The phone rings AGAIN. Kim rolls over in the bed, looks at the time and sighs heavily. She decides to let it ring a couple more times, hoping that maybe the caller would simply just hang up. She knows he will just keep calling until he reaches her. He’s needy, in all the worst ways possible.

She knows the caller all too well.

Jimmy, her nephew has a custom ringtone, which she programmed in her phone. His ringtone reminds her of all the old depressing songs of heartache. It rings an old 80’s love song, scaled down to 8 bit sounds. It sounded silly as an 8-bit ringtone, but it never became annoying to hear over and over. He calls her number over and over each day, until he reaches her.

Kim feels her heart and mood both sink with the foreboding sound coming from her phone. Yesterday was not a good day for Jimmy, her nephew. If he’s calling this early today already, it’s going to be a very bad day for him. It’s going to be an even worse day for her.

How do you fix a person? She wonders. A person that is so miserable in life shouldn’t be made to suffer, like he does. How can you begin to help someone so deep in despair?, she wondered.

She contemplated the thought that maybe he had been using drugs. Kim was very naive about such things.

She didn’t have much knowledge about street drugs these days. What the drugs are, what they are used for, even what they look like.

She only knew his behavior was more erratic with each passing day. This further leads her suspicion of his drug use.

Kim wouldn’t have known about street drugs back in her day. She was perceived as a goody-two shoes in her younger years. She lived a very normal and safe life in the 1970’s and 80’s.

Her parents still live in the same house they brought her home to, when she was a newborn baby. Her parents are still married to each other. She’s never had to deal with many of the harsh realities we ‘normal’ people deal with on a daily basis.

She was a country girl from a small town in North Carolina. Her life was very sheltered and she lived very far away from the evils of men in the world.

Despite her outward appearances, in high school; Kim was a very long way from being a ‘Goody-Two Shoes’. She grew up in a family with no secrets. Kim has secrets. Kim’s secrets read more like a daily Vietnamese Kill-Count Report. If only her family knew what she is like when she is not around then, she would be banished and ex-communicated from her family.

Kim is a slut. She will be the first to admit this to you herself. She was then. She still is now. Not only is she a slut, she is also unable to resist sexual urges when she becomes ******* to anything that turns her on.

Kim has cheated on every boyfriend she ever had. She’s married, and she currently cheats on her husband often. Its difficult to understand how her husband can’t see it himself. But he is totally ******* of her infidelities.

If she gets caught, her excuse for cheating is always blamed on the guy she’s with. In her mind, it’s always justified. There’s always some reason she gives. She feels no guilt nor remorse about it. To her, it’s just fucking.

The sneaking around, covering her trails, and not getting caught is the most exciting part for her. She’s even used her friends to lie for her. She has standing alibis in place 24/7 for anyone asking questions regarding her whereabouts or activities.

Back to Jimmie. She often tried to solve his problems for him, in her head. His troubles are far beyond any help or advice she can give.

In the end; she felt the best way to support Jimmie, her nephew, was just to be there for him. She was a voice of reason for him, as well as, a shoulder for him to cry on.

Kim has become a sounding board for Jimmy. She is the only person that he feels comfortable talking to. He pours his heart out to her and she’s always there too baby him.

In the past few weeks, he had become especially needy. He had already called several times this morning before she answered. Although, staring at the alarm clock, she realized that this morning, she just didn’t have the gusto nor the energy for him.

No matter how exhausting it was to listen to him when he’s like this, he’s family and she loves him dearly. He is a succubus that feeds on her emotional energy.

He tells her often that she is his favorite family member. Kim assumes this is because she’s the one that talk to him. In her opinion, she believes that she was put on the Earth to help people.

Kim recently began to question her theory. Her help has yet to provide him with any help with his problems. She was determined to help him, either by getting him straight and sober, or getting him to any professional that could help him.

The breakup between him and his girlfriend was over a year ago. He was still not over it. She wondered how long he would use the breakup as an excuse to act sad and call her.

Kim answered the cellphone on the fourth ring. Hello. ‘Hey Kim, it’s Jimmie’, he said in a low, slow voice. She could tell by his voice that she was going to need to baby him again this morning.

“What’s going on baby?” Kim asked.

“I have to go to the therapist today, would you mind giving me a ride?”

“Absolutely sweety, do you need me to pick you up?”

Before waiting for a response, she asked a second question, “Where’s your appointment and what time?”

He replied in a dull voice, "11:30 in New Bern"

Kim quickly replied “Ok i will pick you up at 10:30.”

Shit! she thought to herself it’s already ten o’clock. That didn’t give her much time to get dressed. “What's wrong?” she asked.

“My dad was being an asshole last night and we got into a fight.”

Damnit. She thought, looking at the electronic alarm clock. She needed to get off the phone quickly to get dressed.

