I want more, honey

Chapter I

Claudia walked towards the bathroom on shaky legs. Suddenly, she stopped and looked at her husband, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, struggling to put on his underwear. She liked what she was seeing. Considering his age and the time they had been together, which they could cross out the calendar, her man managed to stay in shape and maintain his vigor. Of course, these were not the days when he could finish several times during the night. No. But back then, it was puppy love, when the body acts against the laws of nature. True love is something more. It’s a feeling that completely reveals and celebrates the truth about loyalty, faithfulness, trust, and devotion. She knew all the ingredients that make up the nourishing soup of married life. The problem was that it’s been some time since she tasted any distinct spices in this dish full of everyday ingredients. The same taste, texture, and consistency. She hadn’t had the chance to taste something new, exciting, and surprising for a long time. Everything had become bland, familiar, repetitive, and predictable. Like the tried-and-true, non-perishable dish of marriage that she had been eating every day.
Claudia had reached a stage in her relationship where trust and loyalty were the basic elements that united their lives. She knew she could trust Robert with her most hidden secrets. Even the forbidden ones. Those that had been slumbering at the bottom of her feminine passion for years, and had just started waking up. At least that’s how it seemed to her. So why didn’t she do it? What was holding her back? That one small but crucial part of her identity was still subject to the censorship of fear and uncertainty. She was afraid of how Robert would react to her “whims”. But today was the day. There will be no better one. Since she trusted her husband, she should tell him about “that”.
“I want more, honey,” she blurted out, surprising even herself.
Robert looked up and glanced at his wife leaning against the bathroom door frame.
“Honey,” he retorted, pulling up his boxer shorts. “You’ll get more. Just give me some time to catch my breath. 20 minutes should be enough.”
“That’s not what I meant, but we’ll come back to that later,” she replied seductively. “I’m talking about something else.”
He looked at her. She always looked wonderful after sex, even when their lovemaking was really rough. She tempted him with an erotic aura, especially after putting on his thin cotton shirt that barely covered her ass. As she stood in the doorway, the bright light from the bathroom highlighted her slim figure through the fabric with a hazy, see-through outline. Robert felt throbbing in his abdomen once again. This time, he saw something in his wife’s gaze that he hadn’t seen in a very long time.
Claudia shuffled closer, hips swaying.. The sensual scent of her perfume, sweat, and femininity surrounded Robert, causing his body to react accordingly. Slowly, he grabbed the edge of her shirt and lifted it above her breasts. He gripped her ass firmly, enjoying the aroma of a satisfied woman. He felt more than just her scent. Desire began rising in him once again the moment he noticed that her nipples were hard and erect, as if she were incredibly horny.
“Still not enough?” He bit her nipple gently. Claudia hissed and moaned in pleasure. “I feel like I have to take care of you and satisfy your desire for more.”
The girl kissed him and slowly stepped back. The light coming from the bathroom illuminated a stream of semen running down her right thigh. The stream was coming directly from her inside.
“Can we talk?” Her serious tone cooled him down a notch.
What could this be about? he thought.
“You’re making me worried,” he smiled hesitantly. “I didn't make a mess, did I?”
“Oh, you did, honey.” She turned around and bent over slightly, spreading her ass cheeks with her hands. “Right here. But I like this mess.”
Robert breathed a sigh of relief. If the matter was unpleasant, she wouldn’t have been in the mood for such playful banter.
“Where do you want to talk?”
“In the living room. But first, let’s take a shower.” She grabbed him by the chin and lifted his head. “You satisfied me, filled my pussy with your cum, and my ass still burns. Let’s shower first, then relax.”
“If you’re satisfied,” Robert quipped, “why are your nipples erected like you can’t think of anything else but a hard cock?”
“Yes, honey. A hard cock.” She winked at him like she had done before tonight. Something's brewing, Robert thought. He stood up and took her hand.
“Come, let me wash your back.”

The flames from the fireplace danced across the living room walls. The cozy warmth matched perfectly with the tasty coffee, enhancing the joy from earlier moments spent in the bedroom. The floor was adorned with several large pots, each housing tall plants, their presence adding a touch of warmth and hospitality to the room. In the corner of the living room stood a grand bookshelf adorned with a multitude of books. Claudia loved to read. Although she was no stranger to non-fiction and autobiographies of people she respected, what truly ignited her imagination were dark romances. . The mysterious, sometimes dangerous atmosphere and intricate relationships between the characters, overflowing with erotica and sensuality, created a paradise for her imagination while also having a calming effect on her. Above all else, they excited her. Sometimes, the things she read threw her off balance. Her adventure with a book lead to many a sleepless night. Yet, despite the subsequent fatigue at work, she would have no regrets about the countless pages she’d devoured earlier.
Next to the fireplace, across from the entertainment center, was a moderately sized stylish corner with inviting soft cushions. Feeling the fluffy pastel stuffing with her eyes, Claudia wanted to snuggle among them. She sank into the colorful softness, relishing the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and her alone time. Finally, Robert returned from the children’s bedroom. He gestured that the kids were fast asleep, then sat next to his wife and picked up the remote. After a moment, the living room was filled with the sounds of brushes dancing on drums, a live double bass, a trumpet with a mute, and a piano. The perfect harmony was occasionally complemented by the ambience of club background sounds.
“I love this live recording.” Claudia sipped her coffee, lost in her own thoughts. Robert put his full cup on the table. He didn’t like drinking hot.
“You were amazing tonight, baby,” he interrupted her daydreaming.
“You too, stud.”
“What did you want to talk about?” Robert asked. “What’s going on?”
She looked him in the eyes, but remained silent for a while. Orange lights flickered across the living room. The wood in the fireplace was crackling and the smell of coffee and fire surrounded them.
Robert raised his eyebrows in an effort to encourage Claudia to speak. It worked. She took a sip beforehand.
“Something’s been bothering me since my last birthday,” she began hesitantly.
“Bothering?” Robert was very intrigued.
“Yes. And no. It’s like a feeling. I can’t get it out of my mind.”
“Since your last birthday?”
“Yes. That’s when I became aware of it.”
Robert was staring at his wife, waiting for further explanations. She squeezed his hand and continued her confession, “I don't want you to misunderstand me. Or jump to conclusions. Even though I could feel the passage of time when I was celebrating my birthday, I don’t feel old. On the contrary. But I’ve realized that the years are flying by. And I…” she paused, looking into her husband’s eyes. “I’m afraid to talk about it.” “Afraid?” Robert hugged her, curiosity still burning inside him. “I’m with you and you have nothing to be afraid of,” he reassured her.
“See?” she exclaimed with newfound energy. “You’re already jumping to conclusions. So don’t interrupt me until I finish. Okay?”
He nodded in agreement while making a lip-sealing gesture.
“You’re crazy, you know that?” Claudia scolded him, laughing heartily, only to sober up in an instant. She took a big sip of coffee, then put the cup on the table.
“So...” she began hesitantly. “I’m happy with you.” Seeing that Robert was about to respond, she quickly raised a finger,. “Wait. Let me finish. As I said before, I’m happy with you. And the kids. I have a great life. And honestly, I would have to try hard to find something to complain about. Besides, I talk to you about almost everything.”
Robert noted the word “almost”.
“Of course,” she continued, “you can always improve something, but that would be nitpicking. I was afraid to start this conversation because there’s a risk that you’ll receive it poorly. The wrong way. I was afraid that you would react, how do you say it, like a ‘manly man’. I won’t bring up your masculinity because I couldn’t have made a better choice. I love making love with you. I enjoy your touches and how tenderly you can handle me. But I also love when you screw me, when you fuck me hard, and cum on my breasts, face or straight into my pussy. She loves when your cock is inside her.” Claudia said this while placing her hand on her husband’s fly. The effect was immediate.
“When it comes to sex,” she continued, “I don’t want to complain.”
Don't want to complain? Robert thought during a moment of silence. “But?” he dared to speak up after not saying a word for a long time.
