It has been an extremely difficult time for us over the past three months. My wife and I own our own business and have been ****** to close our doors due to the virus. It’s been three months so far, our landlord has been very patient but he is concerned about getting his money.

I wasn’t as concerned since he inherited the property from his grandfather and I knew it was paid off, but I understand business is business, we are all struggling, businesses large and small.

Our Landlord scheduled a meeting with us at our business to talk about plans going forward. Sadly the time he scheduled ended up being a time I was needed out of town because of a family emergency.

I gave my wife some tips on what she can do and things we can agree to but we didn’t have much income coming through the door so there was only so much we could do! My wife is very attractive, 5’3” olive complexion, dark black hair, about 130lbs with big DDs, and a nice ass to boot.

The day of the meeting arrived, I arose at 4 am to head out, my wife was up nervous about the meeting. I told her not to worry, to dress nice, and be calm. Everything will work out. I kissed her and headed out.

Racking her brain my wife focused on getting ready for the meeting. She decided to put on a skin-tight dress that I love on her, it hugs all her curves in the right ways but is too tight for a bra or underwear. She always liked feeling free under her clothes.

The meeting was at 9. My wife waited patiently in the lobby for James, our landlord. Trying to keep busy my wife straightens up the lobby a bit, and at 9:15 James comes through the door. He’s a tall man, about 6’3, not muscular but in good shape for a guy in his 50s, dressed in his usual casual suit. My wife snapped up straight, a little startled and nervous. They had a pleasant greeting and walked back to the office to talk.

James didn't have good news for us, he was there to deliver a 3-day notice for us to vacate the premises or pay half of the 30k owed. My wife was shocked, her knees were weak, and she fell to her knees at the news of all our hard work collapsing.

James is standing before her asking if she is alright... something clicks within my wife. Still, on the floor, she looks up at him biting her lip saying there has to be another way to pay you! Still focused on the money James gives a little smirk, “That's a lot of money, what can you offer?”

My wife readjusted onto her knees, pushed her chest out, and gracefully rubbed the zipper of his pants, “Can we work something out?”

James' smirk got bigger. “Let’s see what other talents you have.”

My wife unzipped his pants and pulled out his thick cock. In one breath she took it all into her throat. James had to brace himself on the desk as my wife was deepthroating his cock. After about 5 minutes of intense sucking my wife felt his balls tighten as he released a load of cum into her mouth, it dripped from the corners of her mouth and down into her cleavage.

“Not bad,” says James "That will take $200 off your bill and delay your three-day notice for one week. Meet me at my office next Monday to extend your deadline. Next time come in a sports bra and yoga pants."

After James left she went to the bathroom and cleaned the rest of the cum off her face and breasts. Disgusted but also relieved that they weren’t shut down, she felt very nervous about Monday.

Sunday night came and so did the nerves. As she got her clothes out for the next day. Her husband saw the sports bra and yoga pants set out. “Going for a workout tomorrow hun?”

“I am, I’m going to go for a long run, probably a couple of hours.”

“Have fun dear, that’s all you, I hate running!” he said with a laugh, climbing in bed and drifting off to sleep. She tried her best to do the same, nervous yet still oddly excited.

Monday morning comes quickly. She squeezed her huge DDs into a tight-fitting pink sports bra and slipped into her yoga pants and took a look in the mirror to admire her figure, which she was very proud of. The drive to James’s office was full of nerves, she had no idea what to expect. Was she just going to suck him off again? Either way, she was here.
Checked in at the lobby, now in the elevator headed for the 5th floor. She met a nice receptionist in James’s office and said she had a meeting with him. The receptionist confirmed and told her to have a seat, he was in the middle of a meeting and would be out shortly. She could see into the conference room, there was a large TV and what looked like a teleconference going on and she could see James speaking quite loudly but she couldn't hear anything in the lobby. James turned the TV off, turned and looked into the lobby, and saw her. With his usual smirk, he opened the door to the conference room all of a sudden you could hear very loud music playing, almost at a roar. James turned it down and told her to come in.

Nervously she walks into the room and stands at loose attention still not knowing what to do.

“I wanted you to know that this room is soundproof, and now,” he flips a switch, and all the glass immediately frosts, “it’s just us.” James casually leans onto the table and with a smirk said “Strip!”

she glances around the room, nervously “Here?!”

“Yes here, now,” James says.

