We haven’t had a getaway for just the two of us in a long time. So I found some concert tickets for an old favorite band of hers. They were playing in a nearby state and it was only a couple of hours' drive. I was able to get two and surprised her with them. I picked her up from work and had the vehicle with our bags already packed. We made it in time to have dinner and check into the hotel before the concert.

She thoroughly enjoyed the concert. When they played their third song she looked at me and I knew she remembered the first time she heard it. It was “the song” she and her ex-boyfriend often made out to. Then the sixth song was played and she closed her eyes. I could see she was remembering the story she told me. Her ex-boyfriend’s parents were out of town and he had prepared his room with flower pedals and made a huge romantic gesture. She told her parents she was staying at her girlfriend’s house. She showed up with an overnight bag and he led her to his room. She dropped her bag and he laid her down on the bed. This was the first time for both of them.

As the night went on she was getting into the music and I could see she was getting horny. We finished the concert and made our way back to the vehicle. We were so thirsty she grabbed her water bottle and downed the last bit that was in there. I figured this would be the case and before getting out for the concert, I put a couple of sleeping pills in her container. I made sure they dissolved and were ready for her afterward. I then took a new water bottle out and half-filled each of our bottles. I knew we were only a 15-minute drive to the hotel, but a long line to exit the parking lot. It would be at least an hour before we got to the hotel, just about how long it takes to have the pills kick in.

On the drive back she was so excited, but also she was so sleepy. I told her I hoped she stayed awake long enough for us to spend some time together since we had a room to ourselves and no kids. She said she would do her best.

It was almost an hour and fifteen minutes from the time we got into the vehicle at the concert and finally parked at the hotel. She was so tired she almost looked *****. Her speech was slurring and she was stumbling some as she walked. I helped her inside and we got to the lobby. Several other concertgoers were there too. As we waited for the elevator a few drunks got on ahead of us. Then as the next elevator arrived a group of college guys walked up behind us and we all got on the elevator. She is a petite 5’5” and only 110 lbs., but holding her up from the side was getting hard for me to do. I let her lean a little on the guy next to her and he kind of smiled. I told her to not make that nice young man hold her up, hinting that he might need to. He reached under her arm and held her up from his side.

When it was our floor we started to exit and she was still leaning heavily on him, with a little help from me. I jokingly said to him, “Hey buddy, want to help me get her back to our room?” He smiled and said sure. So together we lifted her up to walk her down the hall. It was rather awkward for the three of us and he looked pretty strong. Again I jokingly suggested, “You could probably pick her up and carry her easier than what we are doing.” He had us stop and said he didn’t mind since she looked like she was so light.

I held her up and he bent over to pick her up. I put her arms around his neck for safety and she crossed her ankles to make it easier. She sank her head on his shoulder and against his neck. I told him I had to get a pick of this to show her in the morning. I pulled out my cell phone and took a quick pick, then switched it to record mode. He followed me to our room and I unlocked and opened the door. He was going to just set her down there, but I asked him to just lay her on the bed. So he carried her across the threshold and laid her down on the bed to stretch out.

I told him, "Thank you so much," and reached to give him a tip. Then I said, “You know, I could use a hand getting her ready for bed.” He looked at me and smiled starting to understand what I was asking him to do. I placed my cell phone where it could best see the bed.

She was completely out. We each grabbed a shoe, untied and slid them off her feet. Then we each pulled off a sock so she would be barefoot. I left him there and went to the suitcase to get her sleepwear. I had packed her silk and lace lingerie which hid very little. I brought it back over to the bed and saw he was rubbing her cute feet. I asked him to undo her pants so we could slide them off. He asked me if I was sure and I told him we needed to get her out of these clothes and ready for bed. So he reached up and undid her buckle, then opened her pants revealing her panties. I told him I needed him to pull the pants down off her hips. He did that and continued sliding them down and off her legs, feeling her legs the whole way.

I reached for her hands and had him help her to a sitting position. While I held her hands I had him lift her shirt up and off to me. Now my wife is sitting on a hotel bed with just her bra and panties on because a strange young man has taken everything else off of her. Still basically asleep, I told him she hates to sleep with her bra on. Without me having to ask this time, he reached behind her and unhooked her bra. He slid it forward to me and watched as my wife’s B cup breasts fell free leaving her in just her silky white brief panties.