“I want more. I want to go on an adventure. Do something new. Exciting.” After this quick confession, Claudia was quiet for a while. Her thoughts drifted somewhere far away. Robert saw the slightly raised corners of her mouth and the electric look appearing in her eyes as they were looking into the distance. He did not want to interrupt her, but he was too curious about what would come next. He feared that Claudia would lose track of this intriguing thread. Looking at her hand lying on his fly, Robert tensed up his muscles. His wife’s hand jolted slightly upwards. It worked. She snapped out of her daze.
“Pervert.” She clenched her hand until he winced, then blew him a kiss and continued her confession. “You and I are at the right age for this kind of adventure. Just think about it. We left behind the insecurities of youth and the foolish pursuit of perfection. We have come to know and accept our bodies, our imperfections. Thanks to this, we can fully enjoy ourselves. And,” she added playfully, “each other.”
Wow, she's really into this, thought Robert, feeling new waves of arousal. Claudia felt them too.
“I won’t sugarcoat reality. In ten, twenty years or more, I might develop a conviction that would make me bitter to the core. I don’t want to regret not doing something, not trying something that I won’t be able to do later in life, or lacking the courage to do so. By then, it will be too late. Do you understand? I want to tell you everything, but I’m also afraid. Can I tell you something without making you angry?”
Robert returned from exploring the fascinating world of his imagination. He felt a completely different kind of excitement, as though Claudia had ignited his mind rather than his loins.
“I’m in,” he answered immediately. “I solemnly swear you can tell me everything. You have complete amnesty.”
There was a long silence, a meaningful one at that. Robert looked at Claudia. Her eyes were half closed, and her thoughts had drifted far away. Maybe to the world of her own shameless fantasies. It was as though she had already started carrying out her plan. Whatever plan that would be. One thing was certain, however: his visions of carefree, wild, and adventurous sex were vastly different from hers. What to expect from a girl who had never experienced any exciting adventure, not counting a one-night stand behind a tent at her cousin’s wedding at two in the morning, when everyone who could have caught them were either asleep or *****, or both. She often recalled that adventure when really aroused, but Robert knew that, on the scale of arousal, that was merely the first level. What could he possibly expect from her? She doesn’t even watch porn. Adult videos don’t arouse her. He had tried many times to show her some, but gave up years ago. Maybe one of her coworkers shared her sexual experiences? Maybe that was what stirred his wife? He hoped that was the case, but he didn’t expect too big of a sexual revolution.
“I was curious how you would react,” said Claudia out of the blue, squeezing Robert’s penis tighter through his pants, “if I told you that our good friend visited me yesterday, while you were with a client,” she looked into Robert’s eyes, licking her lips, “and fucked me good?”
Robert was completely speechless. It felt like he had been struck by lightning. His insides boiled with extreme emotions. Claudia’s hand did not stop squeezing his penis.
“What? What did you just say?” he yelled suddenly, his voice dry and shrill.
“What would you say, honey, if I told you that yesterday,” she began to undo his belt, “your wife, your woman, the mother of your children, your confidante, your ass to fuck and your bitch to screw, sucked off our buddy?” She finally undid his zipper and, with some difficulty, pulled out his erect penis.
“You want me to tell you about how he came here when you weren’t home?” she continued. “How I tricked him to come see me, under the pretext of some urgent matter, just to grab his cock, put it in my mouth and suck his big dick with pleasure? How would you react? What would you say if you knew that today you kissed my lips, the lips of your wife who sucked another man’s cock so long he came in her mouth just a few hours ago?”
Robert remained as speechless as he had never been before. Paradoxically, his penis was bulging to the brink with arousal. Claudia wrapped her hand around it and began massaging it. She couldn’t remember the last time she had seen her husband’s penis so swollen with arousal. This served to support the theory she was about to prove.
“Mmm,” she purred like a cat, closely observing his reaction. “His sperm tasted so good. The delicious, thick nectar of a real man. How will you react to that?”
After a longer pause, Robert finally replied, “You’ve cheated on me,” he said more than asked. “Who was it? John?” Claudia’s eyes didn’t react. He tried again. “Peter? He’s been wanting you for a long time. You must have seen how he looks at you during parties.”
“I saw that too, believe me. Unfortunately, you're shooting in the dark and missing.” Claudia replied after a while, now playing with his testicles.
“It’s definitely Steve. Yes! One hundred percent! He’s already said a few times when we’ve hung out that, if he ever got me ***** and you agreed, he’d spend the whole night with you.”
“Steve wouldn’t even be able to get his dick up properly,” Claudia replied.
Robert was speechless again. This statement, this vocabulary, the sheer shamelessness pouring out of her confidence. He didn’t know his wife from this side.
“And how do you know that?” he attacked with a question.
“From Dominique. She told me that Steve can only brag about being a player, but the reality is soft and flaccid. Like when she recently spread her legs in front of him and showed her shaved pussy, he got such a bad coughing fit that there was no way he could get an erection afterwards. And so, from a stud and a player, Steve became a cripple.”
“Poor Dominique,” said Robert without a second thought.
“Poor, you say?” His statement did not escape Claudia’s notice. “Why do you care so much about Dominique’s satisfaction?” She stopped massaging his member and took her hand away. He cursed his big mouth. Suddenly, he remembered an old saying that offense is the best defense. He was going to launch an offense right now.
“We are getting off topic,” he firmly guided the conversation in the right direction. He was irritated, but mainly because she stopped massaging him. “You cheated on me. Damn, and I don’t even know with who!”
There was tense silence, becoming increasingly thick with each passing second. Sparks flew around them, but it was unclear whether they were from excitement, or betrayal. Or maybe simply from anger, regret, and the deep consequences that both of them were facing as a result of this act.
Suddenly, without any warning, Claudia started undressing. Slowly, without breaking eye contact with her husband. Her mischievous smile didn’t disappear for a moment, as she undid her bra. After that, her unleashed breasts gently swayed in front of his eyes.
He definitely noticed my erect nipples, she thought. She was determined to end the game at any moment as soon as she noticed any dangerous symptoms. So far, she hadn’t noticed anything like that. She also didn’t intend to stop. She was so excited that her vagina was demanding a rough fuck. She could, however, control her impulses. At least for some time. The game she intended to play excited her as much as a rough fuck.
“It’s very interesting, you know?” she said all of the sudden, squeezing one nipple.
“What is?” Robert looked like he was hypnotized. He had long lost control over himself. He spontaneously reached out to take care of the other lonely nipple. There was a loud slap and he felt his hand pulsing with burning pain.
“Take your dirty hand off me,” she wagged her finger at him, still smiling boldly. “We need to clear up some things, honey.”
“Indeed!” he deflected, massaging his hand. “I’m waiting for an explanation. Who did you fuck when I wasn’t home?”
“I will tell you, but first I am going to do something.” As she said that, she took hold of his penis again, which had not lost its hardness at all, and began working her hand vigorously. Confused, Robert knew she was trying to divert his attention, but he also just wanted one thing. An orgasm. Satisfaction. He felt as if his testicles were boiling from the accumulated semen that he wanted to shoot out now. He wanted to explode. Nothing else mattered but the expectation of that one, short moment of fulfillment. He felt blood throbbing in his temples, his breathing quickened. Any moment now. Just a moment to fulfillment, and then he would sober up and talk to his wife. With the remnants of his consciousness left, he heard Claudia’s hazy voice from beyond distant hills and forests. He looked at her.
Claudia waited for this moment, though she knew how much she was risking. The chances of success were really small, but she knew that this was the only way. She would not be able to begin her adventure if her husband could not control his deepest emotions, even in moments like this. Moments when men’s thinking shuts off and all that remains is desire. When all of their being wants only one thing: to ejaculate. And nothing else matters. Through this desire, kingdoms were created and destroyed, borders on maps changed, civilizations fell, and strong, successful, and happy marriages, that believed they could safely cross the forbidden line, fell apart. Claudia loved her husband too much to risk that. Seeing that he was looking at her and had all of his remaining attention on her, she repeated, “I will not tell you anything if you ejaculate now.” Her words were cold and decisive, like granite rocks pushed by a glacier. “You will not know anything if you cannot control what you desire now.”
