It was a repeat of last week's tongue lashing.

"You're not doing this to me again! You're the one that wants a threesome. You're constantly whining about it. Well, I've had enough, you piece of shit. I don't give a fuck what you want to do; I'm doing this and I'm doing it TONIGHT!"

My mind was racing as she slammed the car door and strode back to the club. Should I stop her? Could I stop her? I watched as she talked briefly with the bouncer at the door, and he let her reenter.


For a few months, we'd been getting deeper into female domination. We'd come home from a night out, and I'd prepare the bedroom for a bondage and discipline session, donning my leather wrist and ankle cuffs, then restraining my dick in a cock and balls spreader. I'd set up the ropes on the bedposts, and lay out her whips, corset, garter belt, stockings, and boots. While she dressed, I'd scurry downstairs to the kitchen, make her a cocktail, get her cigarettes, ashtray, lighter, and a joint, all the time hoping the next-door neighbors wouldn't inadvertently spy me in my cuffs. More and more often, as she beat my ass or whipped my balls, our banter focused on possible solutions to my shortcomings, and I'd suggest that she might consider an MMF threesome. It wasn't uncommon for our sessions to end when I blew my load in response to her asking me if I wanted to see my wife getting fucked by a real man, while she'd ride my dick to orgasm.

Sexual tension ramped up on the nights we went out clubbing. She's always been a sexy, confident, and assertive woman whose mere presence attracts men. Over the last few times we were out, she spent more time flirting than usual for her, even scoping out the room and approaching guys to dance. I found myself watching her enjoying herself dancing, while I sat on a bar stool with a raging hardon tenting my pants.

Last weekend, she had been cockteasing for most of the night, dancing a lot with one guy, then returning to our booth. When I got up to go as closing time approached, she said, "Let me see if my new friend wants to come with us". With the butterflies roiling my stomach, I offered some weak, not-in-the-mood-tonight excuse and she followed me out the door.

She got in the car and was furious.

"You've been pushing for this for months, and now you wimp out on me. You fucking jerk! I find a guy, and all of a sudden you're not sure. You've got no balls. Afraid you couldn't measure up? Take me home, asshole."

No hot femdom session that night. It wasn't until midweek that the storm blew over.

Out again the following weekend, she had been working the crowd all night and had zeroed in on an Italian stallion. They were inseparable on the dance floor for the last hour; even for a sleazy pickup joint, their slow dance crotch grinding was drawing some notice.

It was getting late when she came back to my booth. I rose, said "Let's go", and headed for the exit. She followed me out, got in the car, and started yelling.


Before I could work out what to do next, the bouncer held open the door, and she walked out arm-in-arm with the stallion, a big smile on her face. God, she looked so sexy, in tight white shorts, stiletto mules, and a sleeveless orange camisole-like top, lacing down the middle barely containing her full, round tits. They were followed by another guy I recognized as his wingman. He took her over to a red Corvette, and, as he opened the passenger door for her, she looked over at me, took a long drag on her cigarette, laughed, and flipped the butt in my direction as she got in the car. I watched as they pulled out of the lot.

My heart started pounding when I got home and saw the red Vette in front of our house. Despite my cuck angst peaking, I knew this was a turning point in our relationship. This was a chance to turn one of my favorite sexual fantasies into reality. This might never happen again. I parked the car and went in.

I found my wife sitting in the living room, having drinks with TWO men, her dance partner, and his buddy. Totally relaxed, looking hot to trot, and radiating sexuality.

"I was just telling these guys how much you've been wanting to have a threesome. Get the dope, and let's go up to the bedroom and get comfortable."

This was it. There was no hesitation on her part, no way she was turning back now.

When I got upstairs, she and the stallion were on the bed, with his friend sitting on the window seat. We toked up, and, as the high settled in, my wife stripped off her clothes, and we all followed suit.

As we were talking and laughing, she lay back on the bed, legs akimbo and spread wide, and said, "Isn't anybody here going to fuck me?"

Her pussy was already glistening wet in anticipation. I watched as the stallion nuzzled his dick head against her lips, and then slowly nudged his big hard cock inside her. No question that he had three or four inches on me. She pulled me over by my dick and started stroking me while he slid his fuck stick deeper and deeper. I watched her hungry pussy lips slowly engulfing the fat cock. She whimpered when he bottomed out against her cervix. After a few minutes of sensual slow methodical pumping, she pushed him up. “Let me get on all fours so I can have both of you.”

She flipped over, took my dick in her mouth, reached behind her, and guided her stud's manhood back into her eager honeypot. My cock swelled as her soft lips wrapped around the shaft. The stud gripped her hips, and began long, deliberate strokes, pulling out his boner down to the knob, and sinking it back until his pubes were enmeshed with her beautiful blonde bush. As he picked up speed, her head bobbing up and down on my cock in time with his thrusts, I could feel myself getting closer and closer to losing control.

Of course, the view in front of me wasn't helping; I was watching my wife getting seriously fucked right in front of me! That was it for me - my dick started pulsating and I pumped a hot load into her mouth. She dropped her head down to the bed, and spread her legs wider.

"Cmon, lover. Fuck me nice and deep. I've been waiting all night for this. Give me that boning you promised me on the dance floor."

He gripped both of her ass cheeks and gave her a pussy pounding the likes of which I had never seen. Moaning and groaning, she came twice before he finally filled her honeypot with the hot load she had been begging for.

After he pulled his still big dick out of her twat, she invited his buddy to join her on the bed, but he seemed reluctant. She went over to the window seat and began stroking his cock while snaking her tongue down the guy's throat. After a few whispered words between them, she told the stallion and me she'd be back in a while, took his hand, and brought him to another bedroom.

For the next fifteen minutes, I was left making small talk with the guy who had just brought my wife to two intense orgasms. Not only that, he was bigger and better than I, and there was no question he knew that. He told me what a great fuck she was, and had lots of questions about her. Between the noise of the headboard banging against the wall in the other bedroom, and me wondering what she had told him earlier that night on the dance floor, I could barely keep up my side of the conversation. A couple of minutes later, the door opened, and she led the wingman in by his now flaccid dick.

After more dope and drinks, she and the stallion started making out, and the wingman made his exit. I got behind her, kissing her neck and caressing her tits while he slid his fingers in her creamy, cum filled cunt. As he strummed her clit with his thumb, she began moaning and stroking his hardening cock.

Smiling as she drew him back to the bed, she looked at me and said, "Why don't you just sit over there and watch, honey?" No way she was wasting any more time with me tonight.

With the sun rising, I watched her kiss him goodbye at our front door, hoping none of the neighbors were up yet.

I knew my life with her would never be the same after that.
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