I had him lay her back down with her head on the pillow. He fluffed her hair and stroked her face, it was clear he thought she was pretty. Without saying another word he let his hand slide down and cup her breast, squeezing and caressing it gently in his hand. His fingers moved to her nipple which was reacting to his touch, growing hard as he pinched it. I let him continue as he did the same with his other hand, clearly enjoying himself.

He looked up and asked if I wanted to leave her panties on or not. I told him we might as well take them off too. He smiled and moved his hands down to her waistband, sliding his hands inside. He moved them under her to pull the panties off her butt and then slid them down her legs and off her feet. My wife was now stripped completely naked and in the hands of a young, strange man.

He smelled her panties and inhaled her scent before setting them down. Without asking, he felt up her legs and as he reached her pubic area he just began to rub her clit. As she got wet, he opened her legs to ****** her vagina. He licked his finger and then slid it inside her. OMG, this guy is now fingering my naked wife right in front of me and her body was responding positively to his touch. It didn’t take long before I could hear her juices sloshing with his fingers pumping in and out of her and I could see she was glistening as he worked it out of her.

He pulled his fingers out and put them in his mouth to taste her. My cock got instantly hard. I looked at him and he was sporting an erection too. I pointed at him and said I could see he was enjoying her. He replied saying he was definitely enjoying her. I asked if he wanted to enjoy her even more as I took my pants off. He responded by taking his pants off too.

Once naked he leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. I could see he stuck his tongue into her mouth to taste her and feel her tongue on his. It was mostly a symbolic romantic gesture as she was not kissing him back. Seeing another man’s mouth on my wife’s lips made my cock twitch.

He then began to move his kisses to her neck, across her chest, and started to suck on each of her nipples making them perk up and hard. I know all too well how her breasts feel in my hand and mouth, but seeing them in another man’s mouth was even more exciting. Before I could say anything, he stood up and held his semi-erect cock to her lips. A little waving back and forth and he slid it into her mouth. I knew he was missing out on her oral skills, but seeing her cheek bulge with his cock was still a great sight. Instinctively she did close her lips on him and must have been dream sucking.

I didn’t want to miss out, so I took the opportunity to feel my cock slide between her feet. Her pedicured feet are always so soft. Only a few times before did I get a foot job from her and it always would feel great. This also caused her knees to spread apart and opened up her pussy for him to see.

When he pulled his cock from her mouth it looked obviously wet from her saliva. He immediately moved down between her legs, almost bumping me out of the way. This guy is now kneeling on the bed and face-planted in her pussy. He used his fingers to spread her apart and began a tongue-lashing that is sure to produce her sweet juice for him to taste. Sure enough, she was getting flush in the chest and her stomach was going up and down. Her body was reacting to him. I was never able to bring her to orgasm with my oral skills, but he certainly was so I moved the phone to capture it.

When the orgasm ended, he sat up to admire his work. Her pussy was red and swollen, wet from her cum and his saliva. His cock was sticking up like a pole and looked rock hard. He moved up closer to her and pushed his cock down onto her pubic bone. It stretched all the way up to the mark of her faint panty line. I looked at him and realized he must be nearly twice my length and obviously thicker. Given his age, he is probably rock hard and can last a long time too.

Then I watched as he pulled back and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He edged a little to get his head wet and her juices flowing again. Then I watched as he slowly penetrated my wife just a little at a time. First his head popped in, and then inch by inch with every stroke he slid deeper inside of her. Once he was all the way in he just held himself there. I knew he was enjoying the feeling of her muscles contracting on him, her juices soaking into his bare cock, and he was probably hitting her cervix.

He lay down on her and covered her body with his. He wrapped his arm around my wife and then began to kiss her as he also pumped in and out of her. He was actually making love to my wife. I picked up her legs and wrapped them around his. This is one of her favorite positions with me so I knew her body could enjoy it. As the minutes passed, I could hear a sloshing sound. Her body was making more cum for him. I moved to their feet and recorded as he disappeared inside her and reappeared all wet, just to go back in.

