I first met my wife Loretta when I went back to college to study full time in 2002. At the time, I was 32, and disheartened with my current marriage and former job. My wife and I had agreed to divorce several months previously, and I wanted to change my direction in life and to start a new career - kind of a mid-life crisis in my early thirties. So I made plans to begin studying Information Technology full-time at a local college.

My divorce came through just before I started my course at college. My ex-wife and I had been on the verge of break-up for quite some time, and when it finally came I was both relieved and saddened: anyone who has drifted away from a spouse and into the clutches of divorce knows the feeling. I was fortunate that the split was mostly amicable, and that I was able to retain enough financially to kick-start my life again, and to allow me to go back and study full-time for a year.

I first saw Loretta in the college cafeteria, and I learned that she was studying accountancy. She was a tall (about 5' 10" – topping my own height by two inches), nicely built woman with long strawberry-blonde hair, aged in her mid thirties. She dazzling green eyes, and had a really great pair of long, shapely legs, which she wasn't afraid to display under skirts which were short, but not too short. Several of my fellow students soon began referring to her as "Legs Loretta". In fact, she is almost a dead-ringer for Kathryn Hahn, who plays Lily Lebowski in "Crossing Jordan".

Being a small campus, we saw each other often in the cafeteria and in the corridors between classes, and we were soon exchanging brief greetings. Naturally, being a typical male and a "leg man" to boot, I indulged in furtively ogling her smooth, perfect legs whenever the chance arose. The summer was warm, and she wore a skirt of one kind or another practically everyday, and so the opportunity to gaze at her gorgeous tanned legs was almost a daily occurrence. I began wondering how it would feel to have those luscious, smooth pins snaked firmly around my neck, or wrapped tightly around my hips.

A little more of my background here: For many years I had always harbored a desire to watch my former wife with another man. I soon learned (via the Internet) that this was a "cuckold fantasy". My wife had known about my little kink, but never did anything about it (which was fine by me), and so for me the fantasy remained just that - fantasy. I'm not hung too well - just over 5 inches, and not overly thick, and perhaps my insecurity about my size ignited this paradoxical kink in me. I will leave this for the shrinks to analyze.

I found, to my surprise, that during my nights alone in my apartment that I would start to fantasize about several women who I had met at college "cucking" me. The more I saw of Loretta, the more she played a starring role in my carnal little reveries. Maybe my recent divorce (and the fact that I wasn't currently getting any) had something to do with this wicked little fantasy coming to the fore.

I quickly started to imagine Loretta as my girlfriend, and that she and I had agreed that she could seek other men for her pleasure. I masturbated often to the lascivious image of Loretta lying underneath some muscular stud, her eyes boring into mine as her lover's cock plunged into her again and again. In the fantasy, she would teasingly wink at me and grin before turning her attention back to her lover, cooing encouragement as his cock explored and conquered her moist pussy, and wrapping those endless legs around his pumping hips as I gazed on helplessly.

At college, Loretta and I began engaging in light conversation whenever we met and had a few spare minutes. I found her to be confident, self-assured and highly intelligent, and there was almost a subtle underlying streak of authority about her. She struck me as being very sure of herself, and knowing exactly what she wanted out of life. This alone made her more desirable to me, as confident women had always excited me sexually.

I should also mention that for many years I have also harbored secret fantasies about being "dominated" by my partner. I don't mean the full BDSM lifestyle; my ideal fantasy involved me being a part-time sexual "servant" to my wife (or girlfriend) in the bedroom only, where she would command me to lick her pussy, and to please her in other ways. The notion always made me hard. I had also stumbled across the concept of "tease and denial" on the Internet, and to imagine someone like Loretta tying me to the bed, and teasing me to the brink of climax numerous times but not letting me cum, made me incredibly hot!

Also on the Internet I was startled to discover that chastity devices for men were available for purchase. I was very intrigued by the concept of being "locked up" by my lover, although I never went any further than wondering about it. In one way I was the ideal candidate for a CB device; several years earlier I had gotten a Prince Albert (PA) piercing. I still had my piercing, and I noted that many of these CB devices were made especially for men with PA's.

