It was the end of year annual meeting at a luxury spa resort where wives were allowed to attend with their husbands. Cindy had been looking forward to it for months and was excited to see the venue when she and Ben got off the coach. It had everything you could want, and the evening party was the highlight of the weekend. Ben and Cindy went straight to their room and got ready for lunch.

When they got to the dining room Ben found he had to attend a brief meeting while the party was going on but was assured that he would not be detained long. Cindy was disappointed and suggested she wait in the room till he was finished and then they could both go to the party. Ben would not hear of it and told Cindy he would get his colleague Ray to look after her till he arrived. Ray was a big guy with a wicked sense of humour, Cindy had met him a few times and liked him so she was happy to go with him. After dining, Cindy and Ben chatted to a few of his colleagues and their wives and soon Cindy was feeling comfortable in their company. Eventually they excused themselves, as they had to go and get ready for the evening festivities.

It was going to be a warm evening so Cindy had on a lacy bra and panty set with a loose fitting lacy top and short lightweight skirt. Ben looked at her and she was stunning in an understated way. Ben had to wear his suit as he was attending the meeting so as they were both ready they went along to Ray’s room. He was ready so they set off to the bar for a drink before having to go separate ways, albeit for a short time. A they sat talking other guys and their wives that they had been talking to earlier arrived and it was with regret that Ben had to leave for his meeting as they all went off to the function room.

The meeting had taken much longer than anticipated so when Ben arrived at the table there was no sign of Cindy. Ben started looking around then one of his friends told him he saw Cindy and Ray going outside, the thought Cindy was looking unwell. Ben set off towards the apartments and was thinking Ray was taking care of Cindy till he arrived, as he was such a good friend. What he saw as he got nearer to the complex he saw figures moving by the wall in the shadows. Thinking it was a courting couple Ben moved slowly so as not to disturb or embarrass them.

It was only as he got closer her recognised Cindy’s top lying on the floor. He should have stopped it there and then but Ben decided to watch what was going on. Cindy seemed to be out of it as she was letting two guys maul and suck her tits. Ben recognised one of them as Ray but still could not get a good look at the other guy. It was only when Ray tried to put his hand up her skirt that Cindy seemed to realise what was going on, but it was how she reacted that amazed Ben. Instead of pushing them away Cindy grabbed their hands and pulled them towards the rooms, then he heard her say if you really want his then take me to my room and use me however you want.

As they moved off Ben made a noise and saw Ray look straight at him. He smiled and waved unbeknown to Cindy. The other guy noticed and as he turned around Ben recognised him. It was Steve the office manager, who Ben knew loved to use women for his own sexual gratification and loved to treat them like common whores. Following behind them, Ben made his way to the window of their room then before long the three of them entered, Ray moved straight to the window and looked out. Seeing Ben he smiled and closed the curtains but left enough of a gap for Ben to watch what went on.

Ray went back to the middle of the room where Steve was already stripping Cindy who appeared to be a bit out of it, even so she was enjoying the attention judging by her squeal of delight as Steve ripped her skirt off without bothering to undo it. Soon her ripped panties and bra joined it on the floor. As Ray got to them Steve was forcing Cindy’s legs apart so he could feel her soaking pussy. Ray got to work on her tits, squeezing one and sucking the nipple on the other. Cindy threw her head back enjoying the sensations racing through her body, then Yelled out “ Oh yes treat me like a *****, use me as you want. I just wish Ben could see me now being a cheap ***** to his friends”. Little did she know that Ben was watching everything.

Ray was working on her tits as Steve started ramming three fingers into her wet and wanton pussy. Soon his fingers were coated in sticky goo from Cindy. Steve moved his hand and offered his fingers to Cindy’s mouth, she did not need telling, and she instinctively started sucking them avidly. When they were clean Cindy stopped sucking, looked him in the eyes and smiled. Ray was starting to nibble her tits, which sent her into her first orgasm.

