091-906.jpgThe weather is beautiful most of the year in Southern California, especially in the San Diego area. My wife, Antonia, and I were very fortunate to be able to afford to live in the city of La Jolla, just north of San Diego, for the past twenty years. I got a high paying job right after earning my master's degree in bio-engineering. We were able to get a big mortgage on a beautiful, ranch-style home with a pool and an ocean view, before home prices escalated so drastically.

My name is Joe, and now at the age of forty-four, we are enjoying the good life. Antonia , who we affectionately call Toni, is forty-two years old and still looks fantastic, even after having our two children who are now away at college. She is five feet and seven inches tall and weighs about one hundred and twenty-five pounds. Her hair is shoulder-length and naturally golden-blonde and she has the most dazzling blue eyes. Her hair and eye color contrast well with the perpetual tan she keeps by sunning herself by our pool. She also has nice, 34C, breasts and a gorgeous, heart-shaped ass, and her face looks a lot like the actress Blake Lively.

At the time we bought our home, another young couple our ages bought the home next to us on the cul-de-sac. We have been very close friends for twenty years now, and our children grew up with theirs and are also the best of friends. We have long since removed the gate in the fence between our side yards and pools, and we freely go back and forth to each other’s homes. The parent’s names are Stephan and Julie. Stephan, who we call Steve, is a software engineer with a master's degree and he has moved up in his company just as I have in mine. We are now both senior vice presidents making very good salaries and bonuses.

Steve is a big guy compared to me. He’s six feet and two inches tall, weighs about one hundred and ninety-five pounds, and is very muscular and athletic. I’m five feet and nine inches tall and weigh only one hundred and sixty-five pounds, and sometimes I feel like a nerd next to him. He’s definitely the dominant one in our relationship too, and every now and then he teases me about being less athletic.

He always beats me when we play golf or tennis, and he sometimes grins at me when we are in the locker room afterwards. I can’t help looking at and admiring his big, low-hanging balls and thick, uncircumcised cock, which is seven inches long when soft, and his sculpted body. My thin dick is a little less than three inches long when soft, and only four and a half inches hard, so I really feel inadequate compared to him.

We spend a lot of time at one another’s homes and swimming pools, and I know that Toni is impressed with him too. In addition to being physically dominant, he also has a much more outgoing personality than I do. When we’re at the club having a drink after playing golf, he’s always flirting with the waitresses, and likes to talk about how much he wants to fuck them and how they’d love his big cock.

As our kids got into high school and were out with their friends more, it seemed that Toni and I were spending more and more time with Steve and Julie. We cooked out at one another’s pools, at least three times a week, and especially on weekends. Over the years, it became apparent to me that Julie and I are probably more compatible, with our more-reserved personalities, while Toni and Steve are more outgoing and aggressive.

Julie is a pretty woman at five feet and six inches tall and maybe one hundred and thirty pounds. Her hair is mousy brown, which looks nice with her green eyes, but her body with its B-cup tits is very plain when compared to Toni’s luscious body. She isn’t at all talkative and outgoing like Toni, and she looks a little like the British actress, Emma Watson.

Starting when our kids were in their senior year of high school, I noticed that Toni and Steve were becoming more and chummier whenever we were together as couples. Toni and Steve were spending much of the time apart from Julie and me, and it almost seemed like a budding, teenage infatuation. I teased Toni about it a few times, but never really challenged her on it. She just said that they're good friends, and that I shouldn’t worry about it.

They would sit next to one another on the pool lounges, talking, laughing and totally ignoring Julie and me. When in the pool together, they always kept their distance from us, whether they were standing in the shallow end, hanging on the side in the deep end, or when sitting very close to one another on the pool steps.

Julie and I also became closer, although not in a romantic way, and we often talked when left to ourselves by our spouses. She never said anything to me about Toni and Steve being so flirty with one another, until one night when I brought it to her attention. They were down in the deep end, by the diving board, with Toni’s back to the wall. Steve was in front of her, holding onto the side of the pool with his back to Julie and me, and Toni was supporting herself on his arms.

