My husband has a good friend he met through a prior employer who we’ve been hanging out with more and more. My husband is always wanting to hear stories of me fucking other men, but I was running out of material so I told him I needed to experience something new. I shared with him that I thought his friend was hot and that I wouldn’t mind riding him.

Over the course of the next few weeks we were trying to figure out how to bring it up to see if he’d be interested. I’m pretty flirty and forward, but I wasn’t sure if the signals I was getting were that he was interested or not. Then my husband breaks the ice and texts him that I think he’s hot. He seemed flattered, but still no certain interest. A couple days pass by and we all chat about our interests and it turns to sex, so I just flat out ask if he wants to have sex with me. It took a bit for him to respond but he said he definitely did. We began talking dirty and talking about hooking up, but weren’t sure when it would happen, if it ever did. Then last night everything falls into place and my hubby sends me out the door to go fuck another man. He wanted me to bring home a cum filled pussy to slam down on his cock while the cum from my naughtiness dripped around him.

So I went to the friends house, a ball of nerves the whole way there. Not certain this guy meant anything he’d said and not certain my hubby knew what he was doing, the a****l he was unleashing! When I got to the house and the friend opened the door, he was in nothing but a towel…so yeah, he meant it and the nerves were instantly gone and I needed this man in me. We closed the door and I stepped in close to him, removed the towel and used it to pull him closer while I sank my lips into his.

After a little groping and kissing, he asked if I wanted to go downstairs, which I eagerly agreed to. The second we were in his room I began grabbing his cock and rubbing on him while kissing him. I motioned my shirt upwards for him to take off and shortly thereafter he reached behind me and with a quick squeeze my bra was popped free. Once I was topless standing there, he turned his attention to my breasts which were already erect with anticipation.

We kissed and touched for a few more minutes and then he went for the zipper of my skirt. Once that was off I was standing there in my high heels, heart pounding, wondering what he was going to feel like inside me. We moved towards the bed and he sat down, I couldn’t wait, I pushed him back and climbed on top. I began rocking my hips back and forth and with every thrust he smacked my g-spot in the most intense way and I came all over him. He rolled me over and for the next probably hour and a half caressed and fucked me.

Everything was full of sensation and he definitely knew how to hit my g-spot, with his fingers and cock! I came for him over and over. Each time I did I desperately wanted more, but he wanted to slow me down and indulge in the moment. He would kiss me, deeply, softly and I wanted more. After everything was over and my pussy was full I went home and rode my husband who came almost instantly from the excitement.

So this morning, as I’m sitting here I realize all the anticipation and excitement is building again and I want more…
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