My wife and I are high school sweethearts. We have a great thing going with a couple of kids, good jobs, and a white picket fence in middle America - the whole deal.

After we had kids we started sliding into some light femdom things in the bedroom. She became way more confident and it became an escape for me from having to plan and be in charge all the time in my regular life.

Naturally, over time we ramped things up more and more from her being simply more assertive to things like spanking, pegging, and chastity stuff. It was all in good fun and I enjoyed seeing her in a different way than I had when she was the quiet shy version of herself in years past.

Back in July of this year, the company I work for had a 4th of July / summer party at one of the executive's houses. Not everyone went but there were probably 40-50 people in attendance along with their spouses. The house wasn't massive but it sits out on a farm and he has a half-court outdoor basketball court, a place to ride ATVs, and a decent-sized pool. We were told in the invite to bring a swimsuit if we were so inclined, so my wife and I did and were on our way.

She had met a few people from my office previously but due to covid, these sorts of get-togethers had been few and far between so she didn't know too many people. My wife is very beautiful tho, a curvy fair skinned natural redhead with gray eyes and an adorable southern accent. People take to her very quickly and even though she's naturally introverted, she attracts a lot of attention.

We were at the party and after a while of drinking and getting comfortable in the environment, we started going separate ways at the house itself. I played some basketball and manned the grill for a little while as my wife talked to some of the other women and made the small talk one makes with strangers.

At some point, she started getting pretty hot and decided to get in the pool. That fucking pool... There were a few people in there leaning against the edge with a drink in hand while talking to others sitting on the chairs just across. One who was in the water was a coworker of mine, Rick.

Rick is in sales/training and I don't see him much around the office. We have a Monday morning meeting we're both in but it's not 1 on 1. Rick's about 10 years older, in shape, smiles a lot, and is a pretty loud extroverted guy. We don't get on but we aren't enemies or anything either. A simple "Hey man" is about as far as it goes in the office between us.

Anyway, whether it be the alcohol or something else, Rick came on to my wife right away. The second she got in the pool he started talking to her. I was grilling about 30 yards away so I couldn't just leave and let the food burn but I could see them entirely. It all appeared perfectly innocent but it was obvious he was very into her and she wasn't rebuffing any sort of advances.

After a while, food was ready and most people got out of the pool itself. We ate, played some games, drank a bit more, and then after a few hours we all said our goodbyes and started heading home. Nothing crazy right?

Well on the way home she started telling me that the two of them got a little handsy in the pool. There was a moment when she was sitting on his lap in the pool and his hands were on her hips and around the strap of her bikini bottoms. She said she gave him a playful "Oh my gosh stop it" kind of protest but that he just grinned and dug his fingers in a bit more.

He had control of her hips, and though not much more happened, it was pretty obvious to her that he would have progressed things further if allowed. Before they got out of the pool he asked her for her number or her Snapchat info, which she turned him down.

She's telling me all of this while I'm driving the 30 or so minutes back home and my mind is just racing while my heart is beating out of my chest.

She broke the silence with a sharp, "So what do you think?". Just a completely loaded question I was not ready to begin to answer.

What did I think about what? Her giving him her number? Him with his hands on her? The two of them together?

I quickly shot back "Of course not. Did he realize you were married? Married to me... Did he know who you were? "

And she just calmly responded, "Yeah it came up, didn't seem to bother him..." And it was clear it didn't bother her either.

For the rest of the ride, we just sat in silence while my mind spun in 50 different directions. The two of us were the only person the other had ever been with. We never really had serious conversations about other people sexually. Sure there was the "threesome for your birthday" type comments but they were never serious and we never really pursued anything close to that.

Every interaction we had the rest of the day had this cloud over it. She knew the thought of what happened was fucking with my head and she enjoyed every second of the torment I was going through inside. I wasn't "angry" or anything, just very annoyed and a bit embarrassed that things happened the way that they did.

As far as Domme's go, my wife likes psychological domination as much as anything physical. She's the woman from Basic Instinct but with red hair and a southern draw. Eventually, after a night of innuendo and suspense, I broached the subject again.

"So uh, do you WANT to text Rick or something?" I fumbled out.

"I mean, he's nice. I don't see why I can't text someone who I'm friends with." I remember clearly as day that she didn't even look up from her phone when answering me.

I had his number from our company directory and pulled it up on my phone then texted it to her.

"No deleting conversations ok? No Snapchat or anything that hides stuff. That's all I ask." I had laid my first ground rule and to her credit, she was totally on board.

"Absolutely!" she replied. Then there was a pause, followed by "You knowing it makes it more fun anyway." And with that she gave me a little wink, then we went to bed.

That was July 4th of this year. On October 25th, Rick would be fucking my wife right in front of me.

More to come.
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