Marie was playing billiards at a foreign bar and lost the equivalent of $100 she didn't have while playing a 21-year-old Nigerian tourist. She offered to go to his hotel and blow him. He negotiated it to fuck, she negotiated that I watch since I'm her husband.

She said, "I'm not on birth control."

"I'll try to pull out."

Back at his hotel, he stripped her like a ***** and made her suck him hard. He laid her on the bed and had her spread her legs, his tool was fat and long, and his balls looked heavy. Without delay, he shoved his bullhead inside my wife, and after 9" reached her cervix. His dick was coated in white goo from Marie's pussy, she had come twice. He played hard with her tits and kissed her on the lips, at first, she turned away but later accepted his tongue. When he came, he came like a freight train with me holding Marie's legs open and down for him. "How long since you orgasmed?" He said, a month.

Super thick rivulets of thick sperm were oozing out of her pussy. "I plan to fuck your wife three or four more times and I won't be wearing protection or pulling out. Your wife's body is my temple, if I get your slutty big titted wife pregnant it's fine with me." Marie tried to protest until he slipped it back in. True to his word he blew his wad in my wife's womb as I held her down again.

"Why are you holding me down letting this stranger cum in my womb?" She yelled at me, and I didn't answer but when he spooned gee de behind I sucked his balls and he came in my wife again as I sucked his balls. After this Marie got up and kicked me in the balls as hard as she could 3 times.

the fourth time he fucked her she opened her legs and hips and accepted his sperm. I asked if she was OK? She wouldn't look at me, this man used her four more times, and each time I got kicked.

I gave him our number and address and he stopped by bright and early. Marie had told him no but he overpowered her and fucked her for 3 or 4 hours in retaliation she tied my nuts with a very tight rubber band to cut off circulation and kicked me many times. During her fertility cycle, this man came each day and nutted in my wife 5 or 6 times. She was pregnant by this stranger who quickly told my wife he wouldn't see her anymore after hearing the news.

She demanded that I get my testicles surgically removed I did as she asked and had my testicles removed via orchiectomy in Thailand. She got me an older black bull that wanted me to dress in drag and suck him off, the only time I was allowed to come was when I was sucking dick so this bull wanting my mouth 6 times a week was nice but I hated the sperm despite the hormones from my surgery that had me budding tits that everyone liked rubbing and sucking on. As I started to accept my job, my place, sucking dicks. My wife had her baby and after recovery was trying for another with black strangers.
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