Some time ago I went for a “boy’s weekend” with a small group of friends. It was something the same group of people, with the odd fringe addition or removal, had done every year for about fifteen years, and although we may not have seen each other in person from one year to the next we use a WhatsApp group to stay in touch so that when we do get together it often feels like a continuation of a permanent debate, which is wonderful.

I’d always been careful to keep the details of sexual preferences and habits of Lizzie and me concealed from this group. I’m not entirely sure why – I am far from ashamed of our lifestyle – it just always feels like it would permanently focus the conversation on that one thing, which would change the group dynamic.

That doesn’t mean Lizzie doesn’t comment from time to time – in his (and her) younger days she used often to talk about how good-looking Seb is, for example. Seb is still a very attractive man – running a little bit to a paunch these days, as are most of us, but still, the ladies' man he always was. He’s been married several times and his love (or sex, actually) life remains complex and difficult to follow. In short, he’s a bit of a hound. It’s why I was surprised when, in the small hours after a lengthy drinking session, sitting in the hotel bar, Mike, the quietest one of us all with the most sedate and seemingly dull lifestyle (married, two kids, small dog, etc.), started a “what-if?” conversation – you know the kind of thing – if you had to eat a dog-shit sandwich or jerk off a horse, which would you choose? Juvenile stuff.

The drunken debate veered all over the place until it finally came back to sex, as it always does. The question was, “If you had to cheat on your wife with one of the other wives of this group, who would you choose and why?” Vigorous debate set the ground rules that yes, everyone would know – it would be public information, and no, you couldn’t explain to your wife that you were ****** to do it. Seb, naturally, answered instantly that he would choose Maggie (Mike’s wife), and “stuff it in her arse”, to boot.

The other replies were in a similar vein, mostly given to exact revenge in a round of one-upmanship with some truly filthy things being planned for our wives and girlfriends, unbeknown to them of course.

Mike held his counsel even though he'd started the conversation - but when finally pressed to give his answer, he glanced at me and said, “Lizzie.”

Laughter ensued, especially as Mike had visibly reddened, trying to look like he was just joining in the joke with everyone else. I’d seen something in his face though, and was interested in talking about this a little more, alone with Mike.

When we shortly all broke up to go to our rooms, I walked with Mike to his – nobody noticed or remembered I was on a different floor. Politely, Mike asked me in for a nightcap and I readily accepted.

As soon as I had a drink in my hand I asked him why he’d chosen Lizzie – he was apologetic until I made it clear I was not in the least annoyed, just interested – he’d never shown any attraction to her in the past, or anyone apart from his wife.

“Well, she’s hot, of course, which goes without saying”, he nevertheless said, and, “I mean, who wouldn’t want to fuck her?” I pointed out that there were several other hot women related to our group, which he didn’t deny, but then went on at length to describe, in very evasive and long-winded language how he thought that Lizzie would be “fun”, and “adventurous”, and “uninhibited” in bed. I probed him on why he thought that and, eventually it came out that years previously he had borrowed an old laptop from me to do some nerd home automation thing – I’d completely forgotten its existence or that he still had it.

I had also forgotten to check the machine for personal files before I gave it to him, and Mike found a video and lots of pictures – the video, once he started, in a stumbling voice, to describe it, I recalled; It was one I had shot of Lizzie and a guy we’d met at a country fair, of all places – Lizzie had squatted to pet his dog and, genuinely accidentally in this case – given him a lengthy glimpse of her knickers – as he was on his haunches next to the mutt too.

Lizzie had eventually caught him looking, and when they both stood he was very clearly quite erect, his cock stretching his chino shorts with him unable to adjust himself without attracting attention to it. Lizzie stared brazenly at the bulge and I handed him my business card as his wife approached accompanied by what I assume was his child and another small dog.

I looked at Lizzie, enquiringly, and she nodded.

“My mobile number is at the bottom”, I said, quietly, his wife nearly in earshot, “call anytime if you want to fuck her”. Lizzie stood motionless throughout this exchange, fixing her eyes on his for a few seconds as we left, nodding and smiling at his wife and kid as we wandered slowly away.

He’d called within an hour and we met him that afternoon at a hotel – he’d had to “go to the office”, he explained to his wife.

The video Mike had seen (and, it would transpire, many, many times), showed Lizzie being fucked hard by this guy, over the course of 20 minutes or so he was behind her, then standing, then she rode him facing the camera, he asked for permission, which was granted, to fuck her in the arse and finally, he came in her mouth as I loudly, but off camera, encouraged him to do so.

