I found her in a backroom down on her knees, her black-painted lips wrapped around the dark pole of a stranger. Her mouth slid back and forth, gagging on its thick length, and on either side of her stood two other guys, her hands wrapped around their cocks and frantically jerking them off. The multitude of silver bracelets and chains adorning her wrists jangled and clacked noisily, drowned out occasionally by the continued sounds of her sloppy blowjob.

None of them paid attention to me when I entered, too busy engaged in their sexual debauchery. It wasn’t until after I shut the door and she pulled off the dick spearing her face that she turned my way, a lecherous smile on her pretty face. Smudged black mascara lined her gray eyes, streaks of it running down her cheeks. She could have gotten the waterproof kind, but she enjoyed how it looked when she got her face fucked. So did I.

“Hey,” she said, gasping and struggling for breath. Despite being almost fully flat-chested, she appeared sinfully hot with her naked breasts heaving with every deep intake of air. “Go ahead and jack off. Just make sure you cum in the trash.”

With that, my girlfriend turned her eyes away from me, leaned toward the black dick on her right and shoved her face onto it.

I always had a thing for goth chicks, so when I met Brittany, I fell for her instantly. Mesh tops with black tape over her nipples. Tight black jeans that appeared painted onto her fit thighs and round butt. And calf-length boots that gave extra height to her five foot three frame. A college goth with a cheerleader name already seemed unique and special. One obsessed with black cock was downright impossible to pass up.

Brittany told me about her preference for black men the moment I asked her out. She said she loved how black looked on her and I told her that I liked how it looked as well.

“No,” she clarified, “not just black clothes. Black hands on my pale skin. Black cocks in my white mouth. Black dicks fucking my white cunt. I love how it looks.”

“Me too,” I told her.

She laughed and said, “If you’re okay with it then fine. Yeah, I’ll go out with you.”

I kissed her and she explained that was as far as I’d ever get to go with her. Her mouth, her pussy, her ass was only for black cocks. Eventually she’d even have a black baby. All I would get was to kiss her and watch — and throw my cum in the trash.

I found out how serious she was less than an hour later when I went over to her apartment to find her on her back getting railed by one of her black classmates. It was the first time I saw her naked and any doubt about my fascination with her or how good she looked getting fucked by black dick, fluttered away in that moment.

“Who the fuck is that?” the guy asked while I stood there gaping at them. He didn’t break rhythm, continuing to pound a ten-inch black baton into Brittany’s stretched wide pussy.

“My boyfriend,” she said through gritted teeth. Not gritted in anger but intensity from the hardcore fucking she was getting. “Don’t worry about him. Just keep fucking my white pussy with that big black dick.”

He gladly obliged, the two of them ignoring me while I took in the scene and pumped my prick. Her painted nailed digging into his biceps. Her toes curling in pleasure. Her pale thighs spread wide, giving me the perfect view of her mound, topped with trimmed blonde hair. Strands of the dyed black locks on her head clinging to her sweaty face. She orgasmed loudly and I came, making sure to do it in the nearby trash, which made her laugh. The guy fucking her didn’t waste his load, filling her so much it spilled from her in creamy drips.

Since then and over the course of our yearlong relationship, I witnessed numerous occasions of her body and holes getting used by black men. In her apartment. At a concert. In the bathroom of a club. Or, like in this case, at a party.

Brittany gagged loudly and yanked her face away from the dick invading her mouth. Spit and drool cascaded down her chin and she panted three heavy breaths before attacking the cock on her left, keeping her hands busy with the other two. The three men all groaned and the one using her mouth grabbed her by the hair and slammed her face back and forth onto him, pummeling her gullet. I truly loved Brittany’s face. Perfect lips. Large eyes. A petite nose. All enhanced by a multitude of piercings. A barbell through her left eyebrow and a ring in her right. A septum piercing. And a series of hoops, studs, and small silver chains in her ears. Not to mention the one in her tongue, currently running along the underside of the cock fucking her mouth and previously swirling around the tips of the others.

The guy using her mouth gave a roar and smashed her face against his groin. Her jaw stretched obscenely, her distended lips touched his base, and her throat bulged and pulsed with every burst of thick jizz launched into her stomach. When he finished, he tore her face away from his member and stumbled backward. Brittany coughed and leaked cum from her mouth, catching her breath for a second. But only a second. The guy in front of her grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around, positioning her on her hands and knees.

Guys loved taking Brittany from behind. What she lacked up top she made up for with her ass. It curved out in a way that made you want to grab and squeeze and molest it for hours. And the way it bounced when you hammered your dick into her was mouth-watering, as the guy who sheathed his fat black dick all the way into her in one thrust soon found out.

I watched in perverted delight as his black cock pistoned in and out of my girlfriend’s fuckhole while she moaned and squealed in ecstasy. He used her hair like a handle, tugging her head back and making her spine arch, further sticking out her hot ass. Every impact of his cock slamming home made her butt jiggle and bounce, acting like a sexy cushion for his hips. He didn’t last very long, Brittany’s wet walls gripping him tightly and her own thrusts backward rapidly bringing him to orgasm. I slowed down my jerking, almost pushing myself to climax from seeing her face twisted in pleasure and her cunt cumming on his ejaculating dick.

“I need this white ass,” the final guy said once the guy that emptied himself into her slipped out of her flooded fuck tunnel. Brittany dropped from her hands onto her forearms, lowering herself closer to the ground and giving him a better position to line his dick up with her asshole.

“Do it. Drown my bowels.” She gasped sharply. The dark stranger managed to shove four inches of cock into her butt with one thrust. He pulled back out, keeping his bulbous tip inside of her, and then lunged forward again, getting over two-thirds of his ten inches into her. “Oh, fuck yes!”

As much as I enjoyed watching Brittany get her ass fucked by a big black dick, and it truly was a cock-pulsing sight, I much preferred it when they emptied their seed into her cunt. Increasing the chances of her getting knocked up. I dreamed of the day she got impregnated by one of the many black men she fucked. The idea of Brittany’s flat white tummy swelling up with a black baby had brought me to many orgasms. The curve of her belly sticking out as she rode on top a random black stranger. Her round stomach swinging under her while a different one banged her like a dog. Being there in the delivery room when she gave birth, everyone noting the color of our skin and that of the baby’s. Me taking care of the baby, feeding him a bottle of milk, while mom got fucked raw in the next room.

I rushed over to the nearby wastebasket positioned right in my girlfriend’s line of sight. She lifted her head and tossed her hair back. I had a great view of her pretty face watching me and of her ass up in the air, the black stranger behind her pumping away at her tight anal passage. With a grunt, I squirted my measly discharge into the garbage. Seeing it happen send Brittany over the edge one more time and she came, gray eyes rolling into the back of her head. Her sphincter clenched and unclenched onto the massive black pole in her ass, massaging him as he knelt on one leg and jackhammered her asshole. It all became too much for him as well and bending over to use her barely there breasts as handholds, he lifted her upright and erupted, hosing her insides down with jizz.

Brittany’s face was a mask of pure bliss. With her dyed black hair, black lipstick, streaked and smudge black mascara, and multitude of piercings she never looked more beautiful. All while getting her butt flooded by a black stranger, his large dark body dwarfing her small white one.

Through her fingers, I caught a glimpse of the pale skin of her breast and the flash of silver on her nipples. The rings there reminded me of the black onyx one in my pocket. I couldn’t wait till this last guy was finished with her. To go for my moment. To propose to her while she stood there, freshly fucked and naked, holes dripping and oozing black men’s cum.

I hope she said yes.
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