfortable. I said I wanted a picture of him first with a way I could tell it really was him and not some internet picture. He sent me a picture taken with his computer holding his cell phone with that days date and time. He was a good-looking guy with a neatly trimmed beard and shaved head probably in his mid 40s. From the head and shoulders picture he looked like he was pretty fit. I thought what harm could it do, so I sent him the same sort of picture of me and told him my age as 59. Ok, Just lying a few years. He said I looked much younger, and you have to admit I do.

That is how it started. Eventually, we were sending each other any picture asked for. He asked for bikini I asked for bathing suit. He liked my bikini pic with me in that tiny string bikini I only use at our pool, not in public, she laughed. His bathing suit pic showed him in a tight speedo and he did look fit and his bulge was impressive. I looked at that bulge and wondered what his cock really looked like. Within a few minutes he asked me.

you want to see it don’t you?

I said, want to see what?

He said, you know you want to see it, what’s in my speedo..

I was feeling those sexual butterflies in the stomach, and I knew my pussy was soaking wet.

Just ask, he said.

I said ‘OK’

he said OK What?

You know, I said.

He replied, you have to ask me for it properly, here is an example, I would like to see a picture of your beautiful while married pussy.

Ok then, cards on the table, I wanted to see this stranger’s black cock and my pussy was so wet with sexual anticipation I would likely do anything to see it. Show me that black cock, I screamed in my head. You would never know what monster you have brought out in me with your file, she laughed. Butterflies flying around my lower stomach.

So, I said. Yes, show me your big black cock and in return I will show you my married white pussy.

Immediately he opened his computer camera and I accepted it. He directed it towards his cock. It was semi erect and still looked a good 6 inches and I could see a lick of pre cum on the tip. He stroked it a few times and it began to engorge.

I opened my camera and directed it to my pussy. I leaned back in my office chair and put my legs over the arms so I was showing him my gaping wet pussy with legs spread. I am sure he could see how wet I was. I reached down and let my fingers slide up and down between my lips spreading the juices to my clitoris and feeling the early beginnings of an orgasm.

He continued to stroke his cock and it continued to grow. It was at least the size of my big black dildo but considerably fatter. As he continued to stoke it continued to grow until it was rock hard and standing at a rigid 45 degree angle to his smooth belly. He had no hair and I wanted to ask him if he waxed or shaved or whether someone did it for him.

I suddenly thought, what if you came up and saw me like this! Oh my Good I jumped without thinking and went over to close the door. At least I would get some warning if the door opened. Of course, this allowed him to see my ass and tits and everything which really took him over the edge and I watched as he furiously masturbated and shot his cum right over the camera screen and presumably over the enlarged live image of my gaping wet pussy. Seeing his jets of cum stream toward the screen took me over the edge as I roughly rubbed my clitoris and shuddered to a massive climax.

We have done this a few times and gone way past that or at least I have. He asked if I had any dildos and he wanted to see my pussy with a dildo buried in it and me rubbing my clitoris. I was so hot with this conversation and knowing that a black man somewhere in real time was looking at a picture of my wet pussy I would do anything to intensify the wonderful sexual tension and butterflies in the pit of my stomach.

Honey, he said, send me a picture of your pussy with a big black dildo.

I said, I don’t have one.

He said, all married white women have a black dildo. In fact, I bet your husband bought it for you.

Oh My God, I thought. Can this be true? Who would know? All women will admit to having a few sex toys but one being a black dildo – probably not!

I went into the bedroom where you were asleep. I quietly slid open my bedside drawer and got my big black dildo and carried it up to my office. I sat back in front of the computer and held up the dildo so he could see. I switched it on and smiled at him as the trust mechanism began. Yes, I said, my husband did buy it for me and loves using it on me. What do you think it means? I said knowingly. He growled sexily.

As usual, my pussy was soaked, and I had no problem inserting the dildo. He was impressed but commented he was bigger. I continued to manually thrust it as deep as I could while watching him masturbate. My thrusting and his stroking got into sync and we came together in a stunning double orgasm. Again, he shot his come over the screen which looked like he was cuming all over my face.

Anyway, we also have normal conversations and are texting and sexting each other now. I mentioned he is in NY. His name is Alex and he is married. His fantasy is to fuck married white women whenever he wants to without his wife finding out. No attachments, just sex. He hasn’t managed to yet. His wife does not know of his fantasy. He mentioned he sometimes worked on cases in Miami. Interesting!

Listening to this I had been stroking my cock raw with the tight cock ring keeping it hard. I was sure that this was an absolutely true story and I wanted to watch her online with this guy. Maybe, I will ask her if she minds if I sit in the corner and watch.

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