Robert suddenly felt like he was in the middle of a battlefield, where two murderous armies were fighting a deadly battle. He had one or two seconds to pick a side. Should he strive for a victorious battle, culminating in satisfaction, while risking losing the war? Or should he, by giving up satisfaction, surrender and trust that the enemy would not behead him? These few moments of the greatest internal struggle he had in his life seemed to last an eternity. In the end, he took his wife’s hand and, with the look of a mistreated dog declined a roasted turkey breast, pushed it away. Half-conscious, he looked at his throbbing, vein-wrapped penis, left to the mercy of fate and oblivion. As soon as he did it, he was hit with withdrawal syndrome. He wanted to finish just as much as someone writhing in agony wants morphine.
Claudia watched this struggle, full of pride and admiration. She was happy because another stage of her plan has just been completed, and exactly the way she wanted it to. She knew that, when her husband stopped her hand at the last second, he was showing how strong his will was. He not only demonstrated his iron will, but also proved that he would be able to accept any idea she wanted to implement in their love life without hysterics, anger, resentment or aggression. The fact that he stopped now made him a man. Her man definitely had balls.
She waited a moment until her husband’s breathing calmed down. She turned to the corner table, where, apart from the book she had spent the last night with, there was a ready-made drink. Whiskey on the rocks. She gave the glass to her husband. He accepted it with gratitude. After the first sip, he wondered how she knew that he would need a drink today. After all, he almost never ***** under these circumstances. On the other hand, the circumstances were not normal. And this drink? As if she had planned it, he thought.
Impossible, he immediately rejected that absurd thought. Exactly. He started thinking. As soon as he realized this, he smiled at his wife. The smile, however, was short-lived.
“I’m serious, Claudia,” he began firmly but calmly, “Who did you sleep with when I wasn’t home?”
“No one,” she replied immediately, as if she had prepared a made-up resistance line. But why did she confess earlier?
“Who’s Noah?” he asked, surprised, because he didn’t know anyone by that name.
“Not ‘Noah’, you jealous fool. No one.” Her gaze seemed sincere. “But that’s not the point, honey.”
“Not the point? What are you talking about? What is the point then?” Robert felt his thinking capacities shutting off again. “You just admitted that you slept with one of my friends. And you don’t want to say which one.”
“You’ll stop worrying about it soon,” she promised, “after you answer one, very important question.”
Another silence. But it didn’t stop Claudia from playing with her nipples. Both were so appetizing, erect, and hard. Robert fantasized about biting them, just a little. With the last remnants of his consciousness, he noticed that she was observing him closely again, as if waiting for something to happen. Suddenly, it hit him. He understood.
Damn it!
She was provoking him. Checking if he could control himself.
He quickly regained control after exerting a great deal of willpower to do so.
“Okay, honey,” he started jokingly and with a clear mind, “I think it’s time you stop playing around and start explaining yourself. Don’t you think?”
Robert saw Claudia breathing a sigh of relief. Interrupting her nipple play, she gave him a slight expression of dissatisfaction. So I’m not the only one who has trouble controlling myself, Robert thought with satisfaction.
“I didn’t cheat on you,” she started immediately, wanting to cool down the desires raging inside her with something specific. “I just wanted to conduct an experiment. Don’t be angry. It was necessary.”
“Why? For cheap fun at my expense? My dick almost got ripped apart, all because of your little game. Are you happy now?”
She did not take up the challenge. “By telling you this whole story about my alleged infidelity, what I was doing with our friend and the way I was telling it,” she looked him in the eyes, well aware that she was evoking the recent scenes he had imagined, “I wanted to check something.”
“What?” he asked, crossing his legs.
“If you get hard just by thinking about it, for one.” She pointed to his clumsy attempt to conceal this fact by crossing his legs. “I also noticed something else. Something that made me feel embarrassed. But in a good way,” she replied immediately, seeing the concern arising on his face. “I’m talking about excitement. Arousal. Something I’ve never felt before. Something I wanted to feel.”
“Since that special birthday?”
“Since then,” she confirmed.
“And how did your experiment go?”
“You tell me,” she retorted “During my whole fake confession, which built up a real image in your head, you never really got angry that I cheated on you. Your anger was poorly acted. As if you had an unwanted duty to play the role of a cuckold husband. You were definitely more interested in a completely different fact.”
“What fact?” Curiosity was consuming Robert.
“Who I slept with.”
Claudia hit the spot.
“Don’t deny it,” she continued. “You weren’t angry that I cheated on you. You were caught off guard because you had no idea who my lover was or what we did in bed together. The fact that I lured someone into our house, gave him a blowjob and then let him fuck me hard did not evoke the reaction one would expect from a cheated husband. My infidelity didn’t interest you. You were interested in who I slept with and what I did. Isn’t that right, honey?”
Robert kept quiet, desperately attempting a poker face.
Claudia continued, “Instead of getting angry at your unfaithful wife, you felt truly excited. Aroused. Isn’t that right? The fact that I had done you dirty only turned you on.”
Robert was dead silent. This devilish woman could read the deepest depths of his depraved mind.
“You have no proof that it’s true,” he made a desperate attempt to defend himself.
“I have proof!” she smiled lewdly, squeezing her other erect nipple.
“What is it?”
“Your cock almost got ripped apart from arousal. Your body can’t lie, so don’t make up stories.”
They were silent for a while, trying to piece it all together. Robert was shocked by the game his wife had played on him. His admiration for her strategy, cunning, and ultimate victory was immeasurable. He couldn’t deny that the elaborate scene had aroused him to no end. The images she painted in his mind were vivid, full of smells of sex, sweaty bodies, ejaculating semen, and Claudia writhing in pleasure, smearing another man’s semen on her breasts. Damn it. He had no idea that it turned him on so much. He didn’t even realize that his wife might also think the same thing. In his mind, he saw Claudia kneeling before a man whose face Robert couldn’t recognize, as she pulled down his pants and underwear, and eagerly took his manhood in her mouth. How she was playing with it, sucking it, licking from the base to the tip. In his mind, he heard her choking on the cock that was thrust into her throat, tears, discharge, and saliva flowing down her chin, chest, and loins. Was she playing with herself then? Or was she dressed, waiting obediently until her lover took care of her after she had finished? Was she a submissive bitch or a powerful dominatrix? Or did she have another role? Images flashed through his mind like a kaleidoscope spinning on a carousel.
Robert felt a painful tug on his penis. It was Claudia. “Hey! Wake up! You’re drifting off again, honey.”
“I'm sorry.” This time, it was easier for him to wake up, although the images still remained vivid.
“Put away the pecker,” she ordered, “and don’t touch it. I’m sure you’ll splash the ceiling if you do. We still have some things to discuss.”
Slowly and grudgingly, he pulled on his boxers and pants. At the same time, Claudia undressed completely. What is she planning, he thought. However, he decided to wait for the events to unfold. His wife had already proven that she could play a sophisticated game of wits with a high degree of risk and win. On the other hand, she wrote the rules. But that didn’t bother him at all.
“You might be thinking that I took a huge risk by involving you in this game?”
“Only our family and marriage,” he retorted. “If I were impulsive, we probably wouldn’t have gotten to the part where you explained your motives and rules.”
“Not entirely. I could afford to take that risk because I knew it was lower than it might seem. Was it still risky?” She looked at him. “Yes. But not as much as you might think.”
“And where does this certainty come from?” he asked with hesitation, sensing the worst.
“From the fact that I found a hidden folder on your laptop. How weird is that.” Robert felt like he was hit with a baseball bat. He was horrified of the thought of what she might have seen there. And whether it was that folder. “You didn’t put much effort into the name. 'Taxes and Statements' is a perfect name for what I found inside.”
His worst suspicion was confirmed. It was that folder. Robert prepared himself for the day of reckoning.
“I see that you’re scared. No need. Besides, if you hadn’t left it open in plain sight, I wouldn’t have found anything. You were careless after our last party with Greg and his lively Margaret, who, by the way, you were eyeing. Don’t even try to deny it. I wasn’t blind. And the more you drank, the worse you got at pretending. Maggie certainly didn’t try to cover up her ass-baring and rump-shaking. I swear, two more drinks and you would have started sliding hands down her panties. Provided she even wore any, knowing her nature. She would have liked it for sure. But let’s get back to the topic.”
