My family spent the week at a beach resort. There were lots of other families, many with teens. I did see a few of the dads with wondering eyes and sometimes I caught them looking at me. Usually, they were looking at the teen girls, lol. It was the same with most of the teen boys. Each day I would put my towel out at the pool to secure my spot. Then start putting on the sun tan lotion to protect my skin. I ensured the kids were all done first so they could run off and play. I always had my husband apply it to my back. After a few days of this, I wanted a little more attention. So when I went to do my shoulders I would take off the straps that were in the way. My suit would fit a little more loosely and I would even lean over to do my legs with the straps still off. This gave my few admirers a little more peek, but not a full view.

By mid-week, I realized I had a few admirers. They would always be there before me, waiting to see me lotion up. I don’t consider myself hot by any means, but I was definitely fitter than most of the other women there. So on the fourth day I knew it was my chance to accidentally flash my girls. So right there by the pool, I did my usual routine. I pulled off the straps and knew that it wouldn’t work without some assistance. Then I asked my husband to make sure he got my back a little lower because I was getting burned areas. I reached both arms up and held my hair up out of the way and off my neck. Well, when he wiped my back and started to rub in the lotion it moved my suit just enough. Both of my breasts popped out for a full view of my admirers. I acted surprised at first and then dropped my hands down to cover them. I took a few extra seconds pulling up my top and putting them back in letting a few of the guys get another look. A few pretended to not be watching, but a couple of them smiled and never looked away.

My husband apologized for his mistake, but I reassured him it was ok. A few years ago I would have been mortified, but I am trying to not be that girl anymore. We were on vacation and won’t be seeing any of them again. I told him if they got a view it didn’t really matter to me. He seemed to be relieved that I wasn’t furious with him. Then he let me in on a little secret.

Well as it turns out, the middle of my bathing suit isn't quite as tight as I thought. My husband told me that when I get out of the pool all wet, it kind of sags a bit pulling away from me. When I bend over to dry off the skirt rides up some showing my butt. I smiled at him and kidded him about checking out my butt at the pool. He said that the real interesting part was that if you were down in the pool still where the teen boys where hanging out, you could see right up into the bathing suit. There was almost an inch gap!

Now I know why those boys always hung out there while I dried off. They were taking in a view of my pussy and could see almost all of it!!

I started to blush, but couldn’t help getting a little excited too. From then on I made sure that when I got out I took my time drying off. When I glanced back I usually saw 4 older teen boys (probably 17 or 18 years old) all staring at me. I just smiled and finished making sure I was completely dry on my feet and legs.

On the last day of our vacation, I spent most of it on the beach. I love hanging out at the beach. Toes in the sand. Gentle breezes off the ocean. Long walks in the surf. What’s not to love right? Well, I usually don’t get into the ocean. I just don’t like the waves crashing over me or the feel of whatever is under my feet.

This year is different. I was going to try new things and go beyond my fears to test my new limits. On the last day it was parasailing. I have never done it before and heights scare me to death. My husband really wanted me to try it and they gave us a great package price. At that point, I couldn’t say no.

The company gave us life vests to put on and had us wait knee-deep in the water. Soon this long raft came rushing onto the shore and everyone got off. The driver turns the raft around and has us mount it. Once we were all on he said to hold on as he revved his engine. It was a wild ride! I barely hung on as we shot over the waves. Finally, we get out to the boat and these two young, tan, and very athletic guys help us from the boat to the raft. Following instructions my husband sits in the furthest seat and I just stumble to an open seat to sit down while the other passengers exit on our raft. Then one of the guys explains how it works and hands me a harness. It looks like a hundred straps and I have no idea what to do with it. He comes back to me and says he will help me put it on. Kneeling in front of me he gently takes my left leg in his hands and moves it so it is on one side of the harness, then my repeats with my right leg for the other side. I noticed his hands were soft as they held my feet and slid up my calves. Then he has me stand up and his face is inches from my crotch. I can almost feel his eyes looking at my bathing suit and I was so glad I trimmed up down there the day before. He wraps the strap around my waist brushing his hands across my butt on the way around and then tightens it on me. He has one hand inside the belt to make sure it isn’t too snug, but his hand is also on my stomach. He pulls his hand out sliding it down and out, but not before brushing my whole bikini bottom. He stands up and has me put my arms through some straps so he can put them on my shoulders. He clasps the chest buckle and checks the shoulder straps again before sliding his hands down over my nipples and letting go at my waist.

He winks at me and says I can have a seat. My heart is beating fast, but I can’t decide what is making it race more. Finally, it is my turn to go up and he helps me get to my place. The ride was amazing and so peaceful; I wish I hadn’t waited so long to experience it. When it was all over he helped me back to my seat. I couldn’t loosen the harness to take it off. So he reached around me from behind and loosened it. His strong arms wrapped around me, pulling me against him so I could feel his penis pressed against me. He let it slide down and his hands held it as it rode the length of my body. He felt my legs letting me step out and sit down.

The rest of the ride he sat on the steps with his legs spread facing me. His shorts were very baggy and I could see he wasn’t wearing underwear. I tried to be polite at first, but I recognize he was behaving like some of my students trying to show me. This is not the classroom and what I saw was impressive. So I just stared at him and wondered what it would be like if he didn’t just feel me up, but go further. Hmm, maybe another time I might have the courage to find out. For now, I will just settle with our limited interaction, the feel of his hands on my body, and the sight of his manhood on display for me.