We both happened to be looking their way when Toni put one arm around Steve’s neck, and dropped the other down between them, and there’s no doubt that they had a lingering, passionate kiss.

I looked over at Julie and asked, “What do you think of those two when they do shit like that? How do you put up with it?”

It looked like her eyes were tearing up as she responded, “I’ve argued with him and tried to talk to him about it, but he just laughs it off, like it’s no big deal. I even threatened to divorce him, and he told me that if I tried, his lawyers would make sure that I didn’t get a penny from him. He still takes care of my sexual needs, when I ask him, although he’s not that excited about it, and he said that I just needed to accept the situation. He’s always been a good provider, and I can’t support myself, so I guess I’ll just have to live with it. What about you, Joe? If you knew what I knew about them, you’d be asking yourself the same question.”

I asked her, “What do you mean by that? What question? Oh, do you mean the one about how you put up with it?”

Julie lowered her voice and said, “Yes. When Steve and I had that big argument, he told me that he likes Toni a lot, she like him, and that they're very attracted to one another. He said that they have been fondling one another in the pool, and that Toni is very impressed with his big cock. She even told him that you have a little dick that hardly ever satisfies her, which is why she always wants you to eat her out after you fuck her.”

She paused for a moment and then continued, “They apparently always have a good laugh about that. He didn’t say whether he had fucked her yet, but if not, then I wouldn’t doubt that it will happen; probably sooner than later. You’ve been watching them too long not to know that something more serious than a little flirting is going on there. For all his faults, Steve is a wonderful and aggressive lover, and I don’t think that you want Toni to get a taste of his big cock.”

I was totally flabbergasted by her comments and ashamed of myself for sitting idly by like a fucking wimp, while my handsome, big-cocked friend was moving in on my beautiful wife. At the same time, and I know this sounds sick, the thought of Toni fucking my friend was somewhat arousing too.

He had always been the dominant one, making me feel less manly and it almost seemed like a kind of sweet justice if he fucked my wife; a kind of affirmation that I married such a hot woman, and he's better able to give her pleasure. After seeing his cock so many times in the shower, I knew that she would enjoy fucking him too.

Following my conversation with Julie, I decided not to confront Toni right away. I wanted to watch them more closely to try to confirm their behavior before provoking her. I watched them for the next few weeks and I noticed that sometimes when they got out of the pool, Steve had a partial boner.

They were kissing more and more too and didn’t seem to care that Julie and I were watching. And it also seemed like Toni was becoming more distant with me, both physically and emotionally. She wasn’t talking to me like she used to, sharing funny things about her day or talking about what the kids were up to at college.

We still fucked, but it was much less frequent, only about once a month, when it had previously been at least weekly. Toni still wanted me to eat her out almost every night though and I started noticing that she was much juicier on some nights. I might not have understood why she was so juicy, except for the fact that I always suck her pussy after we fuck. I definitely knew the taste of my semen, at least my own.

Her pussy tasted only slightly different from when I fuck her, and on those other nights when she's so juicy, I could definitely taste semen. I had learned to like the taste and texture of my own cum over the years and the possibility that I was eating Steve’s cum was arousing to me.

It was becoming apparent that she was fucking Steve. And if she really was fucking him, I knew that it had to be in the late afternoons or early evenings, since I often worked late. I always called to let Toni know when I would be home, so it would be easy for her to meet with Steve at those times. Even with the warning, Steve would sometimes be sitting on the couch and drinking wine with Toni, when I arrived. They acted like it was no big deal that he was there and when I questioned Toni about it she continued to insist that they're just good friends, sharing a drink. But I could tell from the flush of her cheeks that something had been going on.

