My wife and I had been married a little over a year. We were really good friends with this other married couple named Robert and Becky. I had the hots for Becky and my wife had said she thought Robert was "cute". They had a young daughter, and the three of them were visiting us at our house one night.

After dinner and drinks we put their kid to bed in my wife's and my bed, since we didn't have a crib or anything. We had a large den at the far end of our house from the bedroom their daughter was sleeping in. We had been drinking tequila and that stuff always makes my wife hot. After a while the conversation turned to swinging and sex. Robert told me that nothing would make him hotter than to see me on our den floor "fucking the shit out of Becky." When I looked at Becky after he said that, she just smiled at me. Apparently this subject had come up between them before.

We started fooling around with each other's wives. We had the gals down to panties and bras and had been kissing, feeling them up, and so forth. Becky said she had to go check on their daughter and I told her I'd go with her. We discovered the little girl had wet our bed, so Becky and I had to change it. So, it was around fifteen minutes or so before we got back to where we had left Robert and my wife Janet.

When we opened the den door to return to the party, we saw that the party had started without us. Robert and Janet were both naked, and Janet was down on her knees sucking on Robert's cock. Robert just looked at us and grinned, and Janet just didn't seem to even notice Becky and I had returned. She just continued slurping on his big erect cock while Robert had his eyes closed and a big smile on his face. Becky and I just sat down and watched for a few minutes while my wife continued to orally work on Robert's cock. He was lunging up and down in Janet's mouth, trying to get all of it in her, and it seemed she was trying to accomplish that, too.

Finally, Janet got up off her knees and pushed Robert back into this armless chair he was sitting in. She straddled him and then dropped her pussy down on his big cock. She was so wet that she didn't even have to guide him in. She had her back to Becky and me and her hands on top of Robert's shoulders. She just wiggled her ass on the tip of his naked cock and sat down on it and all of it disappeared into her hot, horny cunt. She turned her head and looked at me, and said "Don't tell me not to do this, I just have to cum." She then started giving Robert the fuck of his life. Her lower back was arching and she was humping him as if her life depended on it. When she lifted her ass up high enough for me to see Robert's cock, I could make out the veins in it. His balls were really high, like he was about to cum.

Janet fucked him for what seemed like a long time, but it was probably only a couple of minutes. Finally I heard her say "Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck" and I could tell she was getting her rocks off. Robert was groaning loudly and he let go of his load in my wife's naked cheating pussy.

After their orgasms, they just cuddled and kissed for awhile. When Janet finally raised her ass up and got off, a torrent of cum came flooding out of her pussy. I grabbed a Kleenex out of a box on a nearby table and wiped her sloppy cunt off. I discovered that I had cum in my pants and hadn't even noticed when I did it. I had just thought my cock felt awfully good watching Janet and Robert fuck.
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