Usually, when she is ready for me to cum she just raises her legs to lock her ankles on my back. This raises her pelvis to let me go as deep as I can. So I set the phone down again and moved her legs into that position. I had to hold her legs like that and I could hear a moan that he immediately noticed the difference. His movement changed from making love to her to fucking her. He pulled out and slammed into her over and over again until he buried himself inside her and held it there. I could see his balls throbbing and knew he was unloading everything inside her.

Before he even pulled out it was already dripping out of her pussy and over her anus. When he did pull out of her and got up, her pussy stayed gaped open. He asked if he could fuck her ass too, but I said that is for me. Before we met she had already experienced every first with a previous guy, every first except anal sex. This would be the one thing I could claim of her as my own. Neither of us had ever had anal sex and the most I ever got to do to her was stick a finger inside her ass for a few minutes before she made me pull it out.

Now with his help, I could move her into a crouched position on her knees, ******** her ass to me. I reached into the bag and pulled the lube out. I rubbed it all over my cock and spread a little on her anus. I almost couldn’t believe it was going to happen. I moved up to her and put the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass. Then I slowly pushed inside of her. I slid in with almost zero resistance. Once buried all the way inside her I just held it there for a minute. I had finally done it. I have taken her anal cherry to claim for myself.

Knowing I may never get another chance, I wanted to make the most of this time. I slowly pulled back and forth getting a rhythm. I started to go faster and harder. I have always wanted to fuck her ass and now I was getting to. I made sure he recorded it so I could play it back forever. Then I felt her sphincter tighten up on me. It felt almost like two of her fingers pulsing a grip on me. OMG she did Kegels so her pussy would stay tight, but this was tighter than that. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer so I pushed fully inside her and held it. Her squeezing was like she was milking my cock. I couldn’t hold back any longer and I released my load deep inside her ass, it was a feeling unlike any other.

The bed was a mess and I needed to clean my cock. I stepped into the bathroom and washed it off at the sink. Of course, this triggered my need to pee and I was in there for several minutes. This left him alone with my wife unmonitored. Apparently, he put my phone down and got his. Looking at the reflection in the mirror I watched as he took a quick video of her naked and used body. He put his cock in her mouth again to take a pic and then did the same for her breasts and pussy. At this point, he was hard again, and recorded him entering her pussy with his camera. As he was about to cum he pulled out and shot his stream on her landing all the way up to her neck. He got up and put the head of his cock to her lips, then squeezed more out. His cum was on her lips and dripping into her mouth. He smeared his cum on her chest all over her breasts and stomach making sure she was covered in cum.

I stepped out and thanked him for an awesome night. I handed him her red-laced lingerie and asked him to help me get her dressed for bed. With a washcloth, I wiped her pussy and ass. Cum was still dripping from both holes as I slid her panties back on her. She was now dressed as if she had done it herself.

After he finished getting dressed he asked me if we were staying in the area or leaving soon. I told him we would just get breakfast in the lobby and head back home. Then I got the weirdest request. He said he wanted to write his initials on the back of her neck, just below her hairline so the guys would know he had her that night. It was a thing they did because the girls never knew, but the guys did. I figured why not and handed him a pen. He made his initials and drew a penis. I laughed and told him I would see him in the morning.

The next morning we woke up to the sun and after she went to the bathroom she crawled back into bed. She said she was so sorry for falling asleep early on me and was so tired she didn’t even remember getting into her lingerie. I told her it was OK and I was just happy to see her in it. I asked her why she never wore that red one for me since she looks so good in it. She said it was her first piece and she bought it for her high school boyfriend. He had gotten a hotel room and she wanted to do something special for him, so she bought it and came out of the bathroom to surprise him wearing it. I asked her if he liked it and she said most definitely yes. She wouldn’t go into too much detail, but that outfit apparently has seen a bit of action before we met.

Not to be outdone, I pulled off her panties and we made love. I began to kiss down her neck and tasted something odd. I then remembered it was probably his cum. I actually got a little harder and she started to moan. She raised her legs up and put her feet on my back letting me plunge deep inside her. I couldn’t last long at this point and emptied inside her. I pulled out and just sat there admiring her pussy dripping cum. Most likely it was mine mixed with her secret lover from a few hours earlier. She cupped herself and went to the bathroom to let it fall out.

