So we had a chance to go to a major theme park for a few days. I had made several requests and finally got Kelly to give in to wearing the tight leggings instead of pants. She wore them for the ride down and her legs looked good. At every stop, we did a bathroom break and sometimes got a drink or food. Each time she would walk from the vehicle to the building and guys’ heads would turn. Her 115 lb fit body was revealed by those leggings and if the wind blew the shirt up then her cute little butt could be seen too. I tried to convince her to only pack leggings, but she said she would only wear them for the ride down.

So after a long drive, we checked into the hotel. We did some quick shopping locally and walked the hotel property before we settled in for the night. Even at the hotel, as we walked around she would have guys’ heads turning to catch a peek of her curves.

The next morning we all got up and made our way to the park. We were able to ride every ride, but couldn’t take anything on the ride with us. The park required storage lockers while on the ride and often pockets were also supposed to be empty, even the phone had to be left in the locker. Then before getting on many of the rides, we passed through a metal detector, stuff falling from the rides was a real risk.

We all passed through without any issues on most rides, except for Kelly. Her outfit for the day kept triggering all the metal detectors. Each time she would get pulled to the side and have to be wanded by the staff. The wand usually beeped in front of her a few times. Each time she had to wait for a female staff member to come, then untuck her shirt and lift it to show that she wasn’t hiding anything. She only has pierced ears, nothing else. We soon learned that the button on her pants would beep and so would her B-cup bra because of the pushup wire in it. It was mildly annoying, but it was part of the protection needed to ensure no one was taking something on the ride that could fall out and hurt someone else.

So after the first few times, Kelly was getting pretty used to it. The thing is we had to wait for a female to become available each time, so it was getting to be a drag on time. Once we knew what was causing the alert, Kelly just explained to the staff there. To save time, she would go ahead and untuck her shirt and eventually just leave it untucked for the rest of the day. Then we found that the ride we had waited for didn’t have a female staff available. Rather than wait, Kelly suggested she just do it like every other time and let them check her waist. She lifted her shirt, revealing her belly button, and they scanned her with the wand. Success! We were cleared to continue.

For the next several rides, Kelly would buzz and then step over to security. Whoever was there with the wand would check her and get the beep. Kelly would lift her shirt and show the beeping item was the button. The guy with the wand would smile, confirm the beep and clear her to ride.

Eventually, I was ahead of her and got to look back and watch. What I witnessed was her being pulled aside and beeping for some young guy in his late teens or early 20s. She was getting lazy at this point with the routine and lifted it higher than earlier in the day. The young man would have an up-close peek of her bare stomach, the bottom, and now most of her bra covering her B-cup breasts, and her jeans had shifted to reveal the top of her white, silk panties. He had a big grin on his face that he was trying to hide as he ran the wand up and down her torso a few times. Then Kelly lowered her shirt and was cleared to continue the ride.

I made sure I was ahead of her from that point forward and watched as she unintentionally flashed the guys working. It was as much of a thrill to watch her do it as to see the guy’s reaction each time. I even suggested she take her free hand and pull the button away from her body to prove it faster. Naively she did and didn’t realize that pulling the button out some gave a view into her pants to reveal more of her panties. Once night fell, every outside ride security had a flashlight. That flashlight always ended up aimed to show inside her pants, lighting up her panties. To top it off, everyone else there was getting a peek too.

I didn’t tell her about it until that night at the hotel. She was mixed between being embarrassed and turned on. She was trying to count the number of guys that had seen her bra and panties that day. We figured over 20 staff and who knows how many guys also in line got to view her ******** herself.

The kids asked to go to the pool and I sent them on. Kelly just wanted a shower and to go to bed. With the kids gone, she jumped at the chance to have the bathroom. She stripped naked and I pulled out my phone. I captured her getting ready for the shower and naked on the toilet. Once she got into the shower she said the light was horrible to shave. Naturally, I offered my light and set it to record so that I could capture her showering and shaving. The video and pics turned out great…
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