“Ok baby, we will talk about it on the ride to the therapist”, she stated quickly. “I’ve got to get into the shower. I will see you shortly.”

“But,” Jimmie tried to interrupt.

“I will see you soon. I love you”, she said and she quickly ended the call.

Jimmie heard the phone click, as the phone call was terminated at the other end. The fact that she cut him off, without letting him speak further angered him. Kim is the one that’s supposed to help me, he thought. Her terminating the call without hearing him out made him feel disrespected by her. Oh well, he thought. Today is the day that he will execute his plan.

Jimmie has been abusing Meth for months now. He was sleeping very little since he started using meth. The combination of meth use and lack of sleep creates a super libido in Jimmie. He constantly thinks about fucking. His ex girlfriend used to be the focus of his sordid fantasies. He was masturbating multiple times a day. His ex girlfriend was no longer getting him off. His current object of obsession was his Aunt Kim. In Jimmie’s mind, if any person in the world could be easily exploited for sex, it would be Kim. He has the feeling that Kim is a slut. He’s noticed times when she’s let slip some clues into her private life. She once used the term, ‘BBC’, without realizing she said it. Plus, she always dressed like a slut, wearing low cut tops, short skirts, and her ‘fuck me’ pumps.

He was the only member of the family that noticed her recent breast augmentation. She was once a C-cup at best. Now, she was sporting a pair of DD’s. Kim rarely, if ever, wore a bra. He, and everyone else could see the shape of her large areolas and eraser-sized nipples that regularly poked through the tops she wears. Jimmie believes that Kim likes the attention that her thirties bring her.

He fantasizes about creeping up on her, from behind and covering her face with a rag soaked in ether. She falls unconscious in his arms. She falls back and he eases her limp body onto the ground. Before her head hits, he easily slips her shirt over head and off her body leaving her laying on the round topless. He then fantasizes about grabbing and squeezing her big titties in each hand, before hungrily sucking on each of her giant nipples. This was usually the point where Jimmie would cum. Sucking hungrily on Kim’s areolas and nipples.

Jimmie was highly intelligent and cunning as a lark. He was determined to fuck her, no matter what it takes. He had thought long about how it could be done. Every scenario he could think of has a consequence. There’s only one way, he finally concluded, that would allow him to have his way with her. He has created a plan, in his mind. His dick began getting hard thinking about fucking her later today.

He knew that he would be taking advantage of her kindness and love. He felt guilty that he would be using her. Although the way she cut him off this morning made him feel less guilty about how he would take advantage of her. Jimmie’s obsession with his Aunt has reached a boiling point. He was ready to explode inside.

He felt his plan was foolproof. He was anxious about today and spent the remaining 10 minutes he had alone going over the plan in his head moment by moment. It was well rehearsed in his mind. Kim had no idea what was coming.

The appointment was brutal, Kim thought to herself. The therapist humiliated Jimmie in her presence. He sat sobbing uncontrollably in the seat next to her in the Volvo.

“Let's go somewhere we can talk.” she said.

“Can we please go to Piney Point?" he asked between sobs. She simply nodded her head towards him, staring straight ahead at the road. Her mind was swimming with thoughts. She was still trying to absorb the events that had taken place at the Therapist office.

Jimmie focus on making his trauma seem real for Kim, as they drove. His acting was superb. The appointment at the therapist has gone perfectly as planned. Jimmie had manipulated the Therapist at every opportunity, eliciting the response he wanted.

Making Kim feel guilty for her inability to help him was the major objective with the therapist. He manipulated the therapist to lose his cool and assault Jimmie’s ego. He had hoped that his humiliation would make Kim feel even more sorry for him.

He studied her face as she drove to Piney Point. He knew that she was shocked and appalled at the way the therapist had behaved and the toxicity in his voice. Inside herself she felt every bit of humiliation and sorrow that Jimmie must be feeling.

At one point the therapist had pointed his disgusted finger at her. He told her that it was her, and her family that had failed Jimmie. He coldly accused her of not being more involved in Jimmie’s life. It was her and Jimmie’s family’s fault for wasting his precious time. Time which he could be spending with real patients that have real problems. Without saying it specifically, he knew there was nothing he could do for a sexually frustrated drug addict. These people were looking for a magic pill that could be prescribed to solve Jimmie’s depression. He felt disrespected by Jimmie’s attitude and lack of honesty with him. This would be the last time he would ever agree to see this patient.

Inside Jimmie’s mind, he smirked. His cock began growing as he pictured his Aunt surrendering her body to him. Now for phase two of his plan.

By the time they had turned into Piney Point Road, Jimmy’s hard on was visibly noticeable. He continued crying loudly. The next phase of his plan was for Kim to notice his raging boner contained in the crotch of his pants.