Slowly she takes off her tight bra releasing her perfect DD breasts that fit her frame and soon the leggings go as well showing her neatly shaved pussy. She tries to cover up at first “not today” says James. He reaches into his jacket and throws an object at her. She catches it, it’s a collar. “Put it on” there was no compassion in his voice just like her husband nothing sweet.

Very nervous at this point she places the collar around her neck loosely. James stands up and moves around behind her “hands by your side” he grabs the collar and tightens it around her neck. She hears the faint click of a lock. Then she feels James’s hand on the back of her neck forcing her to bend over on the table. The cold glass is a shock, nipped instantly hard.

As she is bent over the conference table, her toes are barely able to touch the floor. “Stay here and don’t move,” James commanded as he moved around the table to a shelving unit, he grabs a box and walks back over, placing the box inches from her face. He pulls out a metal object with a small jewel on the end.

“do you like it?” James asks “your going to be wearing it throughout today’s adventure”

her mind was reeling “Wear it, how and I going to wear that?”

Again James’s hand goes to the back of her neck, he kicks her legs apart “I’ll show you”

At first, she feels the cold metal touching the outside of her already dripping pussy, she has never been controlled like this before. But the cold object moves from her pussy and is now pressing on her ass. She jerks, “WHAT ARE YOU....”
"I WILL DO AS I DAMN WELL PLEASE! unless that is, would you rather lose your business?”

she resigns and starts feeling the huge pressure of the plug being inserted into her ass. With a grimace and a moan, it slips into place. “ Now stand up,” James said as he walks over to the head of the table and sits in his chair.

“Come here and get on your knees”

she does as he instructs, it was an odd sensation walking with his large plug in her ass, she gets on her knees head down staring at the floor.

"Pull it out” James commands.

she reaches up and pulls out his already hard cock. She didn’t have time to look at it last time, but it is huge probably close to 8.5 inches and 2 inches in diameter. She takes his cock into her mouth hoping to make this a quick blowjob again but after taking him down her throat twice she feels a hard jerk on the collar.

“Not this time, slow it down” she does as instructed, working the head of his cock, licking his shaft, and slowly sucking his cock.

“That’s enough of that” James says finally grabbing her by the collar once more he bends her over the glass table once again she feels the cold glass. She can see him get into position behind her, she can feel his cock, still wet from her mouth pressed against her now dripping pussy.

“you want it to don’t you?" James asks

“...Yes,” she says weakly

“What was that, I couldn’t hear you?”

“YES fuck me” and he did, in one motion all 8.5 inches of mid-massive cock is pushed deeper into her pussy than any man has been. She lets out a loud gasp and squeaks as she feels him press inside her.

James begins to furiously fuck her tight little pussy, within a few strokes she feels an orgasm build within her, a mixture of this man's massive cock and the plug still in her ass pushing her over the edge. She begins to cum as wave after wave hits her, she can feel her juices dripping down past her knees as James doesn’t let up driving his cock into her over and over again. His pace quickens slamming into her over and over again. She feels him grab her hair and with one final thrust, he drives his cock deep into her and releases a massive load of hot cum deep inside her pussy.

Breathing hard James pulls his cock out of her ravaged pussy as his cum spills out onto the floor. She stays in place, knees shaking as the waves of the last 3 orgasms wash over her!

“ come here and clean this up” James points to his cock.

She falls to the floor and takes his cock into her mouth taking a salty mixture of his cum and her juices mixed together as she cleaned his cock. Without noticing it she was absently playing with her pussy. all of a sudden he stands up puts his cock away and tells her to get dressed. He unlocks the collar and returns it to his jacket pocket. Concerned she looks at the floor once again “what about...”

"Your jewelry?? You get to wear that home, now get dressed”

slipping back into her workout gear she can hardly believe the last 45 minutes happened. James flips the light switch returning the glass to clear, opens the door for her, and motions to the receptionist, “please schedule your next visit with Veronica on your way out...”

As she leaves the office puzzled at her feeling she meets Veronica. “Hello Miss, James said you needed to schedule another appointment before you leave?”

"Uh yes… yes I do! I have some time on Wednesday afternoon if he is available?” She said.
“He will be in contact,” Veronica said.

With that she cautiously walked to the elevator trying to wrap her head around what just happened, it was degrading, abusive… but also amazing. She couldn’t remember the last time she came so hard!

The week slipped by slowly, irritated by her husband. Feeling unfulfilled, unchallenged. The day-to-day droned on. Work, home, sleep, work, home sleep. Finally, she received a text from an unknown number on Tuesday reading “appointment scheduled: come as you left, 2 pm sharp” she read the message a few times over, feeling an odd sensation of excitement.

