Dear Mother,

You were right all along about Stan mom. I love him dearly, but his sex drive is so low. Now I find myself so frustrated all the time. Well the other night I finally told him that I needed more sex from him. I also told him that if he doesn't start to give me more sex, I just might go looking for a sex partner to please me. He looked so scarred and hurt, but it felt kind of strange seeing him like that. So I told him that I might bring a real man to our bed and let him sex me up proper.

He just looked at me and he almost cried. I went over to him and hugged him. I do love him with all my heart and I really didn't want him hurting that bad. So I told him that I would talk to you first about what I should do, and he seemed to feel a little better. The strange thing is that when I saw him so weak and insecure in my arms, it made me feel aroused a little. Now I really wanted to bring a real man to our bed, but now I want Stan there to watch it all.

I know this is a strange letter mother, but I need your advice. I love Stan so much, but my body is craving so much right now.

Love, Cheryl


Dear Mother,

I can't believe how right you are about me. I do need sex mom, and I'm always so moist down there, but my dear sweet Stan just can't give me the sex I need. Well guess what mother? I met one of our new neighbors yesterday. His name is Bill and he's so tall and handsome. He's very muscular and his skin is so dark. Yes, he is a black man mom. I could hardly talk at all because I just kept looking up at him as he talked.

He and his roommate Alex work nights and they invited me over some morning for coffee. I just stood there like a dummy and stared at him. Then I saw his bulge in his pants, it was so big and looking at it made me feel so warm and tingly all over. He was very nice, but all I could think about was that thing in his pants and my panties got so wet.

I told Stan all about it that night and the look on his face made me so horny. I love him, God I love him. And kissing him and telling him how much I wanted to have sex with Bill made me love him even more. I don't understand what is happening or why I'm feeling like this, but it feels so wild and crazy and sexy, and I want it to go on and on. I told him that I loved him, but that Bill looked so sexy. I kept talking about Bill and pretty soon Stan just sat there with his head down. I got so wet and almost giggled when I told him that I would tell him everything that happens. I don't want him thinking that I'm cheating on him.

I plan on going over tomorrow morning after Stan leaves for work to visit. I will tell you everything that happens, but only after I tell Stan first.

Love, Cheryl


Dear Mother,

You always make me feel so much better mom. When I read about you and daddy and your lovers, it made perfect sense to me. A good husband should always make sure his wife is sexually satisfied, no matter what he has to do. I now know you understand how I feel about Stan. I love him so very much, but I have these needs.

Well I did go over to see Bill and Alex this morning. I told Stan before he went to work that I would be visiting them. I wanted him to know right before he left that I might have sex with them. I had to make sure he knew that it wasn't cheating if I told him first. I sat on his lap and explained to him very clearly that he will always have my heart and soul, but my body needed more than he could give. I gave him a big sexy kiss and lifted my dress to show him I had no panties on. He looked so hurt when he left and I felt a little bad, but I also felt so sexy.

Alex is just as tall as Bill and just as handsome. I felt like a little girl sitting between those two. We talked and they both were so nice. Some music was on and Bill helped me up and he started to dance with me. Mom, I felt his cock on my stomach and I almost fainted right there. I held him close so I could feel his cock, and all at once he turned me around and there was Alex, standing there naked.

His cock was so long and thick and black, so I reached out and held it in my hand. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen and it was so beautiful. I lifted it up and it was so heavy and hot in my hand. That's when I lifted it higher and kissed the head and licked around the crown. I bent lower and licked up and down the dark shaft. It got bigger and harder in my hands and then Bill lifted me up. I saw that he was as naked as Alex and his cock looked even bigger than Alex's.

Alex held me and kissed me, and his mouth was so hot. Bill was behind me and he took off my dress. They both loved that I was naked underneath. Bill picked me up and he kissed me and as we walked I sucked on his tongue. He looked at me and he told me he knew I needed cock from the moment he saw me. He laid me down so sweet and I looked at them standing there. They were like two black sex gods. I crawled over to them and took a cock in each hand and began to suck one and then the other. I don't know what came over me, but all I wanted was their cocks, nothing else. I licked along each hard shaft and sucked on those gorgeous big heads, and then I would just spend time just kissing them. And guess what mom, I was wishing that Stan was right there with me. I'm just like you mom.

Well pretty soon Alex got on the bed behind me, and when he put his cock in me, I had an orgasm right away. Alex's cock stretched my pussy like no one has ever done and I came so hard and so fast. But with Bill's cock in my mouth and both of them are so strong, my body just shook all over. They are so strong, but so gentle and it was like they knew what I needed. They told me to just relax and they would take care of everything. They wanted me to be comfortable, so Bill sat up on the bed and leaned against some pillows and I laid my head on his stomach. I took Bill's cock in my hand and kissed it, then I began to suck it. Alex got behind me and he lifted up my leg and he went inside of me. And I came again mom. Bill petted my head while I sucked him and said so many sweet sexy things to me. Him and Alex made me feel like the sexist woman in world.

I held Bill's long thick cock in my hand and I fucked it with my mouth. I moved my head up and down and licked and then fucked it some more. And Alex's cock was giving me so much constant pleasure that I thought I would go nuts. Then he started to fuck a little faster and when he came in me, I came all over his cock. After my pussy muscles stopped going wild he pulled out and Bill got on me and started to fuck. I held him and sucked on his nipples and just kept coming until he finally pulled out and I just laid there between them. I felt like a queen.

I thought about my Stan and I told them about us, and our little problem. They were very understanding about the whole thing. They said they would never think of breaking up a happy home, and they told me to look upon them as stress relievers. We all laughed and pretty soon the boys were getting interested again. Bill got behind me like Alex did, and when he put his cock in me, he asked me if his cock was better than Stan's. Of course I said yes, my God it was wonderful. Alex put his cock in my mouth and asked the same question. Well mom always taught me not to speak with my mouthful so I just licked around the head. The most amazing thing was when Bill stood up with me still on his cock and lean over and sucked Alex. They are so tall that they held up in the air and they fucked me and fucked me. I never felt so sexually content in my whole life.

When I finally put my dress back on, it was getting close to 3 in the afternoon. They kissed me goodbye and said that they would always be here for me. When I got home I noticed I had 10 messages from Stan. He kept calling and each message sounded so sad. I left my pussy full and wore a pad so he could get a good taste later on. And I told him everything when he got home mom. I told him they were so big and how I came so much. I almost dragged him to the bedroom and took off his cloths. He looked so surprised with being so forward, but I told him that this was the new Cheryl. I took him to bed and told him to use his mouth on me. I opened my legs to show him my open wet pussy and I told him that if he loved me, he would clean out my pussy with his tongue.

I laid there running my fingers through his hair and watched him suck out Bill and Alex's sperm from my pussy. There was a lot there because I think they came in me 4 or 5 times. I'm not sure how many times they came really, I kind of ********** a couple of times. His mouth made my pussy feel so good mom. Now I know what you mean about dad. God it felt good and when I came it was wonderful.

The guys want to come by sometime and meet Stan. I can't wait to see them together.

Your loving daughter, Cheryl

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