My wife and I were to meet a friend and his buddy we had never met before at a bar one night. I never know what to expect out of my 44DD slut. As we got ready I saw her outfit and knew fun was on the bill. A bright yellow one-piece pullover dress, red heels, and black stockings. The hair was big and the lipstick/makeup heavy.

The guys seemed very happy to see her. Our friend who had been trying to get with her for a while looked at me like please let me fuck her. His buddy was drooling. Long story short but after a few hours of good old sexual tension that included my wife showing her huge cleavage, hugging the guys inappropriately, and being groped we headed to the parking lot, where I told my wife to ride with them, I thought they might like some company on the 20-minute ride to our place. As she hopped into the center of the truck they were driving her dress, already short rode up ******** her ass. My buddy reached out to help her in and took a handful while his buddy on the driver's side must have seen at least 90% of her juggs as she leaned in.

We arrived at our place and the guys got out smiling, my wife looked very happy too. Again her ass was ******* and the neckline of her dress was pulled to one side. As we went in I asked her if they had fun? She smiled and said, "Let's get inside!"

The guys settled in on the couch as I grabbed drinks and took the love seat across from them, I turned on some porn that was from a swingers party we attended, they had no clue the woman on screen being massaged between her legs with a huge massager was actually my wife. We all were commenting on the woman's moans when in walked my wife dressed in a black one-piece negligee, one with the boobs cut out. Her DD tits were on full display! She was holding a similar vibrator as in the video, "Want to watch me use it here?"

My buddy was ecstatic, his dream of fucking her was coming true. His friend was shocked and the first to say "Hell Yeah!" She plugged it in giving an awesome view of her ass and laid on the floor between the two couches where she proceeded to put on a show with her wand. After a few minutes of groaning, she went into full-on screaming, alternating between using it between her legs and on her tits...which are super sensitive, she had a good orgasm and told to get our clothes off.

The guys were naked in seconds, I lingered to watch her and see what was coming. She crawled across the floor, udders hanging and swinging as she did. She remained on the floor and took a hard cock in each hand our buddy is average size but his friend was a good 8 inches and thick. My wife jacked them briefly and then went into a flurry of sucking them off alternating back and forth. The sounds coming out of her were a combination of growling, slurping, and vacuuming, while my buddy reached around and fingered her as his friend played with her bouncing fun bags. I sat on the other couch enjoying the show.

"I need a cock,"

My buddy looked at me and said, "I think she's ready for you?" I got up, walk over to my slut wife and mount her doggy. As I pump into her, her noise level rose, her tits flopped every which way, and her face was buried in my buddy's lap as she deep-throated him. He was telling me to keep pounding her ass but I couldn't go on and pulled out shooting across her back, driving her crazy when she felt it, and as she came up for air he lets go all over her face.

Things calmed as watched her chest heaving as we sat there waiting to see what was next, it did not take long before she looked at his friend and said, "Fuck my tits," and positioned herself between his legs as he remained seated. She grabs his cock and started beating him off between and under her boobs. With them lotioned in his precum, he began pistoning between them. She tells him faster and he grabs them from either side roughly. She lets out a primal noise and says "Fuck'em, babe," This went on briefly before he stood up still manhandling her juggs and started to stroke his cock at her. She loves cum on her tits and lets him know it, A few more strokes and he releases onto her tits, cum rolling over her huge areolas as she started cumming and screaming.

This was the first of a number of nights she had with these guys
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