We discussed how hungry we were and to just eat before getting ready. Normally she has athletic pants and a jacket when she travels, but I packed a short pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I told her no one knew us in this town, so don’t even put on a bra. She petitioned, but I tossed her bra over to the suitcase. So she put on just the shorts over her panties, swapped the lingerie for the t-shirt, and slid her bare feet into her sandals. She was going to shower when we came back up, no reason to put on make-up. I told her to put her hair up in a ponytail to the side rather than trying to brush it. Ready to go, we got on the elevator and found the breakfast area near the lobby.

Several tables were occupied, but the middle high top was mostly open. I told her we could just eat there. As she walked over to the food section she drew the attention of most of the guys there. She got her selection and several of the guys watched her every move. When she sat down she had to climb up to the bar stool leaving her feet to dangle. She dropped the sandals to the floor and left her bare feet on display. As I sat down I could see that she was a little cold with her nipples poking through the shirt. She looked really sexy sitting there with all the guys looking at her.

Then I noticed in the corner the guy from the night before. As he got up and walked toward our seats my heart began to beat fast. Was he going to reveal himself and possibly make her remember it? He smiled and as he walked behind her he rubbed his neck. Soon all the other guys his age took turns walking past her to see her neck too. There was some team in town and he was part of it. I counted at least 15 guys that walked past her looking at her neck. Then it hit me. Most likely all of these guys have seen his video too. So every one of these guys has probably seen my wife not only naked, but being fucked and cum on. In fact, his cum is still on her while we sat and ate breakfast.

My wife noticing all the guys commented on how many fit college guys were there and how they are looking at her. I told her that she is that sexy and draws attention with her hot body. She blushed with embarrassment. Then I asked her quietly, would you want a young stud in your bed to please you if you had the chance? She laughed and said that she is almost old enough to be their mom and they wouldn’t want to be with her. If she only knew that one has and the rest would line up too.

As we were finishing our breakfast I could hear whispers coming from the table behind me. They were commenting on my wife’s legs and cute feet. Then said, “And you can see up in her shorts those little white panties too”. I about blew it right there knowing those guys are sexualizing my wife, but instead got up to clean our plates leaving her there. After I moved I heard one of them say, “Damn her nipples are poking through her shirt too”.

I wanted to have her strip right there and let all the guys have a train on her. It would put her to sexual overload and I would love to watch it. Instead I waited for her to finish and walked her back to the elevator. All the guys were watching her ass and legs as she left. The guy from the night before followed us and joined us getting in. I thought he might say something but it was my wife who spoke first asking what group he was with there.

He said it was a college soccer team and he was a forward. Flirting a little, she said that must be why they all look so fit. I put my hand on her lower back making sure it pulled on the front showing off her nipples. He smiled at her and examined her up and down before saying you look really fit yourself. She immediately blushed and I could see from the reflection on the walls she was staring at his cock. She gave a quick laugh and said, “Thanks, but I need to work out more often.”

He turned to her putting his hand on her arm and said, “Well you look great to me and anyone on my team would kill to have you.”

She almost melted and with wide eyes and a huge grin said, “OMG thank you so much for saying that. It made my day.” As the doors opened she stepped to him and gave him a full front hug. I could tell her nipples were poking into his chest and his cock was pressed into her shorts. She squeezed him in the back and he responded the same. Then she surprised me by giving him a kiss on the cheek and telling him good luck with soccer, it was always her favorite sport.

When we got back to our room she turned to me and said, “The answer to your question down stairs is yeah, I would love a hall pass with a young stud like that. But I could never follow through with it on my own.” Then stripped down and led me by the hand to the shower. I watched her get in and the water run down her body. She asked me to join her. As I stepped in, she began to stroke my cock to life. We were going to wash each other and have shower sex, maybe more.

I had to wonder, was she thinking of him the whole time we were together in the shower? If I worked it out, would she really knowingly submit to a young man joining her in bed? I needed to not let this go and make sure I don’t let this opportunity pass by.
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