This work of fiction concerns a man who engages in some prolonged and kinky chastity play with his wife. To both his dismay and excitement he discovers that his chastity device is causing his penis to shrink. Instead of ending their kinky pastime, his wife encourages and entices him to continue - with interesting consequences for himself, the fidelity of his wife, and his relationship with his wife's sexy elder sister.

Chapter 1: How it began.

I should state from the outset that my wife Kylie has always relished many of the kinkier aspects of sex. Kylie is 27 years of age, with shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, and she stands at about 5' 5". She has green eyes and full pouty lips set upon a sharply featured little fox face. Her figure could best be described as slightly buxom; she has strong, shapely legs, wide hips that curve into a narrow waist, and a magnificent pair of 36D breasts. All in all, she could be described as a very attractive lady, and she has no shortage of appreciative male stares when she is out in public.

We have been married for three years (no kids for now), and our sex life is, if anything, hotter than when we first met. We were both delighted in exploring all aspects of our sexuality, and we held nothing back from each other. Emotionally we are very close, and we have total trust in each other. Role-play was a very active part of our love life, and we spent many a night acting out numerous fantasies.

Whilst Kylie isn't into 'femdom' as a lifestyle choice, she certainly relished many aspects of femdom play, including pussy and ass worship, tease and denial, verbal humiliation, and sometimes foot worship. As I have a submissive streak, I was more than happy to play along with her whims, and role-play with strong femdom overtones occurred more and more frequently.

Kylie had armed herself with several sturdy wrist and ankle cuffs, which she sometimes used to restrain me in a variety of places and positions. She would then force me to lick and suck her toes, or orally worship her ass and pussy. She had even bought a leather flogger, which she would freely use on my naked backside if she considered that I was not licking her nether regions with enough zest.

About six months ago, we began experimenting with male chastity. Kylie had discovered these wicked little devices whilst net surfing. I had always had a little fetish for tease and denial (a fact Kylie well knew, and made very good use of), and she eagerly encouraged me to order one of the devices, called a Curve. I freely admit that I didn't need a lot of encouragement; I, too, was intrigued by the concept of being forcefully denied, and I was looking forward to trying it. So order the Curve I did.

The Curve duly arrived in the post. It consisted of a cage portion, which was a clear plastic tube, and several hinged cuff rings of differing diameters. A cuff ring of the right width was fitted and enclosed around the base of the penis, behind the testes. The penis was inserted into the tube, which was then fixed onto the ring using locking pins secured by a small padlock. The penis was then effectively 'locked up'.

I had read on the internet that the best way to get used to wearing the tube was to start with short sessions, and gradually increase the amount of time the tube was worn. This would apparently 'harden up' the sensitive skin at the root of the penis. I followed this advice, and after some initial minor chaffing and irritation, I found that I hardly noticed I was wearing the tube at all. I had to sit down to urinate, and I was occasionally awakened by nocturnal erections pulling the cuff ring tightly against my scrotum and testes, but apart from that I had no problems whatsoever. Within a couple of months, I was able to wear the tube constantly with no soreness or irritation.

Kylie was delighted with my new 'toy', and she soon started thinking of ways to make the best use of it. She stated the chastity tube would tie in very well with any games we played that had femdom overtones. I could see her point; what better way for a woman to show her dominance over a man than to control both his cock and his climaxes?

After some discussion, we settled on a fairly long-term strategy for my chastity play; I was to wear the tube full-time six days a week, from Sunday until the following Saturday. During this time I would not be able to climax, although Kylie could request oral service from me at any time. Kylie would then release me on Saturday night, and she would then allow me to climax by her either orally pleasing me or via intercourse.

Kylie had a ball (or two) with my enforced chastity, and I admit that I loved it as well. She began to experiment with ways to titillate and arouse me in my chaste state. I have always had a cuckold fantasy, in which Kylie would be eagerly mounted by a well-hung stud. Kylie knew of this fantasy and had told me that whilst she completely accepted that I got off imagining her fucking another guy, she had no current desire to bring it to life. I noted the use of the qualifier 'no current desire' with some excitement.

Now that I was locked up, however, Kylie began using this fantasy more and more to arouse me; she would teasingly state that since my cock was locked up and unavailable, she just might have to find another hard cock to satisfy her. When she said things like this, I would always harden immediately inside of the Curve.

Another wicked avenue that she began to explore and expand was the verbal belittling of my cock size. I had a cock that measured over six and a half inches - but Kylie had long ago discovered that she could excite me by telling me how 'small' I was. Since I started wearing the Curve she seemed to enjoy making up deliciously evil pet names for me - starting with subtle tags like 'little slave', 'shorty', 'pee-wee', and 'little one'. She quickly became more brazen, however, and the formerly mild slurs transformed into 'pin-dick', 'micro-cock', 'tiny tool', 'needle-dick', and (worst of all) 'bug-fucker'.