I wanted to confirm my suspicions and one night I called to let her know that I would be home at about 9:00 pm, which is later than my usual late nights. I wanted it to be dark, or almost dark, when I really came home at around 8:00 pm. I parked my car down the street and around the corner from my home and walked quickly through the side gate to my backyard. I walked quietly up to my bedroom window and peeked in through a gap in the curtains that were covering the open window. I was momentarily shocked, but I guess not all that surprised, to see them in bed together.

My position was perfect to see Toni on her back with her legs spread and Steve leaning over her from the right side. They were kissing passionately as he rubbed her breasts and I realized that they must have already fucked. I saw cum oozing from her thick, reddened, blonde-hair-covered labia. His soft cock was lying across her thigh, and his big balls were loosely hanging down onto the bed.

Steve broke the kiss after a few minutes and, after leaning down to briefly suck her left nipple, he started to get on his knees by her head as he said, “Suck me hard again, baby. With Joe coming home so late tonight, we can fuck one more time.”

I watched in awe as Toni took his soft cock, which was still covered with the remnants of their previous fuck, into her pretty mouth and begin sucking him. She had never sucked my dick and there she was moaning and slurping on his thick meat. Her fingers couldn’t even touch when she gripped it. It didn’t take long before she was gagging on his cock, and when he backed away from her, I saw his hard cock for the first time.

I previously knew that it's thick when it's soft, but then I saw that his meat is very thick, easily over six inches in circumference, and it had to be ten and a half inches long. That thing looked like a huge pole, and I watched in anticipation as he began pushing it into my wife.

Toni’s pussy stretched around that thick, invading phallus and I got excited as I watched inch after inch disappear into my wife’s pussy. It was almost as if I was experiencing it myself and my dick was getting hard as he bottomed out in her cunt. He then began fucking her with, long, deep, powerful thrusts, with his big balls slapping against her thighs and ass in a way that I would never be able to do.

I pulled my dick out and began jacking off as Toni moaned and almost screamed out, “Oh shit, fuck me, Steve, fuck me hard! I love your big cock and I love you! You touch me in ways that Joe never could with his little dick and I love having your big cock buried deep in my pussy.”

They fucked for about twenty minutes, which was impressive since I usually only last about three minutes when fucking her. I watched closely as his muscular ass clinched on each down stroke until the final push when he buried his cock to the balls in my wife.

He gasped as he said, “Oh fuck, here it comes, baby. Take my fucking cum into your married cunt. You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had, and I love breeding you.”

My cum sprayed forcefully against the side of the house, when I saw and heard that he was ejaculating into my wife, and I was overwhelmed with a whole range of emotions. I loved the sweet agony of knowing that another man, a much more dominant man, had just inseminated my wife, and I must have been experiencing some sort of primal pleasure at seeing her taken that way and seeded by another man.

I suspected that it was happening before, but seeing it happen was a whole new experience. I knew that Toni was on birth control pills but just the thought that he could have potentially impregnated my wife was giving me a new, depraved and submissive feeling. I realized at that moment that I craved and loved the humiliation of seeing my wife fuck another man and, surprisingly, I was for the first time in my life truly attracted to a cock.

I was stroking my dick again and watching them kiss as Steve slowly stroked his deflating cock in her pussy. Then when he pulled out, I saw his cum running out of her and puddling on the bed.

I felt even more sweet humiliation when Steve asked her, “Are you going to clean up before Joe gets home, or do want to leave most of my cum inside you for Joe to clean up, like you usually do?”

Toni laughed and said, “You know that I like to save it for Joe, and I can’t believe that he doesn’t realize what he’s eating when he eats me out. He always seems so hungry for our combined juices and after eating his own cum out of me for so many years, he has to have suspected something by now. I always cover my pussy with a pad after we fuck, to hold in as much of your cum as I can.”

“I take a kind of perverse pleasure at watching him down between my legs, slurping up and swallowing your cum. But, I do want to change the sheets, like I usually do, so it’s not as obvious as it would be if he came to bed and rolled in the gooey wet spot. We’d better hurry so we’re back out in the living room when he comes home.”

