The Devil in Brigit

Jamie loved his life, his job and the way that everything had worked out for him since he had left college. True, he hadn't excelled academically, developed any great technical skills or could say that he was clever with his hands in a practical way but none of that mattered for his future was set and he didn't need many qualifications to succeed at what he loved doing, that is, managing his mother's bed and breakfast business.

The family hotel, located in the Peak District, was regarded as being 'his mother's business' inasmuch as his father, who had established the concern, had disappeared many years ago. Rumours had it that he had fallen foul of the law and had emigrated to avoid the consequences; other tales said that he had died; another story overheard by Jamie was that his father had run off with another woman. Whatever the reason, his muddle-headed mother was left to pick up the pieces and she hated it, she was never cut-out to run anything let alone something which had the complexities required to take care of other people's needs. However, there were bank loans to be repaid, a mortgage to be serviced and also a certain standard of living to be maintained so she did the best she could. The gratitude she held towards Jamie when he made the seamless graduation from college into a competent manager of the business was boundless.

She was relieved that he had so willingly picked up the mantle of the role and was soon confident enough to leave him alone to run things the way he wanted which suited Jamie very well. Thereafter she had very little input as to how things were done and would only occasionally make suggestions as to improvements. One such suggestion she made was that they could do with employing someone to assist with the domestic tasks around the place.

Jamie agreed.

Mother knew of someone who would fit the bill.


Jamie had been both bemused and intrigued by Brigit ever since it had been suggested by his mother that assistance was needed in the family-run bed and breakfast hotel. She had arrived unannounced under suspicious circumstances, Jamie thought, but all that he had managed to glean was that there had been 'a bit of unpleasantness' back in her native Ireland and, mother, a distant relative to Brigit's mother, had agreed that she could travel to England and have somewhere to stay so as to avoid matters 'back home' becoming more of a scandal.

When she wasn't working as a maid around the hotel she would keep pretty much to herself in the room that mother had provided on the top floor or she would be off to the church in the nearby village where she attended Mass or, it was thought, she was helping out in parish matters and generally being a good catholic girl. One way or another, although she lived with them, he didn’t see too much of her and his contacts were normally limited to providing her with clean bedding from the laundry room, 'his store', and for him sort out the recycling from the rubbish she had gathered from the rooms she cleaned.

Since she had been there she had never initiated a conversation although he noticed that she had often been looking at him as he went about his work so perhaps, he thought, she was just overcome with shyness at being in a strange land. The other thing that he noticed (and she had no idea that he was looking) was how when she tended to the laundry that she would stand close against the top corner of the washing machine when it clicked onto the spin cycle. As the old machine vibrated and bounced on the floor Brigit would be positioning herself just so and the smooth corner was undoubtedly providing similar sensations that she enjoyed from her fingers when she was alone in her room. Not that Jamie had any evidence for her room was one which he was unable to spy on, not like the other guest accommodations which backed onto the passageway leading from his laundry store.

For his part he was unsure whether to pursue the acquaintance beyond the limited times that their work together present. There was no doubting that she had a certain attraction and a body that deserved much closer attention. He guessed that she must a couple of years older than himself, maybe early 20s. She had short dark, no, black hair, now he looked closer, and breasts which seemed to be unnaturally restrained in her white nylon overall to the extent that she was unable to properly button the housecoat. There was a swell to her hips which the normally shapeless overall only accentuated and it was clear that she wore very little beneath the working garment and there were times when her nipples were distinctly pressing through the thin layer. He liked that.

If she was aware of what was going through his mind as she fleetingly passed by then she didn't show it. Jamie didn't press for closer contact but nevertheless he had begun to include her in his many fantasies and, no wonder, for the cleavage she displayed only confirmed to him that her breasts must be aching to be stroked and caressed by his busy fingers. As for her fanny, he had to use his imagination to a greater extent but given the sights he had enjoyed as he watched her pressed against the washing machine he had no trouble bringing a few examples to mind as he mentally undressed her.