Later that afternoon we were all back on the beach relaxing. The groups next to us were also staying at our condo and I recognized a couple of them from my pool show that morning. They all had boogie boards and were pretty good with them too. I made a comment about not going too deep because of my fear of the unknown under my feet. He said that the boards were strong enough to let me safely float out there. He offered to let me borrow his, but I told him I had never used one before. So he insisted on me going out with them to play on it at least once. I told him I needed to get the kids back to get cleaned up and couldn’t.

My husband had been hanging around them all week and felt comfortable with them. He told me to go for it and that he would go ahead and take the kids back with the stuff. With no other objections, I followed him out. I got about waist deep in the ocean and waves were crashing on me. It bothered me so much, but I was going to get out there and at least try. He said it was much more peaceful on the other side of the waves. He walked in front of me blocking the waves and got me to chest-deep water. I wasn’t comfortable being that far out, so he let me hang onto the board. I floated, but it kept flipping up on me. My balance is obviously not my strongest feature.

After a few minutes I noticed that we had drifted away from the others who were back to riding the waves. Also, he was just still behind me while I rode the waves up and down with the board. Each time I went up my butt almost came out of the water. Then when I came back down I felt myself sliding back down on him. After three or four times I could tell there was something rather firm that was poking me between my legs.

He leaned forward and kissed my shoulder. I asked what he thought he was doing. He told me how pretty I was and that he thought I could use a little excitement in my life. He loved watching me at the pool and seeing my bathing suit slip got him so excited. He slid his hand around my waist and reached down to feel my mound. I told him it was exciting enough and that my husband would not appreciate what he had in mind. He rubbed me through the bathing suit and was about to slide his hand up inside. At this point he basically had me pinned and his penis was pressed up against me. I could feel him throbbing and knew he was just pushing his luck thinking we would have sex out there.

I told him that I wasn’t willing to have sex, but I could tell he wanted me ever since the pool. The least I could do was offer him a hand. So I made a compromise, no sex but I will jerk him off right there. I could feel him sticking out between my legs and I reached down to touch him. His hand slid inside my suit and I told him that I didn’t want salt water inside me. He rubbed my clit and played with my lips, but never penetrated me with his fingers.

He let me slide forward and turn around to face him. He was well-built and definitely worked out. I put one hand on his chest and slid it down to his trunks, then inside to grab his penis. He asked me again to have sex but I couldn’t imagine the pain saltwater would have on me if I let that happen. I just looked at him and told him that I wanted to do this for him since I teased him so badly earlier. I began to stroke him and had to loosen his string to get my whole hand in there. I pulled him out and watched as my hand wrapped around him and stroked up and down there in the water.

Again he reached down into my suit and felt me, playing with my clit a little more. He tried to work his way to me, but I smiled and said hand only. His other hand slid the strap off my shoulder and pulled the top down enough for my breast to come out again. He kissed my shoulder very sweetly then lifted me up to kiss my breast, taking a second to suck on my nipple. I didn’t even realize he had moved his hand around to inside my suit on my butt, spreading my cheeks. He was playing with my hole rubbing and pushing on it to try and get inside. I had never had anyone touch my butthole before and it felt weird and wild at once.

I don’t know what came over me. I took my free hand and lifted his face up to mine. I turned my head and kissed him with my mouth wide open. Our tongues explored the other’s mouth and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He had one hand on my butt and the other on my breast pinching the nipple. I stroked his cock until it came. His cum floated up between us. I pulled my hand away and let his throbbing cock rest against me as we kissed just a little more.

His was the first cock I had touched since I married my husband. I couldn’t believe it, especially how I lost control of my inhibitions. I put my legs back down and got my bathing suit back where it covered the right areas. I looked around and it didn’t seem like anyone was aware of what just happened. I told him it was time for me to get back to shore and ready to head home. He said he wished I was there for another week, no telling where things might go. I smiled and said I enjoyed it too.

He walked me off the beach and we stopped at the showers on the side of the building to get the sand and salt off. He said he wished it was a real shower with me and no suit. I must have blushed at that point because I felt all flushed. He made sure all the sand was off of me and that I was thoroughly rinsed with his hands touching every inch of my body. In return, I made sure he was sand free too. We walked back to the condo and waited for an elevator. When we got on we were all alone. The doors shut and he turned to me again. As he kissed me again he said there was no more salt water as he slid my suit to the side so his finger could slip inside of me. Oh, how wet I got and so quickly too. It made me feel like a teenager again making out quickly when you had a chance.

He fingered me so fast that I could hear my juices sloshing on his hand. The elevator stopped and he pulled his fingers out. The doors opened and it was my floor. No one was there so I told him thank you again as I stepped out. I turned around and he said he loved every minute of it and then licked my juices from his fingers. The doors closed and he was gone. Reality hit me and I realized that he was also the first man to finger me since being married AND he now knows what I taste like too!

I quickly checked my reflection and headed to my room. My family was there making dinner and watching TV. I told them I needed to go shower and took a little extra time cleaning up. As far as I can tell, my husband doesn’t suspect anything at all.
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