I walked back down the street to my car and waited there a few minutes before driving the rest of the way home. I continued to play over and over in my mind what I had seen and heard, and I jacked off again in the car just thinking about it all. I decided that I wouldn’t confront Toni with my newfound knowledge of her and Steve being lovers, at least not yet, because I wanted to watch them more.

But I was thinking about bringing it up to Steve the next time we had a chance to talk alone, just to see if I could get him to admit anything. I think that I subconsciously wanted to be further humiliated by facing the man who was fucking my wife and hear him admit it to me.

It was 8:55 pm when I pulled into my driveway, and when I went inside, I found Toni and Steve sitting close together on the couch, drinking wine. I acted surprised to see him there and asked, “Hi, Steve, what are you doing over here so late?”

He smiled and said, “I ran into Toni earlier and she told me that you’d be home late tonight. I just thought that I’d keep her company. Is that okay with you? I mean, she’s a good friend of mine too.”

I saw my chance to tease them a little and replied, “Sure, Steve, you’re my best friend, and it’s nice of you to look after Toni when I’m not around. What harm could it do? But what about Julie, did you leave her home alone?”

That was the first time I had ever questioned them that way, and Toni looked a little flustered. Steve easily recovered, though, saying, “Julie was busy taking an online class on home decorating, and I didn’t want to hang around at home and distract her. Since you’re home now, I’ll be going. Are we still on for golf on Saturday morning?”

I let him know that I was still planning on making our 8:00 am tee time. After watching television with Toni for a few minutes, I wanted to get her to come to bed with me while Steve’s cum was still fresh in her pussy. So, I said, “I’m really tired, honey, and think I’ll go to bed. I sure hope that you’ll join me, at least for a little while. I’m suddenly hungry for that juicy pussy of yours. I hope that it’s extra creamy and tasty like it is sometimes.”

Toni seemed amused and said, “Damn, honey, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but it should be nice and juicy for you tonight, and I just love it when you eat me out.”

I couldn’t help teasing her a little more by saying, “Your pussy always seems to be juicier and tastier on those nights when Steve is over here with you, so maybe I should get him to come over every night.”

We got into bed and I said, “Come on, honey, let’s try something a little different. I’ll lie on my back, and you can straddle my head and sit on my face. I want the feeling of being smothered and ****** to suck your pussy as your tasty juices flow into my mouth.”

Toni tried not to let me see her remove the pad and she didn’t hesitate to sit on my face. Steve’s cum was thick and plentiful and it drained into my mouth as I aggressively sucked her. I reached up and wrapped my arms around her thighs to hold her in place as I tongue-fucked and sucked her amazing, thick-lipped pussy.

Toni looked down at me smiling as she said, “Oh yeah, that’s it, honey. You seem especially hungry for it tonight, and you’re going to give me an orgasm with your talented tongue and mouth.”

When we were finished, Toni went back out to watch television and I stayed in bed to sleep. I had been lying there for about a half hour thinking about all Steve’s cum that I had just sucked from my wife’s cunt, and I feigned sleep when she opened the bedroom door to check on me. She closed the door and went back into the living room and it seemed like she was up to something. I snuck out of the bedroom and quietly down the hall, just in time to hear her on her cell phone.

I knew she had called Steve, because I heard her say, “Hi, Steve, you wouldn’t believe what just happened. After you left, Joe wanted to go to bed right away, because he said that he was hungry for my juicy pussy. And he even said that my pussy was always juicier and tastier on the nights when you're here when he gets home, and maybe you should come over every night.”

She paused while Joe was talking and continued, “Yeah, no shit. And then he had me sit on his face, which is something new for us. He sucked my pussy like he was starving for our juices. I don’t know what’s gotten into him, but I really enjoy having him clean my pussy after you fuck me.”