Robert remained silent, his eyes cast downward. The feelings of shame and embarrassment were burning him from the inside.
“Imagine my surprise when I wanted to check my inbox after I’d put you to bed. I turn on the laptop and what I see? An wide-open folder containing a highly thorough ‘summary’ of tax reports, ranging from small one-person businesses experiencing rapid growth to large corporations engaging in multiple markets. International. Intercultural. Do you recognize these summaries? There were quite a handful of them. Excellent quality presentations. Vibrant erect bars and columns. Countless juicy spreadsheet positions, in more ways than one. Multiple market support. Exploitation of individuals to satisfy the needs of many. I even stumbled upon secretary interviews no HR department would ever arrange. Everything was so gaudily presented, in high resolution, and with close-ups. Excellent work.” There was a playful tone in her voice. “I wanted to bash you up at first because I was so furious. But how could you beat up someone who is *****?”
Claudia changed her position, leaning back and sinking into the soft cushions. She spread her legs apart and began caressing her breasts. Robert, still looking down, couldn’t see this. But she didn’t care if he saw it or not, she was doing it for herself.
“What was I supposed to do?” She closed her eyes and recalled selected memories from that evening. “I started to study those 'summaries'. One by one. Would you please tell me what I found?”
Robert didn’t have the strength to raise his gaze. Other than his flaccid penis and a wet stain on his boxers, he felt embarrassment as if he was caught masturbating in public. The level of emotional ******** was so high that he thought he would never feel comfortable being alone with himself and his fantasies, helped by videos from “Taxes and Statements”, again.
“I’m sorry,” he blurted out. “I don’t even know how to explain myself. I probably won’t even try anyway. Can we just end this? I’ll delete everything and all the remaining folders. I will never-”
“… do it again?" she interrupted him suddenly. “I didn’t tell you to delete ‘Taxes and Statements.' The IRS wouldn’t approve of that. Leave it. And the other, apparently secret folders, the contents of which you will reveal to me later. Treat it as a tax audit. You have nothing to say, stud. You must be audited.”
He raised his gaze and, in boundless bewilderment, noticed his wife caressing her breasts, the wandering hand going lower, towards the *******, shiny and wet smooth pussy. Shock once again punched him right in the kisser. He decided to wait for the story to unfold. The milk was already spilled anyway.
“The first videos disgusted and embarrassed me,” she began her story. “Some even repulsed me with their brutality. I had no idea that women, men – all of them together – were capable of such depraved things. So shameless, lewd, whorish things. With each new video, my anger grew. I felt betrayed. Yes, betrayed, because I knew that you were jerking off to those whores who were sucking even five cocks at once, having two more in their pussy and ass. This was what my beloved husband was doing. Then came the sorrow that you weren’t happy with me because I clearly wasn’t meeting your needs. Does that mean I was a bad wife? Or maybe my husband is nothing more than a crazed sex maniac, a man *****, and a cheater? None of the choices painted our relationship favorably. Right after the video about a blond bimbo in a pillory, who was brought to some club on a platform to be fucked by anyone, in any hole in her body, I came across a quite interesting video. Do you remember it maybe? As it turns out, there are many videos like this: a husband or wife inviting other people to bed. Sometimes they do it when the wife or husband is not home, but sometimes, they are sitting in the armchair, just watching. Sometimes two whores are working on one man. Or the other way around.”
Claudia felt silent for a moment. Robert saw how memories were awakening her desires as her hand was working vigorously between her legs. It felt like watching a video. A live performance in which he took part, albeit indirectly. Inserting her finger into her vagina, Claudia looked him in the eye and continued her story, “I was convinced that you were cheating on me. That you had some ***** on the side. If I didn’t satisfy you, then you, as an insatiable male, had to relieve the tension somewhere else. Shoot your load, to put it in graphic terms.”
Robert remained silent. He had no intention of denying the accusations anyway. He knew she wouldn’t believe him.
“I was worried of what would happen to us. To our family. To the children. My discovery, which was a result of your carelessness, could ultimately lead to... divorce.”
“Divorce?!” Robert shouted. “Absolutely not! Out of the question! That’s not what it looks like!” He grabbed her by the arm and shook her violently. “I love you! Damn it, do you understand that? I love you,” he finished softly in resignation.
Claudia calmly accepted this outburst, which was a clear statement of desperation. This surprised him, as well as the fact that, after his attack, she began masturbating even more viciously. What’s going on in her head? he wondered. Was he turned on by violence? Or domination? But where did these tendencies come from? Not from his wife, that’s for sure; this demure, well-behaved, decent, and respected teacher. He didn’t know her from this side. Everything was happening so fast. This was ridiculous – how else to describe a situation when a wife tells a dramatic story about catching her husband collecting porn while pleasuring herself at the same time?
“And then I came across a certain video.” A cold shiver ran down Robert’s spine. Suddenly, he remembered what video he’d put in that folder two years ago. A prohibited video. Illegal. Forbidden. It shouldn’t have been made. Did she find it? If so, it may be the end of their relationship and everything would be over soon. If she saw it, he couldn’t expect any mercy.
“Do you remember that memorable New Year’s Eve party, honey?” she decided to make a small digression before getting to the point. “I see that you remember, because we only had one worth remembering. We were partying in the living room. Our friends came over, along with three tall, buff strangers as plus ones. They came with my friends, who were already blackout ***** by ten, and the young, unsatisfied males were looking for another conquest. Two of them knew that they wouldn’t score that night. The third one was with Nicole. She was a bitch who would ***** around even if she had fallen into a coma. That’s what happened, by the way. I mean, she got fucked, not fell into a coma.” Claudia smiled. “Remember how I laughed and you cursed as we were cleaning up the effects of their fun time, smeared on the bathroom tiles and on the sink?"
Yes, he remembered perfectly, along with the mental image that he conjured of the ways that had led to this mess. He had to kneel and squat to hide his powerful erection, perfectly underlining the leg of his dress pants. He wanted to throw himself at his wife and fuck her, but he was interrupted by knocking on the door. One bathroom – eight guests. He had to make do. And if that weren’t enough, one of the abandoned hunks, a tall sculpted brunette started hitting on Claudia. And he had something to hit on. His wife could caught anyone’s eye with her always fashionable, tight black dress that revealed her cleavage and barely covered her ass. Rhinestone-studded earrings that swayed with every move and a chic necklace that matched the outfit made her look like a million dollars.
Of course, Claudia noticed the lustful glances coming from her admirer, whose name was probably Kris or something, but she made no indication that it upset or affected her in any way. Robert had an unsettling feeling that this blatant flirting was turning her on, which was intended to arouse him as well.
“I remember,” she continued, still masturbating, “how I had to take off my underwear once Kris left me with you after dancing to two songs. His confidence, touch and smell, the way he controlled me. The arousing scent of a man. You know how dancing makes me feel. His strong arms took full control of me and led me wherever he wanted, while giving me indescribable pleasure from dancing. And then, when you had to take care of ***** Elizabeth lying on the floor in our bedroom, Kris played a slow song. Extremely sensual. I’m telling you, Robert,” she looked at him brazenly while her fingers worked between her legs, “after that one rumba, I would have given myself to him in an instant. On the floor. In front of everyone. If he had only reached for my flower, he would have gotten it. My lust almost drove me insane. Kris set me on fire. My underwear was completely soaked through. I felt the juices from my pussy running down my legs. Do you remember how I was dressed? In a short black dress. Most thrilling of all, I knew that if someone were to look in the right spot, they would have seen the waterfall gushing out of my vagina.”
Robert continued to listen. His penis painfully chafed him in his pants. Although he had many questions and was bursting with extreme emotions, he would not have interrupted her story for anything. His wife began breathing faster, but it seemed she didn’t intend to finish just yet. Evidently, she was heading for a planned finale. Just then, Robert came up with an idea.
