So this is how Jacqui started sleeping with her boss and has done so for years.

My first offering describes how we got into the scene. To me I found this much more exciting firstly because she actually cheated and for quite some time too before admitting it! Jacqui works in a large retail organisation and was in mid management. I had been to a party with them both and saw a definite chemistry between them and when I mentioned it later she just laughed it off. It sounds a bit lame now that I really didn't know what was going on but I really didn't. She was seeing a guy called Peter (from the first post), and when she spent a couple of days a week away with work with him I did fantasise about them but there was nothing concrete for me to actually believe it.

Move forward a few months and I was on holiday from work and jacqui had been away and returned midweek. She was in work early so I decided for once I'd help and do the washing. Well I found her overnight bag and when I opened it I was shocked to find erotic lingerie including stockings - absolutely my favourite thing! It was a basque including suspenders and a lovely pair of lace top high top stockings. I'm not going to pretend I was horrified or anything silly, I was thrilled! I just didn't know how to handle it. I washed the items and dried them and went to her drawer where she kept her sexy undies. I placed them with the idea she would make some comment.

There was an envelope in the drawer, and in it were seven photos. First was her boss martyn in his suit. I know he is a good looking guy but her having photos of him told me everything I suspected. So I moved on to the next. Him again in a gym gear that was now feeling a bit weird! The next was a big cock, his I presumed, it was huge! Next was my lovely wife in similar attire to what I'd washed with her mouth around this monster cock. I was thrilled but a bit uneasy as to why she hadn't told me. The rest of the photos were him alone playing with his cock.

I had no idea how to play this so for the rest of the week did absolutely nothing, until Friday when she confronted me wanting to know what was wrong. Instead of being calm and collected I blurted everything out. At first she denied everything but then said "OK, Im sleeping with him, I'm sorry."

I asked why she was so secretive since I was so open to her having fun and she just said "I thought because he's gorgeous you would get jealous. I was going to tell you so many times!" We talked and she said he had absolutely no idea we had our 'arrangement' and would be horrified! The talking went through the evening and we agreed she could continue as she was and not tell him I knew as long as I got details every time. Jacqui agreed to this and they continued for years, approximately 11 in fact! There were many breaks in this time and many other guys. Martyn recently found out I had known all along and initially wasn't a bit happy but eventually asked to speak to me alone.

We met in a local pub and got on much better than I expected, but after agreeing to them continuing he has got a bit dominant which is OK with me. Jacqui loves it. I have found that many times when she was away with friends for weekends even holidays she was with him. I like this. Weird I know, but true.

We just had Christmas and the office party. I was invited but didn't go. He took her as his date. It's no longer a secret at work, not something I'm particularly comfortable with but he's doesn't care too much. My wife is absolutely his girlfriend. He now likes to phone me when she's ******* when she stays with him and as well as hearing sex I also hear intimate stuff a husband really shouldn't hear.

I have been wearing a cage for a week, I suspect at his insistence, but jacqui is thrilled with it. I have heard many things they have done together. Some I'm unhappy with, others I'm ok with. He got her pregnant, something I had no idea about 5 years ago. She lost it, sadly, but I have no idea what she would have done had it survived. At 43 I think she's too old for another child but she has stopped taking any contraception. He wants to be a dad but none of the responsibilities that go with it. That's my job!
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