I thought I would write down how this all started for Jacqui and myself.

We were both single parents when we met. Jacqui was working but also was doing some ****** work for a guy who was satisfying her needs shall we say.
She had a couple of long standing dates which she fulfilled whilst I babysat for her, but eventually stopped altogether. The guy she was doing the ********* for was called Peter, an extremely good looking married guy who was regularly fucking her too. She decided to end it with him and we got together and we quickly started own family. Two years later we had two children but it had become obvious to me I was not satisfying her. I suspected she was seeing someone from her office (I later found out it was her boss who she still sees to this day).

We had the talk lots of married couples have and although she denied seeing anyone but she admitted she was not satisfied with the sex side of our relationship. We talked at length about how I could improve things but although my oral skills improved dramatically it wasn't enough and I noticed that she kept on bringing up this Peter guy. By chance we were out at a local pub and bumped into him. Jacqui was thrilled and introduced me to him. He was a fairly regular guy but although I'm tall at 6'4" he was a bit taller and in much better shape.

He was obviously still interested in Jacqui and when she went to the ladies room he said he had hoped things wouldn't work out between us as he had very much enjoyed being with her. I found myself blurting out "Well you can see her if you want!" He was surprised but asked if Jacqui would be interested, I told him I had no doubt she would. After this he flirted with her and she with him. I suggested going back to our place for a nightcap and although nothing was said we I think all knew that things were about to change.

We got home and initially it was very awkward but when I went to get the second drink, I returned to the room and they were now sitting together on the couch. I was genuinely excited and when I made my excuses and went to the loo I wasn't surprised to hear silence then the sound of kissing. I peeped in the room and he had his hand up her dress ******** her stocking tops. I knew we were at the point of no return especially when I heard him say "Marks ok with it he told me in the pub."

I felt like a gooseberry. When I went back in the living room they quickly pulled apart and I just said "Don't be daft we all want this."

He smiled and kissed her in front of me and this time they continued. She unbuttoned his shirt and he helped her off with her dress. She was now in the underwear which was to have been my treat that night (I love stockings!) He stood up.and dropped his trousers as if I wasn't there and she stroked his obviously erect cock through his boxers and then pulled the down. Omg I will never forget the size of that thing. She fell to her knees and started to suck it, it was absolutely enormous compared to mine.

Right there and then I knew I was going to let her fuck him when she liked (initially in my mind this was purely a one off). It was awesome to watch as he turned her around and bent her over the couch. He pulled at her thong and looked across at me. I nodded my approval and he ripped the thong off her. Her pussy was glistening. He wasted no time and impaled her on his huge rock hard cock.

She squealed in pleasure as he fucked her like I could never do. Sheer lust and I had to masturbate as I watched him fuck her. She orgasmed loudly and he ruthlessly took his pleasure with her eventually turning her around onto her back where he continued long after I shot my load all over my boxers eventually letting out a huge roar as he came deep inside her. I was already thinking shit no condom (I'd had the snip after our 2nd child).

They sat in front of me him naked her in just black stockings with cum oozing out of her pussy. They continued kissing and cuddling until I left them and went to bed as I walked out of the door she said "Spare room please lovely?"

I kissed her goodnight and he shook My hand, felt so weird him being naked ha.

Anyway that's how it started he fucked her twice more that night. He works away a lot but when he's home he sees her regularly. She's had many other lovers which if anyone is interested I'll write about in future.
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