I listened to this and said, with an understanding tone, “So actually, Mike, you’d like to fuck her because she’s a complete *****?”

Mike became flustered and started stumbling for words, issuing embarrassed denials, telling me that’s not what he meant, etc. until I started to grin and he realized I was winding him up.

Pouring another drink, I handed one to Mike and we both sat on the bed. “Seriously, Mike, if you want her, you just have to ask her. You’ve seen how we are, I’m sure it would be her pleasure if you see what I mean. I can’t make that decision for her, of course, but if you want, I could ask her on your behalf?”

There followed a lengthy debate about morals and fidelity and love and lust and guilt – the normal stuff that people raise when talking about the lifestyle. I find it quite tedious but humored Mike until I was too tired to do so any longer. “Mike, do you want me to make the call?” I interrupted.

Mike thought hard for a few seconds, then surprised me;

“All I want to do is go down on her. Maggie hates it, thinks it’s immoral and offends God, and won’t let me – it’s always been that way. I use to absolutely LOVE making a woman come like that – I much prefer it to fucking. I always came hard just from doing it, I know it’s odd, but well, it’s my thing..”

I laughed that I was not in a position to call anyone else odd, and also that I’m sure Lizzie would not object to being made to come with no obligation – and that I’d ask her.

I called Lizzie when I got back to my room, waking her, but explained why. All she said on the subject was “OK..Interesting..”, then wanted to know all about my evening, had I seen any hot women I fancied, who I’d chosen to fuck out of our wives and why, and then details. I knew she was masturbating and made sure I laid it on thick about all the girls I’d seen out, how they looked, and what I wanted to do to them – Lizzie loves that kind of talk and I soon heard her small sigh and heavy, but slowing, breathing as she came and drifted back toward sleep. I hung up, wanked while chatting online to someone claiming to be a “hotwife” in the USA, and went to sleep.

The next morning I had a text from Lizzie telling me to get Mike to come round to the house one evening and she’d “see what happened”. I found this a bit odd, but I also had a pounding head, so didn’t think about it too much.

I met the others in reception after checking out – I couldn’t face breakfast. Mike looked a bit sheepish and hardly spoke to me, but as we were all walking to the carpark I strolled up to him and told him, carefully as we were within earshot of the others, that it would be lovely to see him and he should come down any evening he liked after work. Mike nodded, face reddening, and we all went our separate ways.

About three weeks later I got home from the office to find Mike’s car in the drive. I immediately felt a familiar twinge of excitement as I entered the house. I was vaguely disappointed when I heard chatting in the lounge, rather than fucking noises.

I went in to find my wife and Mike sitting opposite each other on our couches and a slightly awkward silence was broken by Lizzie standing up to hug me in welcome, whispering, “he’s been hard all evening”, in my ear as she passed me to get a new bottle from the kitchen.

Sitting next to Mike I glanced down at his crotch and, sure enough, a very noticeable erection was pushing at his jeans. I stood again saying, “shit – forgot, back in a sec.” and went to find Lizzie wrestling with a corkscrew in the kitchen. “what have you been doing to the poor guy?” I asked. Lizzie grinned, “I just made sure he has a clear view, of course..” I reached around her waist and bunched her dress up in front of her, pushing my other hand inside her knickers. She moaned and put her head back on my shoulder as I touched her cunt. It was very wet. “Well,” I said, “it’s had an effect on both of you.”

“I just love that he literally can’t stop looking – it’s flattering and very exciting.”, said my wife.

I took her hand and the opened bottle and we went back to the lounge. Mike had re-arranged himself as best he could but his cock was still visible even from across the room. This time I sat next to Lizzie, my arm draped over her shoulders and her head resting against mine.

We had a glass or two each and then, in a lull in the conversation, I cleared my throat and said, “Mike. You know what it is you asked to do to Lizzie?”, slowly I reached over with my right hand and drew her dress hem up to her upper thighs.

Lizzie moaned softly and gently opened her legs, giving Mike a truly unrestricted view of her damp, darkening white knickers.

Mike looked like he was going to pass out – his eyes grew large in his head and he leaned forward, elbows on his knees, for a better look.

“Looks even better from over here.”, I said.

Lizzie spoke in a slightly husky voice, “Mike, come here.”