Just lately, as if in answer to his unspoken thoughts, his opportunities to examine her began to increase for she had begun to linger when collecting sheets and pillow-cases. Her reasons for doing so confused him at first for she never had much in the way of conversation and he had only ever heard her mumble the odd good morning or such whenever they passed. But now she had taken it into her mind to ask him odd questions about such things as his belief in Heaven, Hell and the Devil and other such things.

At first he didn’t take too much notice mainly because he didn’t understand the questions and then again as his own family didn’t hold particularly strong religious views his ******** to the whole concept of a greater God and all that other stuff hadn’t had a strong field in which to develop. Whether she sensed this, he was unsure, but recently her persistence had developed to the extent that he almost began to dread the moments when he had to spend the odd few minutes with her such was the intensity of her inquisition and he never knew what to say. However, he was prepared to suffer for it gave him the opportunity to give those magnificent breasts a lingering look for she seemed totally ******* of the focus of his attention as she stood in front of him.

After a while he began to suspect that it was in recognition of his ignorance that she had become so persistent and perhaps she felt she was on some kind of missionary duty to save his lost soul. However, knowing her to be not too bright he felt that was unlikely as she never seemed to be able to get beyond the Devil and Hell queries and her grasp of other aspects of the faith seemed to be a bit hazy when he had inadvertently responded in what he thought was an innocent fashion. Given the limited extent of her knowledge he began to relax and to accept what his mother had advised, that she was a little lacking in intellect but was a nice girl who needed a bit of company and understanding to get her through some past trauma, which is why she is here.

It was then that he began to suspect that it was this preoccupation with the Devil and Hell that might be part of her problem and remembering what his mother had said about being considerate he asked her to explain what exactly it was he should be concerned about. She was almost began to cry with relief that at last, after so many attempts at getting him to respond in what she regarded as a positive way, he had asked the right sort of question.

“You’re a strong, young boy,” she said in her soft Irish brogue “and I know what happens to young boys as they grow into men and how the Devil takes possession of their thoughts. My priest explained it all to me.”

Jamie was felt somewhat uncomfortable with her direct manner which seemed totally at odds with what he had previously experienced in her company. She continued, “Have you reached an age where you suffer from the manifestation of his works? Are you troubled by lewd thoughts?”

He was taken aback by the question mainly because he neither understood what she was talking about in a general sense or because she was using words which were out of the range of her normal vocabulary. Guardedly he said that he didn’t think so and that he tried to be good, especially to animals. This response didn’t entirely satisfy her and she persisted. “Do you not have to hide yourself away and purge yourself of his evil because he has entered your body and caused unnatural changes.” Again Jamie was unsure of what she was specifically talking about but felt that there was no harm in inviting her to explain. With no hesitation whatever she continued.

“My Priest has shown me what happens to men when the Devil is about and what pain he causes to them. He has shown me how the swelling of their parts is a direct consequence of his wickedness entering their minds and how it is the reason for women to save them by putting the Devil back into Hell and to make the world a safer place”.

Jamie became distinctly uneasy at the realisation of what she was talking about. Especially as all this explanation was accompanied by her distinct and definite gaze upon the front of his trousers.

“Well,” she said, “are you of an age when the Devil visits you and causes you to swell and give you pain?” He remained silent and blushed. “I thought so.” she said triumphantly. “I’ve been watching you for some time and the state of your sheets when I’ve changed your bed only confirms it. You’re a poor, poor boy who’s been struggling alone and you need some help.”

He thought about explaining an alternative view about swellings, reasons for women, etc. but her line of thought had a certain appeal and Jamie decided to let her expand; especially the reasons for the women bit. “What should I be doing about it, then?”, he asked tentatively.

“Oh, you poor sweet boy. You don’t have to do anything about it. That’s why I’m here. To help you and others to put the Devil back into Hell. Just like my Priest says.” Suddenly religion for Jamie took on a whole new meaning.

