I write this as we are about to repeat the experience we had 3 years ago.

I've had health problems for some time and Jacqui decided to cheer me up with a surprise weekend away. Only fairly close to us, a nice quiet seaside resort. Her idea was for us to spend relaxing time together and she wanted to help me with my problems post op which had left me with erection problems.

I should explain Jacqui is a hotwife and I was somewhere in the middle of being a stag and cuck! I loved watching her having sex, in fact I enjoyed her doing it even if I couldn't watch. She had a long term lover who didn't know I knew about him at the time (he does now). She sometimes played with another guy, an ex of hers and, infrequently over the years, a number of one night stands. Fast forward to the hotel. It was a really nice hotel room and she fully intended to spoil me with meals and drinks out over the weekend as well as helping me with my problem.

I am a stockings fan so she wears them a lot especially in the cold time of year (most of the time in the UK!) She quickly started to tease me with glimpses of stocking tops and was moving very sexily in front of me. At this point I was sure I would have no problem, holding up my end and we sat on the lovely super king-size bed and I started kissing her. Her hand immediately went to my cock but to my horror nothing happened. I was really disappointed, more for her as she was clearly turned on. She told me not to worry and took it out and started masturbating it then sucking it. There was some response but not much.

I looked at her. She was gorgeous, so sexy, but I could see disappointment in her eyes.

We lay on the bed drinking and talking, me with JD and she loves gin. We talked about our many experiences of swinging and mostly her fucking and I told her I was happy she had someone to turn to for sex. She told me it wasn't the same as she liked me to enjoy her when she returned from dates with her lover (also her boss by the way). We got on the subject of fantasies and she asked if I had any I hadn't told her about.

I told her something she didn't know about, which was many years ago I was at her staff Christmas party with her. It was before she started seeing her boss but the signs were there that he wanted her. Keeping her back after work, it was always her he chose to go on overnight visits to other sites in their company. Just prior to the party he had blatantly asked her on a date, Jacqui had panicked and refused and come home to tell me. I surprised her with my response saying it would do her promotion prospects no harm, only semi jokingly!

Anyway I told her at the party she had disappeared and I didn't know anyone else. After a few minutes I went to look for her in her office and heard voices in another office near hers. I peeped in and saw her with her dress up around her waist and her boss was playing with her stocking tops while kissing her passionately. I retreated back to the party and they returned shortly afterwards.

At this point on the hotel bed she looked at me sort of angry and asked why I hadn't mentioned this in 11 years! I pointed out that she started the affair shortly after the party and hadn't told me till March!

She smiled and said "You are glad I started aren't you?" to which I smiled and agreed.

She said "So there's nothing I could do to get you hard then?" She could see I had something to say and said "We are honest with each other just tell me if there is."

I couldn't resist a little dig saying "Yes, honest except for your delay in telling me about your affair with Martyn!"

She smiled and said "OK you win that one!"

I said "There is one thing I like the idea of, I'd love you to dress sexy and go to the hotel bar alone for half an hour and see if anyone hits on you."

She smiled and said "Sexy, but I'm not doing that I'll look like a **********." I couldn't help but smirk at the thought of it to which she playfully slapped my shoulder.

"OK, if I did how do you imagine it would work?"

I confessed that I'd read a story about it a while ago and in the story when the husband went to the bar the wife had gone with a guy.

She said "So you want that?"

I said not necessarily it would excite me to see her flirt with someone maybe a kiss or a feel of her stocking tops.

"So what if I get turned on and he's nice? I just have to stop and come to you?"

I hadn't really thought it through but said if it happened she would have complete control.

She looked at me and said "Would you really like this? I'll do it one time for you. I don't think anyone would want me anyway but for half an hour I'll sit there alone and see what happens."

I genuinely didn't expect this. We showered and she put on her dress for the evening and her matching underwear in red and black, but with black opaque stockings and unusually for her a suspender belt, she usually wears hold ups. Nice heels too.

We had been drinking for a couple of hours now, her more than me, and she was confident and very sexy.

The rules she made were half an hour only, I had to stay in the room till then. If anything happened and she wanted more time she would text me. We had argued and that's why she was alone, and when the half hour was up if she hadn't been in touch I was to come in and apologise to her in front of the guy if she had met one and that would be it.

I agreed and I was shocked when she just kissed my cheek and said "Half hour starts now!" With that she went to the bar!

The minutes felt like hours. I lasted 10 minutes before I texted her asking if anything was happening. I had to wait 5 minutes for her to reply MAYBE!

After 25 minutes my heart was pounding. I got a further text. "I'm in the loo, come down but don't approach me. When I'm ready I'll come to you!"

