A fictional sequel to the story of my wife being made to cum by a stranger, inspired by comments on that story :)

Lizzie and I emerged into the open air and thanks to the streetlights, as we walked to the car I could see she was very flushed. She took my hand and we walked at a brisk pace to the car, parked in a multi-story a few minutes away.

Neither of us spoke a word as we hurried to the car and got in - me driving as I wasn’t sure Lizzie was in a fit state to concentrate on the road, although I was hardly much better. In the dim interior of the car, I reached over and slipped a hand between her legs. I noticed with some surprise that her knickers were missing.

“You tore them, they’re probably on the floor of the theatre,” Lizzie said. She giggled and then stopped abruptly and caught her breath as I slipped my forefinger easily inside her.

I couldn’t believe how wet she was - although drying now from our walk in the chilly night air, I could feel her cum all over her inner thighs where it had trickled when we stood up.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this wet”, I said, softly.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever been this wet”.

I started to move my finger slowly in and out of her cunt, working two, and then three fingers into her.

Lizzie moaned, closed her eyes, and opened her legs as far as the confines of the car would let her. Freed from the need to be at least a little discreet she gasped for air and rocked her hips to meet my strokes, lifting her arse from the seat while she did so. I used my thumb to find and gently push on her clit, rubbing it each time I pushed into her. My fingers were up to the second knuckle in her cunt and I could tell she was close. I love to watch Lizzie’s face as she cums, her mouth slightly open, occasionally licking her lips with the tip of her tongue, eyes closed.

I was fully focused on my wife, bringing her closer to orgasm, when I noticed movement outside the passenger window of the car. A man, partly in darkness but, I would guess, between 40 and 50, a little fat, average height, and pretty much unremarkable to look at, was standing just outside, staring intently at my wife as I finger fucked her.

I didn’t pause for a second - I was immediately hard at the thought of this voyeur staring at my partially naked wife fucking my fingers for all she was worth.

I met his eyes briefly, giving him a quick nod of approval. He nodded back and then returned his gaze to my wife, the slight movement of his head giving away the fact he was repeatedly looking Lizzie up and down, taking in her flushed face and closed eyes, her tits, then onto her thighs, stocking-clad and splayed wide, and finally her dripping cunt, filled with my fingers as I fucked her.

Lizzie had her head turned to her left, supported by the headrest of her seat, which meant the stranger could see her face.

“Lizzie, open your eyes.”, I said, my voice husky with my lust.

“Hmm..?” She managed to make a sound a little like an inquiry.

“Open your eyes.”

Lizzie opened her eyes and found herself staring at the face of the stranger, separated from her by only the thin glass of the car window.

She came instantly, and hard. Gasping for breath, her cunt squeezing and releasing my fingers rhythmically as I felt her cum soak my fingers and hand again, She arched her back and strained her thighs, using her hand to force mine even harder against her, my fingers as deep into her cunt as physically possible.

“Fucking hell..” Lizzie managed as her orgasm started to subside.

Then, a note of concern evident in her voice, “who the hell is that?”

“No idea, but him watching you made you cum hard.”

The stranger tapped gently on the car window. I glanced at Lizzie and pressed the button to roll it down halfway. “Enjoy the show?” I asked. “Fuck, very much so. Also, I think these are yours.”

He reached into his coat pocket and produced Lizzie’s torn and soaked black knickers, trimmed in lace to match her stockings., Lizzie took them and said “Thank you” automatically.

Then, realizing, she said, “Shit - are you…?”

“Yes, I am. I noticed you walking to your car and wanted to return them.”

“I would have kept them.”, I said. “You still can, if you like.” The man looked at Lizzie, who nodded encouragingly and held the knickers back up to the window for him to take and tuck back into his coat pocket.

“You may like to… use them..” Said Lizzie.

The stranger nodded. “Oh, I’ll find a use for them, thank you.”

“Like what?” Said Lizzie, a little teasingly.

“I’ll wrap them around my cock and use them to jerk myself off. I won’t cum in them though - I want them to smell just as they do now. Of you.”

Lizzie moaned a little and breathed, “God. That’s how - I like to think of you doing that.”

I had an idea. “Listen, the top floor of this place will be abandoned at this time of night - I was planning on driving my wife up there and fucking her in the car, would you like to watch?”

Lizzie, a little startled, said, “you were, were you? First I’ve heard of this…plan..”

I didn’t try to persuade Lizzie. She either did or didn’t want this to happen, it was entirely her call. Both the stranger and I watched her face as she seemed to spend forever weighing up my proposal.

“Are there any cameras up there?” She asked.

“Even if there are, we’ll be inside the car, and I’m sure the CCTV operators see that kind of thing far too often to be bothered about it”, I replied.

A few more seconds passed. “OK.”, said Lizzie.

As soon as the word was out of her mouth I started the engine. “See you up there”, I said to the stranger who was, like me, very eager as he was already on his way to the lift.

As we drove up the two or three floors to the roof, the parking spaces became less and less populated until at the very top as I had suspected, we were the only car apart from a clearly abandoned and long-ago pillaged wreck in the far corner.