“He told me that when the Devil comes into man it causes that thing between your legs to rise and to swell up. It’s true, he showed me how it happens to him. Imagine, a Priest, a good man and all being affected like that.

“There are other signs as well. The Devil makes men get short of breath and become awful flushed. It’s a terrible sight to see”, she said. “At first I didn’t know what to do to help but he was kindness itself and gave me instruction and now I understand what needs to be done and I know now why we women are so different to you men and the reason why we don’t have such an awful thing to contend with. We have been provided with the Hell to make a Heaven here on earth”.

Jamie couldn’t believe his ears. One moment he was dealing with a shy reserved young domestic servant who hardly knew how to string two words together; now he had a passionate female before him explaining in an oblique fashion matters which were dear to his heart and seemed to be showing not the slightest embarrassment whilst doing so. He decided to pursue her version of events further.

“If you don’t have such a thing, Brigit, what is it that the priest explained to you that you have instead?”

“The gateway to Hell, that’s what he called it. It’s all covered in hair, you know, and is difficult at times to find. It’s a slitty kind of thing”, she said, “not at all like what you have. It’s is perfectly formed to take the Devil and to send him back to where he belongs. That’s what the priest said and I have helped him send him back many times. He said I am a saint to do what I do and the world is a much more heavenly place after we are done with it”.

Jamie listened wide-eyed and realised that the only thing that the priest was doing was taking advantage of someone who knew no better. Still, what was good for the priest ought to be good enough for him he thought!

“Did the priest say it was only him who was so afflicted or did he say that other men suffer similar swellings?”.

“Well now, I’m not certain that he knew that for he made no mention but I know that you, poor boy, have suffered the agonies and you are such a good boy to your mother that it seems only right that I should help you as well. As is my duty”, she hastily added. “Come to my room the next time the growing starts and we’ll try to send Lucifer back where he belongs.”

The sight of her heaving bosom as she spoke with such passion and the thoughts which she had been encouraging had already caused his cock to begin to swell. “Brigit, it's started already”, he said.

“Then we best be quick”, she whispered conspiritally and taking him by the hand led him along the passageway to her room.

Once inside the room which was located at the back of the house, away from prying ears, she locked the door and knelt down in front of him and began to undo his clothes. “My Priest says that we must not take too long for it can be the Devil’s plan to spread his venom before he gets into Hell and everyone will know that he has been here and the place will be seen as unclean.”

He wasn’t too sure what she was talking about but as she had by now released his swelling cock from the restriction of his trousers and was handling him in a not too unpleasurable fashion he decided not to interrupt what was an unexpected moment.

“Let me show you what dear God has given me to take away your pain. I don’t believe it to be a pleasant sight and the priest said that I should not be telling too many people about it for what we are having to do as they would surely expect a man of the cloth to be above such temptation”.

She turned from him and finding a towel placed it on the floor in the middle of the room.

She turned her back to him and in a deliberately fashion undid the few buttons which held together her housecoat. As the overall was removed he noted that all she was wearing beneath was her bra and panties. These she also removed with the same deliberation so that all that remained was the earrings and cheap necklace she always wore.

She turned and sat on the floor before him leaning back against a chair. In all his short experience of surveying the female form, he had never seen such an abundance of pubic hair which surrounded her cunt. He was astounded at the view that she presented before him. There was a total lack of embarrassment on her part as she laid her head back on the chair and with her hands beneath her she pulled apart the black -fringed mass to reveal the inner recess of her pussy.

“There’s the entrance to Hell”, she said.

The sight of this cunt before him with the luxuriant fur surrounding it caused his cock to pulse even more strongly. She glanced at him and licked her lips.

“Quickly, you poor boy”, she said, “ get your clothes away and put that Devil into my Hell before it causes you any more pain”.

