I'm 55, an American expat living with my wife ( 29) in manila. She works as a secretary to a Nigerian mid-level banker in an international bank headquarters in manila.

Marie came home one day in tears. She refused to say why. She didn't want to be touched. She showered and went to bed. This happened 3 days in a row before Marie broke down and explained. Her Boss Nigel took her out to lunch and on the way back to work in the parking garage, he felt my wife's breasts, Marie said, she tried to stop him but he was strong and put her hands on his crotch. She tried to pull back but it was so big and hard, she was scared and confused so she rubbed it through his pants. He opened her blouse and pulled her 34D tits with dark Hershey kiss nipples out and started rubbing and pulling.

she turned red and looked at the floor when I asked her "Did it feel good?"

"He took out his cock and grabbed my hair pulling her to him. His cock was so big and his nuts huge, I was afraid of being *****."

"So then what?"

"I started sucking him and he told me to slide my skirt and panties down, I did and he started finger fucking me while I was sucking him."

"Did he cum in your mouth?" I asked as my dick got hard.

"Yes," she said and there was so much of it.

"Did you spit it out?

"No, I swallowed it, he insisted."

"This has been going on at lunch and after work for three days?"

Yes, he plans to come here for dinner tomorrow, I agreed he should come?"


My wife looked nervous as she opened the door to Nigel. We had dinner and sat on the couch drinking wine. Nigel put on a movie, we were stunned to see my wife on her knees in Bra and panties sucking his cock in his office!

He leaned over and put his arm around her and started kissing her neck. She tried to pull toward me but I pushed her back toward him. He started rubbing her big tits and unbuttoning her blouse. Soon she was topless and he pulled out his fat black cock and had her suck it. I noticed she was rubbing her pussy while she did it so I started stroking my cock, he stood her up and pulled her shorts and panties off. She leaned against me. Nigel look at me and said, "Spread your wife's legs for me."

She looked at me with fear I took her hand and helped her to take a position on the couch and spread her legs for him and held her arms back. He rubbed his big dick up and down her slit, I reached over and spread her lips for him. Her hole was ******* for her boss now and wet Nigel stuffed his cock inside her tight hole. He was 10" and thick, I watched him work his dick in and out of her until my wife's cunt stretched out enough to accommodate him. He was using her pussy in earnest, he thrust hard, deep, and fast into her, grinding himself into her womb, "I'm gonna cum in this bitch!!!"

"What if I get pregnant?!" I covered her mouth with my hand as Nigel began pumping hard, rhythmically into her cervix and womb. He bucked and grabbed her big tits.

"I'm cumming!"

"Don't cum in her!"

He laughed "Your wife is my bitch." He grabbed her tits and blew his huge load inside her cervix that was dilated from her orgasm as his hot load went to her uterus, her womb. She cried out and tried to pull away but I held her firm as he ground his dick deeper into her satisfying himself.

Marie was shocked and numb, she went for a shower when she got out we were waiting for her in the bedroom, the encounter happened 3 more times. Each time I asked him not to cum in her, only for him to ignore me, I came several times watching them. Marie came so hard it was crazy. "Your wife is my bitch!" I nodded, "Do you understand Marie?" She nodded, I left the room to sleep on the couch, he took her all night, and they went to work together.

When my wife came home she was furious with me for doing nothing while another man came in her. "What kind of man does that?!"

Nigel came over 2 nights later and the evening went the same way, we both told him she was in her dangerous, fertile days and "Please don't cum in her." But he did anyway, several times. When they spooned he asked her if she wanted to see me rub his balls. She nodded, I gingerly rubbed his balls until I heard my wife say "Suck them!!" I did as I was told and had his balls in my mouth when he came inside her again. I felt ashamed that I was sucking the balls of the man using my wife's hole. "My husband is a pussy who can't get me pregnant, please knock me up!" After 3 months of these encounters, a few times a week my wife got pregnant by her boss Nigel, I know this because I had been cut off, and cucked.
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