I went down to the bar heart thumping. It wasn't a large bar but I couldn't see her anywhere as I ordered my drink. I noticed there was a corner I couldn't see into and wondered if she was there. It was a small alcove so I couldn't exactly just go and pop my head around so I sat at the nearest table to see if I could hear anything. I heard her unmistakable laugh so knew she was there!

My luck was in there was a picture on the wall in front of me and I could see the reflection of the alcove in it. Not particularly clear but I could see her and obviously a guy, but couldn't see much.

I could hear small portions of the conversation but not everything. Then the unmistakable sound of a kiss!

Then a man's voice "Mmm stockings, I love stockings! Let's get a drink in my room"

Shit I hadn't thought this was going to happen but one thing was for sure, if she wants this I'm not going to stop her. Also I had a bulge in my trousers! It had worked wonders. The guy suddenly came from the alcove and walked towards the toilet. I got a text from her "He's lovely but he really wants to get into my knickers, where are you?"

Told her I was round the corner from her she popped her head round and asked was I OK and she wanted to go with him. I showed her my hard on through my pants and she said "He's miles bigger, you have to wait! I'll ring you from his room so you can hear, but don't talk. I'll have the phone by the bed."

She went back to her seat. I decided to move to the seat opposite at the bar. It didn't have full view of the alcove, but you could see a portion of it. I could see her but she didn't see me.

The guy came back. I could see him now, pretty good looking and same height as me roughly but in much better shape. He winked at me as he went past and nodded his head towards the alcove and Jacqui and mouthed WOW!

The kissing started again when he sat down and I could see him push her skirt up revealing her stockings. I wanted her so much but knew it wouldn't be right to stop it now. Shortly afterwards they both came out of the alcove and as they walked past she didn't acknowledge me but he lifted her dress and winked at me.

Back to the room and my mobile rang halfway back. It was her but all I could hear was small talk and him asking how are you going to explain this to your old man.

She laughed and told him not to worry. It went quiet as I got to my room. He said "Mmm fuck me you are so sexy. I'm not letting you go till tomorrow!!" For the next hour it was like listening to a porn film! Him saying come on the balcony I wanna fuck u outside. Silence. I was so disappointed. I got the odd muffled gasp from the phone that was it. I went onto our balcony my luck was in I could hear her unmistakable moans of pleasure. To this day I don't know how far away they were but I heard him fucking her and she loved it! Half an hour later they were back in the room chatting away she was telling him how good he was and she wanted to see him again but she had to go back to her husband. She asked if she could suck him off before she went.

He laughed. "Not yet, I've only just cum, I won't get hard again this soon!"

She said 'Really? Think again. It's getting there, just lie back and relax."

I could even hear the movement on the bed, the phone was that close to them. She loves sucking cock, especially big ones, and I could hear she was enjoying this one. Both were moaning and groaning and after what seemed like hours he said "I'm coming baby, swallow it for me."

Then "Oh yeah, good slut, swallow it all u horny bitch!"

With that the phone was hung up. It was another hour before she came back to the room. He fucked her again this time leaving marks on her boobs and neck at her request! I have to be honest I'd cum twice listening to them and when I heard the card swipe the door open I knew she would want some!

She looked gorgeous, but clearly had been ravaged. Hair a bit messed, she'd tried to do her makeup, but most noticeable was the bite on her neck. One of her stockings was missing ( a souvenir along with her thong). She smiled as her dress dropped to the floor. She had marks all over her, especially her boobs. She lay on the bed next to me. I looked down and her pussy was glistening, and on inspection globules of sperm were oozing out of her. I was rock hard! She said "Your fantasy worked then but lovely, I have to see him again. He's fantastic. Now claim me back!"

I did my best and thoroughly enjoyed myself, aware she could barely feel me after him but added a considerable amount to his cum!

Breakfast the following day was awkward! He was on a table nearby and I could feel the sexual tension between them. Him desperately not looking at me he must have realised I was the guy he winked at the night before in the bar! Found myself enjoying his awkwardness but feeling a bit for him if he was guilty. Jacqui was just totally red faced, the lovebite in clear view.

He finished and was walking to the lift and I don't know what came over me but I just looked at Jacqui and said "Go say goodbye to your boyfriend!" She looked at me and I said "Go on, looks like he's leaving today."

She came to the room 2 hours later! More bites but totally satisfied!

She saw him a few times over the next year but eventually he got married and moved to America. They are still in touch and am sure one day they will meet up again!
Same hotel tomorrow who knows she may do it again!
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