My girlfriend tried her first BBC in front of me Chapter 2

After that fateful meeting with Alex, my girlfriend changed her behavior. I told her that I was worried that she would leave me for him. But she said that she loves me as a boyfriend, and Alex is just a sexual partner for her.

Sara explained that she really needed to cheat on me with him periodically, because she liked sex with a manly black guy. I love my girlfriend very much and wish her the best, so I let her do it. She continued to drink birth control and sent Alex her nudes every day. Then I allowed her to visit him sometimes. So my girlfriend slept with her black friend every weekend and I could only imagine what they do together alone.

I began to miss Sara, I spent too little time with her. On weekdays, we had sex, but she no longer received such pleasure as before. And I noticed that her pussy became a little wider. I asked her to send me a photo when they are with Alex. They got me very excited. First there was a photo where they hug near the mirror and Alex holds her ass. Then a photo where she kisses him without a bra. Then came a photo from Alex's perspective, where Sara was on her knees, wrapped her lips around his cock and looked into the camera. I even got a video of him doggystyle fucking her and spanking her while she moans.

After some time, I received a photo when I was in class at the university. I didn't expect it, but it was my girlfriend sucking black cock in a changing room in her university. I was shocked, I didn't know she could be so extreme. She never did anything like with me.
And my favorite photo, Sara's wide pussy completely covered in cum. And nearby was a relaxed bbc, which towered over my girlfriend's pussy and mocking me with what he did to my girl.

After that, I realized that I wanted to see their interracial sex again, but as a real cuckold. I ordered a chasity cage for myself so I can't masturbate when I watch this. when Alex came to visit again, he gave Sara "blacked" underwear, she was very happy with this gift. After she changed and after a short foreplay, I was already watching his big cock dominate my girlfriend again. She greedily took his cock in her mouth without hesitation and happily spread her legs in front of him. It seems she has already got used to his size, but she still screamed as loudly as the first time. When he came inside her, Sara said she wasn't taking birth control and I needed to lick her pussy clean if I didn't want her to get pregnant with a black baby. I immediately started cleaning her with my tongue, and she held my head so that I licked harder. Alex just looked at it and laughed mockingly.

After that, Alex smeared his cock with lubricant and my girlfriend's anus. He began to enter her and by her look, I realized that this was not the first time for them. But she told me that she was afraid of anal and did not want it.
I wanted to masturbate so badly, but the cage held me back. It was a pleasant, sweet suffering. I watched the most beautiful thing in the world for another hour, sex between a black alpha and a sexy white girl.
After that, we started doing it more often, cuckolding only strengthened our relationship and I fell in love with my girlfriend even more while she fell in love with her black friend's cock.
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