A New Toy

Due to a medical condition, I have been unable to get an erection for many years. This left my wife, a very attractive and sexy olive-skinned Italian beauty, sexually frustrated. I do my best to satisfy her with my tongue and various dildos and vibrators, but I knew she missed a good fucking and a stiff cock in her pussy. She even said as much. I suggested she might discretely take a lover, but she absolutely said NO to that, and I am not sure I could live with it either. I would be prepared to try if she wanted.

For myself I am always horny and with the use of a tight cock ring I have been able to become firm enough to masturbate which I do often. When she is asleep beside me, I screen some porn on the bedroom TV and pleasure myself. I always screen interracial porn. White wives with BBC, Cuck husbands watching and filming their white wives fucking big black cocks. White wives BBC gangbang. I always have my finger on the remote in case she wakes and sees what’s on the screen, but so far she is a sound sleeper. It’s risky showing this type of porn knowing she could awaken and discover my cuckold fantasy and that it involves big black cocks and her. She would immediately notice that the women in these movies all resemble her.

Often, she will be asleep and throw off the covers – she is a hot-blooded Italian after all. When she does this, I will stand over her with my cock in my hand and my favorite fantasies rolling in technicolor in my head while I quickly pleasure myself. Usually, her legs are spread and I have a great view of her smoothly waxed pussy or her plump perfect ass. I will take one the many different dildos preferably a black one and place it between her spread legs. This visual, greatly enhances my fantasy and I cum within minutes.

While watching porn as she slept a while ago, I saw an advertisement for a rechargeable thrusting and vibrating dildo. I took note of the website and the next day looked it up. It was available in various colors, but I ordered the black one. I would simply tell her it was the only color available. You see, my fantasy, the fantasy that allows me to masturbate and gives me the most satisfaction is always to watch her being fucked by a well-endowed black man. Yes, the age-old cuckold fantasy. I thought that this black dildo would be the nearest I would ever come to seeing that fantasy fulfilled.

The new dildo arrived at the door while she was at work. I quickly unpacked it and saw that it was incredibly lifelike, was about 8 inches long with balls a suction cup at the base and was waterproof. The trust mechanism was quiet and stretched the cock about another 2 inches. The speed was adjustable from a very fast fuck to a slow sensuous thrusting. The vibrator was adjustable to all degrees, pulsing, slow fast – just too many to know which one to use. The whole thing was rechargeable and had a wireless remote control. I couldn’t wait to use it on her and see it inside her pussy.

I was in a frenzy of anticipation. I wanted to see that realistic black dildo thrusting into her smooth white pussy – I could barely wait.

Early the next morning as the skies were beginning to brighten and she was still asleep I casually began to caress her thighs running my hand closer and closer to her pussy but she was sleeping on her side and I could not reach her pussy. Slowly she began to wake and languishly, as if it was natural, rolled over to her back and spread her legs slightly. She was awake but not letting on. This was surely a ‘green’ light and she wanted more. I didn’t need any further invitation and my fingers soon found her clitoris. Quickly licking my index and middle fingers I began to rub it gently. Soon she was soaking wet, and my fingers were sliding easily into her pussy. Ducking under the covers, I crawled between her legs, pushing them wider and replacing my fingers with my tongue. I love licking and eating her pussy and can go for ever. She orgasms often and sometimes continuously. It becomes so intense she will push me away, shutting her legs curling into a ball and convulsing with orgasm after orgasm. She says its just too sensitive. I will wait a few minutes and go right back at her pussy with my tongue with middle finger deep inside her pressing up and stimulating her G spot. Then she will have an even more intense orgasm. My face is covered with her juices and I just want to keep on sucking and licking her pussy. She always wants more after a few minutes to calm down.

But this time I had a bigger surprise for her.

She had several extreme orgasms and her juices were really flowing. My face was soaking wet and my fingers slipped into her pussy with ease. I surreptitiously reached for the new black dildo and brought it within an inch or her pussy. She knew nothing of this new device and I wanted this to be a big surprise. Just seeing this big black dildo inches from her pussy was almost overpowering and I had to concentrate not to cum myself.

The dildo was new and needed lubricant and none was within reach. Not wanting to ruin everything pushing it in her pussy uncomfortably, I put it into my mouth and sucked it for a moment to make sure it was soaked with my saliva. Now this was an interesting feel in my mouth - me sucking a big black cock - I mean dildo! But it was all for her, I reasoned, so no problem! I gently brought the tip to her pussy lips at the same time as I licked her pussy. I felt the tip of the cock in my mouth as I began to push it towards her. I gently brought the tip of the dildo to her pussy. I spread her lips gently with my tongue while gently introducing the tip to her pussy and applying a gentle steady pressure. I did not want to overdo this and wanted to see the whole thing buried to the balls in her wet juicy pussy – so I took it easy. I wanted her to push it in herself if possible – a better visual - or at least get her to encourage me to get as much into her pussy as possible. Then I would give her the big surprise – the trusting and vibration action.

