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A Woman Who Loves More Men


[Note: Mother Debbie, the famous advisor of cuckold husbands, is the creation of CDE. He has generously let me borrow her in order to help a young woman in need. Thanks CDE!]

Hello, out there in Internet Land. This is Mother Debbie, again. In my little corner of the World Wide Web I'm your sounding board, advisor and provider of motherly advice to those mothers' sons who are in the less endowed crowd. You know who you are.

But today's case is different. It's a follow up to a letter from a young lady some time ago who could not decide which of her lovers she should allow to get her pregnant. I called it: "A Woman Who Loves Men"

I guess today's discussion should be called: "A Woman Who Loves More Men"

Dear Mother Debbie,

Thanks so much for the advice you gave me. Everything has worked out so beautifully! I've got the cutest little pregnant belly and four men who are just crazy about me, waiting on me hand and foot. Antonio brings ajiaco con pollo, which I'm sure one of his many Latina girlfriends must make, and whispers in Spanish and drums out salsa rhythms on my tummy. He says he hopes we'll have a little boy who will be a dancer like him. Rutherford prepares steak and kidney pie (yucky, but it's sweet of him to try) before he gets between my legs and recites Shelly and Keats to "our golden-haired daughter," though I suspect it's mainly an excuse to eat me. Andre doesn't cook, but he massages me and fingers me to glorious orgasms as we listen to Albinoni, Bach, and Telemann. He kisses my belly tenderly and speaks to "his son" in Thai. Leroy isn't as attentive as Antonio, Rutherford or Andre; he just comes over a couple of times a week to fuck my brains out, but, hey, who's complaining. Finally there is my darling husband even though Charles is the only one who can be sure the baby isn't his.

I did what you always say a loving cheating wife should do, Mother Debbie, when she lets other men knock her up: I let Charlie watch. When I was sure I wanted to get pregnant, I called all my lovers together one night with Charlie there. I told then that Charlie and I had decided it was time to start a family (mainly it was me who decided; my Mom was on my case about grandchildren) and that I couldn't play around with them any more. This didn't make then very happy, though Charlie brightened.

Then I explained that from now on I wasn't "playing around;" I was seriously intending to get pregnant. I didn't want any more condoms used; I would NOT be satisfied by just being fingered or eaten to orgasm (although I welcomed being "warmed up" that way); and I would give blow jobs only to help a lover to get hard for a return engagement. In short, for the next few weeks, I wanted to maximize the amount of potent man-spunk going into my fertile little pussy. Consequently, I would no longer spend a night with each one, letting him fuck me as many times as he could. <more groans> Starting that night, I said, I would be pulling a train for them in random order.

Some thought that arrangement gave Leroy an unfair advantage, as he would be able to fuck me four or five times a night whereas others could only get it up two or three times. I pointed out, however, that was exactly the kind of advantage a horny woman intending to get knocked up pronto wants in a man and wants to see passed on to her offspring. It turned out to me less important than the pessimists thought. The idea of making my cute little belly round with a baby inspired all my lovers to unimagined performances. Even Andre seldom failed to be hard for round four, and even if Leroy (or sometimes Antonio or even Rutherford) was up for more, I was usually too tired after five. (Well, you do the math, Mother Debbie; four guys fucking me four or five times a night, making me come two or three times per fuck.) I was exhausted though content when they finished with me. I was so tired and satisfied, I even went to sleep without my vibrator.

My darling Charlie was everything a woman could ask for in a cuckold husband during this time. He bathed me and pampered me and bought me lots of skimpy dresses, revealing tops, fuck-me heels and sexy stockings and lingerie for the session (even though most were totally ruined during the savage fuck-fests). And at each intermission while the boys were getting hard for me again, he wold lick and soothe my battered pussy with his loving tongue and lap away the excess sperm from between my legs. It was Charlie that would gently carry me to bed each night when I was too fucked out to walk, covering me up and putting towels under my butt to absorb the large volume of girl cum and man spunk that leaked out of me all night long. He was so sweet, I couldn't refuse him when he wanted to eat me first thing in the morning before he brought me my breakfast.