Whether it was because my cock was locked up or not, I don't know, but I found that hearing her purr these kinky little insults in her soft, sultry voice made me tingle with excitement! Kylie, of course, took gleeful note of my reaction, and this only increased both the intensity and frequency of her wicked name-calling.

One Saturday night, after my cock had been freed and I had made fervent love to Kylie, the subject of the chastity tube came up. I idly (and perhaps foolishly, as it turned out) remarked to Kylie that I could quite easily duplicate the Curve device in stainless steel, which would be a lot more secure. My former profession as a metal fabricator gave me the needed skills in welding and metalwork, and decorative metalwork was still a hobby of mine; I had all the equipment and tools I needed to fabricate a close facsimile of the tube in metal. I was perhaps boasting - but it was a boast that kind of backfired, as you will see.

Kylie was immediately interested, and commented how hot it would be to have her 'little slave' encased in a hard, unyielding metal 'toy' instead of a plastic one. The more I thought about the notion, the more turned on I became myself.

And so I began work on a steel version of the Curve. At such short notice, the only curved steel tubing I could find was slightly narrower than the plastic Curve, and I was ****** to use a decorative hollow stainless steel dome from a plumbing supply store as an end cap for the tube. Within a week I had indeed duplicated the device in stainless steel and had even made a few minor design improvements.

Naturally, hygiene was important with any such device, and the upper section of the tube was peppered with a dozen straight lines of small, evenly spaced holes down to the end cap. This meant that water and soap could freely enter the tube when I showered, and it also meant that considerable weight was removed as well. I would still remove the tube completely every few days so that I could properly cleanse myself.

I had just made one minor miscalculation; the tube was slightly over a quarter-inch shorter than it was supposed to be. By the time I discovered my error, it was too late to make changes, and I wasn't going to start afresh. The new tube was, therefore, a very snug fit, being both a little narrower and shorter than the original plastic Curve.

Kylie was enthralled as I fitted the highly polished steel device for the first time, and she closed the little padlock with a sharp click and flashed me a sexy smile. One of the keys to the lock was soon dangling from her necklace, and Kylie hid the other key somewhere in the house. This was in case she wasn't present and I needed to take the tube off quickly; I could call her cell phone and ask for the location of the hidden key, and thus be able to free myself should the need arise. I had to admit that knowing my cock was now imprisoned in steel added to the thrill of being 'locked up'.

It took a few weeks to adjust to wearing the shorter, narrower tube six days a week. I was still awakened some nights by nocturnal erections pressing tightly against the confines of the tube, pulling the steel ring behind my scrotum tightly outwards. Urinating soon eased the discomfort, and for me, it wasn't a great problem - more of a minor inconvenience, and I found that these episodes lessened over time in any event.

Kylie was also happy with the new device. She never tired of sliding her hand down to it as we lay in bed, loving the smooth, hard feel of the metal tube. She would lay back, smile sweetly, and say something like:

"Mmm, you're all safely locked away again, honey. Why don't you get down there and lick me, seeing that you won't be doing anything with that little dick of yours for another few days."

Naturally, I would eagerly oblige her, licking her to climax as my imprisoned cock hardened and throbbed in impotent frustration inside the metal tube. After she had climaxed, Kylie loved to taunt me further, saying things like: "Thank you, baby. That was sooo nice! Just six more days until you come out of your little toy, and then maybe I will give your tiny cock a little suck as a reward!" She would giggle at my soft moan of frustration.

In many ways, the Curve added a new dimension to our role-play. Kylie said it was a turn-on for her to see my impotent craving and frustration compel me to sexually serve her and to drive me to lick her ass and pussy with such devotion and enthusiasm. She would sometimes have me strip, and cuff my wrists behind my back, and I would spend many hours kneeling in front of her as she lay sprawled on the couch, my lips and tongue gently caressing her labia and clitoris. She loved to peer down and see that the tube had arisen to half-mast as my cock throbbed inside of it, my balls tightly ballooned as they hung under the Curve like two ripe plums ready for plucking. She would softly giggle, and then instruct me to make her climax. "All for me," she would say. "And none for you - not till the weekend, Little one! Your poor little balls look SO full, Lover - too bad they won't be emptied for a few days!"

I guess that this form of role-play wasn't for everyone - but I relished being Kylie's 'Little slave' for six days a week. If I had known where it was all leading, I may have approached the matter with a bit more caution.

Or maybe I wouldn't have.
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