Wednesday came, her excitement was building now, she couldn’t explain it but she was constantly horny, even fucking her husband that morning! As he left for work she said she had a few meetings this afternoon and her phone would be off in case he needed to reach her. As always he kissed her on the forehead as he left for work “have a good day, love” and off he went.

Finally free she ran upstairs it was already 1 pm! She went through her wardrobe and found the outfit she wore that day. Taking a brief look at herself in the mirror she took a quick turn, her curves were there her tits were immaculate as usual and her ass was as tight as ever. “ I think I’m ready” she started to head out the door when she remembered “my jewelry?!” She ran back upstairs and in her vanity, she pulled out the plug that was given to her. Gently lining it up to her unused ass she pushed it in, with a moan of excitement “now I’m ready”!

The drive to James’s office felt like it took an eternity, she felt every bump as she drove in. By the time she arrived her yoga pants had a noticeable spot. It was 1:55 pm when she parked. Between finding parking and making her way to the 5th floor it was 2:05 when she met Veronica in the lobby. “James is waiting, he doesn’t like to wait…”

“I uh, has trouble finding parking and the elevator…”

Veronica held up her hand, with a smile on her face, she caressed James' new toy and said "you were excited about your return and forgot your jewelry and had to return for it making you late?, now I'm not the one you need to explain it to.” her hand motioned to the already frosted glass of the conference room. Shyly she stepped forward and knocked on the glass. *knock, knock*

“Enter,” James said. Unsure of herself she opened the door and walked in.

Stirring in from of her was an entire boardroom, 12 gentlemen including James. “Ah… I see you finally arrived” James said coldly, come here, stand before me” she did as instructed.

“Gentlemen I have a treat for you today…” her heart skipped a beat “we will be going over your monthly results!!” James said as she stood there at attention before the board.

James turned and walked to the cabinet to his left and called out “take off that stupid sports bra” stunned, she hesitated “I SAID TAKE IT OFF!”

snapping back to reality she deftly took her bra off ******** her exquisite breasts. She looked at the dozen men before her smirking and smiling. “This is no time for smiles gentlemen,” James said “take these pants off” without hesitation this time she stripped ******** her freshly shaved pussy. James reached up and with a resounding *CLAP* he smacked her ass allowing one finger to find the jewelry “so.. you can follow directions.”

James turned from the cabinet holding a very expensive bottom of liquor. He placed the bottle on the table and slid it to the center. He turned and whispered into her ear” now let's see you follow directions to the T this time, you are going to crawl under this table and one by one in no particular order you WILL go man to man and suck their cock until they cum on your face or in your mouth, do you understand? Good after each man come back and suck daddy’s cock for a few minutes” James instructed

“yes sir,” she said meekly

“Gentlemen I challenge you, the first person to smile at today's meeting buys this $15,000 bottle from me, let the games begin!”

Stunned and unsure she dove under the table moving to the closest man to her, she felt him jump a little as her hand caressed his inner thigh. She could hear James going over the monthly report berating his team for poor performance, but that wasn’t her concern today. She pulled out the first cock taking it in her mouth and to her dismay, it wasn’t 2 minutes before he unexpectedly delivered a load into her throat. Caught off guard she choked and spit out his cum.
“Sounds like someone made it through,” James said as he felt her warm mouth envelope his cock, after another couple of minutes James tapped on the table and she took it as her queue to move on.

The next gentleman was rather fat, with an amazingly thick cock, it barely fit in her mouth! But sadly after about 30 seconds, she was greeted with a hot load filling her mouth. She was getting used to the taste so she didn’t chock this time, she just moved back to James’s cock and continued the rotation. She came upon what seemed to be a younger man’s cock, hard and strong after about 5 minutes James called across the table “Jeffery, looks like you owe me 15k”
his smile disappeared “damn it! But it did feel good! That’s a nice little slut you have here”

“I know, YOU UP HERE NOW,” James said.

Cum starting to dry on her chin and dripping onto her tits she stood up in front of the board. Jeffery comes here. Jeffery walked slowly toward her eyeing her like a tiger eyes his prey. James pulled her arms behind her back and started tying them together. Then roughly bent her over the board room table “As a thank you for buying the bottle, fuck her as hard as you want in whatever way you want."

Her heart skipped a beat. Her pussy was dripping down her legs, after sucking off so many men all she wanted was this young man’s cock inside her!
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