Jamie tore off the remainder of his clothes all the while his cock rigidly bobbing up and down before him as he moved. His balls had never felt so heavy and he almost stumbled and fell on top of her as he awkwardly stepped out of his pants as they tangled around his feet. She held up a helping hand to steady him and at last he was unencumbered. He stepped over and stood before her, his prick pointing directly at her face. She sat forward and made as if she was going to kiss it but, disappointedly for him, proceeded to cross herself in the manner of someone standing before an altar and uttered a prayer before sliding down from her sitting position to lay back on the towel.

“Come on”, she gasped, “let us make sure that he goes away and doesn’t bother you again”. She spread her legs and with hands either side of her gaping cunt encouraged him to kneel between her and to shove his cock into the juicy maw.

He leaned forward and the bulbous end of his cock nestled between the lips of her cavernous cunt. He could feel the warmth radiating from her and was aware of the smooth wetness which began to coat his tool as he slowly pushed into her. She gave a sigh as he began to penetrate beyond the outer lips and a look of joy and gratitude began to spread across her face as he felt himself going deeper inside her warmth.

“Oh, how big he has made you”, she panted, as he thrust even deeper. “Make him pay for his wickedness. Push harder, push, push..”.

Jamie did as he was bidden and began to shove back and forth with a steady rhythm. Brigit responded with each thrust by telling him to push but as he continued to fuck her the word began to change until she could only exhale with a curious hissing noise. It was clear that despite her claims to be helping him rid himself of demons that there was a certain amount of pleasure being gained on her part.

As her moans increased so did the wetness she held inside. He felt like he was stirring his cock in a warm bath and as his body pushed against her so he became aware of a spluttering sound each time his cock plunged into her. She was soaking and the wetness oozed from her to smear his stomach and groin with every thrust.

With a gurgling cry she began to buck against him even harder. “Come on you fiend”, she hissed, “get that wicked nectar from your body. Give it to me to send back to hell”.

Even as she began this strange litany he felt the beginnings of his climax approaching. She continued to mutter in the same vein but then reverted back to her previous hissing and grunting and then, without warning, she lifted herself up on her elbows and clasped him both with her legs around his waist and her arms around his back, squashing him against her breasts. Her timing was absolutely perfect for the action caused her cunt to grasp his cock even more firmly and for her rigid nipples pressed against his chest. The effect upon him was instantaneous as he felt the surge begin to flow.

She, for her part, was also beginning to feel the magical moment of climax approaching and it was simultaneously that he felt his sperm gushing and pumping into her as she gave a cry of intense joy as she likewise experienced that exquisite moment of consummate pleasure. He thought that he would never stop and, indeed, Brigit seemed to be in no hurry for him to withdraw as she continued to clasp him to her heaving breasts.

Eventually she stopped writhing beneath him and opening her eyes she surveyed his face and asked, “did you feel the pain go and the heavenly feelings take their place? Did you feel the spit of his venom as it flew from your body?”.

Jamie didn’t answer, mainly because he was still trying to get his breath back after having experienced the best fuck he had ever had.

“You poor boy”, she said. “I can see that you have been sorely affected. Get yourself up and we’ll see what’s what”.

Jamie tentatively rose from her supine form and felt his cock slowly slide out from her sopping pussy. Strings of his cum mingled with whatever juices she had produced and they remained so connected as he got to his knees.

“Oh, good boy, praise the lord, look the Devil has left you. You have gone back to your nice soft self again. It is just like the priest said”. She got to her feet and knelt down before him, her tits still tantalisingly heaving in sympathy with her breathing as she sought to compose herself.

She produced a flannel from a wash bag and carefully removed from his limp cock the traces of their combined juices. “There that should do it”, she said as she examined him for any missed evidence. “Now get your clothes back on and don’t forget, anytime you feel that the Devil is about to tempt you again, you come and find me and we’ll drive him away together”.

Jamie staggered from her room not knowing if he had really fallen on his feet with regard to having a readily available woman anytime he felt the urge or if he was the object of an incredibly devious girl who had discovered a way of satisfying her own sexual urges.

Who cares!

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