1573234c64095f96308f000d7f40231a.27~2.jpgGloria had married Jake at the age of 18, as a virgin. Jake was a 49 yr old Canadian ex-pat working for an international engineering firm on govnt highways projects. They met at church. She was very religious, a good Catholic girl. He was less so but enjoyed the weekly open air services where there were always nice polite women to meet. He had hoped to find some frustrated spinsters or widows for some regular sex after a friend had found such luck.

Indeed it was so. His charm and good looks worked and over several years he found that even the most conservative Filipinas have a hot pussy just waiting for a big white cock to use it and fill. He managed to spread the legs of no less than 5 women before he eyed Gloria, a picture of innocent Pinay beauty. No more than 4ft 7ins, slim and angelic, she triggered that fatherly sexual instinct in many men.

Jake new she'd not be up for casual sex but he made friends with her in any case. In fact he fell in love and proposed marriage. He figured he'd like a family and someone to care for him in older age. Her father was delighted to have a secure future for his daughter with this 49 yr old Canadian who was 11 yrs older than himself.

Given she was a virgin, whereas Jake had been fucking around the flesh pots of Asia for 23 years, he became not only the master in their marriage but the teacher and master in their bedroom. Her mother had already instructed her that pleasing her husband in bed was one of her main duties and that she should follow his teachings and never refuse his wishes.

And so it was that Jake indulged in the delights of instructing a young girl into his sexual ways. She learnt to massage his penis and balls like an expert, give blow jobs like a pro. She learnt that Jake enjoys cumming across her face, a kind of blessing. All these things she became expert at and enjoyed, knowing that it pleased her husband. In fact she came to be fond of his penis and balls, often talking with them as playmates.

But when it came to fucking, Gloria entered another world. She wanted babies of course and she was looking forward to making some. In fact she would go on to produce 8. But she had never realised that sex could be so pleasurable for a woman. Initially it was a struggle for her small frame and pussy to accommodate Jake. He towered over her at 6ft 2ins and weighed 15.5 stones to her 6.75. But the biggest surprise for her was his cock. At 8.5 ins long and 2.5 ins wide it was a challenge for any woman but for Gloria it seemed a monster.

Nevertheless, Jake knew how to prepare a vagina for his cock and made love to her so well that Gloria was soon finding his cock to be source of endless pleasure orgasms. She couldn't believe how it filled her and how satisfied she felt submitting her body to Jake. She became convinced their sex was graced by God for it to be so good. She started to live for it, eager for the next opportunity for Jake to penetrate her pussy and fill her vagina with fertile sperm.

As the years went by and the family expanded she didn’t lose her desire. In fact it grew more intense. She started to hunger for sex. She'd wear sexy underwear for Jake and discovered the courage to say words in bed she'd never imagined.... Cock, pussy, cunt, fuck, cum. However, as she entered her 30s and approached her sexual peak, Jake was entering his mid 60s and starting to lose his sexual energy. Whereas before he could satisfy his wife twice daily, he could manage only once max and his cum was just a small trickle. By the time she was 41,he was 72 and his performance and endurance was not enough to satisfy Gloria's insatiable sexual hunger.

She was a good wife and never complained about it. Jake had taught her to masturbate as a show for him and as part of their love making. But her upbringing had instilled a belief that as a solo pleasure it was looked down on by the church. So her sexual pressure rose.

Jake was aware and appreciative of his wife's needs and frustrations. He loved her so much he decided to find a way ahead which would relieve her sexual frustration. He had a plan.... <contd in Chapter 2, soon>
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