I parked near the lift doors, keen that the stranger could make a swift exit down the adjacent stairs if he needed to,

Lizzie still had her legs open, her skirt at mid-thigh. Not waiting for the appearance of the stranger, we got into the back seat, Lizzie with her back to me, bending over in the small space, bracing herself against the door. She was wet enough already, so I feverishly dragged my cock from the fly of my jeans and bent over her back, using my hand to guide my rock-hard dick into her cunt. Lizzie moaned as I paused with perhaps an inch of my cock inside her - she knew what was coming as I straightened my back as far as possible, my neck bent against the car roof, and, holding her hips rammed by cock fully into her in one movement.

Lizzie muttered, “Oh - fuck..” And groaned loudly as she pushed her hips and arse back against me, pushing hard to meet every stroke I made. Within a minute at most, I could feel myself starting to cum. Lizzie knew it too, and she gripped my cock with her cunt, driving me on with loud encouragement, “that’s it, fuck me, harder, use me to make yourself cum - come on, do it, cum inside me..”

I love the way Lizzie talks when we fuck and it had the usual effect on me - I strained against her, pushing my cock deep into her one last time, feeling my balls squashed against her arse as I came. And came. And came.

It felt like I was never going to stop. Finally, emptied and spent, I let my cock fall out of Lizzie’s cunt, dripping a mixture of her cum and mine as I leaned back against the door.

“Oh God..”, said Lizzie. I followed her gaze and saw that the stranger, who neither of us had even noticed while we fucked, was holding his long, thick cock in his right hand, using the left to brace himself against the car roof. He had just spent his load, and his cum was sliding down the car window, heavy, thick, and white. There was a lot of it.

Lizzie, breathless, said, “Jesus - he’s still as hard as a rock..”, a little wonder in her voice as she stared at the stranger’s cock, his hand now starting, slowly but firmly, to stroke the length of it once again.

“That’s incredible - so horny”, said Lizzie. “This will be the third time he’s cum in half an hour..”

“Must be what you do to him, darling..”

Suddenly, decisive, urgent, and excited, Lizzie said, “I want him. I’m sorry, darling, but I want that cock,”

Her words were like an electric shock. She’d never fucked another man since we’d been together, as far as I knew. Well, there was the blow-job she gave a young Adonis, ***** on holiday in Greece, but she didn’t fuck him. I know because I was there. Up until now the hottest thing I’d ever seen was as she was on her knees in front of him, pulling his arse towards her with both hands as he held her head to him and I could see her throat working as she swallowed his cum..

“Do it,” I said.

Lizzie opened the car door and stepped out and I got out and settled back into the driver’s seat, assuming Lizzie and the stranger were getting in the back.

Instead, Lizzie took the stranger’s hand and led him to the front of the car. Hiking her skirt to her waist, she bent over the bonnet, her hands braced against the metal, looking straight into my eyes.

The stranger stepped behind her and let his jeans and boxers fall to his knees, allowing his cock more freedom. I glimpsed it briefly between Lizzie’s spread legs as he positioned himself behind her. He was looking down at my wife, obviously finding her cunt with the tip of his cock.

When he pushed into her I thought Lizzie was going to faint - she opened her mouth wide and her head dropped so she could catch her breath and look back at his cock moving in and out of her.

After a minute or so, now comfortable with the size of him, Lizzie started pushing back against him - her hands now flat on the windscreen in front of me, her eyes fixed on mine as the stranger fucked her.

I took my hard-again cock in my hand and started to stroke it. Lizzie couldn’t see my cock, hidden from her eye-line, but she could certainly see what I was doing as my hand moved rapidly up and down on my cock, wet from her cunt.

The stranger’s thrusts were getting faster now - Lizzie was breathing entirely through her mouth - her breath fogging the windscreen with every exhalation. I saw her cum twice - dropping to her elbows on the car bonnet, standing on her tip-toes, and signaling the stranger to wait, to stop for a second, which he did - his face red and his expression strained.

Finally, after 6 or 7 minutes of this, Lizzie started saying her lines, “Yes, that’s good, do it. Cum inside me. I want to feel it - cum for me, cum for me..”

The stranger gave one almighty thrust which pushed Lizzie further up the car bonnet, so far that her feet must have left the ground, said, “fuck”, just once, and came inside my wife.

He withdrew his now softening cock and I saw the cum fall from between Lizzie’s legs to the concrete floor.

We left quickly and I drove home as fast as I dared - there was something I wanted to do.

As soon as we got inside the house and closed the door behind us, I pushed Lizzie gently to the floor in the hallway, spread her thighs, and buried my face in her cunt, lapping at it until I’d made her cum again, but, incredible for me, was covered in a mixture of my cum, the stranger’s, and Lizzie’s own.

We went exhausted, to bed. The next morning I woke up hard and Lizzie recounted the whole evening to me in great detail, especially the parts where she thought the stranger may be too big for her, how it felt when she took the whole thing, and how hard it made her cum, as I fucked her.

I’ll never be able to park on any other floor…
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