She paused again and said, “No, no, he didn’t even try to fuck me. He seems to be happy sucking my just-fucked pussy.”

The last thing she said to him broke my heart, but still made my dick stiffen. She said, “Oh, I know, Steve, I love you so much too. We’ll have to take advantage of this situation as long as Joe is too fucking dense to realize that you're regularly fucking me, and that he is eating your cum.”

The next day was Friday, and I called home again to let her know that I would be late. Then I watched them fucking again, and I came home afterwards to eat Steve’s cum fresh from Toni’s cunt. At that point I had pretty much accepted the fact that Steve had stolen the heart and body of my wife and I just wanted to find a way to eventually bring it all out into the open, so I could possibly join them when they're fucking.

So, I decided to talk about it with Steve the next day on the golf course, without directly accusing them. Knowing Steve, I was sure that he couldn’t control his cocky attitude and would end up admitting everything to me to show me what a big man he is. The only thing I couldn’t anticipate was how he would choose to reveal the truth.

Steve and I shared a golf cart the next day and we were paired with two other men that we hadn’t previously met. So, we had many good opportunities to talk when the other men weren’t near us.

I waited until we were on our way to the seventh tee when I said, “Steve, I’d have to be totally dense not to have seen that you and my wife have developed a very close friendship, much closer than most husbands would have put up with for so long. What’s going on with you two?”

He thought for a second and replied, “It’s really nothing, Joe, we’re just good friends, and I enjoy being with her.”

We teed off, and then I pressed him further, saying, “I’m not so sure about that Steve. The longer this has gone on, the more brazen you two get. You're inseparable in the pool and for the last couple of weeks you two have been kissing several times, whenever we’re all together. I know that we’ve been good friends for a long time, but don’t you think you’ve crossed the line?”

Steve seemed to bristle at the notion that I hadn’t accepted his first response and that I had the audacity to continue questioning him about his behavior with my wife. In his mind, I was obviously just his nerdy friend and he shouldn’t have to explain himself to me, even when it concerned my wife.

He looked at me, barely able to hide his anger, and said, “Well, maybe you should be talking to Toni about this, since she seems to be enjoying our friendship as much as I am. And what about you? What kind of husband would put up with something like that, as you’ve admitted doing?”

After we putted out and were on our way to next tee, I responded in a way to seem more contrite, saying, “Yes, Steve, I’m ashamed to admit that I should have spoken up sooner. It’s just that we’ve all been friends for so long, and it was sometimes hard to distinguish between harmless flirting and something more. It’s just been in the last couple of months that you two have been more out in the open about it. Please explain what the attraction is.”

He seemed less angry after I accepted some responsibility and thought for a moment before replying, “It’s not hard to explain. Toni is a beautiful and sexy woman and I’m sure that a lot of men are attracted to her. It’s just that I have the good fortune of being your close neighbor, and we spend a lot of time together. I’m only human, man, and it’s a natural thing to be attracted to a hot woman like Toni. And you know, Julie is a pretty woman too. I’ve seen you two getting closer and talking a lot.”

I responded, “Oh come on, Steve, Julie and I have been talking a lot because you and Toni are usually off by yourselves. Julie is a pretty lady and we're good friends, but you can’t mean to imply that my relationship with her is the same as yours with my wife. This isn’t a swap thing like the swingers do.”

Steve laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess I see what you mean. Look, Joe, I don’t know what else I can tell you. We're attracted to one another and it’s happened over a long period of time with our families socializing so much.”

We putted out the hole, and on the way to the next tee I replied, “Well, Steve, for starters you can tell me how far things have gone with you two. I’ve seen you pressed up against each other and kissing and I noticed that you had at least a partial hard on a couple of times when you got out of the pool. Have you two been feeling up each other?

He was looking irritated again as he responded, “Don’t do this to yourself, man. You should be talking to Toni about this shit anyway.”