“At the end of this sensual song, I saw you returning from the bedroom. I remember your gaze, because at that moment, Kris pushed his thigh between my legs. I felt the heat when he placed his hand on my ass and squeezed it firmly. I don’t know what you were thinking back then. Maybe you considered it party flirting, or a drunken incident. I didn’t care about it at all. There, on the dance floor, as my hot pussy was pressed against Kris’ thigh, I felt his rock hard penis. I felt his hand on my thigh and I was angry. Angry because you interrupted us. Even though it was instinctual, it bothered me for a long time afterward. But before I came over to you after you called out to me from the kitchen, leaving Kris with a stiff stick in his pants, I had to give him something. A substitute. A consolation prize which he will never forget. I discreetly lifted my dress and turned around to him, standing in a well-lit place. I bent over, wanting to pick up a non-existent trash, so that Kris could clearly see the stream flowing down my legs and my wet panties, sticking to swollen labia. I wanted him to know that he brought me to this state. He could not get more, but he deserved a gesture of recognition.”
“I remember that moment,” said Robert, frowning. “You were acting like a real *****. I thought that performance was for me. That you wanted to instill jealousy in me. I was so stupid and blind!”
“Not stupid, honey," said Claudia, her wet hand moving away from her loins and gently stroking his cheek. He felt her wet fingers delicately caressing him. He sighed, overwhelmed by her feminine scent. It only lasted a moment. Too short.
“After that incident, I could only think of one thing,” she said, her hand moving back between her legs. “I wanted sex. Fucking. I wanted to feel a cock in my pussy. Everything in me was screaming for it. I wanted to be completely covered in sperm, to feel its smell, its heat. To spread it on my breasts, swallow it, and rub it into my groin. It was madness.”
Robert couldn’t take it anymore. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard penis. The tip of the head was wet with juices. He didn’t touch it, though, out of concern that coming would cool his emotions and quench his sexual tension.
“I went to take off my completely soaked underwear,” Claudia continued. “I wiped my groin and came to the kitchen. Without my thong. Hidden behind the kitchen island, I bent over so that you could see my red, aroused pussy. So that you were aware of how incredibly horny I was.”
“As for the rest of the party...” Robert interrupted her.
“I don’t remember much,” she finished for him.
As she was working her fingers, Claudia looked at her husband, who was clearly reminiscing. This gave her the opportunity to focus only on herself. Her thighs began to tremble, constant and involuntary contracts in uncontrolled spasms indicating a powerful orgasm. Robert could clearly see what was happening. He noticed that the skin on her neck had turned pink, and her nipples were standing as if someone had covered them with ice. The sight of the girl in the final stage of fulfillment was hypnotic. Her absence, cloudy gaze, uncontrolled spasms and louder moans, interrupted by uneven breathing, were maddening.
At the last moment, just before the climax, Robert grabbed his wife’s hand, pushing it away from her groin. She reacted like a wild animal whose valuable prey had been taken away. She snarled, trying to break free. When that failed, her other hand immediately went between her legs. He clutched it as well and held it. Her spasms brought her to the brink of eruption. Her groin and thighs began convulsing from the approaching orgasm, which, brutally and mercilessly interrupted, prevented her from climaxing.
“Let me finish!” she shouted. “Leave me alone!”
She started struggling with the stronger man.
“No, my dear. You have to finish the story.”
Realizing that he had no intention of releasing her, the girl tightly squeezed her thighs and tensed her muscles. Seeing no other way out, this method could also worked out well. Robert reacted quickly, spreading her legs with his knee.
“Stop!” she growled at him in anger.
“First you’ll have to answer my question, my little horny kitten.”
“No! Later! I want to come!” She struggled like a unicorn caught in a trap. However, upon realizing that she would not achieve anything this way, Claudia decided that she would change her tactics. She gave Robert a lustful look and licked her lips. “Fuck me. Now!”
Robert still didn’t react as his wife writhed in suspended pleasure just before climax. She didn’t resemble his wife at all.
“I want your cock,” she tempted him mercilessly, “I want to feel it inside me. Robert, honey. Don’t you want me? Aren’t I turning you on?” These words almost broke him. “Do you want to tell me you don’t feel like fucking a bitch? I can see how hard you are. Your wonderful big cock. I’m your bitch. Yours, understand? Do you want me? Look at my pussy. See how hungry it is for you? I want you to come inside me.”
Robert was at the brink of endurance. So was Claudia. The wild madness in her eyes only intensified.
“I can be a *****," she said sweetly. “I’ll be your *****.” Her lust was driving him to the brink of insanity. “You can do whatever you want with me. Do you hear me? Whatever you want!”
“First you’ll answer my question!” Robert shouted, pushing her feet away from his erect member. The fire in her eyes wouldn’t die out.
“I’m a *****. Fuck me. Do to me what I saw on those videos.”
Though overwhelmed, Robert persisted.
“It’s either you or me,” the girl said, flushed red with arousal, trying to wriggle out of his grip. “If you don’t let me come, and you don’t take care of it yourself, I’ll give in to someone else. You’ll see! I’ll go out and fuck the first guy I meet. I have to!”
Robert had been waiting for this confession. He could now start his plan.
“Do you remember the sex we had that night? Right after the party, before the door had even closed behind our last guest. You threw yourself at me like an insatiable nymphomaniac. Do you remember?”
“Yes!” she replied on the verge of madness.
“Well,” he confirmed. “You were so horny, you even brought your vibrator. You only did it once. But that night you put it in yourself. You won’t deny it.”
“What do you want to know?” She tossed around unconsciously, feeling what question might come up. “Stop bullshitting me, just ask and fuck me!”
“That night you had five orgasms.”
The girl remembered at least twice as much.
“It was one of our wildest nights. You were a volcano of sex. When my cock was shoving inside your wet pussy, you put the vibrator in the other hole yourself. Do you remember?!” he shouted.
“Who were you thinking about then?” Robert asked. “Who were you fucking?”
“Leave it! No!” The girl tried to defend herself.
“Answer me! Was it me?” He did not give in. “Claudia! Tell me! Who was fucking you?”
“Kris!” She said the name of her imaginary lover. “Kris...”
As soon as she screamed the name, her thighs trembled. Her whole body began shaking, and a prolonged moan of a woman reaching orgasm came out of her mouth. Robert felt hot streams of pleasure on his knees, pouring out in spasms out of his wife’s throbbing pussy.
The peak lasted a long time. He did not remember his wife ever having such an intense orgasm.
Slowly, her body began calming down and her muscles, which had been so tense just moments earlier, started to loosen up. She lay there, breathing heavily and slowly coming to herself.
Robert finished his drink in one gulp. Then he stood up, went to the liquor cabinet and poured a large glass of whiskey for himself – and a glass of orange juice and a pretty generous glass of wine for his wife. He returned to the living room and put the drinks on the table. He felt Claudia’s touch on his back. He turned around. She smiled at him warmly. He loved that smile. It was beautiful.
He gave her the juice, which she drank in one gulp. She handed him the empty glass, accepting the wine glass in return.
“Atta girl!” He raised his crystal glass in a toast and clinked her glass. “You’ve just come at the mere sound of your potential lover’s name. It was a wonderful performance. I want more and more often. It’s amazing that you check tests with the same hand.”
“You’re right,” she laughed, but immediately became serious. “Are you not angry?”
“About what? The floor will be swept, and the blanked will be rewashed. There will be no trace of the nymphomaniac ***** who was having fun here.”
“Don’t joke about this. I mean what I said. About Kris.”
Robert waved his hand. “Don’t be silly. I, for one, do not have the right or desire to be angry about it. I just wanted you to admit it. Mainly to yourself. It will change a lot. You’ll feel more liberated after.”
“I didn’t want to be a hypocrite,” said Claudia after a moment of silence.
Robert stood up and went to the dying fireplace. He didn’t speak because he knew this was a sensitive issue for Claudia. He opted to maintain a strategic silence instead. After opening the fireplace doors, he threw in three thick logs. The blue flames immediately began to crawl on them, eager to consume all the fuel from the fireplace.
“What are you talking about? A hypocrite?” Robert yelled to Claudia from a safe distance, wiping his hands after touching the fireplace.
“Come here.” She tapped the spot next to her, covered with a dry blanket. She was sitting normally now, although still naked. Robert came close and sat next to her.