She felt the dildo entering and I detected a moment of surprise, but she was in a sexual frenzy, and almost immediately spread her legs wider giving better access while pushing her hips against the steady pressure I was applying. I watched in awe at the contrast of this black cock entering her naked white pussy. It was exhilarating. I applied more pressure to get as much of this perfect black cock into her BBC virgin pussy as possible. She still had not seen it. I was inches away from her pussy and seeing this realistic black cock pushing into her and her pushing to get more was almost too much to bear. I was in a massive horny miasma with my cock hard with the tight cock ring and pre cum oozing from the tip. I could see, only inches away, that she had about 3 inches in her pussy as I began to slowly thrust it in and out each time seeing her take another half inch. The squelching noise with each trust was real. I was overwhelmed with sexual tension. This was a huge horny turn on as, with each thrust I made she took another half inch, then another, then another, and another until the entire cock had disappeared inside her smooth, wet, white pussy. Right up to the balls. She had taken the whole thing at least 8 inches, Wow!

Sliding juicily in and out in and out. She was soaking wet, and her juices were oozing from her pussy and smothering the big black dildo, running down through the crack of her ass and soaking the sheets. The dildo was so wet I was having trouble holding it to continue the gentle fucking. She still had not seen the dildo and I was worried about her reaction to the color of this new toy I had bought for her pleasure. Truth be known, I bet I get as much pleasure using her toys on her as she does.

It was time for the big surprise. At the end of a stoke I left the dildo firmly in her pussy with the balls pressed hard against her butt. Then I pressed the thrust button. The thrust action is almost soundless and since it was deep insider her, I heard nothing. Is it working? I panicked for a moment thinking it wasn’t and I was not going to get the perverted pleasure of seeing her reaction. No need to worry as I heard a gasp and she said “Oh my God. Oh My God! What is that!?” The additional 2 inches that the thrust gave her meant she had a seriously long and large cock in her pussy. I had been beneath the sheet in between her legs adding my tongue to her clitoris each time I withdrew the dildo before another manual thrust. She was laying back, eyes closed in ecstasy suffering more intense orgasm after orgasm. Now, she lifted the sheet and looked down to see what was driving her crazy and stretching her inside. I was busy with her clitoris so my head was blocking her view. She pushed my head out of the way to see what was giving her such intense pleasure. At that moment the black dildo was fully inserted. She gasped as I slowly withdrew the long black, still thrusting cock soaked with her cum and saw the length and girth of it. I left just the tip in her gaping pussy lips as it thrusted the extra two inches into her – I slowed the motion for a more sensual fucking and then pushed the whole 10 inches back in. She saw the length of the wet, glistening shaft gently thrusting an extra two inches slide all the way in and she shuddered.

She said, “Oh my God that is amazing and feels so good. I can feel it deeper that I have ever felt. Oh God!” “Its black” she said. Almost nonchalantly followed by. “Don’t stop, Please, push it back in Now! Please!”

‘Yes’, I said, ‘black was the only color left’ I lied.

The only answer I got was a gasp as I increased the thrusting rate. “I can’t believe that whole thing fits, God it feels so good”

Then I hit the vibrator button. The next few minutes she went crazy. I have never seen her like that. She writhed all over, moaning, shuddering, grabbing the dildo to help me push it deep insider her. I pulled back and just watched. This was amazing. Here I was watching the most realistic big black cock thrusting into my beautiful wife’s smooth soaking wet white pussy. She was in total abandon enjoying every inch and every vibration and every thrust. I was so amazed, I forgot to even get a picture of that big black cock in her pussy. Next time I will be ready.

After things calmed down, she studied this wonderful new toy and figured out how it worked. I also pointed out that it had a remote control. This new toy found a home in the draw next to the bed and is always on charge.

I travel frequently and fantasize about her using the thrusting black dildo. It’s a great fantasy. When I get back, I check her toy drawer to see what she has been up to and what she is using. The black dildo is always on top within easy reach from the bed and on charge. It shows that she is using it frequently and this is subtly shown in the evidence of her dried juices in the natural texture of the veins of the cock. I am almost sure she leaves it like that because she knows I check it. I carefully clean it and put it back for the next use exactly as I found it.

She suggested I use it on her doggy style. I found a rig to allow me to wear it like a strap on. I fuck her every way possible now, even watching her kneel in front of me and suck it. She tells me what to do and how she wants it, then uses the remote to adjust the rate of thrust and vibration. Her orgasms are off the chart. The last time I was giving her a good fucking from behind I was able to put a Queen of Spades tattoo on her butt check without her noticing. I ordered a few of the tattoos online and had one soaking in warm water ready to apply when she wouldn’t notice. I waited until she was shuddering in in orgasm and oblivious to everything except her convulsing pleasure. I took the little tattoo and stuck it on her right butt cheek. I looked at this incredible sight. My beautiful white wife with a glistening big black cock covered in her white juices thrusting rhythmically into her pussy – and there on her right cheek the recognized sign of a white woman who looks for and craves big black cock. I was thrusting roughly into her pussy feeling the cock being sucked in with this incredible visual.

It’s been a few days now and the tattoo is holding up well. She hasn’t noticed or at least I think she hasn’t noticed it. It has made it through showers and the pool. It’s mostly covered by her bikini bottom. I think the black pool boys must have seen it and recognized it as she mentioned that they were very chatty and took a lot longer to do the pool this week. Interesting – and scary. I wonder how I can get on just above her pussy next. She would have to agree to that I guess.
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