She patted him on his thigh. “There there baby, we are almost there. Please try to relax”, she told him. He took her hand in his and rested it on top of his thigh.

She looked at her hand grasped in his. Then she saw it, his hard, thick cock was very visible outlined against the chino pants he was wearing. His cock must be at least 8 inches she thought to herself. She looked back to the road, drive for another 10 seconds then looked at it again. My God, she thought, she was surprised by the thickness of his cock.

She drove to the end of the road. She was surprised to learn that after accidentally seeing Jimmie’s cock outlined against his pants wasn’t disturbing to her. Instead, she thought of the last big cock she had seen. His name was Mitchell. He was a 26 year old black guy that had fucked her.

Thinking of how great Mitchell’s big black cock felt in her mouth and pussy made a tingle in her vagina. She suddenly felt the surge of blood to her head causing her vagina to contract slightly. This chain of events led to flooding of her vagina of her natural wet lube. Oh Fuck, she thought while biting her bottom lip.

Jimmie noticed that she had looked directly at his hard cock. She looked at it twice. There is no way she didn’t notice. He thought that she had looked at it, for too long. She seemed to be staring at his enormous cock. A smirk slowly emerged across her face. She seemed to be almost falling into a dreamland state, every time she looked. She was driving the car, so her trance-like state had been disturbed by her need to control the automobile.

At the end of the road, Kim stopped the car and put it in park. Before she could sit back into the seat, Jimmie turned to face her. Pulling her hand, still grasping hers. He released his squeeze on her hand so that it was now resting high upon his thigh, right on top of his cock. He made light of it by asking her if she still loves him. Kim hadn’t even noticed until she bit her lip.

Kim had bitten her lip and seemed to be drawn back from another world. Coming back around, she was then very aware that her hand was lying palm down right on top of her nephew’s large swollen cock. She could feel the blood throwing through the veins in his cock. She even felt it pulse a couple of times. However, she looked at the pain expressed in his face and Kim immediately assumed that her hand had been placed on his cock by accident.

She didn’t pull her hand away, afraid some look on her face would embarrass him, making him feel even lower than he already was.

Kim was paralyzed by the shock of her hand on top of her nephew’s hard dick. Jimmie’s cock lurched quickly, under her hand. Panicked, she quickly replied, “Of course I love you Jimmie, what would make you think such a thing?”

Jimmy replied, “I’m just such a fuck up. Everything i do turns to shit. Nobody cares about me and my needs,” he said. “I might as well kill myself. I swear to you that I have nothing worth living for. Everyone else has a normal life. My life isn’t normal. I have no relationships, no warmth at night, no one to keep me company. There’s no one willing to give me the things i need, the things i want more than anything in life”. He continued, “I have nothing”, he exclaimed, “but you, YOU have everything. I’m 26 years old and i have zero sex life, not even someone i can talk to. I haven’t fucked a woman in over two years Kim!”

Kim felt his cock pulse again under his hand. His outburst really hit home. She quickly ran through her list of friends in her mind. Her first notion was to think of friends that she might be able to hook Jimmie up with. However, all of her friends were married now and have kids of their own. She realized that again there was no immediate answer to give him.

She looked at his face and saw his eyes tighten and his brow furrow. Kim had forgotten about her hand. She changed positions to sit and face him. She had not moved her hand when she moved. He noticed this and decided to launch into his plan, which was to manipulate her.

Jimmie then said in an accusatory manner. “I know you you have been cheating on Rick. You’re fucking black men behind his back!”. His voice grew louder and his face grew more stern. "I’ve even watched you fucking him. I followed you three weeks ago to Nana’s house!" he continued. Without realizing it, Kim gripped her hand around his cock. She had become stunned by his accusation. He continued, “Well, guess what Kim, i watched from outside the window. Do you know what i saw??” His voice had become filled with anger and malice directed towards her. She could only stare blankly at him.

His words were coming too fast for Kim to digest. She then realized that she has been caught. “No baby.” she said meekly. Jimmie then began thrusting his hips up and down creating a stroking effect on his cock by her hand. She had now gripped his cock in her hand. His hip thrusting was causing her hand to masterbate his cock, over his pants. She hadn't even realized what was happening, physically. She was trapped in her mind, absorbing his words.

“I saw a big black guy enter the living room. Oh yes, i watched the whole thing!”, he said. “I watched the two of you making out on the couch. I saw you lower yourself, unzip his pants and pull his big black cock out and put it in your mouth. I watched you suck on his black cock. Do you realize what the family would do if they knew about this, don’t you?” He shouted and continued before she could react. “I watched you take off your top and put his cock between your titties, and you were sucking on that nigger cock like a baby bottle. Oh yeah, it was hot!”

