This is my first story so I hope it’s not too poorly written. A bit about us, Ally is my Chinese girlfriend 153cm tall and 69kg, at 50 she still has a good figure which I would call petite. Small breasts though they are very sensitive, she has a great arse which is highlighted by a nice pair of tight jeans. She waxes her tight pussy and tells me that my 8’’ cock fills her up. I am Caucasian 52, 194cm tall, 115kg, reasonably fit, and have always considered myself heterosexual.

We met in 2014 through work and have been exclusive until recently. We have always watched porn together, the content started quite vanilla M / F fucking then we started to branch out to FFM, and MMF, With MMF porn Ally, asked if we could include Asian women in the porn we watched, we did and I noticed she got wet. On one occasion the porn included a black man with a huge cock fucking an Asian woman. During the video, the camera panned to show her husband watching wanking himself from the cupboard. Ally got soo horny seeing this that she wanted me to fuck her immediately. I must admit it turned me on as well and after a short pounding, we both finished quickly compared to our normal sessions. We didn’t talk about how horny she got from watching the porn video and went to sleep. The next day Ally asked, Did you enjoy the black guy fucking the Asian woman?"

"It was hot and he had a huge cock."

"Did you see the man watching, do you think that was her husband?"

"I think it was."

Ally paused and then asked, "Did you like that part?"

"It was hot."

We went about our day, though I thought about Ally’s interest in the porn that we watched many times during the day, and each time I would be rock hard. Ally messaged me 'I hope you will be home early?' I was horny as fuck so responded ‘for sure.’ When I got home Ally jumped me as I came in, I had never seen her so horny. We went straight to the bedroom and Ally turned on a porn video depicting a tiny Asian woman being fucked by a big black man while the white husband held her hand. He had no condom as he pounded her pussy. Ally grabbed my cock, "WOW you are soo hard." I started playing with her pussy she was extremely wet. As we continued to watch the porn video. I thought I’d push things a little further, so while we were playing and watching I asked, "Do you like the big black cock?"

Straight away she responded, "Mmm yes," I nearly lost my load at that point. I took her hand away from my cock turned Ally around so she could still watch the porn and did her doggy. Ally was slamming back on my cock and like a slut said, "Fuck me harder," The black guy in the video sped up his pounding and I did the same, he drove into her pussy fully and shot his load into her, I came at that same time filling Ally. Ally kept watching the porn as I pulled out, she then started rubbing her clit hard and fast without taking her eyes off the screen. When the black man finished and moved away the husband moved in and started eating his wife’s pussy while she was kissing the black man, it was really hot to watch.

Ally kept watching more porn with the same theme, Asian wives/girlfriends being fucked by BBC while her partner watched. One video she watched had a couple chatting online to a black man to arrange a possible meet. The black man mentioned he had a BBC friend that might also be interested in joining. The wife showed her husband the message and he got very excited, they met at a bar and went to a hotel where the two black men fucked the Asian wife for ages while the hubby watched. Ally was ready to go again and grabbed my cock telling me to fuck her. She positioned herself on her back with her legs spread so she could still watch the video, I fucked her and watched her not take her eyes off the screen, she was so horny. We had discussed the possibility of bringing toys into our activity on multiple occasions so when we finished I raised the possibility again, Ally was very quick to say, "OK, let’s do it, but you chose what we get."

"Great, I’ll have a look tomorrow for something," Ally watched porn for a little while longer then turned it off and we went to sleep.

The next day I went to an adult store in the next town to look for what might be suitable toys. I decided on a small bullet vibrator, a white dildo similar in size to my cock, and a big black dildo that was very thick and 10’’ long. The store attendant smiled at me when I went to pay for the items, I thought it was a knowing type smile a sort of I know what your girlfriend likes.

That night Ally wanted to go to bed early. She turned on similar cuckold-themed porn and asked me did I get something for her today. I smiled and showed her the vibrator (little interest), the white dildo (a little smile) then the BBC dildo (her eyes lit up). I asked which would she like to use, though had a fair idea. She asked me to use the white one first then she wanted to try the BBC dildo. She was very wet and continued to watch the porn while I worked the white dildo in and out of her pussy eventually inserting the whole length. After a few minutes, she asked me to try the BBC dildo. This excited me I applied some lube to the end and held it to her pussy lips. As soon as it touched her she sighed with pleasure. I slowly started to work the monster into her pussy inch by inch. Her eyes went from the video to the dildo multiple times. I finally had around 8’’ inside and Ally was telling me how big it was. I pulled it fully out and tried to get a little more in each stroke. She couldn’t take the entire length and climaxed quickly, her whole body shook, later she said it was a fantastic orgasm.

This went on every day for the next week, I couldn’t help but think Ally was possibly using the dildo during the day. I came home early on Friday and sure enough there she was on the bed watching Asian and BBC cuckold porn while using the BBC dildo. She didn’t see me so I watched from outside the bedroom, surprised as she was getting nearly the entire length inside her. When she finished she went to have a shower and when she was in there I announced my arrival home through the ensuite door.

After her shower, she walked out naked with me sitting on the bed. I asked if she would like to fuck she nodded yes. I got out the BBC dildo and began to use it on her pussy. I was able to almost get the full length in her and made her climax before going down on her, Ally grabbed my head pulling it in hard against her pussy after we fucked, it was really hot how her pussy felt a little looser than normal, when we finished and were lying on the bed I thought I’d push a little further; it excites me to think about another man fucking her while I watched. I brought up how horny she gets from the cuckold porn we watched and the BBC dildo and asked if she ever consider doing it for real? Initially, she said no, but then asked, "Would I enjoy watching?"

"I think I would." She grabbed my cock and smiled feeling I was hard again. I told her there are sites where we could maybe chat with guys if she wanted to. She rolled on top of me and grabbing my dick directed it into her very wet pussy. "Would you get angry?"

"No, I think I might like it."

"OK, but you start the chat," she then rode me to climax like a mad woman.

The next day I subscribed to a swingers site posting an ad describing who we were and what we were looking for. I showed Ally who was initially embarrassed. That night we had around 20 responses, and we read them together with both of us getting more and more horny. We responded to 2 men and yes one was black, they both responded within an hour and we started chatting with them. Ally took control of the chats, I noticed she was showing more interest in the black man, each night we would read the chats together and each day they got more erotic. Finally, he asked to meet and Ally and I agreed to meet in public first to see if there was a connection. We are in region NSW and Peter was in Melbourne, we planned a date to meet in the next 2 weeks, and Ally, regularly asked, "Are you ok with this?"

I always said, "Yes."

The actual meeting is another story.
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