I replied, “Come on, Steve, we’ve been friends for twenty years and you owe me the courtesy of at least telling me and being honest about it.”

Steve looked at me and said, “Listen, Joe, I don’t owe you shit. But if you really want to know, I’ll tell you. Don’t blame me if you can’t handle the truth. I have been fucking your wife for the past couple of months and she is one fine piece of ass. It started one night when she pressed up against my cock in the pool, and she had to reach down and feel it."

"After that I began rubbing her pussy and breasts as she stroked my cock whenever we were together. Soon after that we fucked for the first time, and she loves my big cock, especially compared to your little dick. You should know why she likes my cock so much, from the way you’ve stared at me in the showers all of these years.”

I tried to act surprised and shocked, and let him think that something was just then clicking with me. I said, “Holy fucking shit! No wonder her pussy has been so juicy when I eat her out, especially on those nights when I’ve found you sitting with her. And, fuck, not only is my ***** of a wife fucking my supposedly best friend, she also encourages me to eat her out, with your cum inside of her. Shit, Steve, your cock can’t be that big to cause my wife to cheat on me like this.”

Steve looked at me menacingly and said, “Listen, you dumbass, wimpy fuck. Toni and I have developed a very strong emotional bond and we love each other. So, I don’t want to hear you calling her a *****, even if she is your wife. I can’t help it if she needs more cock than you can give her. And yeah, my cock is that big. You’ve just never seen it hard. Maybe I’ll give you a really close look at it when we’re in the shower today.”

He paused for a minute to let that sink in and then said, “I love Toni, and I’m going to keep fucking her for as long as she wants me to. Julie knows all about it, and she’s too scared of losing me and becoming destitute to do anything about it. And you aren’t going to try to divorce Toni either, or my lawyers will make sure that she takes you for every fucking penny you’ve got.”

I wasn’t expecting Steve to admit everything like that, and the way he was so forceful and definite about fucking my wife gave me a sexual thrill. I knew that his lawyers, no matter how good they are, couldn’t get the outcome he stated, but I didn’t want to divorce Toni anyway. I still loved her and wanted to be part of her life, even if my best friend had moved in on me. I thought it was best that I not say any more about the situation with Steve, at least not until I got home and had a chance to talk to Toni. I just tried to focus on our golf game after that, and Steve didn’t want to talk about the situation either.

We finished our golf game, with Steve winning as usual, and went into the locker room. We got undressed and headed for the showers, as Steve said, “Getting back to our earlier conversation, why don’t you come into my shower stall with me? We can use the larger stall, and that way you can get a close look at the cock that has been breeding your wife and giving your wife so much pleasure. Fuck, man, I’ll even let you get it hard for me.”

There are eight shower stalls in the shower room, with partitions between them and curtains covering the entrances. In addition, there's a larger stall for situations where men with disabilities have someone help them in the shower. I really did want to see his cock up close, and I followed him into the larger stall.

We turned on the water and soaped up, and I couldn’t help from staring at his thick, heavily hanging cock and huge balls as they swung between his legs. I watched the soap and water cascade down his torso and genitals and then felt his hands on my shoulders pushing me down to my knees.

"He whispered, “Go ahead, Joe. Get on your knees and make my cock hard for me, so you can see for yourself what Toni has been enjoying so much. Don’t be bashful, man; you’ve been eating my cum for a couple of months now, so what could it hurt to get another taste of it, fresh from the spout?”

His cock was right in front of my face as I gripped it with one hand and began stroking it, as I fondled his balls with my other hand. His cock is so thick and meaty compared to mine, and it quickly hardened to its full ten and a half inches. My fingers just barely touched while gripping his thick meat. He began to slowly push his cock closer to my face, and when his foreskin-covered cock head pressed against my lips, I instinctively opened wide to take it in.