Kim began rubbing her thumb over the head of Jimmie’s hard dick, with each of his thrusts upwards. “Then you dropped your shorts, pushed him down on the sofa and put his big dick inside your pussy while you were on top. You wanna know the best part??” He was fully enraged now, but kept going. With each breath he drew, Kim felt lower and lower.
“I heard you beg this guy to cum inside you.” He then reached down, unbuttoned his pants, slid the zipper down and placed her hand on his now bare cock. He ****** her hand up and down his shaft. His tirade continued upon her without giving her any chance to respond. “Maybe it’s your turn to be the black sheep of the family!”

She was still not sure what was happening. The world began to spin in her head. She did not know what to tell him to make him stop berating her.

She was now aware of her hand and what he was forcing it to do. She was no longer feeling the emotion of his voice, instead she was feeling the juices of her pussy flowing. His words continued to come strong and hard, but she barely heard them. Instead her body reacted with lust. It no longer mattered who he was or what he was. Kim’s mind was now being controlled by her unquenched lust.

Kim has always been an exhibitionist, and Jimmie’s retelling of the story was making her horny. She soon realized that she was stroking his cock voluntarily, of her own accord. Still she listened intently.

“After he came inside of you, you bent over, spread your pussy lips and let him see the cum flowing out of your pussy. You know what?” He raged, “if you’re going to fuck around on your husband, I need to take care of me too. You don’t want this getting out, believe me, you don’t want that happening."

She barely noticed him saying anything at all, other than the words he shouted about her taking care of him.

“Look at this!” he shouted, drawing her attention to her hand stroking his engorged cock. “Lick it!”

Stunned, she had no idea how to react to this situation. It was happening so fast.

“Now!" he demanded.

Calmly Kim lowered her head over his cock and licked away the pre-cum that had formed. Without further instructions, she began stroking his cock with her hand.

She jumped when he shouted at her. “No fuck that, suck it!” He reached up and grabbed the back of her head and pushed her mouth over and down his cock. He quickly released her head. He let out a loud groan, feeling the warmth of her mouth on his cock.

There was little of the real world being made aware to Kim at this point. Her internal muscle memory of giving so many men head had kicked in. She was completely consumed in her own erotic state. She had little awareness nor self control at this point. She was enthusiastically sucking on her nephew’s cock. She then realized that she was extra turned on by that fact, and at the same time she was aware that she felt no shame in the act.

She made sweet love to his cock, with her mouth. Each time his cock slid it down her throat, she felt that familiar ping within her pussy, driving her closer to orgasm. That little ping feeling gets a little longer and a little stronger. When those pings become harder and faster, she will begin to 'feel the sound'. Kim has always described her orgasm as a sustained musical note that gets louder as it approaches from far away. Kim is now fully entranced with her nephew’s cock in her mouth, like he was any one of the guys she had sucked off in recent years.

She really loves sucking cock. Giving head makes her pussy wet. She enjoys sucking dick almost as much as when it’s in her pussy. She is a true cock worshipper. She literally makes love to men’s dicks with her mouth.

Jimmie began moaning. She could only hear it as some other worldly sound from deep within her cock-sucking trance. Up and down, her head bobbed in a slow rhythmic pattern as she sucked Jimmie’s cock. “You love my cock don’t you?” he demanded.

“Mrhff hrfff.” was all Kim could manage to reply with her mouth stuffed with his cock.

Jimmie’s face formed into a scowl. He grabbed his Aunts hair from behind and jerked her head upwards as to see her eyes. His cock was still shoved into her throat. “Now you’re going to fuck me, aren't you?” he snarled.

Her eyes grew large. She shook her head to say yes. She tried to say the word but 'hrmmm!' was all she could say.

Jimmie relaxed the hold he had on Kim’ neck while his cock slipped back out of her throat. She slipped his cock completely out of her mouth. She looked him in the eyes. “Yes, I'm going to fuck you, Jimmie.” She reached out her hand and grabbed Jimmie’s cock.

Kim stared her nephew in the eyes as she fed his hard cock back into her wet mouth. Jimmie looked down as his cock disappeared into her throat. “You’re going to swallow the first load. Do you understand?" Jimmie demanded.

“Ummmmm hmmmm olll gaw”, was her response. Jimmie reached down and squeezed her ample breasts hard. She pulled her bra off with one hand, giving Jimmie unrestricted access to her big titties.

You have to understand that once her mouth reaches a cock, she gets into her own zone within her brain. She shuts out all emotion, sound, and focuses on practicing what she loves. She is laser focused on the way the cock fills her mouth. The texture of the skin on her tongue and in her mouth. She focuses on all the textures, taste, smell, length, and girth of the cock.

She stares at the cock she’s worshipping. She’s visually enjoying its beauty. She’s become a black cock slut. She’s at the point where she only fucks young black guys with huge tools. But today, she was having something less exotic, something a little closer to home. And in her mind, she didn’t care who he was.
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