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Getting Blacked

Since everyone asks about getting blacked. Here is my story.

I have a gf who is black owned. Her name is G. She lives with her Master. I did not understand the concept. She has mentioned me try black. But, I resisted.

One Saturday night I was invited over to there place for dinner. We had wine then dinner. G is a great cook. First time actually meeting her man. Very nice. But, I felt he could be dominating. His looks at me, like he was eyeing me up. But, I figured it was imagination. Dinner was great.

After dinner we moved to the living room. G And I sat on the couch. He was straight across from us. She said I need a new glass. She joked about spending the night. I think There was something in the wine, i felt different.

She started to stroke my hair. He said I was so beautiful. Any man should be honor to have me . She said drink up. I felt different. She started to kiss me. Tongue and all. I did not resist. he move over to be with us.

They both walked me to the bedroom. She said tonight is a very important night. It will change your life !

So in the bedroom, he laid down, and she kissed me again. Very sensual and deep. My pussy was getting wet. She started to undress me. I did not fight back. What ever they gave me to loosen up, it worked, She got me naked fast. I did not resist that much. He laid there and watched me. He made me walk and pose. Awhile, she got undress fast. Again kissing me and playing with my body.

He took his shirt off. I was scared and excited. She was ordered to take his pants off. Then she took his cock out. Wow, so beautiful. About 9 inches. She said take it. I did not , she slapped my face. You need to learn. Then I was on my knees , she said take his cock with your lips. and she feed me his cock.

I sucked and gaged. She got on her knees. We took turns. I have to suck on his balls. He motion to me to suck again. He started to cum in my mouth. Started to cum, I gaged. He stopped, and cum over my face and tits. He was marking his property. Got cum in my hair. They joked I can not go home with cum in my hair !

He told her you know what to do, she licked the com from my face and tits. And she kissed me deep and passional. So we both can enjoy the taste

He told me white girls don't pick a black man. Because black men chose the white girl

Then they laid me in bed, spread my legs . G first ate my pussy. Then he took over. G kept smiling at me. This is your new life !!

He started to put his cock in me, but i objected. He wanted to fuck bare. So she slapped my face, white girls take it bare ! Get use to it. He eased it in. Took his time. wow what a feeling. Both were verbal with me. I was screaming.. They said I need to beg for him to cum in me. He said I have to call him Master. He fucked her too. I ate her pussy.

We took a break and more wine we had. And G went to the bathroom. She came back with something. He got me on my knees doggie style. I felt something. It was lube, he was going to fuck my ass ! I cried and G held my hand. This was part of my breaking in.

I slept in the bed with them. Next morning G was sent to get us coffee. So he could be alone with me. I don't know what came over me, I offered my body to him. He said yes.

Latter on I found out. They planned this. He saw pics of me and saw me from afar. He wanted me. Since I did not take G advice to try black.
No G is teaching me about Black men. I need to learn how to serve. A lot to learn.

But, what will be next ?
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About author
my real life experience


The education of white bitches is only limited by thier black masters imagination
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I love white girls! More so their ambitious desire!
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Blasen, anspritzen alles ohne - reinspritzen besser mit... oder?


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