Steve looked down at me smiling, as I sucked and took more of his cock into my mouth, as he reached down to hold my head in place with his hands and began fucking my mouth. I had such a range of emotions there on my knees, sucking my friend of twenty years. It was so arousing to be sucking the huge cock that had been fucking my wife, and at the same time I was reveling in the feelings of being submissive to him.

I sucked him for what seemed like five minutes, and I felt his grip tighten on my head as he groaned, “Oh fuck yeah, cock sucker, you’re just about to get your creamy reward.”

His thick cock began throbbing and pulsing in my mouth, and I felt and tasted spurt after spurt of his thick cum shooting to the back of my mouth, as I swallowed to take it all down. It tasted a little different than when I suck it from Toni’s pussy, but I like it both ways.

I was still sucking his deflated cock when he pushed me away and said, “Damn, Joe, I would’ve never thought you to be a cock sucker, but you really seemed to enjoy it. I’ll have to talk to Toni about letting you watch us fuck, and then allow you to clean both of us after I ejaculate.”

I rode home with Steve after we got dressed, and as we turned onto our block, he looked at me and said, “I haven’t discussed this with Toni yet, but now that you know for sure about us, I’m going to move in with her, and you can stay with Julie. You two are made for each other, although I’ll probably have to keep fucking her as well, just to keep her happy.”

As much as I liked sucking his cock, and watching him fuck my wife, it was irritating to me for him to take charge of my marriage that way. I started to say something, and he cut me off saying, “We can change places again when the kids come home, or we have company, but other than that, I’m going to be living with Toni from now on."

"We can still get together socially like we always have too, and it really won’t be that different than we’ve experienced in the last several months, with Toni and me spending most of the time together. And shit, Joe, since you seem to love my cum so much, you’ll probably want to clean both of the ladies after I fuck them.”

By the time I walked from Steve’s garage to our home, I found that Steve had already called Toni. He was obviously telling her about our conversation, and probably about me sucking him off in the shower.

After they ended the call, she laughed at me and said, “Damn, Joe, it sounds to me like you have a thing for Steve’s big cock too. I’m sorry that you had to find out about everything from him, but at least it’s all out in the open now.”

I was embarrassed at having Toni find out that I sucked his cock, but I guess that was the least of my problems. I replied, “Yes, it is all out there now. What the fuck, Toni? Steve was talking about moving in here with you, and having me live with Julie, and like somehow, we could all still be friends with him fucking both of you. Is that really what you want?”

She thought for a moment and responded, “Steve just told me about that, and I have to give it a little thought. But what could it hurt? I still love you, honey, but I have also fallen in love with Steve, or at least with his big cock. He fucks me so deep and hard with his long, thick cock and he touches places inside of me that you could never reach with your little dick. And I mean, shit, what kind of husband would suck his best friend’s cock, especially after you find out that he’s been fucking me, and you’ve been eating his cum for the last couple of months?”

I hung my head in shame for a few seconds, and when I didn’t respond she said, “Steve said that he and Julie will be over here in a few minutes, and if you don’t even have the balls to speak up for yourself, then I see no reason not to follow Steve’s plan. We’ll still see a lot of one another, but for at least the near future, I want to spend as much time in bed with him as possible. I doubt that you’ll be able to satisfy Julie with your dick, since she’s used to fucking Steve, but at least you can eat her out.”

Steve and Julie let themselves in, and we sat on the couch together, with Steve laying out his plan for our new arrangements. Julie glanced up at me, like she was appealing for me to intervene, but I remained silent. With Toni in agreement, and with her knowing about me sucking Steve’s cock, I had no leverage to push back.

After Steve explained everything, he stood up and took Toni by the hand, and headed for our bedroom, saying, “Let’s go everyone, there’s no time like the present to get things started. Joe, you and Julie might as well get a good look at Toni and me together, to satisfy your curiosity.”