Anyway - back to Loretta:

I discovered that she too was recently divorced (about 10 months previously, no kids), and that she had done very well from the property settlement with her ex-husband. She had purchased a very nice house in a swish nearby suburb. I got the impression that she liked me, and I am sure she knew that I was very interested in her. We started to sit together and chat during lunch breaks at the college cafeteria, but went no further than that.

It was coming up to the college mid-term break, and some of the students had organised a mid-term break party. When Loretta announced that she was going, I decided to go too.

The party was fairly small (perhaps three dozen people), and I had a good time shooting the shit with my fellow students and several teachers from college. Loretta arrived at about 9:00pm, and looked absolutely stunning in a black shirt, a white mini-skirt and black high-heels. I saw a lot of guys at the party stealing glances at her endless, shapely brown pins.

The party raged on, and later in the evening one of the guys asked me if I wanted a smoke. I rarely smoke dope, but I was a little buzzed from the beer and I agreed. I had a couple of cones and got quite an intense stone happening. I shortly excused myself and went and sat on a chair on the vacant patio to get some fresh air.

I heard the click of high-heels approaching, and I turned to see Loretta coming out to join me. She sat next to me, and she told me that she had also partaken of a rare smoke too, and also needed some air. We got chatting, and I am sure I made no sense in my stoned state. Loretta didn't seem to care, and seemed quite happy simply to rave with me - two stoned people just raving together.

If I smoke dope, I get horny - and tonight was no exception. Loretta seemed more than willing to flirt, and our talk soon took a casual turn down Sexual Street, and Loretta seemed almost eager to take a stroll there with me. I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter as our chat went on. The subject somehow got around to sexual fantasies, and I know that if I had been straight, then I wouldn't have said what I did, and I may have never begun living the life that I am now.

She asked me what my favorite sexual fantasy was. In my stoned and aroused state I threw caution to the wind, and I somewhat sheepishly told her that my biggest fantasy would be to see my partner have sex with another man. I watched her closely to gauge her reaction; she actually nodded and smiled, and informed me that when she was 21, she once had a MFM with her boyfriend, Trevor, and a friend of his, named Paul. She stated that her boyfriend later told her it was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

"So, I know what you mean." she concluded. "Trevor used to tell me how hot it was and how insane it drove him to watch Paul fucking me." Loretta paused and looked me in the eye. "I have read that it is a favorite fantasy for a lot of men, so you certainly aren't alone. I think it's quite a turn-on myself."

I must have blushed, because she laughed softly and told me that whatever we discussed was fine, and that what we talked about would be between just her and I. Her eyes sparkled, and she leaned closer to me.

"So - theoretically - if you and I had a thing going," she began, "it would be a turn on for you if I was to, say, find myself a 'bit' on the side?"

I felt my cock twitch at her question. I realized my hands were now shaking slightly, and I am sure she noticed too - and knew WHY I was shaking. I looked at her, and she was waiting for my reply with an expectant half smile.

I found myself answering without thinking: "Very much. It's been a fantasy for years." I hesitated, and then took the plunge. "Actually, a lot of guys here love checking out your legs. And it kinda ties into that fantasy..." I realized I was babbling, and thankfully I was able to stop before I made a complete fool of myself.

Loretta, however, simply laughed softly. "I am aware that my legs attract a few stares."

"More than a few." I muttered.

Loretta laughed again, and crossed the appendages under discussion. I glanced down at her brown thighs. God, she had such incredible legs! At that moment I wished that I were licking them, sliding my ravenous tongue over her flesh. Loretta continued: "Your ex-wife didn't know about your desire to watch her with another guy?"

"She knew, but it wasn't a big thing. We didn't take it any further than fantasy. She wasn't very adventurous, and I don't think it was her thing."

Loretta smiled softly: "That's a shame. My ex was NOT into that fantasy at all. He used to get very upset if another guy so much as looked at me. It used to drive me mad! He wasn't the type to experiment - purely a meat and potatoes man, as the saying goes, which also used to drive me mad. Personally I think it's great to be able to share erotic ideas and fantasies." She paused and looked into my eyes with a hint of a tease. "Sometimes it's even wilder to act them out." She gave me a grin, and just as I was about to reply a bunch of other students come out onto the patio and greeted us noisily, and so our intimate trip down erotic lane was curtailed.
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