My wife Jen works downtown, and commutes by the express bus from our home in the 'burbs. Nearly every day she rides the same bus to and from downtown. But occasionally her work schedule gets rearranged by one crisis or another at the office.

This was one of those days, and she had to ride a later bus. This one was far more crowded, and not being her usual Express Bus, made several stops along the route. It was already nearly filled to capacity when Jen got on, so she was ****** to stand in the aisle. As more commuters crowded in at the next stop she was ****** back toward the rear of the bus, finally finding herself packed in among a group of rowdy black college boys. They apparently belonged to the same Frat house or at least the same college, as they all wore jerseys with the same logo.

When the bus moved into traffic my wife was jostled against one of the boys. She mumbled an apology, but he just grinned and seemed to welcome her pressing against him. My wife is a cute blonde, 5'6, 34c tits, 135 lbs, with great legs and an ass to match. The college boy she was pressed against was about 6 ft, muscular and athletic looking.

Traffic was congested, lots of stops and starts which served to jostle my wife against the tall young man, or his companion on her other side, another athletic black who looked her up and down appreciatively and grinned at her.

Jen felt something hard pressing against her round ass, and realized she was pushed back against a third guy, shorter than his friends by a few inches, and a bit heavier set. With a start she realized he pushing his boner against her ass.

It was early autumn, and still warm. Jen had worn one of her favorite sundresses to work, navy blue with white polka-dots, with buttons down the front. It was also quite short, and showed off her legs to good effect. Right now she was wishing she hadn't worn it.

Holding her purse and lap top computer bag left her with no free hands to push away the black hands groping her legs and ass from three sides. She glanced nervously around the see if someone might offer help, or even take notice, but most seemed absorbed with their phones or paperbacks. One older black lady was glaring at her, then shook her head in disgust and went back to her newspaper.

Those busy black hands were now slipping up under her dress, rubbing her thighs and grabbing her ass. OMG! One of the young jocks pushed his hand between her legs and was rubbing her panty crotch! But struggle as best she could, there seemed no escape and no rescue.

The guy behind her reached around and groped at her tits, kneading and squeezing them, then tweaking her nipples. The hand at her crotch had slipped under the legband of her panties, and rubbing her clitty.

Despite her humiliation, or maybe because of it, Jen felt her body responding to the unwanted attention, and she realized she was getting wet down there. The fingers continued between her cunt lips, now pushing up into her slippery vagina. Trying to twist away only made things worse, as now two fingers were stuffed up into her. The black male on her other side had stopped molesting her tits, but only because he was unbuttoning the front of her sundress!

Now her bra was *******, if anyone cared to look, and her matching white satin bikini panties. Worse still, Jennifer could feel the excitement building between her legs from the guy's eager fingers plundering her now soaked cunt meat. She was sure the other commuters nearby could hear the wet, squishy sounds his fingers were making as the jammed in and out of her twat, and her soft, weak moans.

The young man who had unbuttoned her dress now returned to mauling her tits, pausing just long enough to unfasten the front clasp of her bra and bare her tits for his fingers, then his lips.

My god, wasn't anyone paying attention?? Were they just going to let these black college jocks sexually assault a white wife and mother on a public bus?? Yes!! Apparently they were...

Behind her, the third frat boy started fumbling with her panties. Working to get them pulled down he finally just ripped them apart at the side seams. Now they had unrestricted access to Jennifer's pussy. The frat boy's fingers stuffed in and out of her cunt harder, strong hands groped her tits, and now the third guy slipped his fingers into her pussy too.

It was more stimulation than the white wife handle! With a low moan Jen felt herself cumming, hard and violently. Gushes of cunt juice coated the hands in her pussy and her legs quivered, barely able to hold herself up.

OMG! Yet another black guy now crowded in, taking Jen's hand and wrapping it around his boner. Mindlessly she began to jerk it up and down.

An older black man had been watching these college boys molest the helpless wife from his seat. Would he step in to help her? NO! In fact he had his phone out and was recording everything that happened! He stood up and he pulled out his very large erection. Jen was spun around and pulled back onto his hard black cock. Her legs were ****** wide and he started fucking her deep and hard. Bent over at the waist, a cock was shoved in her mouth, and whoever it was began vigorously face-fucking her.

She had cocks in both hands now, jacking them as best she could while being buffeted between the man fucking her cunt and the jock fucking her face. The guy in her mouth came first, pulling his dick out he sprayed his big load across the blonde's sweaty face before shoving it back to have her nurse out the last few spurts. Almost immediately another cock filled her mouth and the humiliation continued. One of the cocks in her hands ejaculated next, splashing sperm on her bare tits and dress. Other commuters glanced over with mild interest, many also taking a few pix with their phones, or video recording the pretty blonde being defiled right in front of them.

Now the older man fucking her cunt started really thrusting, and with a loud grunt unloaded his fat nuts deep up inside Jen's twat! She could only mew softly in protest as he filled her pussy with his sperm, before pulling out and stepping aside for the next black cock.

Jen was spun around and pushed down onto the man's vacant seat. Another cock stuffed into her sloppy twat and the fucking resumed. Several more black men who had also been enjoying her shame now moved in and stood to either side, slowly jerking themselves erect. Some waited for their turn in the blonde wife's cunt, others just jerked themselves off on her face or bare tits. Eyes squeezed shut, Jen lost track of how many black cocks pleasured themselves in or on her.

Finally the bus arrived at the Transit Station. the crowd shuffled off the bus and off to their evenings, leaving Jennifer sprawled across the back seat in a puddle of sperm and semen, humiliated and degraded. The Transit cop on duty was called and she could hear him saying "Oh geeez. Another one!"

Later, in the room that served as the Transit Police office, he and his buddies would review the body cam video he had recorded of poor Jennifer leaking globs of jizz from her gang-banged pussy. Her face and upper body were coated in sperm and semen, making her look almost glazed. Her eyes were kind of vacant, but there was also a faint smile on her slimey mouth. It would likely not be the last time she rode that bus....
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