Well I didn't have to wait long for results. I missed my period just two weeks after the beginning of the knock-me-up contest, though I didn't tell my lovers for another month. Call me cautious, I wasn't sure I would continue to get so much sex after the boys knew I was pregnant. Finally I broke down and announced that one of them had made a baby in me. They were very happy and relieved; the poor dears were getting haggard from so many hours of sex every night. I think I was taking a toll even on Leroy.

For a week they left me alone with nothing but Charlie's caring mouth and my heavy-duty vibrator to keep me sane, but then we worked out the current arrangement. My lovers take turns coming over each night to "keep me company" (and keep my horny little quim full of semen). I go to sleep each night with my darling husband tenderly sucking my lover's come from my pregnant pussy. I guess I must be the luckiest pregnant cuckolding wife in the world, Mother Debbie, but I'm getting nervous. What do I do after the baby is born? Three of my lovers will be disappointed.

Anything can happen, of course, but you know as well as I do Mother Debbie, that the baby is likely to be black. Although he didn't fuck me many more *times* than the others, Leroy has a huge advantage in the large volume of semen he pumped into me each time and the proximity to my cervix that he deposited it. The semen of my other lovers must have been washed away by his flood when his cum fountain erupted into me or their semen would be tremendously diluted in the jizz lake Leroy left in me each time his baby bomb exploded. And I contributed to the effect, too, as I always came more times and harder and let down more girl juice when Leroy fucked me with that monster cock than with the others. The baby even kicks more when Leroy is fucking me as if he recognizes his Daddy. That was almost confirmed when the ultrasound technician told me I was having a boy and mentioned that the baby seemed to have an unusually large penis.

So how do I keep from loosing my fun, exciting Antonio, my smart, sophisticated Rutherford, and my sweet, sensitive Andre when they realize that it's Leroy's baby that will be nursing at my breasts?


Dear Perplexed,

My what a clever cheating wife you are. I must congratulate you on your forthright organization of the nightly impregnation marathons. The creative way you applied my advice was a stroke of genius. Most cuckolding wives just sneak around, opening their legs to one lover after another until their pants start getting tight. I must also commend you for your foresight. Many women in your position, getting their horny pregnant pussies filled several times every night, would be so fuck-happy they would not consider the future.

You are right, however, to be concerned that your lovers may drift away once they know they've been bested in the "best sperm wins" contest. Men are fickle that way. Moreover, I must caution you that even the father may desert you, especially if he is, as we suspect, this Leroy. Men like Leroy (sorry if this seem stereotypical) seem to prefer getting lots of different white wives pregnant rather than the same one pregnant lots of times. Thus, when the baby is born you could find yourself with no one but Charlie.

Now that's not bad for a few weeks when you are still sore from the delivery. I'm sure Charlie will be delighted to serve as your exclusive non-mechanical source of sexual satisfaction and a husband's soft mouth on your recovering pussy can be a godsend. A little black baby nursing vigorously at your large creamy-white breast and a loving husband's face buried between your legs is one of the most touching family scenes I can imagine. And the orgasms can be fantastic. But sooner or later you are going to need pleasuring by a real cock again, not to mention starting on another baby as soon as possible, and while you are getting your figure back is not the best time to start looking for new lovers.

The solution? Start now.

Take advantage of that sexy belly and those ballooning titties, girl. Get Charlie to take you out to sports bars and dance clubs and night spots. There is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman in a short maternity dress showing off her moist pantiless pussy. And a petite blond with a round belly and double D boobs like yours will attract more men than you can check out with a bar code reader.

Guys just go ape over a horny pregnant woman when they realize her mate is not going to stand in their way. Their rational brain is telling them they can fuck you silly without worrying about getting you pregnant and the pheromones from your steamy cunt are telling their reptile brain you are a guaranteed baby maker when the next time comes. The two brains agree on what is important to you: getting a cock into your needy twat.

Play your cards right, honey, and you will have a whole new crop of men eager to fuck you now and as soon as you are ready after the baby. For your next pregathon you could have so many contestants, Charlie will have to sell tickets!

Happy Baby-making,

Mother Debbie


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