“When I saw those videos,” she started hesitantly, “I was really angry with you. I was devastated. I realized that you were satisfying yourself by looking at other women. I felt like they stole you from me, that you went to them on your own.”
“It’s not like that, honey,” he interrupted her. “Those are just videos. Nothing more.”
“Women see it differently. Every time you ejaculated for another woman, it was like a slap in the face to my femininity. That’s how I took it. Besides, those videos seemed terrible to me at first.”
“At first?” Robert thought she must have misspoken. He was intrigued.
“I mean, don’t they?” she asked rhetorically. “Two girls, one guy. Two guys, one girl. Threesomes, sixsomes. Penis in every hole. If they could, they would put it in the ear too. Plus, there are heaps of sperm and all kinds of secretions.” Claudia didn’t stop her listing. “On the streets, in a dungeon, attic, chapel. Everywhere, in every place, fucking, copulation, and uncontrollable desires. BDSM sickened me at first. The way these women were treated made me sad. I had no idea that people were capable of such things.”
“At first?” This time he was sure he hadn’t misheard. “Why are you telling me this? Has something changed?”
“I turned on some video where six guys broke into a residence. They thought it was empty. As you can guess, it wasn’t. The girl who lived in the house was taking a shower. Nice ass, by the way. She looked like me. Only skinnier and prettier.”
“There’s nothing wrong with you,” he reassured her. “You’ve always been incredibly attractive and sexy. But I don’t remember the video you’re talking about.”
“How are you supposed to remember all of them, you blind flatterer, when you have hundreds? So, to cut to the chase,” she continued, “they found her and fucked her one after the other. That girl probably couldn’t sit on her ass for a week. Along the way, they tied her up, slapped her, kidnapped her, locked her up, and ***** her. And when their dicks couldn’t stand up anymore, they connected her to some device to suffer some type of delightful tortures.”
“That’s pretty standard scenario for hard porn,” Robert commented.
“It’s not about the scenario, the camerawork or the acting. It’s about the message. The atmosphere. The enslavement, submission, animalization. The fact that lustful human imagination knows no bounds. And now I’ve realized that you have hidden videos that are much more drastic and explicit. I haven’t looked at everything, but I’m sure there’s horse sex in there, too.”
“Hey,” Robert winced. “There are certain limits. Despite what you’re saying, I have them. These videos are just visual stimuli to me. Nothing else. I’m surprised this video changed something in you.”
“Not that one. The next one.”
Robert feared what he was about to hear.
“The next video in the playlist was filmed with one camera. From one angle.” She pointed to the highest shelf on the bookcase shoved into the corner of the living room. “From there.”
“I can explain,” he began hesitantly.
“The video showed a familiar place,” she continued, ignoring his attempt at explaining. “And it depicted a specific event,” she paused and leaned towards her husband as if revealing a great secret. “New Year’s Eve.”
“That New Year's Eve.”
“Yes. Let’s not think about how unbelievable it is that you recorded it, my aspiring filmmaker. Several hours of the party. And what happened later.”
Claudia looked deeply into her husband’s eyes and waited until he calmed down a bit.
“Including my dance with Kris, the temptation, flirting, and me lifting my dress. You captured my sex appeal, the shiny spots on my thighs, the flirting, and my promiscuous moves perfectly.”
Claudia was silent for quite some time. As she looked into her husband’s eyes, she detected a hint of uncertainty. He was filled with fear, knowing that this action would cost him dearly. However, she was aware that she now had the power to determine the price he would be willing to pay in order to remove this blemish.
She took a sip of wine and continued, “I saw myself the way you watch those whores in adult videos. The fact that I often act like them hit me like a ton of bricks. Including our wild, perverted sex.”
“You watched that?” He was clearly interested.
“Not only did I watch it,” she smiled at him warmly, “I don’t even remember when I put my hand between my legs. After a short while, I had a wonderful orgasm. Watching the scene with me in the lead role.”
“Nicely done, honey,” her husband complimented her. “It’s great to hear that.”
“As soon as the video was over and after two orgasms, I realized something else. It changed me.”
“And to think I was sleeping right next to you. I could have woken up and taken care of you myself.”
She replied, “Nonsense. That sleep saved you. And maybe it saved us. Besides, you were too *****. You would barely make it stand.”
“Maybe, maybe not,” Robert replied ironically. “What did you understand from that video? What was it?”
Claudia took a sip of the excellent white wine. She felt the warmth spreading inside her. Her naked body was painted by the more intensely flickering flames, hungrily devouring more logs in the fireplace. The silence was prolonged, but neither of them felt uncomfortable because of it.
“That video,” she finally replied, “made me realize something.”
Robert immediately felt that this confession had unleashed a hidden self-confidence within her. She spoke decisively, clearly, as if she had thought everything through exactly.
“In that video, I saw a woman,” she said, emphasizing almost every word. “A woman who knows exactly what she wants. Her desire to fuck doesn’t change the fact that she has a clear goal. I saw a woman who was capable of anything to achieve what she wanted. In the case of the woman in the video... in my case,” she corrected herself, “the goal was satisfaction. That previously unimaginable self-confidence, driven by pure, animal desire, showed me someone I didn’t know,” she reached for the wine glass. She took another sip, building tension. “I liked that woman.”
“But that woman was you,” he reminded her of the obvious.
“It’s not that simple,” she replied. “It was my body, but not me. That version of me was different. I came to the realization that I wanted to embody that state of being, not just when consumed by lustful desire, but at any given time. Can you imagine what I could achieve if I could control this power? But that’s not what changed everything.”
“Not that?” He already suspected what she meant.
“Sex,” Claudia said.
She was silent for a while. Robert didn’t push her for further confessions. It had to come out naturally.
“I don’t know if you know,” Claudia continued, “but in that video, when you were fucking me hard and I was fucking you, we were both wrong.”
Claudia winked at him, “I didn’t make myself clear, please forgive me. This is totally new for me. Damn it. The thing is, you got all horny like an animal because you thought I was seducing you. That’s what turned you on. But I was seducing Kris. It was him, not you, who ignited my desire. He made me horny like a young girl, hoping for more, but didn’t get diddly squat. Just a dance and a memory of my panties wet with juices. For me, you were just a penis that was supposed to satisfy my desire, because I didn’t have access to Kris. You were like a live vibrator,” Robert’s face twisted in a mischievous grin. “I was thinking of Kris, and you were thinking of me. But when I watched that video, I thought of her, of myself, as someone else. Like a strange woman that you are fucking and she is drifting away with pleasure. That’s what you must feel when you’re masturbating to videos, looking at other chicks. That’s why I don’t want to be a hypocrite."
“Why a hypocrite?” he asked, taking a sip of whiskey. “I've got to hand it to you, nobody’s ever tried to inject deep thoughts and emotions into a run-of-the-mill adult film. Even if it stars us. It’s not about the plot or acting here. There is no depth or message. It’s only about sex. In all possible configurations.” He raised his finger. “Except for horses. Yet you managed to weave in some philosophy.”
“I would be a hypocrite,” she didn’t take up the topic, “if I got angry at you for enjoying yourself by looking at other women. When I know that you love me.”
“I’m glad you know that. I only love you. Those others are just a visual tool to relieve tension.” Robert raised his hands in a defensive gesture. “Nothing more.”
“That’s what I know now. I’m not angry. Just as you get aroused by looking at others, I was wet thinking of someone else during the entire New Year’s Eve party. And I was ready to give in to him. And when we made love, I imagined that it was Kris who was fucking me. That his thick penis was spreading my pussy apart. But it was you.”
A long silence followed. This confession clearly exhausted Claudia. The only sound that filled the room was the crackling of firewood in the fireplace.
After a while, Robert spoke up, “I understand, I think.”
“I hope so. Once I understood that, it became clear to me. All those women in those videos, from those who have their asses gently massaged by a handsome masseur, to those sexually tortured in the most elaborate ways in some dungeon or abandoned building. They are all like me on New Year’s Eve. They control fate. They rule destiny and men through their female confidence. They do what they want. These women are full of life.”
“Interesting theory,” Robert said, clearly surprised. “I’m sure the directors of these videos didn’t expect this kind of reception.”