Mike rose, not bothering to hide his by now large erection straining at the crotch of his jeans, and moved quickly across the room, kneeling between Lizzie’s legs, which she parted as far as possible for him. Mike was transfixed, and it was having a huge effect on Lizzie – she said later that it was something to do with being the complete and total focus – the one object of desire above all else. She knew that if Mike’s wife, grandparents, and Christ had walked in, he would still have carried on staring between her legs. Her breathing was getting faster, her hips moving toward Mike – making small thrusts in his direction as he stared, unblinking. I saw his cock get larger and more prominent as, incredibly, my wife started to orgasm.

Lizzie had not touched herself and we hadn’t touched her. She was still wearing her knickers. She surprised herself, let alone me, as she raised herself a few inches off the sofa, dug her nails into my arm, and came. I leaned forward and saw the damp patch on her knickers spread quickly – Mike did too as he gave out a deep, sighing moan.

Using my right hand, my left arm still over Lizzie’s shoulders, I reached between her legs and dragged her knickers away from her cunt. She was soaking. Even as I held her knickers I could feel her come dripping from them and onto my fingers.

Mike, in a trance, shuffled forward on his knees and put his hands on Lizzie’s thighs. He hesitated and Lizzie grabbed his head in both hands and pulled him toward her. Moving her hands to the back of his head she pushed his face hard into her cunt.

Mike drove her wild. She kept telling me, between orgasms, that he was the best head she’d ever had. I watched as he used his large, strong tongue to lick her from the base of her cunt to her clit, pausing then moving back down, his tongue making circles as it pushed into her, fucking her for a few seconds and the back up again, over and over. When she came he held her thighs, opening his mouth and groaning I could see his throat move as he swallowed her come, time after time.

After about half an hour of this, Lizzie was frantic – coming over and over with the slightest touch on her clit from Mike’s tongue. I glanced at his crotch and noticed a large stain across pretty much the whole of the front of his jeans – darkening even the pockets. “Mike.”, I spoke for the first time in a while, hoarsely, “take your cock out.”

Lizzie opened her eyes and looked down between her legs as Mike unzipped and pushed his jeans to his thighs. He pulled his cock out – big but not spectacular – and we both gasped as we saw it was covered in come. As Mike moved his now wet and sticky hands back to Lizzie’s thighs we watched as great globs of come fell from Mike’s shaft and head, and his Jeans and boxers, onto the carpet between my wife’s legs. He must have come almost as much as her. It was incredible.

Lizzie placed her hands over his on her thighs, spreading his come onto her legs and rubbing it over herself – then grabbing his head again until his hair was sticky with his come.

Lizzie came again as we watched Mike’s hard cock stiffen and jump and long streams of come spurt onto the couch and Lizzie’s knees and ankles. She moaned loudly as she felt it and came yet again on Mike’s face. Less than five minutes later he came again, this time sending a stream of come so far that it landed on Lizzie’s dress, inches above her bare thighs.

Twice Lizzie reached down and tried to pull Mike up so he could fuck her, and twice he pushed her away and kept on licking. She turned over and knelt in front of him, legs spread, literally begging him to fuck her, but he just put his tongue into her from behind, this time spending time fucking her arse with it too. He never once used his fingers, nor would he let her touch his cock.

I watched, entranced, as Mike came at least three more times, each time sending huge amounts of his sticky load onto our furniture and my wife’s legs and arse, and once even onto me.

I couldn't hold back, so in a very brief interlude I stood, pulled my aching cock out, and pushed it into my wife's drenched and open cunt. I don't think she even noticed as I came inside her about 20 seconds later, it just added to the wetness between her legs, in her arse, and over her thighs. It certainly did not deter Mike's tongue when he resumed licking her.

Eventually, Lizzie was just too exhausted to continue and she slumped in my arms, still trembling and moaning a little, eyes closed, as her orgasms finally receded. She was soaked from Mike’s saliva and her and my come, there was a dark stain on the couch and come everywhere from Mike.

Mike was worn out as well – he sat on the carpet, still staring at my wife’s cunt, her come running off his face and onto his shirt and dripping to the carpet. After a while I said, gently, “Mike – mate – you need to shower before you go home. Also, there are clothes for you to borrow in our room..”

Mike slowly came to his senses. Looking at his watch he started, then rushed upstairs to clean up. We both noticed, with amazement, that his cock was still semi-hard.

“I would dearly love to fuck that cock.”, said Lizzie as he left.

I promised her I’d try to persuade Mike. He’s been round once more – Lizzie says, unsurprisingly, he can come round whenever he wants – but I still can’t talk him into fucking her.
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