Five or six years ago Lizzie and I went through a phase of indulging in pick-up fantasies - you know the sort of thing - we'd arrive at a bar separately and role-play the traveling exec or the lonely salesman on the road, ending up in a room fucking our brains out. Since we're also, as anyone who has read any of my other stories will know, very much into multiple partners and what used to be called "swinging", we decided to step things up a little one weekend.

We went to a bar I knew to be popular with singles, whether actually single or single for the night, who knows. I went in first and took a beer to a table pretty far back from the dancefloor and bar, therefore commanding a view of almost the entire place. A few minutes later, getting on 10 pm I guess, Lizzie arrived and went to the bar to order a drink - looking around her she saw me but showed no flicker of recognition as her gaze traveled over me and took in the rest of the room. I watched her move - something I never tire of doing - her gorgeous arse encased in a mid-thigh length faux-leather skirt, stretched tight over her curves.

Lizzie, as usual, got the attention of the barman almost immediately and as she leaned over to shout her order over the music I saw his gaze linger on her cleavage, much of which was revealed by the halter top she was wearing under her tailored jacket. I knew that he would be getting a great view of her black, lace covered bra and her beautiful tits balanced in their half-cups. Lizzie made sure that he got a great view as he passed her the drink, also leaning far enough over the bar that her black heels came slightly off the ground and her skirt rode up an inch at the back, giving me and about 20 other people behind her a tantalizing glimpse of her stocking tops.

Lizzie took a barstool, sipping her drink and watching the crowded dancefloor. She was certainly getting attention, both because she was hot and because she was alone. From my voyeur's vantage point, I could see several men, most of them about half Lizzie's age checking her out, some not so discretely. After a few minutes a fairly good-looking guy, probably early twenties, solidly built and wearing the uniform of a button-down white shirt and very tight black jeans, strolled casually up to Lizzie, smiled, and said something to her, probably a really poor chat-up line because Lizzie stared at him with incredulity for a few seconds and then burst out laughing. The young man, I could see even from this distance, reddened and started to retreat. Lizzie, still laughing, reached out and took his forearm to stop him, shaking her head and trying to control herself, saying something to him which soon made him start laughing himself. Relaxing, he took a stool next to Lizzie and they both turned to the bar while he ordered another drink for Lizzie and something for himself. They were soon in an animated conversation so I thought I'd listen in for a bit.

Wandering up to the bar I stood right next to Lizzie, ignoring her, and ordered another drink. While the barman fixed it, I eavesdropped on the conversation between my wife and this young guy. It was hardly scintillating - he was explaining in some detail how his girlfriend didn't understand him, how it was amazing that Lizzie just seemed to "get" him immediately, and so on and so forth, boring. However, what was not boring is that I could clearly see his left hand on my wife's stockinged knee, just below the hemline of her skirt. Lizzie made no attempt to shrug it off as he made small circles with his fingers. Knowing I was watching, Lizzie, without breaking the conversation, casually placed her right hand on his thigh, which I could see, given how tight his jeans were, was very muscular and toned. Lizzie had started telling him how she felt the same about her husband and that he wasn't interested in her any longer, she thought he was having an affair, etc...

"let's dance" she said.

The kid gestured towards a table where his grinning friend sat, giving an odd little wave, and told Lizzie he'd be right back. Lizzie turned back to the bar and I walked slowly past the guy's table on the way back to my own. My heart quickened and my cock stirred at what I heard him saying to his friend:

"I would fucking love to nail that. Sure, she's old, but I reckon she goes like a fucking train. Great rack too. She says she doesn't get any, well, I'd fucking fix that and make her legs shake."

His mate laughed and said something I didn't catch, but from the other's response, "you're on", it was clear a bet relating to by wife had been agreed. He left his mate, who got up and wandered off into the darkness of the club, and went back to Lizzie. She stood to meet him, grabbed his hand, holding it behind her and touching her arse with the back of it, I noticed - and skipped off to the dancefloor.

Over the next half an hour I watched with mounting excitement as they moved in and out of my view on the crowded floor. Lizzie has always been a good dancer and she was clearly enjoying herself with the mix of classic and modern dance hits, moving in an incredibly provocative and sexual way, often turning her back to her partner and sliding her arse into him, dropping to the floor on her haunches, holding her long hair in an unruly pile on her head before standing slowly, rubbing herself all the way back up his legs and thighs and lingering on his crotch and letting her hair tumble to her shoulders again. A move she referred to as a "slut drop"..

I was beyond excited as, red and sweaty, Lizzie took his hand and pulled him, via the bar for another drink, to a table about 20 feet from mine, tucked into a corner and only in full view from my side of the bar, where besides me there were only a few people sitting, drinking with friends and making loud conversation to be heard over the music. I was distracted by the guy's friend approaching, obviously looking for his mate. As I watched him he suddenly stopped, peering in the direction of Lizzie's table, then grinned and turned on his heel, heading the other way. Puzzled, I looked back toward my wife.