“Definitely not,” she agreed, laughing. “So I did it again.”
“Did you pleasure yourself again while I was sleeping right next to you?”
She gave him a playful nudge. “No, I mean, yes, but that’s not the point. After this transformation, I watched a few videos again and saw them in a completely different way.”
“And what did you see?” Robert asked, eager to know.
“The scenes where women were being treated like sex toys and sperm receptacles really turned me on,” she admitted, blushing slightly. “As well as those where women simply made love with their husbands. I was also aroused by videos in which women were the main characters, dominating and having several sex slaves at their command, ready to obey any order of their mistress. But this time I saw what was hidden underneath. It made my pussy wet in an instance.”
“And what did you see underneath?” he asked, intrigued.
“I saw...,” she began, staring into her husband's eyes. “I realized that...,”
She bit her lip. Her hand moved downward, directly between her legs. Robert looked, mesmerized by the skilled work of her fingers.
“That what? Just tell me already.”
“That I want it too,” she finished.
Once again, her fingers began an erotic dance on her clitoris. Robert felt her intense scent again. The aroma of an aroused woman. A devilishly erotic pheromone. He couldn’t control the fact that his arousal was rising to high levels again. Claudia dipped her middle finger inside of herself. She sighed loudly, and a wave of pleasure spread throughout her body. One second later, she removed her finger. It was completely shiny with moisture and a whitish fluid. She inserted two fingers this time and began moving rhythmically, reaching the heights of ecstasy. As if in a frenzy, she began searching for her husband’s eyes. Their gazes met.
“I want to experience that too,” she said, breathing heavily. “I want adventure in my life. I want to break free from the ancient rules set by a bunch of old dudes in robes. If you agree,” she removed her fingers from her vagina and put them in his mouth, “I want to become the woman I saw in your video one day.”
Aside from the wonderful aroma of an aroused woman, Robert felt a hot wave of happiness spread through his abdomen. He never dreamed that he would experience a second sexual revolution in his life. Or actually, the first one. He didn’t know what to say. He just nodded. He licked Claudia’s fingers and felt an overwhelming desire to give her oral sex.
“Do you agree?” She wanted a clear confirmation. A nod was not enough.
Instead of answering, Robert stood up and unbuckled his belt. Claudia stopped masturbating and reached for his fly. There was no time to unbutton all of his buttons. She pulled down both his pants and underwear.
“I thought you’d never take them off,” she said, gripping his rock hard penis. She knelt in front of him on the floor, staring at the erect shaft of her husband, mesmerized. The thought of his vein-covered cock entering her all the way to the balls sent shivers down her groin, and gave her a sense of emptiness that craved to be filled.
Robert grabbed her by the hair, tying a ponytail in his hand and pulling firmly. In response, the girl bared her teeth. She brought her jaw closer to the top of his member and opened her mouth. Her wonderful lips enclosed around the entire circumference of his manhood, enveloping it in warmth. She began working her tongue and breath with enthusiasm.
“Take it easy,” he tried to slow her down, knowing that he had already come close to ejaculating three times that evening. He was close to filling her throat with a triple portion of semen.
“Mmhhmm...” she responded to his comments, putting his penis deep in her throat. After a while, he heard a raspy coughing sound. She’s choking, but she’s not letting go, he thought, full of admiration.
“If you don’t stop now, I’m going to come in your throat,” he warned her.
She looked up at him from below, sucking his thick cock. She had no intention of giving up. Clearly, she took this warning as a promise.
“You’re acting like a real bitch,” Robert pulled her by the hair. His freed penis was standing stiff in front of her eyes. She wanted to take it in her mouth again, but his grip was firm. She stuck out her tongue and licked the tip. Suddenly, without warning, she grabbed one of his butt cheeks with one hand, and with the other, she inserted her fingers into the open part, trying to get to the very core. He flinched and pushed her hand away, but that was enough for her. The petite, warm lips closed around his member again. He was hit by a look full of victorious smugness.
“You *****.” He grabbed her harder. “Are you playing with my ass? That’s a low blow!”
He ****** her head away from his crotch. She didn’t want to release his penis, holding it tightly with her lips. She sucked it in, trying to keep it in her mouth. Despite that, she had no choice but to yield against the overwhelming superiority of her adversary. The slippery, slimy cock slipped out of her lips, pulling a strand of saliva with it.
“What's wrong with you? Did you join a monastery and took a vow of celibacy?” she asked, disappointed. “You’re acting like a bottle of Pepsi that rolled down a hill. Holding back this kind of tension is bad for your health, honey. You won’t sleep well if you don’t release it.” Her genuine concern for his health touched him deeply.
“You talk like a ***** and act like a bitch. That’s how you’ll be treated,” he growled affectionately.
“So what now, stud? What are you going to do?” She was provoking him, damn it. “Will you finally take care of your woman like a real man should? Can you handle it, you fucker?”
That was too much. He yanked her hair, being careful not to hurt her, and turned her around. She immediately understood his plan.
“Oh yeah,” she sighed and arched her back as much as she could. Robert was greeted by the wonderful sight of her spread, firm butt cheeks, along with what was in between. He admired the sexy shapes and curves that were accentuated by the light from the fireplace. Her pink, aroused pussy had already flooded her other hole with white juices. She was swollen with arousal. Additionally, her anus, her cocoa eye, the forbidden area, worked on him like a double dose of ecstasy. He snatched her ass cheeks and spread them even further. Her muscles were working as if waiting for him to enter her.
“What are you waiting for?” Claudia said, impatiently. “Robert! Fuck me finally!”
“Wait! Let me enjoy the view,” he said, and there was something to admire. Her pussy, perfectly shaved and radiating with sex, was beautiful, wonderful, warm, and soft. Robert was happy that it always had such a strong effect on him. He couldn’t get enough of it. He loved licking, sucking, and caressing her pussy with his tongue.
He leaned in until he felt her breath.
“Oh no!” She pushed her groin away from his face as she lay back on the bedspread. “You’re great at eating pussy, but I want your cock today. And I want it right now, damn it!”
“Don’t you want me to go under?”
“No time for appetizers when the main course will be cold soon.”
That was a saying Robert wanted to remember.
“Maybe I wanted to lick your other hole?”
“Not today! Are you finally going to fuck me? Are we starting this adventure or not?”
“If we’re starting an adventure,” he directed his thick member towards her folds. She felt it and sighed with relief, “why don’t we order Greek today? What do you say?”
Robert had dreamed of anal sex for years, but hadn’t been able to fully enjoy it. Although they had tried twice, he had a condition that, according to Claudia, made this type of coitus impossible. Simply put, his penis, thick and veiny, was too big for her tight other hole. However, the important thing was not to give up and to keep trying. He directed the tip of his penis towards the brown ring. In response, she immediately extended her hand, grabbed him at the base, and directed the thick organ to the right place.
“Honey, you’re too big.”
He cursed. Sometimes, he envied those guys who had medium-sized cocks. They didn’t have these kinds of problems.
“Okay,” he argued with her. “So you're not a *****. A ***** takes it in every hole. You’re just an ordinary bitch.”
“I hope I’m an extraordinary one,” she retorted, pulling back her hips so she could impale herself on him. Robert did the same.
“What are you waiting for?” she scolded him. “Take control of your woman!”
Instead of fulfilling her wish, he began to move the tip of his penis between her labia. From the entrance to the vagina to the clitoris and back. He slid over her wet, shiny, juicy groin, waiting for that one word that would make him fulfill her wish. She had to beg.
“Come on!” Claudia urged him firmly. “Put it in! What are you afraid of? I can’t take it anymore.”
Seeing that her husband was not responding, she turned to him and threw him a provocative look.
“This is not how you treat a lady,” she shouted with resentment. “This is not how you treat a *****!”
“A *****?” Robert swung his arm and slapped Claudia in the ass. She squealed in delight. After a few seconds, a red mark of his hand appeared on her butt.
“If you ever...” she didn’t finish, because the second slap echoed through the walls of the living room. “Robert, please, fuck me.”
That was the word. After a second, he thrust his thick cock into his wife’s pussy. All the way to the base. His balls loudly hit her clitoris.