Now she was insatiable, laughing she told them to fuck her hard and fill her with sticky cum. Taking her to the bed Ray made her kneel on it, her sweet delectable ass on one side and her head to the other. Then Ray opened her legs, dropped his trousers and started edging his hard cock between her cunt lips,

“Come on” cried Cindy “Ram it into me you dirty old git.

Ray was not used to women calling the tune so her pulled her ass cheeks apart fully and watched as his hard cock easily slid into her. Cindy pushed back to make sure she got its full length. Her cries of delight were soon stopped as Steve offered his now released dick to her mouth and as it opened he took hold of the back of her head and thrust it right to the back of her throat. His pubic hair tickling her nose.

The two guys fucked her hard but no matter how much they gave her Cindy took it. Ben was wondering what they had done to her as he had never seen her so wanton. Still looking through the window he could not bring himself to stop watching as they used her like a cheap *****. The more unemotional they treated her the more she loved it, She was being stretched and loosened up and she loved the fact two guys were unable to satisfy her. Soone Cindy was swallowing a load of salty cum as another load was being deposited deep in her. This sent her over the edge again, this time more intense than before.

Feeling her mouth and cunt being emptied Cindy laughed and taunted them by telling the two of them that she still wasn’t satisfied and that they were inadequate. This insulted Steve’s manhood and hurt his pride, the first woman not to be intimidated by him. He resolved to make Cindy regret her comments. Ray had come round and was looking intently as the hot goo was running out of Cindy, then taking his phone out her started taking pictures. Cindy was ******* as Steve was busy pulling on her nipples and rubbing her now engorged clit.

Soon Ray had Cindy cumming again but this time Cindy was not so quick recovering. Taking the opportunity Steve went into the bathroom where he had seen a large bottle of shampoo as they walked in. going back to the bed Cindy was now face down, her legs hanging over the edge. Getting ray to open her ass cheeks Steve manipulated the bottle till it was ready to be slid in. Even though Cindy had been loosened up it was still tight so grabbing some baby oil from the bedside cabinet, he lubricated it nicely and tried again. This time he managed to work it in nicely.

Cindy was squirming and felt the shampoo bottle so far in her it felt like it was going to end up in her stomach. Steve worked on her slowly building up speed and in no time the 11 inch bottle was moving smoothly in and out. Ben watched as Cindy bucked and writhed with Steve laughing. Ray had moved away and was now filming all that went on. Cindy was having her sweet cunt destroyed by the bottle under Steve’s expert guidance. Before she knew anything her orgasm was upon her, she screamed in delight as it ripped through her. Her body quivering from the sensations Cindy **********. Laughing Steve pulled up his trousers and remarked that she would remember this night for a long time. The two guys left the room with Cindy draped over the bed and the bottle still in her.

Ben was now walking along the corridor, as they both walked passed him Steve commented that is wife was a great fuck and he would enjoy meeting her again. Ray mumbled an apology and had his head lowered not looking Ben in the eye. Ben nodded and continued into the room, Cindy was still ********** so taking the chance Ben pulled the bottle out slowly. Cindy moved as it came out and her cunt juices flowed out all over the floor. Ben looked in amazement at how much ran out of her and cleaned it up quickly before she woke up.

Putting Cindy to bed Ben got in next to her and they both slept away the rest of the night. In the Morning Cindy woke first and realised what she had done so darting into the bathroom she showered and dressed before Ben woke. Then started packing, making sure she made enough noise to wake Ben. Then using the excuse that they had to get ready to go home, Cindy hoped that it would give her enough time to recover fully and so would not have to explain what she had been up to. Ben knew everything that had happened but didn’t say anything to her and wondered what would be said when he saw the guys at work.

Once home they settled back into the usual routine. Secretly they both hoped that something similar would happen again but neither knew how to let on what had happened without having to tell their part of the events. Ben couldn’t wait to get to work so he could find out how they had enjoyed is normally prudish wife and admit to Steve that he had seen it all through the window.
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