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I had recently had my testicles removed due to cancer, little did I know my wife told my boss but left out the cancer part and soon I was called to his office. He said his wife told him I don't have any balls. He told me this would remain our secret at work but he wanted my wife and that it was already decided.

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My wife became pregnant with my boss's baby, everyone knew it wasn't mine as I had no balls. My wife continued to be my boss and his wife's slut. After the baby, my wife's tits were big and milky. A coworker caught my boss and wife, secretly recorded them, and showed everyone. It was strange to see my wife's obscene legs spread asking for his cum.

One day my boss said if I don't want her pregnant again I have to suck him in front of my wife. I refused but eventually, I relented. My wife watches me suck and swallow my boss while stroking my dick. He broke his word again and bred her. Everyone knew she was fucking him all our friends and family knew my wife was a ***** for my boss.

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My coworkers asked how this all happen and I explained I had my balls removed and my wife wanted a man with balls, she wanted a family and I couldn't get her pregnant so we made a deal I accept all this and she stayed married to me.

In time I learned to enjoy sucking his dick, and soon it became my job to take his morning load, my view was that it was my duty to satisfy him. I started taking hormones and wearing lipstick, makeup, and a wig until my hair grew out

Several black friends visited and they had me sucking all of them off. One was gay and wanted to be my boyfriend, my wife approved and then I had Robert. I didn't take to him at first, his dick hurt my mouth it was so big, it demanded a lot of work. The cum was copious and tasted foul but he insisted I swallow, After 6 months I became openly transgender and Robert and I became very close.

My wife got pregnant with my black coworker again and this time didn't hide her affair at my work. Everyone laughed and noticed my breasts, my black coworker took a video of me sucking my BF and shared it at the office. Several coworkers have asked me for head. after my wife got pregnant the second time my black coworker left her and now my wife has me find her BBC.
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