IMG_5081.jpegHi I’m Katy and I’m a wife of a sissy cuckold husband who has had to watch me dress and please respected men and their wives in the local community.

It all started when as I was trying my wedding dress on alone at home (a girl has to see if it still fits) and there was a ring at the door. A door fitted with a Ring video doorbell as one never knows when it may come in useful…

It was a mature councilor for the local elections canvassing and was somewhat surprised to find a woman in her wedding dress.

After boring introductions and council talk, Conversation naturally started on the wedding dress and he asked if it was a full try on of the wedding gear. I told him it was apart from the full bridal lingerie underneath. He responded that that was a shame as he was sure it would look good.

I assured him it would and who knows, next time he called I may be trying that on. He left his card and asked me that he could always call back to talk more if I was interested.

I had my husband watch the Ring Video when he got back and gave him the card of the councilor and told him to make contact and tell him that his wife would be available to be in bridal lingerie and to arrange a time and place

I could hear the rather shaky voice on the phone with details being exchanged.

So fast forward a few weekends and I’m in a rural country hall hotel dressed in bridal lingerie and draped across the bed. My husband had watched me get dressed, had seen me place myself on the bed and had to take the hotel room key to reception for pick up.

A few minutes later the hotel door opened and in stepped the councilor and his wife. The small talk started immediately as he began to caress me as his wife began to take photos. Light petting turned into deep kisses and I began to lose myself in the moment.

I knew of course my husband had been left in the reception area and now was unable to stop anything that happened.

The councilor was around 60 to my 35, but had a fine circumcised cock that I began by taking in my mouth and leaving lipstick marks along it.

We moved on to me sitting on his hard cock and riding him whilst his wife continued to snap away and give him encouragement to ‘fuck the little bitch’

IMG_5078.jpegThis certainly felt like it encouraged!

As expected the councilor wanted to fuck me and be in control - I had to lay face down as he held my head down and began to pound me from behind. Names being called - his wife touching him and me and of course calling me his little bitch as he came deep inside me.

We lay waiting for one of us to move. “Do you like bondage?” asked his wife. I was in post orgasm mode and mumbled yes.

"Then we will leave you all tied up!" was the last words either of them said.

I was quickly plugged by his wife in both holes and rope was produced from a bag that I just hadn’t noticed.

Ten minutes later I’m hogtied, plugged and gagged. Blindfold on. Not a word is said.

The councilor gets dressed and the wife packs her camera away. I hear the door opening then closing. It’s deathly silent for what seemed like hours (turns out it was about forty minutes). Struggling is useless and I wait.

The door opens and I hear my husband gasp as he sees his wife unexpectedly hogtied and bound.

He unplugs me and I feel the councilors cum begin its journey for freedom. My husband has his tongue ready and releases the bounds slightly to allow access to the cum now en route toward fresh air.

IMG_5077.jpegIt begins as he licks both me and the cum dripping out. He goes until there is no more cum to lick but ensures I cum again from the tongue action.

He asks what went on but I know to say nothing.

After being unbound completely we end up staying the night in the hotel bed where his wife had been used by another, a room still smelling of sex.

It was the following week before we heard from the councilor and how more hotel visits are planned, though these will be for longer. He wants his wife involved and more bondage.

The councilor also got elected in a large council and is in the papers and media a fair bit so my husband sees his face and pictures regularly, reminding him that his wife had his bridal lingerie on when he fucked her.

And I loved it!

Katy xx
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