Lizzie was passionately kissing him - holding his face as he ran his hands through her hair. They were really going for it - all over each other like teenagers and I knew for certain that Lizzie would have her tongue deep into his mouth.

Things escalated quickly now - He put his hand inside Lizzie's top, pushing up from the bottom of her halter, cupping her tits, one then the other - I could see as he moved his hand between them. Lizzie kissed him even more urgently - she loves her nipples touched and pulled and he had obviously found them.

Lizzie began to rub his crotch through his jeans, tracing the length of what was clearly a good sized, hard cock through the denim. I was very hard myself by now, my cock twitching as I adjusted it to be more comfortable, leaving my hand resting on it through my trousers as I stared, transfixed, at my wife making out passionately with this young man like a teenager on a date.

He pushed his hand up Lizzie's skirt and I gasped as I saw her part her legs to allow him access to her cunt. She took her mouth from his for a few seconds to inhale deeply and let out a moan I heard from where I sat, before pushing her face into his again as he fingered her. His hand had disappeared up my wife's skirt entirely now - all the way to his elbow. Judging from the motion of his arm and the thrusting of Lizzie's hips - rising and falling from her padded chair - he was giving her an inexperienced but very enthusiastic, hard finger fucking. I saw Lizzie part her legs a little more, hiking her skirt a few inches to allow her to do so, ******** her stocking tops and rubbing faster and faster over his crotch. Lizzie suddenly stopped moving and clenched her thighs together on his arm - I knew what that meant - she was coming. Here, in a public bar, with a strange kid's fingers in her cunt, I nearly came in my trousers.

Once Lizzie stopped coming and started to breathe again, I saw her begin to move her hips once more, slowly at first - the guy hadn't stopped fingering her, clearly he wanted to see her come again. Urgently, Lizzie stopped kissing him, glanced covertly round the room, locking her eyes on mine for a long second, then used both hands to unbutton his fly and pull his cock out. It was pretty impressive - not huge but very, very hard. Lizzie bent her head to his lap and took it into her mouth, going all the way down on it immediately as if her life depended on it. The kid closed his eyes, his mouth open in delirious surprise, and kept his fingers up Lizzie's skirt and in her cunt, still moving rhythmically, Lizzie matching his pace with her bobbing head, her hands round the base of his cock as she made it wet with her mouth. I saw Lizzie stop moving her head with his cock fully in her mouth and press her hands palm down onto his thighs, again clamping her thighs together as she came on his fingers. He kept going. Lizzie resumed moving up and down on his cock, and I was now rubbing my own throbbing erection through my trousers, amazed and incredibly turned on by what I was watching, then it got really out of control.

Lizzie stood, glanced around, again locking eyes with me - the kid was behind her and in no fit state to notice anything, let alone an old guy on his own in the dark 20 feet away - and very deliberately reached under her skirt and pulled her knickers to her thighs. No fucking way, I breathed to myself as my cock jumped hard against the restraining cloth. Shuffling backwards, Lizzie hiked the back of her skirt up and sat on the kid's lap. From a distance that's exactly what it looked like. Only from the look on their faces and the slow movemement of their hips could I tell he was inside her. He had his hands on her hips from behind her and she was bracing herself with both hands flat on his thighs beneath her, using the leverage to help her grind up and back, then down and forward against his cock. Her knickers, black and lacy to match her bra, had been stretched between her open thighs but were now at her ankles. I absently thought that I wanted to inhale the smell of Lizzie's wet cunt from them as soon as I got her home.

I clearly saw Lizzie come again, her whole body literally shuddered as her orgasm passed over her. I lost control and, watching her straining arms and gritted teeth, her eyes closed, I came hard in my trousers. Within a few seconds I saw the kid stop grinding against my wife - he pushed hard up from the seat below him - straining against the weight of my wife in his lap and I could see Lizzie's grip on his thighs tighten as she looked over her shoulder back at him, mouthing something to him that she later told me was encouragement to come in her - telling him to "do it" and "let me feel you do it".

After a minute or two Lizzie stood, shakily, and pulled her knickers up, putting her skirt back in place. she bent to kiss the shell-shocked looking kid and, with a little wave, turned on her heel and walked past me and out of the bar.

I was about to follow her, grateful that the darkness would conceal the spreading cum stain on my trousers, when I saw the guy's friend rejoin him from the darkness and, speaking animatedly, they stared together at his phone, their amazed grins starkly illuminated in the darkness.

Intruiged, and with a nagging thought, I moved slowly past them. I have to confess that my cock started to swell again, the cooling come spreading along my shaft, as I heard part of their conversation:
"I got loads of pictures and quite a lot of video - it's all on here, I can't believe it - what a fucking ***** - she was hot though, I almost came in my damn pants watching you fuck her, you gotta put this online man."

"I don't know dude, I'll think it over. Fuck she was hot, send me that will you?"

Lizzie was concerned, then resigned, then horny as hell when I got home and told her what I'd heard.
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