Steve and Toni didn’t seem to be the least bit embarrassed as they quickly undressed and lay back on the bed. Toni looked amazing with her big breasts hanging and jiggling, and her thick, hairy labia glistening with her wetness. My eyes were also drawn to Steve’s muscular body and his big cock.

I was so embarrassed when he looked at me and said, “Come on, Joe, you might as well suck my cock hard for fucking your wife. I mean, you’ve already sucked me off once today, so it shouldn’t be a big deal.”

It was so humiliating having Toni and Julie stare at me as I moved down between Steve’s legs and took his soft cock into my mouth. I began sucking him just as I had done in the shower, and his cock quickly hardened. Then he pushed me back and said, “Get between our legs, and watch while I give your wife more pleasure than you could ever give her.”

Toni reached out her arms to him and he leaned down to suck her breasts as he pressed the swollen head of his massive cock into her labia. Inch after inch of his thick meat pushed into her, as her pussy stretched to accommodate his girth. I was right between their legs where I could see, hear and smell their coupling as he began to pound her wet pussy with long, hard strokes. I had sucked him off less than an hour earlier, and I was amazed at how horny he was to fuck her.

He fucked her for what seemed like ten minutes, and Toni was having almost constant orgasms on his big cock. Her head was thrashing back and forth, and she was writhing beneath him as she almost screamed out, “Oh yes, oh fuck, Steve, breed me with your big cock and fill my married cunt with your virile cum! If I wasn’t on the pill, I just know that you would be giving me your baby.”

Steve finally reached his orgasm, and Toni wrapped her legs around his ass to pull him deeper into her womb, as his balls pulled up and he pumped her full of his cum. I smelled his semen as some of his load squished out around his cock, and he kept humping her as his cock deflated in her. Then he rolled off to the side, and I didn’t need to be told to dive between her legs and suck his fresh load out of her.

I saw that Julie had pushed her hand into her shorts and was finger fucking herself, while watching our spouses fuck, and as I got my first taste of his fresh cum from my wife’s pussy, Steve laughed and said, “Don’t worry, Julie, as soon as this cock sucker finishes cleaning Toni, he can suck my cock clean and get it hard for fucking you. I’m willing to share my meat with both of you pretty ladies.”

I looked up over Toni’s hairy pubis, with my sucking mouth covering her labia, and she was looking down at me with a mixture of fascination and disgust. She had watched me sucking Steve’s cock and now that I was eating his cum from her pussy, I know that she had lost a lot of respect for me.

After cleaning Toni’s pussy, I moved over to suck Steve’s cock clean, while Julie removed her top, shorts and underwear. I like her small, firm tits, and the contrast of having brown pubic hair covering her big labia, after being used to seeing Toni’s blonde bush. I sucked Steve for about five minutes and was surprised when his cock got hard again. He then moved over and unceremoniously began fucking Julie, as she swiveled her hips to take in his massive cock.

They fucked for about fifteen minutes, with her having multiple orgasms, until he finally buried his cock to balls and shot his load of cum into the depths of her cunt. When he pulled out of her, I moved in to suck her pussy clean as I had done for Toni. She tastes a little different, and I really enjoyed sucking her pussy for the first time.

She wrapped her legs around my head and shoulders and pushed her pussy hard against my mouth, as she moaned, “Oh fuck, shit, yeah, suck my pussy. Steve never was much for eating me out, and I’m going to enjoy having you service me.”

We stayed in bed together for another hour, talking and relaxing, until Steve said, “Okay, Joe and Julie, it’s time to start our new arrangement. You guys can go back to my house, and Joe and I can visit to get our clothes and things tomorrow.”

So that was the beginning of our new lives. We still all get together from time to time, and on many nights, I am called over to clean Toni’s pussy after Steve fucks her. Julie lets me fuck her periodically, but I spend most of my time between her legs, sucking her juicy hairy pussy. Two years have passed, and Steve and Toni seem to still be infatuated with one another, and I have learned to enjoy my role in this strange relationship.
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