“Oooooh yes...” she moaned, engulfed in a delicious spasm. “Yes, my love. Fuck me hard. Like your darling. Like your bitch.”
Upon her request, he grabbed her hair and pulled. His lover’s back arched in such a sexy arch that he almost went crazy. He began fucking her without mercy, like a machine. The sound of their bodies banging against each other echoed throughout the apartment. Her pussy released more fluids, soaking her thighs. She was almost dancing, swaying her hips and twerking her ass. This lustful dance, this greedy dash, resulted in even greater arousal. Robert watched as his thick member disappeared into her tight pussy. He felt her inside very clearly. Her muscles, enveloping his manhood, worked and wavered, carrying on an erotic, lustful dialogue.
The sudden throbbing of her vagina surprised him. Her orgasm came unexpectedly, suddenly and without warning. Her inner muscles tightened on his penis like clamps. He felt almost physical pain. In a split second, he pressed himself against her ass, crushing her to the ground with his entire weight. He knew from experience that, if he didn’t do this, her throbbing, climaxing vagina would push him out. He couldn’t allow that. The girl writhed and moaned in spasms. Her hips trembled and bounced as he continued to push himself into her tight interior. Faster and faster.
“That's enough...” she panted. “I don’t have the strength for more. Please...”
“Quiet, bitch.” Robert knew her limit was quite a ways off. After a moment, he felt a second wave of orgasm, which this time spread through her whole body. She nearly blacked out as unfathomable ecstasy jolted her like a bolt of electricity. She held her breath for a long time. Her eyes rolled up, and a delightful, prolonged moan escaped her mouth. This time, she completely lost control of her vaginal sphincter, literally spraying the man who was fucking her with a generous stream. He knew it was a sign that she had reached the peak of total ecstasy. Now it was his turn. One, two thrusts later and he was ready.
He jumped out of her and quickly turned her onto her back. Ecstatic, the barely conscious girl opened her mouth, waiting for the reward. Robert sighed loudly and shot in her face. The wave of orgasm was almost painful in its intensity, nearly knocking him out. His knees buckled. The accumulated semen shot out in a strong stream onto his lover, icing her with a wonderful male pattern. More streams of semen flooded her throat, eyes, hair, neck and cheeks. The last dose landed on her heated post-orgasm breasts. Claudia immediately smeared the reward, enjoying the warmth of the semen, its smell and stickiness. After a moment, her cheeks, neck and breasts were covered with a layer of her husband’s juice. Claudia stretched out, as if waking up from a blissful dream. She got up slowly. With semen-covered lips, she kissed him deeply and passionately.
“New Year's Eve has nothing on this,” she summed up.

It took some time before they recovered. The jazz concert had long been over. The fireplace needed to be fed again, giving them light and warmth in return. This time, Claudia took care of it. Her naked body glimmered in the orange-fiery glow. The heat in the very center of the hearth was not as hot as what they had just experienced together. She hoped Robert hadn’t grown tired of seeking new experiences. After ejaculation, his sexuality always faded significantly. It was hard to sell him any playful ideas then.
As Robert drank his third glass of juice, he couldn’t get rid of the fear that his wife would give up on their new adventure after the sexual energy between them dropped. She dispelled this fear as he finished pouring hot water to her cocoa.
“Do you remember what I asked you before you unceremoniously and decisively fucked me?”
“I think it was you who fucked me,” he replied, “but you can repeat the question. I was preoccupied with watching you pleasuring yourself.”
She wagged her finger at him, “Men. You can only focus on one thing, and the rest doesn’t matter. The question was: do you want to continue our adventure? Answer me now that you’re fully aware.”
A great, heartfelt smile lit up Robert’s face. A smile that was aimed at his beloved wife.
“Of course I agree, honey,” he replied once he wasn’t so stuck for words. “I’ve been dreaming about it for years. But how do you see it? What do you want to experience? Do you have a specific idea? Maybe a desire?”
“I haven’t thought about it yet. You are, so to speak, the greater expert,” she patted him on the cheek. “I’ll have to trust you on that.”
He thought for a moment. Suddenly, a vivid image of his wife appeared in his mind, in roles he had observed in his “Taxes and Statements” folder. The possibilities were limitless. There was a near infinite amount of room for experimentation, and the level of excitement was astronomical. He had a feeling that these would be the best years of their marriage.
“Of course, we will start many things here at home.” He gestured at the area of the apartment.
“Good,” Claudia responded excitedly. “I feel like we’ve already started, though. Don’t you think?” His happy face was the perfect answer.
“But,” he paused, lost in thought, “we won’t experience true adventure here. We must be on different grounds. In a new place. Maybe in new roles.”
At the mention of role-playing, Claudia jumped with excitement. Her imagination was blown away by this kind of play. She could become someone else. Whoever she wanted. She could change her hairstyle, makeup, character. Maybe even change her name and become a completely different woman. A woman who could easily do things that Claudia would not dare to do. She could be a maid, a student, a lawyer. Or a nun. Or a *****! She felt butterflies in her stomach. She hadn’t had this feeling in decades.
Robert continued, “Let’s start with small things. But not too small,” he added immediately, seeing the concern in her eyes. “ Let’s call it ‘milestones in baby steps.’”
“Agreed,” she rubbed her hands together.
“I’ll be visiting the company’s headquarters next week,” Robert laid out his plan, “My boss needs to talk to me about something that requires my presence. I have a room booked at a luxurious spa resort. Two nights. Let’s go there together.”
“And the kids?”
“Their grandparents will gladly take them for three days. Their grandkids have missed them as well.”
“What am I supposed to do alone in the hotel while you’re at work?”
“Honey, it’s a SPA resort,” he began selling her the idea that had already been bought. “You won’t be able to use all of the attractions that are waiting for you in two days. Massages, saunas, pools, hot tubs, yoga, and many other things for the body and soul. If you look hard enough, you’ll probably find a private shows of a grizzly bear riding a skateboard. You definitely won’t be bored. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to convince you to come back to the room with me at night.”
“Don’t count on it,” she nudged him in the back. “We’re going to have fun. You understand what I mean by ‘fun’?”
“Yes. And leave everything to me. Our first time might not go perfectly since we’re still getting to know each other in this area.”
“Like teenagers that have just discovered sex,” she interrupted him.
“Exactly,” he continued. “And maybe it won’t be what you expect right away. That’s why I’m asking you not to get discouraged, okay?”
“You can count on me,” she held up her hand as if making an oath. “On me, my commitment, and my wet pussy.”
“Not just your pussy, sweetie.” He gave her a wink as he was handing her the cocoa. Claudia immediately understood what he meant.
“I’m scared as hell,” she replied, pretending to be frightened.
Robert pushed away the sensual image that his imagination was conjuring up, and continued, “Along the way, we might come across many lines that we don’t want to cross. You must be honest with me about when you’ve had enough. Will you do that?”
“Sure, but I have a feeling that you’ll be the one backing down first.”
“We’ll see,” he countered. “But remember, this is not a competition. We both win.”
“So it’s settled. Our adventure begins.” Claudia jumped with joy. Her breasts swayed beautifully. She smiled flirtatiously and lustfully. It was a smile that promised great pleasure. “I also have one request.”
“Of course,” he confirmed immediately, afraid that he might wake up at any moment. “What is it?”
“I’m guessing there’s one line that should never, ever be crossed. That’s where I’d love to begin our adventure, our personal development, and our further journey. Only then will I not limit my imagination. Only then will I put an end to the absurd moral nonsense and restrictions. If I just believe that I can go far, my adventure won’t be over in a flash. If I were to think that I can only do very little and there are limits to what I can do, then the fun would be over before I know it. I don’t want that either. We don’t want that. I’ve seen what those women can do in those videos. Fucking hell, Robert there’s so much I still need to learn and experience. And what will come out along the way? I’m not sure. But I’m telling you, plain and simple. Everything is allowed at this moment. But truly,” she looked deeply into his eyes, “everything is allowed. Almost. Let’s not cross the ultimate line, okay?”
“Sure,” he said, extremely aroused. “There must be a line somewhere. What is it?”
Claudia chuckled and winked at him before responding, “No horses.”

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